Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 747: When I am the angriest? (7)

Cale found the Super Rock’s question to be odd.

Rescue the people who are going to be sacrificed.

Destroy the central temple.

Just destroy everything.

Did those questions even need to be asked?

They needed to do all three.

Duke Deruth must have read something on Cale’s face as Cale made up his mind internally as he tightly grabbed both of Cale’s arms.


The emotion visible in his eyes had moved from concern to fear.

“You’re not thinking about something else right now, are you?”

“Don’t worry, father. I will do a good job with my assigned task.”

Cale responded without any hesitation in order to calm him down.

“…Yes. Cale, do not forget the mindset of the House of Henituse. We just need to live peacefully.”

‘I’m not so sure about that.’

The Duke Deruth that Cale knew was someone who found his family, household, and territory to all be important. That was why he understood why Deruth was acting like this and was empathetic with him.

Cale recalled the things he saw after coming back from the temple and before Deruth called him here. He opened Duke Deruth’s palm and wrote on it with his finger.

< Basement training ground >


Duke Deruth’s pupils started to shake.

The Henituse Estate basement training ground. That place was currently said to be closed.

Deruth claimed that there was no need for it as soon as the White Star became the White Star-nim and closed it.

How did that make any sense?

No matter how much money the House of Henituse has, they were still a martial arts family.

Even Basen, who was going to focus on administrative affairs, was taught basic martial arts while Duchess Violan was so dedicated to martial arts to the point that she had her own armor despite being in charge of the cultural heritage business.

Such people closing the training ground?

Cale did not believe it, and as such had watched the path to the basement training ground from a distance.

Some old employees seemed to go in and out of there.

It was as if they were going in and out to put miscellaneous things in there.

However, those people were people from the Molan household.

They were the people who originally ruled over the underworld of the Eastern continent with Ron but had escaped from the White Star and barely managed to survive. They were the reclusive experts who had gathered under the banner of the Molan household.

The people who were even older than Ron were disguised as employees to go in and out of the basement training ground.

Of course, he had only witnessed it about twice, but…

Cale was certain.

‘Something’s up.’

In this illusion world, Deruth, Ron, and other elderly people of the House of Henituse were trying to do something while leaving Cale out of it.

Starting with Cale, they were doing everything they could to leave the people they considered the youngsters, Basen, Choi Han, and the rest, out of it.

‘How can I just sit back and watch? I may look young but I’m in my late thirties. As for Choi Han, he’s probably at Ron and Deruth’s great grandfather’s age.’

Of course, Cale might leave Choi Han out as well because of his pure personality.

“Father. I plan on only doing the task that I am assigned. So, please don’t worry. I’m just going to get some fresh air at Puzzle City.”

Deruth frowned and nodded his head after hearing Cale’s calm tone.

“Yes. Do that. However, don’t cause any incidents and do only what the staff tell you to do.”

“Yes, father. I will do so.”

‘Sorry, father. I don’t plan on doing that.’

Cale did not make his inner thoughts visible and responded reliably, making Deruth sigh and wave his hand.

“Go get some rest.”

“Yes, father. Father, please make sure to get some rest as well. Take it slow.”


Deruth chuckled at Cale’s comment and nodded his head.

Cale smiled back and left Deruth’s personal study.

He headed toward his room with a just as relaxed face.


“Human! Did you get in trouble?”

“I want to go to Puzzle City too, nya!”

“It’s nice to eat crackers after you get scolded, nya.”

The children averaging ten years old approached Cale as soon as he entered the room.

It was at that moment.

Piiiiiiiiiiii– piiiiiii-

Cale turned his head after hearing a familiar noise.

A video communication device.

It was glowing red.

This only happened for one of two reasons.

It was either an emergency situation, or…

“Ah! Human, just wait one moment!”

It was a call from the crown prince.


Cale had an odd expression on his face after seeing a barrier cover the whole bedroom.

Raon had cast soundproof barrier magic as soon as the video communication device started glowing red.

– You.

Then the video communication device was connected. Alberu’s face that appeared on the screen above looked quite tired.

– Why is your name popping up as the person in charge of delivering the sacrifices for the Henituse territory? I’m certain that I told you to not do any work and live that slacker life that you wanted so badly.

Cale realized that Alberu’s usual fatigued face he knew was quite different from this face right now.

– Do you also think that my word means nothing?

The eyes that were full of conviction despite the fatigue were not full of fatigue and wrath.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“I just.”

His voice sounded relaxed and calm.

“I just want to go out and play. It’s suffocating being stuck in the territory.”

– Ha!

Alberu did not hesitate to scoff at all. He knew Cale well enough to not trust him.

– I’ll put this bluntly.

Even the eyes of this crown prince in the illusion were tired. There were no emotions in his voice at all.

– We are not the White Star’s match.

Cale closed his eyes for a moment, opened them back, and asked.


– Why are you asking that when you know?

“Why did we lose?”

Alberu sighed and continued speaking after hearing Cale’s consistent tone.

– How can we defeat a complete White Star?


Cale quietly gasped.

‘So that’s how it is.’

The White Star in this illusion was complete.


That word probably did not mean just one thing. The crown prince would not be calling an individual ‘complete’ just for one reason.

Basically, the White Star of this world got his hands on all of the ancient powers to achieve balance and developed a tightly-knitted alliance in the Eastern and Western continents to surpass them in both troops and power.

Furthermore, saying that the enemy was complete…

“And we were incomplete. In power, alliance, and all aspects.”

– What is the point of asking?

Cale organized his thoughts at this moment.

‘What does this wrath test want from me? No, do I need to resolve this wrath if I want to pass this test? Or maybe I need to get rid of the source of the wrath? If not that, do I need to just let this wrath wash away from me?’

Did he just need to not feel anger toward this situation no matter what happened?

That test voice that had been quite nice was currently silent.

‘This motherfucking test.’

Cale came to a simple conclusion.

“If you’re angry you just have to resolve it.”

– What?

“Nothing, your highness.”

Cale shook his head and came to a simple conclusion.

“The White Star is like a giant wall without any gaps right now.”

– Why do you keep repeating the things we already know?

Cale thought internally after listening to Alberu’s grumbling tone.

‘A large wall without any gaps. Then it’ll be easy.’

– You just thought that it is easy, didn’t you?

The crown prince was a sharp person. He instantly figured out what Cale was thinking.

– The wall will crumble if you create a hole in it. You were thinking that, weren’t you?

Alberu sternly shook his head.

– No. It will not crumble even if there are multiple holes.

He mumbled with a bitter look on his face.

– Maybe if it was before the White Star was victorious, but that bastard won and the majority of the kingdoms in the Eastern and Western continent submitted to him. We cannot turn things around with one or two holes. It may be one thing if a portion of the wall crumbled, but…

The Super Rock could not hide his confusion and mumbled at that moment.

– Is it because this is an illusion? That crown prince doesn’t really know you, Cale.

The cheapskate fiery thunderbolt agreed.

– I know, right? Doesn’t even the young Dragon know about it? This punk is someone who will send the whole wall flying if he says he’s going to make a hole in it. Hmm, he might have a better chance of doing what he needs to do if he was ordered to only break a part of the wall. No, he might still send the whole wall flying.

Alberu quietly whispered, as if to console Cale.

– You cannot make the White Star move with a small flame. It’ll be put out extremely quickly.

The Super Rock mumbled again.

– He’s got this wrong. A small flame? Cale is a punk who will poke a calm volcano and cause it to erupt! The crown prince here is so pure!

The fiery thunderbolt played along.

– I know, right?! This punk is even worse than I was! I, the person who even the World Tree is scared of, is weak sauce compared to this punk!

‘The crown prince is pure? I’m not so sure about that.’

Cale did not agree with the Super Rock. The tired crown prince’s eyes were observing Cale. His eyes were looking at Cale as if he was trying to figure out whether he truly had a plan to cause a small flame or create a hole in the wall.

However, he quickly hid that gaze. Unfortunately, Cale had already seen it.


The crown prince clicked his tongue and turned his head after seeing Cale smile.

– Don’t do anything stupid and just quietly do as you are told.

Cale immediately nodded his head at Alberu’s order.

“As you command, your highness.”

Alberu glared at Cale as if he could not trust him at all before he hung up.

– Do whatever you want.

Cale’s smile became bigger after hearing Alberu’s last words and he summoned Ron.


“Yes, young master-nim.”

“The records of the past two years. Bring them here. No, the past three years.”

The fake benign smile slowly disappeared from Ron’s face. His eyes were only focused on Cale before he lowered his head and walked out of the bedroom.

“I understand, young master-nim.”


The door closed and Cale turned toward Raon, who was still casting the soundproof barrier magic. The children averaging ten years old. The eyes of the children who had been shouting, White Star-nim, White Star-nim, were sparkling as they looked at Cale.

“Human, are you doing something?”

“It seems like it, nya!”

On quietly commented.

“I’ve been waiting, nya.”

Cale couldn’t help but let out a short chuckle.

He looked at the now turned off video communication device and said something to the person whom he had just been talking to.

“It’s the people trying to protect something who have it difficult.”

* * *

A few days passed and it was now the day for the Henituse territory to send sacrifices to Puzzle City.

The sacrifices were only to be the people on the list provided by the temple and the territory lord was responsible for delivering everybody on that list to the territory’s temple.

The temple would confirm the condition of the sacrifices delivered to them and move them all to the central temple in Puzzle City if there were no issues.

Someone from the temple and a representative of the territory would transport the sacrifices, and it was the responsibility and duty of the territory to make sure that there were no issues in the transportation of the sacrifices.

“It’s quiet.”

The plaza should usually be loud and full of people moving around.

However, this place was too quiet today.

Cale looked around. All of the shops were closed and the few homes he could see had their curtains closed without anybody showing their faces.

It was extremely different and unbelievable compared to the peaceful sight a few days ago.

‘I guess this is reality.’

This was the true face hidden beneath the surface.

“Ah, hello, young master-nim.”

Vice Captain Hilsman of the Henituse territory Knights Brigade greeted the approaching Cale. Cale responded by nodding his head and heading to the center of the plaza.

“…Young master-nim.”

Deputy Butler Hans, who was walking behind him, quietly called out to Cale with an anxious expression on his face, but Cale pretended not to see it.

The Super Rock called out to him as well.

– Cale. Is there a need to go in that direction?

The place Cale was walking toward… There were numerous luggage carriages there.

These luggage carriages had been modified into cells.

A lot of people were seated together inside with their hands and feet bound. Their eyes looked either dead or angry. Cale observed all of them one by one.

“Aigoo, Cale-nim. You’re here early.”

Cale turned his head after hearing an elated voice.

Bear King Sayeru in his priest robe was walking with other priests behind him. Sayeru was planning on going with Cale.

“The sacrifices are all in good condition, right?”

Sayeru was staring at Cale’s face with a piercing gaze as he smiled.

“The temple worked especially hard to make the list this time, and the sacrifices are in great condition as the Duke-nim was able to safely capture them~”

– Cale, maintain your calm.

The Super Rock noticed the scowl on Cale’s face and urgently continued speaking.

– You’re going to save them all anyway.

– I don’t think there is a need to show any interest in the sacrifices carriage right now!

– Let’s just hold it in and move along since that bastard Sayeru is in front of us. Don’t you think that that would be for the best?

‘Yes, I know that I am going to save all of them in a few days, but…’

Cale quietly mumbled to himself.

“I should call the trash over for the first time in a long while.”

“…Excuse me? What did you just say?”

Sayeru, who was smiling brightly while asking about the condition of the sacrifices, stopped talking and asked.

– What? No! Not yet! Leave it all inside!

As the Super Rock anxiously shouted…

Cale scowled quite a bit as he viciously glared at Sayeru.

“Priest-nim. This isn’t right.”

“Excuse me?”

Sayeru asked back and smiled.

“What are you talking about? Are you trying to say something about the sacrifices-”


Cale cut Sayeru off. He pointed to the luggage carriages.

“Is it okay to move sacrifices in such a thing?”

He instantly raised his voice. He crossed his arms and leaned on one leg.

“These are sacrifices for the White Star-nim. We’re going to take them in such small things? Wouldn’t it be pretty much looking down on the White Star-nim if we do it like this? Hmm? Don’t you agree?”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, come on!”

Cale pointed toward the luggage carriages that had been modified into cells.

“Sincerity! You need to show sincerity when offering sacrifices! Something like this…”

Eyes full of disappointment headed toward Sayeru.

“Are you looking down on the Henituse Duchy right now? Is that it?”

“Excuse me?”

Cale shouted at Hans.

“Go get new carriages right away! These are sacrifices being offered by the Henituse Duchy! You want us to take them in such shabby things? We need to prepare the best of the best for sacrifices to the White Star-nim! Isn’t that right?”

“Excuse me? Y, yes sir!”

Hans was shocked for a moment before he vigorously nodded his head and urgently ran toward the Henituse Estate.

Cale’s sharp gaze turned toward Sayeru again.

“And what is up with this mess for the sacrifices?”

“…Excuse me?”

“Their clothes are shabby, all of the food back there are the lowest quality, and the things you brought for tents look like you picked it up off the streets. Haaaaa. Priest-nim, do you not respect the White Star-nim?”

Cale’s sharp gaze was looking at Sayeru as if he was stupid.

“How can the representative priest of the temple lack sincerity like this? Tsk.”

He gave orders to Ron, Vice Captain Hilsman, and Beacrox.

“Go get the highest quality things for everything I just mentioned!”

The three of them quickly started moving to fulfill Cale’s orders.

Cale watched them for a moment before turning back to look at Sayeru. Sayeru was looking at Cale with shock, anger, and annoyance mixed on his face but could not say anything.

Cale started talking to Sayeru again.

“I guess the temple does not have any money? Should I make a donation?”

He looked Sayeru up and down before making one last comment.


The Super Rock, who had been silent, commented after hearing Cale make that noise.

– …Yes. People should dress well, eat well, and sleep well.

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