Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 749: Gathered (2)

“How fancy.”

Sayeru walked up to Cale as he got off the carriage. Sayeru’s expression did not look good.

“Cale-nim, I don’t think that this is the time for such appreciation. We are the last to arrive.”

Sayeru made his annoyance visible on his face, but could not be angry toward Cale.

This journey from the Henituse territory to Puzzle City… The sacrifices delivery convoy had moved at a schedule usually reserved for VIP travelers.

The priests wanted to hurry, but they could not do so. The carriages and everything belonged to the Henituse Estate.

Cale shrugged his shoulders and gently responded.

“There was nothing we could do about it, priest-nim. We need to make sure that sacrifices for the White Star-nim are in the best condition. Isn’t that right?”


Sayeru shook his head side to side before turning around as if he didn’t want to talk to Cale anymore. Cale grumbled in a shocked voice toward Sayeru’s back about how fussy he was being.

“It’s not like we’re late. How fussy.”

“What did you just say?”

Sayeru turned back and Cale responded with a nonchalant look on his face.

“Do you need some donations?”


Sayeru turned around with disgust before walking over to the carriages with the sacrifices and giving an order to Vice Captain Hilsman.

“Please move the sacrifices to the ‘White Sky’ immediately!”

The Vice Captain looked at Cale instead of responding. Sayeru frowned and asked.

“Are you not going to answer me?”

“Mm. I’m sorry, sir. My superior is the young master-nim, and he is the one in charge of the overall delivery and safety of the sacrifices.”

It had been like this.

Sayeru had not been able to do anything as he pleased during their trip here. Normally, everybody was supposed to whimper at Sayeru’s every word, but that had not been the case this time, potentially because of Cale Henituse.

However, he couldn’t even get angry. Why?

“Vice Captain! Of course, we need to quickly move the sacrifices!”

Cale Henituse was being a total drama queen as he continued.

“Safely! Without a single injury! You remember, right?”

“Yes, sir. They are our precious sacrifices.”

“They sure are. Ah, I should go as well. I am the person in charge of the delivery, so I should watch them until the end. Isn’t that right, priest-nim?”

Cale Henituse had truly worked hard.

He had not talked back to Sayeru nor any of the priests and had done everything logically.

Cale headed over to the luxurious carriages with the sacrifices and said something once he was next to Sayeru.

“I heard that some of the others just tell their subordinates to move the sacrifices and don’t even check what happens to them later? Haaaaa. They are lacking sincerity, totally lacking sincerity!”

‘That damn sincerity.’

Sayeru became disgusted whenever he heard that word now. He finally realized it.

‘He’s rebelling like this now.’

He had realized that Cale was messing with him a long time ago. It annoyed him, but he had to hold back his sneer.

‘Yes. Now that he cannot go against our liege, the only thing he can do is to mess around like this.’

Cale Henituse had annoyed Sayeru and the priests but had properly delivered the sacrifices in the end. Basically, it meant that he submitted to the White Star.

‘I’m sure that his liege will be quite happy to hear about this as well.’

Sayeru watched the Henituse territory’s sacrifices being delivered to the White Sky and smiled.

Unfortunately, there was something he did not know.

Cale’s eyes were thoroughly recording the Salvation Center where the sacrifices were stored.

‘The White Sky?’

Vice Captain Hilsman was moving the sacrifices to the White Sky with a stiff expression on his face. Cale, who was watching a bit farther back, took a look at this building that was called the White Sky.

It was the final resting place where the sacrifices that had fallen into despair rid themselves of that despair before going to the sky.

The White Sky.

This building was said to have one story above ground and three underground.

‘It’s located right next to the temple.’

The splendid five-story marble temple at the center of Puzzle City.

The White Sky was the black building just a bit away from the temple.

The sacrifices remain in the basement of this building until the start of the cultus, imprisoned in the dark underground without any light.

“Mm. Everybody on the list is here.”

On the above-ground floor of the White Sky… The priest looking through the document nodded his head toward Vice Captain Hilsman.

The only floor above ground was set up like an office. Numerous sacrifices were walking down a long pathway on one side of the building.

Cale took a peek toward the end of the path. He could not see anything because it was dark. However, he could tell that this was the only way in and out of the basement.

One of the White Star’s loyal subordinates was protecting it.

“Oho? Young master Cale is here?”

At the front of that pathway…

Lion king Dorph. That bastard was sitting on a chair leisurely waving his hand toward Cale. He looked quite small for a Lion without being in his berserk state.

However, there were lots of Darkness Elementals floating around him.

He walked over to Cale and patted his shoulder. There was no hesitation in his movements.

“Good job bringing the sacrifices here.”

Cale also smiled as he responded.

“Yes. It was quite arduous. You don’t know how much sincerity I showed as I brought them here.”

“Pwahaha! Yes, yes! It is great seeing you like this!”

Dorph peeked at the sacrifices from the Henituse territory before lowering his head toward Cale.

He then whispered in Cale’s ear.

“You didn’t bring the damn Dragon?”

Cale’s gaze moved toward Dorph. Dorph smiled.

“It would have been great if he was invisible and came here with you.”


The hand on Cale’s shoulder tightened its grip.

“Then I could have seen it as impure intentions and offered your damn Dragon as a sacrifice.”


Cale chuckled.

“Raon is in the carriage right now.”

The children averaging ten years old were all in the carriage.

Pat, pat.

Dorph patted Cale’s shoulder with a look of delight on his face. The grip had loosened as well.

“Good decision. It’s only your loss if you provoke us in any way. Very good.”

Cale responded as he thought to himself.

“You’re right. I don’t want to suffer any losses.”

‘You’re dead, you son of a bitch. You want to offer Raon as a sacrifice? Your fucking crazy trap. I wonder if you’ll be able to use it properly tomorrow?’

“But young master Cale…”

Dorph looked down at Cale and asked.

“I don’t see Sir Choi Han?”

“He didn’t come.”


Dorph let out a low gasp of shock and stared at Cale who gently shrugged his shoulders.

“He’s not fully ready to serve the White Star-nim. He is currently praying.”

‘Praying my ass. We’re not finished with our preparations to kill the White Star, so he went to finish that.’


Dorph laughed out loud.

“My goodness! For such words to come out of Cale Henituse’s mouth! You truly have to live long to see all sorts of things!”

He then shouted toward someone who was delivering his sacrifices to a different priest.

“Marquis Taylor! Why don’t you learn a thing or two from young master Cale?”

Cale turned toward a section of the first floor. Taylor Stan was there. The man who had thankfully become the Marquis here as well was holding a quill pen to sign the document the priest was handing him.

The priest smiled as he spoke to Taylor.

“Marquis-nim, please quickly sign so that you can go rest as well. Furthermore, you cannot be said to have completed the sacrifices delivery if you do not sign.”

Taylor’s hand that was holding the quill pen was shaking. Signing this would mean that the sacrifices from the Stan territory would be fully transferred to the central temple.

The priest urged him on in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Why do you drag things out every time like this when you already know? Please just make it easy for yourself. Please?”

Who would dare to act like this toward a Marquis?

The priests of the central temple and some others were allowed to do that. It was because they were the White Star’s direct subordinates.


Taylor let out a deep breath and clenched the quill pen in his hand.

It was at that moment.

“Young master-nim. The transfer has been completed.”

“Young master Henituse-nim, please sign here.”

Vice Captain Hilsman walked over to Cale and the priest behind him handed Cale a quill pen and pushed forward the document.


Dorph held back his laughter as if he found this amusing and took turns looking at Cale and Taylor. Taylor subconsciously turned toward Cale.

Cale’s hand moved.

“…Thank you for signing it.”

Cale had quickly signed it without any hesitation such that even the priest was shocked.

Everybody on the first floor looked at him for a moment.

The building was full of people in charge of sacrifices delivery from their respective territories, in addition to Taylor and Cale. They were all looking at Cale with different gazes.

Shock, sneer, goodwill, sense of kinship… There were even contempt and betrayal.


Taylor then turned away from Cale and his hand holding the quill pen moved without any hesitation.

Taylor immediately turned around and started walking after signing the document.

“Young master Cale.”

He stopped in front of Cale. He was looking at Cale with a sharp gaze without saying anything else.

“Kekeke. Marquis Taylor. You should just be like young master Cale too.”

Dorph spoke to Taylor who started walking again. He brushed past Cale with a stoic face and commented in a cold voice.

“What a nice thing to watch.”


Dorph laughed out loud with joy.

“Yes, it truly was a nice thing to watch! Hey, young lady Ubarr!”

He shouted toward Amiru Ubarr in the corner who had come as the representative of the Ubarr territory.

“Why don’t you quickly sign as well? The Cale Henituse you respected so much has done so as well.”

Amiru stopped glaring at Cale and signed the document.

Dorph was cheerfully watching when he heard Cale’s voice. Cale’s voice was extremely light and peaceful.

“Then can I go rest now?”

Cale calmly asked the priest who nodded his head and smiled. There was some sneering and goodwill mixed in the smile.

The sneering was toward the last person who had resisted against the White Star while the goodwill was at the fact that they were on the same side now.

“Of course. We have especially chosen a good place for you to rest so please rest well and enjoy the celebration before you leave.”

The celebration.

This was the process of offering the sacrifices to the White Star.

They called that a celebration.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“Is this already the 50th celebration?”

“It is. We have made it even more magnificent because it is the 50th.”

It had been over a year since the central temple took its place in Puzzle City.

There had been 49 celebrations since then and this was the 50th.

There were too many people who had died as sacrifices until now.

“I’ll have to watch the whole thing before I leave.”

Cale smiled as he responded before walking out of the White Sky building. He made eye contact with young lady Amiru before he left.

It was only for a moment but she slightly nodded her head.

Taylor Stan, Amiru Ubarr…

Aside from them, there were also Eric Wheelsman, Gilbert Chetter, and others.

The people who had come as the representatives of their respective territories to deliver the sacrifices had gathered at the central temple.

That wasn’t all.

People were gathering from all over the Western continent.

He got back on the carriage where the children averaging ten years old were waiting and mumbled to himself.

“The White Star used his head quite a bit this time.”

The White Star made the people in charge of the different territory’s sacrifices delivery come to the festival at the central temple and forced them to watch until the end.

It was to instill fear in them while showing them his strength.

Furthermore, it was also a process to check who had any feelings of defiance.

It was the reason he called a lot of the influential figures.

“It’ll make things easier for me.”

Cale was planning on using this to his advantage.

He put his hand into his shirt pocket. When Taylor Stan had brushed past him… He had put this piece of paper in Cale’s pocket.

< I came to watch. The Knights Brigade came with me. >

Cale had asked Raon to do something.

He asked Raon to tell his friends to come watch.

The friends who had responded were gathering one by one.

There was a luxurious and magnificent building slightly farther away from the central temple and the White Sky building.

Cale’s carriage was headed there. This was the resting area for the influential figures who were pretty much hostages.


“What is it, human?”

Raon, who had been busy with On and Hong in the carriage, moved over to Cale after hearing his name. On and Hong came over as well and Cale pointed outside the window after making eye contact with On.

“That rock wall.”

Outside the five-story central temple… There was a large wall surrounding it. The wall that was built extremely sturdy like castle walls blocked the temple from the outside, as well as highlighted the status of the temple that a person could not easily approach.

“Did you say that the rocks used in that rock wall were from all of the rock towers in Puzzle City?”

“That’s right, nya. The White Star told the people of Puzzle City to make it, nya.”

The children averaging ten years old had already stopped calling the White Star ‘White Star-nim.’

“That’s right! The White Star made the people of Puzzle City take down their rock towers and ordered them to make a wall to protect him with those rocks!”

It was even denser because people had moved the rocks one by one to build this wall.

The rock wall was only about one-story high compared to the five-story central temple and was lacking when it came to protecting the temple, but the building process itself held a lot of meaning.

It was a symbol of submission and respect toward the White Star.


“Human, why did you ask when you already know?”

“Just because.”

Cale looked at the numerous rocks that had now become a single wall and mumbled to himself.

“That should be useful.”

– That’s correct. It is useful.

Cale and the Super Rock… The two of them had the same thought while looking at the rock wall.

Cale arrived at the resting area and asked Ron a question.

“The celebration is in two days?”

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Ron delivered another message as well.

“We just received this message from the temple that crown prince Alberu will deliver the congratulatory speech for this celebration. Apparently, it was decided this morning.”

Cale looked at the temple’s stone wall through the terrace window and asked the Super Rock a question.

“Should we destroy it?”

– Sounds good.

The Super Rock added on.

– I guess the celebration will be ruined.

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