Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 728: Must not be sane (4)

Choi Jung Gun blinked.

The silver shield and wings that suddenly appeared and surrounded Kim Rok Soo…

He couldn’t believe it.


The Indestructible Shield. And… the glutton priestess.

Choi Jung Gun was the first-ever Dragon Slayer and the only person who survived the final battle against the ancient White Star. He recalled the memories of his distant past.

However, it was only for a moment.


As the car flipped over after being hit by the truck… It soon lit up in flames.

He felt as if he might be surrounded by flames at any moment.

The short look of shock on Choi Jung Gun’s face disappeared.

He slashed down with the black sword in his hand with no emotions visible on his face.


The flames exploded at that moment and Cale’s body was flung out of the car while still surrounded by the shield.

He saw it at that moment.

He saw the results created by Choi Jung Gun’s black sword that had suddenly appeared.

“Holy shit!”

The sword sliced through the car as if it was cutting tofu.

The sword that moved without any hesitation as if to slash everything that got in Choi Jung Gun’s way even sliced through the exploded fire to create a path for Choi Jung Gun.

It was as if this sword was even cutting through the air.

Cale knew about this power.

‘…Team leader!’

Team leader Lee Soo Hyuk’s ability.

The ability to slash through anything.

Choi Jung Gun was using that power right now.


A smile appeared on Cale’s face.

Why was Choi Jung Gun using team leader Lee Soo Hyuk’s ability?

He had no time to ask that.


He saw the long sword in Jung Yi-Rang’s hand as he leisurely walked out of the car.


He also saw the flames in the hands of his orphanage instructor as he kicked the truck door open to get out.

– Cale, what are you going to do?

Jung Yi-Rang was already moving toward Choi Jung Gun as the Super Rock asked that question. He was moving extremely elegantly without being in a rush. Jung Yi-Rang quickly moved toward Choi Jung Gun as if he was slipping on water and swung his sword.


Choi Jung Gun’s sword that looked as if it would cut through anything was stopped by Jung Yi-Rang.

“What the, what the hell?”

However, Cale did not have the luxury to watch their battle.

He recalled the name of the orphanage instructor who had crashed into the car.

Park So Jin.

That Park So Jin was walking toward Cale right now.

She was smiling like the devil.

“What the, what the hell?”

A look of intense curiosity was visible on her face as she walked forward with a smile.

“Hey Rok Soo, did the wanderer protect you?”

She tilted her head to one side and asked in a bright voice.

“There’s no way. That fucking leech does not have a defense-type power.”

She moved both hands at that moment.

The dark red fires surrounding both hands shot out toward Cale. She charged toward Cale behind the flames as well.

She looked determined to kill him at all costs.


The dark red fire that slithered like a viper gobbled up the shield and wings surrounding Cale.

– Cale, it’s worth trying.

Cale moved his body as soon as he heard the Super Rock’s voice.

Park So Jin reached her hand toward Cale, who was now surrounded by the dark red fire. Her hand was in a fist, as if she was trying to break the shield.

It was at that moment.


She urgently pulled back the hand she had pushed into the dark red fire.


Her hand still showed signs of the power that had tried to swallow her just now.

This fire was different from her dark red fire…it was a rose gold fire. That fire had a thunderbolt inside of it.

“What the, what the hell?”

The smile disappeared a bit on her face as she repeated those words.

The dark red fire had disappeared.

The rose gold fire had swallowed it.

She could see Cale through the gaps of that rose gold fire infused with thunderbolts that Cale was smiling with a rose gold fiery thunderbolt in his hand.

He nonchalantly commented as if he was copying her.

“What the, what the hell? There were two Hunters?”

Cale moved his hand that now had the luxurious and destructive fiery thunderbolt instead of the silver shield.

“A Hunter should know their place.”

The fiery thunderbolt immediately shot out toward Park So Jin.

“How can you aim for a prey you cannot catch?”


The rose gold light reached Park So Jin. The dark red fire and the rose gold fire intertwined and shot up into the air, looking like two snakes trying to eat each other.

The smoke and dust from the aftershock surrounded the area.

– Cale, she’s coming.

Cale then gently reached his hand out.


The silver shield and Park So Jin’s fist crashed against each other.

Her clothes and hair were burnt in multiple spots, however… She did not pay any attention to those things. She was only focused on Cale.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

Her dark red fire covered fist slammed against the shield.

“How? This is Korea! Rok Soo, how do you have a power from the other world? Hmm?”

Park So Jin’s eyes slowly turned yellow.

Cale nonchalantly responded.

“What seems to be the problem?”

Park So Jin’s eyes opened wide. Her eyes that had been sparkling with some sort of greed saw a black sword.

Choi Jung Gun had approached at some point and was slashing down toward Park So Jin.


Park So Jin urgently dodged.


However, the tip of the sword reached her arm and easily sliced her arm off.

“This motherfucking leech bastard.”

One corner of her lips curled up.

“This fucking loser who only chases after the Hunters.”

However, Choi Jung Gun did not even glance at Park So Jin. It was as if she wasn’t worth his time. Choi Jung Gun turned his head and his sword moved once again.


Choi Jung Gun’s sword and Jung Yi-Rang’s sword clashed once again. Choi Jung Gun opened his mouth.

“It looks like my ability cannot reach you.”

Choi Jung Gun’s sword could not slice through Jung Yi-Rang’s sword. Choi Jung Gun pushed forward with his sword and Jung Yi-Rang leisurely retreated.


Choi Jung Gun stood in front of Cale who had now released his shield. Jung Yi-Rang landed not too far away and he pushed his glasses up with his finger.

“We traveled through dimensions to come to Nelan Barrow’s hometown. Isn’t it obvious that we would expect Nelan Barrow to chase after us?”

Jung Yi-Rang made eye contact with Cale and warmly smiled.

Choi Jung Gun shook the sword in his hand a bit as he asked.

‘So, you prepared to fight against me?”

Jung Yi-Rang shrugged his shoulders instead of responding. His eyes underneath the glasses were glowing sharply.

“We thought that we could easily defeat you two on one. We never expected it to be two on two. How can Kim Rok Soo use ancient powers-”

It was at that moment.

In that moment as Jung Yi-Rang and Choi Jung Gun stopped fighting and were chatting…


There was a quiet rumbling in the sky.

A strand of rose gold thunderbolt struck down from the sky.

It was aiming perfectly for Jung Yi-Rang. Choi Jung Gun felt something scary behind him and urgently turned his head.

Cale was standing there stoically while staring at him.

“It looks like you all have a lot to chat about. But that’s not my concern, is it?”


There was a loud explosion and Cale could see a red power shooting out of Jung Yi-Rang’s sword.

It crashed into the rose gold thunderbolt and although he was pushed back, he was not swallowed by the thunderbolt.

‘That red light.’

He was familiar with it.

It was somewhat similar to the red power that the God of Despair had used.


Cale’s eyes were locked on Jung Yi-Rang as he pointed to the side with his hand.

Park So Jin was charging toward them with her eyes and hair both bright yellow.

She looked like a ball of fire as the dark red fire was now completely surrounding her body.

– Cale, it won’t be easy.

The Super Rock, who had said it was worth trying earlier, suddenly changed tunes and said that it won’t be easy.

However, the look on Cale’s face did not change as he remained focused on Jung Yi-Rang while speaking to Choi Jung Gun.

“Get her.”

Choi Jung Gun’s body turned toward Park So Jin after hearing his stern tone.

What he heard at that moment was…

“Get rid of your restrictions.”

Choi Jung Gun flinched but started moving without looking back.

“As you wish.”

He accepted Cale’s order and Cale felt as if the air started to fluctuate.

The air felt heavy and stuffy like during a monsoon. As that unexplainable weight surrounded Cale…


He felt a cold breeze.

– Even the air around him is different. When did he grow so much?

Cale could see Choi Jung Gun’s changed appearance as the Super Rock commented with sorrow.

His hair that had been brown was now pitch black, even darker than the night. His black hair also reached down to his hips.


The black sword that was as dark as his hair roared and it sliced down toward Park So Jin.


A portion of the dark red fire was sliced.


Park So Jin groaned.


Park So Jin was scowling like a yakṣa and she violently released even more of the fire that looked as if it would burn everything down and charged toward Choi Jung Gun.

Cale realized something while watching the two of them.

‘He’s a devil.’

Like a real devil that was always in pain from hunger… Choi Jung Gun looked thirsty.

However, his eyes were full of joy. Hunting the Hunters… Cale could feel that this was what Choi Jung Gun really wanted.

– He’s gone crazy.

As the cheapskate fiery thunderbolt made a rare serious comment…



A strand of dark red blood dripped down from Choi Jung Gun’s mouth. Cale frowned.

‘Does it harm his body to remove the restriction?’

However, Cale could not keep thinking about that.


Jung Yi-Rang’s sword slammed into the silver shield and Cale gently turned his body to dodge the aftershock of the impact.

Jung Yi-Rang did not have any injuries on him.

“Damn, I thought that poor little Kim Rok Soo was being used as bait by Nelan Barrow. I guess that’s not it.”

He peeked toward Park So Jin, as if he had found some breathing room again, before charging toward Cale with his sword.

“But you’ll have to be my bait instead.”

Similar to how Choi Jung Gun was planning on using Cale as bait… Jung Yi-Rang seemed to be planning on taking Cale as bait to pressure Choi Jung Gun.

– Cale, this punk hasn’t even removed his restrictions.

As the Super Rock mentioned… Although Park So Jin’s appearance and attack pattern were slowly changing along with her eyes and hair colors, Jung Yi-Rang still looked like a regular Korean person.

– This guy is strong. This guy is the real deal.

He knew.

Cale knew that was the case as well.


He knew because the shield shook and cracked a bit after being hit by Jung Yi-Rang’s sword.


The sword and shield slammed against each other once again. Cale could see Jung Yi-Rang’s smiling face past the sword that was full of an ominous red light.


A much more visible crack appeared on the silver shield.

“Are you going to run away? Or maybe that thunderbolt again?”

Jung Yi-Rang asked in a cheeky voice.

Cale responded back.

“All wrong.”

The shield then disappeared.


Jung Yi-Rang’s eyes opened wide.

Cale had withdrawn his shield.


Whirlwinds had gathered at his ankles instead. His body quickly headed toward Jung Yi-Rang.

Cale and Jung Yi-Rang were pretty close to each other as the shield and sword had slammed against each other. Cale shortened that distance even more.


A shocked Jung Yi-Rang raised his sword.

However, Cale raised his hand, and…


A small but sturdy silver shield stopped the sword.

Jung Yi-Rang was defenseless thanks to that.


Cale smiled, and…

– Doing it once more!


The sky let out a short roar before a rose gold thunderbolt shot down toward Jung Yi-Rang.


Jung Yi-Rang did not waste that short moment before the thunderbolt struck down. He urgently twisted his body. He tightly clenched the sword that was about to be flung away from the impact with the shield and moved his body to the side.

“I was waiting for this.”

Cale had been waiting for this moment.

He expected that Jung Yi-Rang would be able to dodge both the fiery thunderbolt and the shield.

Cale’s target was not Jung Yi-Rang.


The water spear in Cale’s hand… The spear made by the Sky Eating Water moved following Cale’s hand.

His goal was Jung Yi-Rang’s hand.

Jung Yi-Rang’s sword that was getting in Choi Jung Gun’s way and stopping Choi Jung Gun’s ability to slash through anything…

He would first take this away from Jung Yi-Rang.


Jung Yi-Rang realized it as well.

He tried to twist his body again in order to dodge the water spear. He had quite the skilled body control.

However, doing this was difficult.


The ground that Jung Yi-Rang was standing on started shaking.

Wood, wind, fire, and water…

Next came earth.

Jung Yi-Rang lost his balance at the sudden shaking and his eyes saw the water spear stab his hand.


Blood dripped out of Cale’s mouth.


Stone spears shot up from the shaking ground.

They surrounded Jung Yi-Rang on all sides and were pointed toward the sky.

Jung Yi-Rang was imprisoned inside the stone prison and could not do anything to resist.


The water spear left a deep scar on Jung Yi-Rang’s hand as it moved past.


The sword finally fell from Jung Yi-Rang’s hand.

“I’ll be taking this, my dear friend.”

Cale smiled and picked up Jung Yi-Rang’s sword.

At that moment…


He heard Park So Jin’s shout.

Cale turned his gaze.

Park So Jin was curled forward while clenching her side.

Choi Jung Gun was standing in front of her and looking at Cale while shaking the blood off his sword.

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