Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 743: When I am the angriest? (3)

Venion Stan glared into those cold eyes.

He had almost died a few days ago. He had never been so humiliated in his life.

Furthermore, he had been humiliated by things he considered useless pests.

He wanted to kill this bastard in front of him.

Venion started speaking.

“You’re completely out of your mind.”

“Did you just realize that?”


Venion flinched.

The pest that had been standing in front of him was sitting across from him now. He was looking at Venion with an expression that seemed to be saying he heard something funny as he asked a question.

“Do I look normal to you?”


The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

He was sure that this bastard was feeling humiliated.

He should also be angry.

Finally, he should be scared.


“Are you not going to ask where the Dragon is?”

He had not looked for the Dragon as soon as he saw Cale.

He should have seen the Dragon leaving with Cale. However, he was not saying anything about the Dragon right now.

“I’m sure the Marquis told you to go find the Dragon. The Marquis is not someone who accepts failure. Isn’t that right?”

The eldest son’s legs became disabled because of this fight for power between his children.

However, the Marquis still did not step in.

The fight to be the successor to the House of Stan was always like this. He too had risen to the Marquis position in the same way.

“We called you, ‘young patriarch,’ whenever we addressed you. But the Marquis has yet to accept you as the young patriarch and now you lost that precious Dragon. You’re probably in quite the pickle right now.”

Venion started feeling a sense of déjà vu.

“You have time to look for me in such a situation? Your younger siblings are going to be aiming for your position. Hmm?”

This pest as he remembered was an idiot.

He was a stupid bastard who didn’t think about the future and just lived day by day.

He was no better than a child.

However, this bastard in front of him right now was different.

Marquis Stan’s voice had been full of ice cold wrath when he looked down at Venion after the incident. This pest was looking at him the same way.

Venion slowly started speaking.

“…Where is the Dragon?”

“I don’t know.”


A sword appeared from outside of the carriage door and was pointed at Cale.

Venion’s loyal knight who had knocked on the door a few moments ago was holding the sword.

“How dare you be so disrespectful?! Tell us everything you know if you wish to live!”

It was at that moment.

“Why should he do that?”

The knight heard a calm voice before he saw a blade appear in front of him without making a noise.

The knight turned his head. He had no idea when this black-haired man got here.


Choi Han lowered the sword pointed at the knight at Cale’s comment. Venion spoke up with his eyes shaking visibly.

“…Is he the Dragon?”

“He’s human. Why? Are you scared that he might be the Dragon?”

“Cut the crap.”

Venion was speaking in a low voice, but the image of what happened a few days ago appeared in front of his eyes as if it was an illusion.

The cave was crumbling.

He could not move his body.

The others had been in panic as if they were at war.

It truly was a disaster.

He only realized that he was still alive when everything was destroyed.

The Dragon…

A real Dragon was disaster itself.

He heard a quiet whisper at that moment.

“Are you scared?”

The illusion disappeared and the pest’s blue eyes were observing him. They were calm, as if he knew everything. It would have been better if his eyes were filled with ridicule and contempt.

“I’m asking you a question. Answer me. You’re scared, aren’t you?”

His voice was extremely relaxed, as if it was the devil’s whisper.

“I will give you the answer you want if you respond.”

Fires lit up inside Venion’s eyes.

“Am I scared? It’s just a damn Dragon! I am not scared! It’s just a little pest!”

Unfortunately, Venion could not hide the shaking in his voice.

Cale smiled brightly.

Venion glared sharply and commented once he saw that smile.

“Kill him!”

Clang! Clang!

Everybody around them pulled out their weapons. Choi Han’s face stiffened up and he pulled his sword out as well as Venion’s subordinates around the carriage all charged toward it.

A low voice echoed through the noise.

“The things you have done in the back alleys. Should I send the details to your younger siblings?”

Venion’s pupils started shaking.

“Those documents will go to your siblings if I die.”

“What fucking bullshit!”

Venion raised his voice.

“What kind of ludicrous statements are you making?! A pest like you has no idea about anything!”


Cale chuckled before responding in a serious voice.

“The eastern district, the area behind the secret door in the first basement level of the second shop in the eleventh alley. What could be down there?”

“H, how do you know about that?”

“How do I know?”

The evidence related to Venion Stan, his weaknesses, clearly remained in Cale’s mind as if they were photos. Of course, he would have confirmed those things prior to taking care of Venion Stan in the past.

“Who knows? I wonder if there is something I don’t know. I probably know about all of your weaknesses.”

Venion could not hide his chaotic state. He observed Cale without responding to anything Cale said.

Cale could read the chaos, contempt, and fear in Venion’s eyes.

“Kill me. Go ahead. Your younger siblings will welcome you with documents full of your weaknesses.”

Choi Han was thinking about when they went to the Henituse territory as he watched this happen.

They visited the jewelry store, clothing boutique, merchant guild branch office, and he saw this peculiar man do something in one of the places they visited.

‘You want to store something? Mm, the cost is different based on the level of storage-’

‘Is this enough?’

The merchant guild branch office connected him to a mage. This mage was someone whose expertise was in mail or package delivery, but his fee was quite high that he was mainly used only for emergency messages or valuable items.

This man had given that mage three rolls of parchment.

‘Eek! Yes, it is possible, sir! How would you like me to store them?’

‘It’s simple.’

Choi Han finally realized what was in those parchments.

It must be the documents that contain this noble man’s weaknesses.

Choi thought this guy was just going around thoughtlessly using money, but realized that this peculiar man had an extraordinary and thorough side to him the more he watched him.

He could not let his guard down around this guy.

‘Now that I think about it, I still don’t know his name.’

He had asked about it, but the guy had slyly dodged it.

He simply said that it was a name not worth knowing and to just call him, ‘terrible bastard,’ or, ‘butler.’

Choi Han was deep in thought when he heard Venion’s voice. He was barely suppressing his rage and speaking as calmly as possible.

“Will that information not go to those punks if I don’t kill you?”

“Think hard about it.”

Cale had his arms crossed as he leisurely spoke.

“I would have no more use if I sent those documents to your younger siblings. Then both you and your younger siblings would try to kill me.”

Venion seemed a bit calmer as he nodded his head.

‘I would have no more use.’

This was an accurate statement.

Even if the Dragon was behind this pest in front of him, he would die in the end. It was inevitable if the House of Stan wanted it to be done.

“Staying alive and keeping those documents stored safely. Isn’t that the only way for them to be useful to me?”

Venion looked at Cale with a stoic gaze.

“You’re quite sharp and understanding your position.”

“Of course. That is the one thing I am good at.”

Venion motioned to the knight outside the carriage.

“Put it away.”


The knight put his sword back into the scabbard and the others who had been running toward Cale returned to their posts as well.

Venion motioned to Cale with his chin.

“Get off.”

Cale got up without saying anything and headed out of the carriage. He heard Venion’s low voice behind him.

“Do you really not know where the Dragon is?”

“Yes. I have no idea.”

After hearing Cale answer without any hesitation, Venion nodded his head and watched Cale get off the carriage before giving an order to the knight.

“We’re heading back.”

Cale watched the carriage door close and smiled toward Venion.


The carriage door closed and the knight glared at Cale as if he wanted to kill him before they left Harris Village.

Cale silently watched them leave and the Harris Village villagers slowly moved away as well. It was just the volunteer watchman who was looking at Cale and hesitating about coming up to him.

“I will inform the Village Chief-nim separately regarding this matter.”

Cale waved to that person with that comment and the volunteer watchman nodded his head and awkwardly moved away from them. He still maintained his wariness toward the outsiders who made a noble’s carriage come to the village.

‘Mm. That is a bit disappointing.’

Choi Han had the personality to be able to get rid of the villagers’ wariness, but… Cale couldn’t hide his disappointment at the fact that their first impression ended up a bad one.

“Did you see that?”

Choi Han walked up to Cale and asked at that moment.

“See what?”

Cale nonchalantly turned toward Choi Han who looked toward the direction the carriage disappeared in and casually responded back.

“When the door closed…”

The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“That noble bastard’s hand was shaking.”

Venion had snapped out of it and pretended to be calm at the fear of his younger siblings taking his successor position away, but he could not hide the fear.

Choi Han quietly asked after seeing the smile on Cale’s face.

“Will it be okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m sure that he will erase all of his weaknesses and come aiming for you again.”

Cale quietly chuckled.

“Hey. Why are you asking that when you should already know? You heard me. You heard what I said in the Henituse territory.”

A subtle smile appeared on Choi Han’s face.

Cale had responded to the mage’s question as he handed over the three rolls of parchment.

‘Please store it for about two days before sending it to these three places.’

‘…Mm. Then it will cost more, ohhhhh! This is enough, sir! I will make sure to safely get these delivered! Mm… But I think that it might be difficult for even someone like me to send it to this place. I will at least attempt to do it. You want me to send it under this name, correct?’

‘Yes, sir. That’s correct.’

Cale continued speaking while heading back to the house.

“The parchments should go to their respective owners either tomorrow or the day after that.”

Cale had sent the parchments to three places.

“Can I ask where you sent them?”

“One is going to go to Venion Stan’s younger sibling who is his fiercest rival right now. She will know how to use that information properly. The other one was sent to his older brother.”

“…He has an older brother?”

“Of course. His older brother’s legs became injured because of Venion and he lost the successor position.”

Taylor Stan.

Cale had sent a parchment to him as well.

Choi Han calmly asked.

“The three parchments were different in thickness. One was thin while the other two were thick.”

“You’re right. The younger sister gets the thin one while the other two get more detailed and critical information.”

“…You’ve told me about two places. Where is the final location?”

“Alberu Crossman. I sent it to the crown prince of the Roan Kingdom.”

Honestly speaking, he sent it not to the crown prince, but to Dark Elf Tasha. Cale knew the fake identity Tasha used while disguising herself with magic in the Roan Kingdom.

Choi Han stopped walking and quietly observed Cale.

Cale shrugged his shoulders at Choi Han’s gaze, opened the door, and walked inside. Choi Han followed behind him after standing there for a while.

“Won’t it put you in danger?”

“Not really? Venion Stan will not have the time to come look for me.”

The crown prince was someone who did not miss his opportunities.

“In addition, I didn’t send it under my name. I just said anonymous informant.”

“I… can’t understand you.”

“I tend to be like that.”

Cale had a silly smile on his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Ah. Venion Stan’s older brother is going to come here at some point. Give him this piece of paper.”

Cale took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to Choi Han. The information about the ancient power that could heal him as well as the thing that would connect Taylor and Alberu were written on it.

Cale watched Choi Han take the paper before talking into the air.

“You saw it all, right?”

He had not been able to see the invisible Raon since earlier.

He had not shown himself even after Venion left.

“He’s scared of you.”

However, Cale was certain that Raon would have followed him into the carriage.

Raon, this black Dragon, would have been worried for Cale.

“You’ve already defeated that guy, overcome that guy, and suppressed that guy.”


Choi Han closed the door.

The black Dragon revealed himself. Raon observed Cale.

“So you don’t need to be worried nor anxious anymore.”

The black Dragon found this human to be weird.

He was definitely a weak and terrible bastard. So how…

How could he smile so confidently?

“That bastard is going to be ruined soon enough. I made it that way.”

And why was he feeling so relieved at this smile?

Raon subconsciously covered his face with his two front paws.

A bitter smile appeared on Cale’s face at that moment.

“There’s nothing for you to be scared of anymore. You now have a place to come back to if you leave, you know how to read and write, you know a lot of things, and there’s even someone you know.”

The black Dragon slowly lowered his front paws and looked at Cale. The smile was gone from Cale’s face and he asked calmly.

“Isn’t this enough?”

The black Dragon had no response for a while and simply observed Cale before he asked.

“…Human, who are you?”


Cale turned toward Choi Han. Choi Han was leaning against the closed door with his mouth shut. He looked back to Raon, whose dark blue eyes were staring right at him.

Cale could not avoid the desire for truth in Raon’s eyes. That was why he spoke even more nonchalantly than usual.



Raon’s round eyes blinked.

‘It really isn’t that name.’

It was not Venion’s terrible subordinate bastard’s name.

The black Dragon realized that, as his intentions had told him before, the person in front of him was not that terrible human.

“Are you leaving?”

The black Dragon asked and the human responded.

“That’s right.”

“Can’t you stay?”

“That’s going to be a bit difficult.”

“Then why did you save me?”

The flowing conversation stopped for a moment.

The black Dragon continued speaking to the human who would not respond.

“Did you feel sorry for me? Were you bored?”

This was how the human responded.

“Because I wanted to do it.”

The tension flowing through the young Dragon’s body instantly disappeared.

Cale reached his hand out and caressed Raon’s head.

‘I won’t be able to take care of you until the end, but you are a great and mighty Dragon. You are a strong and powerful Dragon. You’ll be able to do everything. You have that punk with you too.”

The young Dragon covered his face with his paws again.

“You… you, are a terrible human.”


He heard a laugh. The Dragon lowered his paws to see the terrible bastard, no, to see Cale smiling gently.

“I already told you. I said that I was a terrible bastard from the beginning. I meant it.”

The black Dragon’s mouth slowly opened.


The Dragon then subconsciously chuckled.

It just happened. He couldn’t explain the emotion he was feeling, but he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Okay. Live well.”


Cale smiled at Choi Han’s goodbye as well.

“You live well too. Make sure to have fun. Live peacefully.”

The black Dragon suddenly shoved his face in between Choi Han and Cale.

“Terrible human, will the original terrible bastard wake up when you leave?”

“I guess so?”

‘Although I don’t know since this is an illusion.’

Cale kept that latter part to himself.

It was at that moment.

– You have discovered a clue, get rid of the enemy, to help target Raon Miru forget about his indignities.

– You have discovered a clue, comfort, to help target Raon Miru forget about his indignities.

– You have discovered a clue, affection, to help target Raon Miru forget about his indignities.

– You have discovered a clue……

At the end of the test’s long list of clues…

– You have provided warmth to target Raon Miru’s heart to help him forget about his indignities.

Cale smiled with a slightly disappointed heart.

“I guess this is farewell.”


Cale slowly nodded his head with a slightly emotional heart when Choi Han said that.

He heard the test’s voice at the same time.

– 2/2 indignity test completed.

Purple and black lights slowly started to swirl around the corners of Cale’s sight.

It meant that the test would end soon.

“Yes, I have to g- ugh!”

However, he could not finish his sentence.

“Choose before you go!”

“Ugh, uh, huh?”

Cale could see the black Dragon’s two front paws and ferocious gaze as the Dragon held him by the collar.

The young Dragon shouted.

“Name! My name! I want you to choose it!”

The Dragon’s eyes were desperate.

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