Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 735: Pushing forward too rashly (5)

“Make sure you get the Black Mountain brand! Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

Cale responded energetically to Venion’s right hand man’s right hand man.

“Get it ready as quickly as possible and bring it to the kitchen!”

The superior to this Venion lackey that Cale was possessing right now seemed to be in quite the hurry as he rushed off to do his own thing.


Cale started humming as he walked. Nobody looked at him suspiciously.

He walked into the part of the villa with the mages and made a comment.

“I’m coming in to grab something for the young patriarch-nim.”

The mages peeked at Cale and turned away without responding.

They were acting as if they had nothing to say toward someone like Cale, who worked in the back alleys. They just didn’t question his actions because they knew he was Venion’s lackey.

‘It’s over here.’

Cale openly grabbed a magic tool.

“Please get some rest.”

He made that sincere comment before heading toward where the alcohol was being stored.

“He only drinks the highest quality stuff.”

Cale grabbed a few bottles and headed into the kitchen.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, sir.”

Cale followed behind Venion’s right hand man’s right hand man.

Clunk. Clunk.

They were both holding trays with freshly made food. Of course, Cale had placed a bottle on the tray as well.

“The young patriarch-nim is not in a good mood today. You know what to do, right?”

“Yes, I do.”

Cale gave a short response as they arrived in front of the cave where Raon was imprisoned.

“Hello, sir.”

The guy who seemed to be Cale’s superior or hyung-nim bowed respectfully as soon as he saw a knight. Cale bowed as well and the knight looked at them and the trays with an arrogant gaze before nodding his head.

“Thank you very much.”

The two of them thanked the knight and entered the cave.

“Damn, his head is so stiff when he’s barely standing guard.”

Cale just let the grumblings in one ear and out the other.


Instead, his senses were focused in front of him at the inside of the cave.

Venion Stan and three years old Raon should be in there together.

Venion Stan was said to enjoy his meal while watching Raon being tortured.

He devoured the meals as if the torture made it delicious. He looked as if he was quite entertained. He savored that moment.

Cale and Raon had given Venion the same treatment in the past.

And now…

‘It’s a bit, no, it’s very bad.’

Cale might have to personally watch Venion Stan’s damn sadistic meal.


At the end of the cave… Cale could hear Venion’s right hand man frowning toward them and ordering them to hurry. Next to the right hand man was the torturer who kept guard over this prison and maintained it.

“Why are you being so slow?”

He heard a relaxed voice at that moment.

Inside the open cage door…

There was a luxurious table with a fancy tablecloth. There was also a soft leather chair.

This fancy set up did not suit a prison. Venion Stan was seated on the chair with his legs crossed looking forward.

He looked extremely elegant without any flaws. Everything down from his clothes to his posture was perfect.

In front of him was a curled up black Dragon with all sorts of small injuries.

The Dragon glared at Venion with his dark blue eyes.

However, his legs and neck were shaking after being cuffed by mana restricting chains.

“Hurry up.”

The bastard who came with Cale urged him on as he entered the metal cage.

He was already setting the food on the table.

Cale kept his head down and followed behind him, but didn’t care much as to how he placed the food on the table.

“Get started.”

Venion Stan gave that simple order before leaning back against the chair.

“Yes. As you wish, sir.”

The bastard who set the table urgently rushed to one side of the prison and grabbed a whip. Cale’s gaze headed toward the whip.

It was at that moment.

“What are you doing?”

Venion Stan spoke while still looking down at Raon as Cale’s superior silently mouthed toward Cale with a pale face.


He looked back and forth at Venion and the right hand man outside and silently shouted.

‘The booze!’

Cale finally picked up the bottle. His eyes noticed the cup in front of Venion Stan.

It seemed as if his role was to serve the alcohol.

He was to make sure that Venion’s cup was continuously full so that his pleasure is not interrupted.

The bastard with the whip looked relieved once Cale picked up the bottle. He sounded excited, as if he was trying to change the mood.

“I will make it a great spectacle today, sir! Please enjoy!”

He seemed to think that he had Venion’s full trust as he stood there with the whip.

The bastard who shouted confidently smirked as he approached Raon. Raon did not even look at him as he continued to glare at Venion.

Venion looked back at Raon and smiled for the first time.

“Now I’m getting an appetite.”

He then picked up the cup.

However, there was no alcohol in the cup.


Venion’s glabella twitched and one eyebrow rose, but he was still only looking at Raon.

It was as if everything else around him was not worth even looking at.


He heard someone’s sigh-like laughter at that moment.


The bottle was placed back on the table.

Cale twisted his body and raised his leg the moment Venion’s gaze turned, not at him, but at the bottle.


The cage door was closed.

It could open at any moment since it wasn’t locked, but he could at least buy himself some time.

No emotions were visible on Cale’s face.

The bottle that he had placed back on the table just now…

The paralysis poison was mixed in that bottle.

It was one of the two poisons that this Venion’s lackey had on him, the one that would slowly paralyze his body.

‘I was going to use the weak one so that I could slowly watch him get paralyzed.’

Cale used the opening he had from people being anxious at the sudden situation and moved without any hesitation.

“I just can’t.”

Both of Cale’s hands moved.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?!”

One of Cale’s hands grabbed the other bottle in his pocket. The other hand grabbed Venion, who was next to him, by the back of the collar.

Venion and Cale made eye contact for the first time.

“How dare you! What do you think you-!”

As Venion opened his mouth with rage…

“What else? Pffft.”

Cale laughed and moved the hand holding the bottle.


The top of the bottle broke after being slammed against the armrest of the chair. Cale picked up the bottle and shoved it into Venion’s mouth just before it spilled.

His rough shove made Venion’s mouth open and the liquid flowed right down his neck.


Venion groaned and the bastard holding the whip approached Cale with shock and rage.

“You crazy son of a bitch!”

Cale smiled.

There was one thing he liked about this body.

‘This guy is stronger than I am.’

He must have done a lot of physical labor rolling through the back alleys, as his physical strength was surprisingly decent.

Of course, it was severely lacking compared to knights and warriors.

However, he still packed a bit of a punch.

Cale used this benefit effectively.


Cale picked up the bottle of alcohol from the table and slammed it down against the anxious bastard who had come forward without even preparing the whip for use.


The bastard stumbled and Cale swiped the whip from his hand.

He then headed toward the cage and tied the door with the whip.

This was done to buy him some time.

“Outside, call the knight outside!”

Venion’s right hand man shouted and approached the cage. He was doing whatever he could to enter the cage.

“Are you fucking crazy?!”

Cale ignored his voice and turned around.

The bastard who had been stumbling was charging toward Cale again.

“Aaaaaaaaaah! I’m going to kill this son of a bitch!”

He was shouting loudly as well.

Cale sighed and chucked the dagger in his pocket.


“I’m lucky.”

The dagger stabbed into the guy’s calf.

“You bastard, do you really think I will fall just due to a stupid dagg-, ugh!”

The guy who was rushing forward with the dagger in his calf suddenly stumbled to one side. The stabbed leg was not moving for some reason.

He heard a wild beast-like groan at the moment.


He turned his head.

Venion was plopped down on the table unable to control his body. However, he barely managed to raise his head to glare at Cale.

“Oooo, oo……”

He seemed to want to say something, but his lips were slightly shaking.

Clunk, clunk! Clunk!

The noise of the others trying to untie the whip and open the cage door was getting louder.

“You son of a bitch, you’re going to die a terrible death once I get in there!”

Venion’s right hand man shouted with a devil-like look on his face when he heard a nonchalant voice.

“It’s deadly poison.”

Venion’s eyes instantly opened wide. He looked at Cale who had calmly spoken without any hesitation.


The corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

“Your whole body is not moving, right? You will die in the next 30 minutes.”

Of course, this was a lie.

The poison in Venion’s body was a paralysis poison that would stop working in 1 hour. The only difference from the poison in the bottle was that it worked quicker and instantly paralyzed the person.

Cale ignored the people who were gasping in shock as he headed toward a part of the prison.

The black Dragon’s eyes were observing him. Cale didn’t even look at the Dragon as he put his hand in his shirt pocket.

Before the knight got in here…

He needed to hurry.

Clunk, clunk!

“Deadly poison?! W, what about the antidote-”

Venion’s right hand man, the boss bastard of the owner of Cale’s body, shouted in a shaking voice.

“Naturally, I have it on me.”

Cale then took a magic tool out of his shirt pocket.

It was the item he had picked up before coming here.

“Oo, oooo!”

Venion, who realized what it was, tried to move his paralyzed body.

His face, clothes, and body was slowly getting dirty with the food and spilled alcohol.

“I guess you recognize this.”

Cale mumbled as if he was responding to Venion’s groaning but did not turn around.

He grabbed the Black Dragon’s neck instead.

The Dragon glared at him, and Cale moved his hand without any hesitation.


The Dragon’s eyes opened wide.

The magic chains around his neck were cut by this magic tool.

Cale let go of Raon’s neck and grabbed his front paws.

Click. Click.

Both front paws were freed.

Click. Click.

Raon’s back legs, the ones that were tied down to this prison, were now freed as well.

“N, no-”

The boss bastard knew that Venion wasn’t the problem anymore. There was a bigger issue now.

The Dragon was released.

The chains restricting its mana were removed.

It had fully gotten its freedom.

The Dragon was no longer able to be imprisoned.

“Ah, ah.”

He was quick to realize the situation as he was the boss.

He stopped trying to open the door that was almost opened and subconsciously stepped back.

“What is going on?!”

“Young patriarch-nim! What the hell? Move!”

Two high-grade knights ran over with their subordinates. They pushed the boss aside and tried to look into the cage before they froze.

It could not be helped.

Oooooong– oooooong–

Black mana fluctuated and roared next to the young Dragon whose injuries still had not healed.

The Black Dragon looked down at his front paws as he clenched and opened them over and over. The young Dragon raised his head and observed the guy who had freed him, despite being one of the terrible bastards.

This terrible bastard he had seen multiple times until now was smiling extremely brightly.

He truly seemed happy.

That bastard then said in a joyful tone.

“You’re the strongest here now.”

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