Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 751: Oh, it was something like this. It’s fun. (1)

People looked up.


“This, just what-”

Rocks were filling up the sky. The wall had crumbled.

Choi Han and the Tiger tribe were coming toward this place. Crows were cawing.

The jaws of the people who had been cheering dropped after realizing everything that they had just seen and heard.

“W, we need to run away!”


“A, aaaaaaaaaah!”

The residents of Puzzle City started running as if they were people having nightmares. They ran in all directions, doing whatever they could to get away from this place.

“There, there are people who dare to get in the way of such a sacred celebration?!”

On the other hand, there were people standing firm and shouting in anger.

“That is the evil knight Choi Han! Cale Henituse has done something crazy in the end!”

“Kill them! Let’s kill them and protect the White Star-nim’s celebration!”

The White Star’s followers… They glared at the rocks covering the sky and headed toward the center of the spectators.

That was where Cale and the rest of the people invited by the White Star were located.

Those people who were invited here realized the situation as well.

“…H, holy shit!”

“You should just die alone if you want to die!”

Some of them turned their heads to look at Cale Henituse.


Cale Henituse was seated on the chair laughing.

He leisurely made eye contact with the people looking and glaring at him.


Someone who came from the north immediately pulled out his sword.

“Stop this right now!”

He charged toward Cale as if he was going to use this opportunity to kill him. The moment he swung his sword without any hesitation…


There was a sharp noise and his blade was blocked by someone else. The swordsman was grinding his teeth as he glared at the person.

“…Breck Kingdom……!”

Rosalyn’s younger brother… The Breck Kingdom’s immature fourth prince Pen. He was holding a sword blocking the swordsman’s way. He stood next to Cale.


The swordsman who was pushed back scoffed in disbelief.

“Kekeke. You crazy fools!”

Nobles from the Roan Kingdom’s northeast region, Amiru and Gilbert, stood on either side of Cale. The northeast region’s nobles, who had nobody to gather around since Eric Wheelsman’s family lost a lot of its power and influence going up against the White Star, started to gather around Cale one by one.

“Young master Cale.”

Taylor Stan walked over to Cale’s side.

The swordsman and some others could not hide their shock at what they were seeing. One of the Mogoru Empire’s nobles frowned as he shouted.

“How foolish! Going against the White Star-nim is simply asking for death!”

He pointed in all directions.

The White Star’s followers had approached and were glaring at Cale. It felt as if they would charge toward Cale with anybody who pointed their swords at him.

“You can still stop this! If not, it will be all of you who will end up as sacrifices-, ugh!”

The noble clenched his side. His head slowly turned to the back.

“…Chief… Harol?”

The Whipper Kingdom’s Commander Toonka. His close confidant, Chief Harol. He pulled a dagger out of the noble’s side and spoke in a low voice.

“It’s too boring to only watch.”

“I completely agree.”

Caro Kingdom’s crown prince Valentino slowly smiled and waved to Cale.

“Ho! When did they band together like this?!”

“Crazy, they’re all crazy!”

“I have nothing to do with them!”

There were people who gasped in disbelief and moved away while looking at the people gathering around Cale. On the other hand, the White Star’s followers were getting closer step by step.

“Young master Cale.”

Cale looked to the side.

“Sayeru is starting to move.”

Taylor Stan, the owner of the Stan March. He pointed to Sayeru on top of the altar.


The moment Sayeru raised his hand…


A bright light left his hand and shot up into the air.

He gave an order at the same time.


Boom- boom- boom-

The drumming resumed shaking Puzzle City, and the troops that had been headed toward the temple from the north, south, east, and west sides of Puzzle City had new targets.

The ones who came from the east and west headed toward Choi Han and the Tiger tribe.

The ones from the south headed toward Cale.

The ones from the north headed toward the White Sky building. They were headed for the sacrifices.

They all started to move.

Numerous people suddenly moved.

To escape, to suppress, or to exterminate… It was quite chaotic and looked like a scene straight out of hell as these people moved for different reasons. Chaos had descended upon Puzzle City.

At that moment…


A person’s voice echoed out and everybody looked toward one spot.

The highest spot on the altar…

The White Star slowly got up from his seat. He looked down. More specifically, he was observing Cale.

“You did something foolish.”

His voice oddly sounded extremely clear as if he was whispering right in front of their faces.

Was this also possible because this was a complete White Star?

The White Star spoke in a disappointed voice.

“You should know when to give up.”


Cale let out a chuckle. He commented with a nonchalant look on his face.

“It’s funny hearing the most pathetic son of a bitch saying something like that.”

Cale slowly got up while thinking about the White Star from the real world.

The White Star who could not hear what Cale had said, spoke as if he was consoling Cale in a low voice.


His voice was gentle.

“I’ll let everybody live if you stop now.”




Prince Pen plopped down on one knee. Young lady Amiru’s body bent forward and she grabbed onto the back of a chair.

“Huff. Huff.”

Taylor Stan clenched his shirt at his chest and was breathing heavily. Taylor barely raised his head to look at the highest spot on the altar.

The man in a white mask covered by a red aura…

He was looking down at everybody.

He could feel fear as he looked at this man.

It was an extremely instinctual fear. Death. He suddenly felt a fear of death and his body curled up and started shaking.

Caw- caw-

The crows in the sky cawed as if they were screaming and started running away.

Plop. Plop.

The White Star’s followers were obedient to that fear and they knelt down, lowered their bodies as much as possible, and praised their ruler.



They could not even speak properly as they were suppressed by fear, but their voices were full of awe.

Only trained people like Taylor were able to persist through this.

‘…Damn it!’

When Cale Henituse had said to come watch… He had expected such a situation.

Taylor knew that he was too weak to overcome the White Star’s fear.


Taylor barely turned his head to hear the only sound of running.

Sir Choi Han.

The Black Knight was persisting through this fear and charging forward. Yes, this was the reason he had had hope in the past.

The fear from the earth and the sky looking down on them…

To defeat the White Star who possessed both of those things…

They believed that they might be able to be victorious if they persisted through.

Taylor clenched his eyes at that moment.

Plop. Plop.

Some of the rocks in the sky started to fall.

Cale Henituse’s rocks were coming down.


Taylor gasped and he felt power leaving his body, forcing him to bow.

‘Ah, is it not possible in the end?’

Taylor thought that the falling rocks seemed to resemble his situation as well as the situations of his comrades.

‘…Maybe I should have not come to watch-’

Taylor was having that thought when he suddenly got the chills.


A confused noise burst out of his mouth. His body was bent forward in a bow but he turned his gaze to the side.

He could see someone’s shoes.

The two feet he was looking at were standing firm, as if it was not hard at all.

“…Young master Cale?”

Cale Henituse was the owner of these two feet.

‘How? Why is it that I feel the same aura coming from him as I do from the White Star?’

Taylor’s pupils were shaking.

He slowly put some strength into his bent body. He had this odd feeling that he would be able to stand up straight now. He was able to stand up straight as he had thought, and his gaze was locked on one person.


He subconsciously took a step back.

He moved away from Cale.

‘It’s not the same as the White Star.’

It was different.

This was different from the White Star’s fear.

‘…The level of pressure is different!’

If the White Star was controlling fear…

Young master Cale….

He felt like a conqueror who had suppressed fear and was standing on top of it.

A red aura was swirling around Cale.

It was even redder than what was around the White Star.

Choi Han stopped running and looked at Cale.


He saw that Cale was smiling.

He was smiling more relaxed than anybody else.

“How the complete White Star would be. I was a bit curious about it before we started fighting.”

Cale smiled as if he was amused at the White Star whose eyes were open wide as he looked down.

“Looks like it won’t be much.”

There was a badge on his clothes. The power Embraced in the badge was in Cale’s hand.

‘The Blood-drenched Rock.’

Cale also had the power that the White Star of this place used to instill fear.

As mentioned before, the Cale here was the Cale from the outside. He had everything he possessed in the real world.

Cale took one step forward.

The air fluctuated around him and the red aura rippled.

The aura around him…

‘The Dominating Aura.’

The ruler was not affected by fear.


The White Star took a step onto the stairs heading down from the altar. His gaze was focused only on Cale Henituse.

“How do you have this power-?”

His low voice sounded both shocked and enraged.

Cale smiled.

“Wow. I guess you can act all tough because you’ve won everything until now?”

‘He’s clearly different from the White Star I know, the one who only became more pathetic as time went on.’

“How entertaining.”

Cale turned his head.

Alberu Crossman. The man who was still on top of the altar urgently moved away as soon as he made eye contact with Cale.

And at the same time…


They heard a roar from the sky.

Was the White Star trying to use his thunderbolt? Taylor had that thought before realizing something.

He realized where Cale’s rock had fallen.

Not all of the rocks in the sky had fallen.

The altar and the area around it…

The rocks had only descended in those areas.

The area above the altar and the White Star was clear up to the sky.

Taylor heard what Cale said with a smile on his face.

“Get started.”

A ray of rose gold light struck down toward the White Star and the altar.

And then, at the altar…



And at another building, the White Sky where the sacrifices were being held… There was an explosion at that building as well.

– Human, just leave it to me!

Raon’s energetic voice echoed through Cale’s mind.



The White Sky. Dense fog started wrapping around that building.

And into that fog, Ron, Beacrox… And the Henituse employees who had disappeared… The best of the Molan household had charged into battle.

Their mission was to rescue the sacrifices.


“Young master Cale!”

Taylor urgently called out to Cale after hearing the sound of the wind.

Cale floated up with the whirlwinds around his ankles. His body quickly moved forward.

The Dominating Aura with fear infused in it followed him like a tsunami.


“How is the White Star-nim’s power……?!”

The troops became anxious while the followers became astonished. Cale moved past the chaotic area and headed for the altar.

Cale reached his hand toward the dust from the explosion from the rose gold thunderbolt.

“Cale Henituse.”

He heard a low voice call his name as the White Star brushed through the dust and appeared.

He was running toward Cale as well. There was a burning red sword in his hand.

On the other hand, water sparkled in Cale’s hand and turned into a spear.


Fire and water, the moment the White Star and Cale clashed…

“Let’s go down.”

“…We can’t just sit and watch.”

People who had been quietly watching raised their bodies.

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