Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 72 – Different than Intended (4)

Cale could see the change in Toonka’s expression. He blankly blinked a few times before slowly starting to frown as if he remembered what had happened.

“I lost.”

However, he was calm when he started to speak. Cale then proceeded to speak.

“It was still a warriors’ battle.”

Toonka blankly stared at Cale before slowly starting to smile. He looked extremely ugly with that expression on his face. His face, that already looked like an orc’s because of the beating he had just received, now looked like a mutant troll’s face. It was full of blue bruises.

Cale turned away to stop seeing that ugly face. He could hear Toonka starting to speak as he turned. Toonka was speaking to Pelia.

“A new warrior has appeared today!”

Cale could see soldiers approaching them after hearing Toonka’s loud voice. There was anticipation on the faces of the citizens. They did not seem to look down on their leader for fainting or have any animosity toward Choi Han for beating up their leader.

It was a cool title that was incomparable to those stupid mages. Someone who deserved such a title had appeared.

“We will have a celebration tonight! Get it prepared!”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The citizens started to stomp their feet again. At the same time, they cheered for both Choi Han and Toonka. Although these citizens were called barbarians because of such actions, Cale did not care.

Of course, there will definitely be some soldiers whose morale goes down because Toonka lost, as well as some high-ranking people who will have animosity toward Cale’s crew.

‘Not my concern.’

He just needed to take what he needed to take. Cale could hear Toonka speaking to Choi Han behind him.

“Warrior! I will definitely kill you next time! Muhahahahahaha!”

Cale turned around to see Choi Han frowning deeply. Choi Han had deeply disliked Toonka in the novel. He then heard Toonka speaking to him.

“I destroyed it less, per our agreement!”

It meant they were now going to go look at the Magic Tower.

Cale climbed back up and patted the pale Billos’s shoulder.

“Yes sir.”
“Go get everybody from outside the base.”

Billos seemed confused, but accepted before pointing to someone else.

“Of course. But there is someone I need to introduce first.”

Cale looked toward who Billos was pointing at. Brown hair and brown eyes along with an extremely average face. He seemed so common and average, but it was so much so that it made him look unique.

“Young master-nim, this is Chief Harol-nim. He is currently the Supreme Chief in charge of the entire faction.”

Harol. He was a necessary member of the non-mage faction.

“Nice to meet you, young master Cale-nim. My name is Harol.”
The peasants of the Whipper Kingdom did not have last names. Cale reached his hand out to Harol.

“Nice to meet you. I am Cale.”

Harol cautiously shook Cale’s hand before quietly starting to whisper.

“I guess young master Cale-nim is who our leader Toonka-nim said he was going to sell the Magic Tower to.”

Cale did not say anything and just smiled as he let go of Harol’s hand.

Harol. Harol was neither a very strategic person nor a strong individual. He also did not have any unique abilities. He was a great scientist, but he was lacking compared to the other chiefs.

However, he was one of the founding members of the non-mage faction.

The mages had considered themselves above the regular citizens because of their magic abilities. Harol had been the one who had brought up the idea of saving the people from such tyranny. To them, he was a hero.

People followed him because of how average he was. Toonka and Harol, this combination was the hope for the Whipper Kingdom’s citizens.

“It is my honor to meet you. I guess we have a lot to discuss from here on.”

The non-mage faction needed money. Harol probably wanted to take as much money as possible from Cale. At that moment, Cale could hear Raon’s voice in his head.

– What a liar.

The dragon really was sharp. Cale gently responded to Harol.

“I suppose so.”

An unfair trade. That trade started from Harol and not Toonka.


Cale stood in front of the Magic Tower and looked up.

The 20 story Magic Tower was the second tallest building on the entire continent. The tallest building was the Empire’s Alchemist Bell Tower.

‘It’s better than I expected.’

Toonka had destroyed the Magic Tower less than Cale had anticipated. There were only a few outer walls that were destroyed. In comparison, all the windows and the insides were a total mess.

‘This isn’t all there is to the Magic Tower.’

Cale turned away from the Magic Tower to look at Toonka.

“Are you going in as well?”

The question made Toonka start to frown.

“You think I am crazy? Why would I go into that dirty place?”

Dirty place. Toonka was calling this famous building that was known throughout the Western Continent a, ‘dirty place.’ It was dirty to him because the citizens’ blood, sweat, and tears were shed inside of this building.

“Harol will guide you.”

Toonka said that before peeking toward Beacrox, Hilsman, the Wolf children, and Lock. It was because he smelled strong scents from them as well. He then also peeked toward the two baby kittens in Cale’s arms.

He then looked toward Choi Han, who was talking to Rosalyn, before casually starting to speak.

“You are interesting because you are weak.”

Cale naturally ignored Toonka, however, Toonka continued to speak.

“A weakling who oddly seems strong.”

However, Toonka could not say anything else. It was because Choi Han had started to stare at him. Toonka started to smile brightly at Choi Han’s stare before he started to approach him.

“What? You want to fight again?”

Choi Han sighed before ignoring Toonka. Cale observed Toonka and Choi Han’s interaction before taking a look at Billos and Harol discussing with one another. He then started petting the kittens in his arms while starting to quietly sing.

“Let’s catch a rat, let’s catch a rat. How many rats?”

On’s front paw moved in Cale’s arms.


She hit him once.

Cale continued to speak.

“Don’t hurt him though. Life is precious.”

Hong snorted before moving his front paw.

Tap. Tap.

He tapped twice before his tail started to wag. On started to shake her head after seeing the smiles on Cale and Hong’s faces. The two of their villainous smiles were becoming similar the longer they were together.

However, On’s tail was shaking as well.

At that moment, a stealthy voice filled Cale’s mind.

– Should I come with you too, human?

Raon really must want to go with them, as he even asked Cale for permission. Cale sternly shook his head. Cale quietly whispered as if he was gently speaking to the kittens.

“You have to catch something else with me.”

The baby kittens and Black Dragon all closed their mouths after seeing Cale’s expression as he said, ‘something else.’ That sounded fun as well.

Harol and Toonka soon approached Cale. Toonka pointed to Harol with friendliness.

Our chief will guide you. Pelia will go with you as well.”

Pelia was going to be Harol’s guard. Cale nodded his head and asked.

“Did you clean up the corpses of the mages in the tower?”
“I left a few there.”

Cale knew this would be the case and kept a straight face. At that moment, Raon started to speak.

– I guess you are only afraid of mermaid corpses. Don’t worry, I will make sure the mermaids can’t get to you in the future.

‘…I’m not really afraid of the mermaids either.’

However, Cale did not say that out loud since he should not run into any mermaids in the future.

Toonka observed Cale’s calm demeanor before continuing to speak.

“Those bastards do not need their souls consoled.”

The consolation of the soul referred to cremation.

The citizens burned mage corpses whenever possible. Of course, there were some corpses with their heads rolling around on the ground, but those corpses would soon be burnt as well.
However, there must be a reason for the corpses they left behind not to be burnt.

‘Probably the ones that killed the most citizens.’

What do you need the most of to advance magic devices?
What would they experiment on?

There were many mages who performed experiments on humans in secret.

“I plan on getting rid of them when there are no more mages left in this kingdom. There will be no traces of them left.”

Toonka quietly mumbled, contrary to his usual self. However, Cale did not pay much attention to his words.

Although all of the mages in the tower were dead, not all of the mages in the Whipper Kingdom were dead.

‘The Mage Tower mages were all part of the mage faction.’

They were hierarchical and greedy. A tower is naturally going to have a top and a bottom. The people on top enjoyed looking down on the people down below.

However, there were some mages who stayed far away from power and greed. They preferred not to take part in politics or anything of power. Those mages were currently in hiding, trying to find a way out of the Whipper Kingdom, as well as trying to determine where to go.

Crown prince Alberu Crossman would be their shield. Alberu will gather together the mages who are only interested in magic research under his wings.

Cale then asked Toonka.

“Can I go in?”

Cale put the two kittens in his arms down on the ground. They will stealthily investigate on their own as long as the entrance door remains open.

Beacrox and Choi Han stood behind Cale. Seeing Beacrox there, Cale had a confused expression on his face. However, Beacrox was looking toward the still bruised and battered Toonka with disgust.

“Yes, leader-nim. Young master Cale-nim, I will guide you.”


The Magic Tower’s door opened and Cale started to frown. He casually started to speak to Harol and Toonka, who were both looking at him.

“The rotten stench is strong.”

The first floor of the Magic Tower. As soon as the door opened, Cale could see a corpse wearing the golden robe that symbolized the liege of the Magic Tower, as well as the destroyed remains of the devices inside. Cale started to speak with disgust at the crazy people who caused all this.

“Leave the door open to ventilate. I can’t stand this type of smell.”

He then started to speak to Toonka.

“And cover the corpse. I’m a weakling so I can’t stand looking at a corpse for long.”

Toonka snorted, but still motioned to a soldier guarding the entrance. Cale verified the pale, yet calm Rosalyn, before leaving her and the others behind and entering the Magic Tower.

Choi Han quickly stood in front of him with Beacrox behind him.

“Shall I guide you floor by floor?”
“Chief Harol.”
“The top.”

There was no reason to look anywhere else.

“… The top?”
“I’m curious about what it feels like to look down from the top. The liege’s room. Let’s go there.”
“I understand.”

They got on the elevator, the only device that was still functioning in the Magic Tower. It would instantly take them up to the 20th floor.

“You somehow managed to not break this.”
“Just in case we needed it.”

Harol gently responded, but Cale had to hold back his snort.


The only remaining magic device in the Magic Tower started to move with a gentle vibration. The platform that Cale and crew were standing on slowly started to move up. It finally stopped once they got to the top of the Magic Tower.

Cale looked at the single door on the top floor and started to speak.

“Is that the liege’s room?”
“Yes it is. Ah, young master-nim?”

Cale did not respond to Harol’s call and started to walk.

The others quickly followed behind him. Cale walked to the door and turned the knob.


The door opened and the liege’s room revealed itself.

“What a mess.”

Cale’s blunt assessment was heard by everyone else.

An area as wide as an entire floor was in front of them. It definitely was a mess.

Everything inside the liege’s room was destroyed. There was also blood everywhere. It looked like they had splashed blood around the room on purpose.

“A total mess. Chief Harol, can I go to that window over there?”

The only symbol of the liege’s room. The only undestroyed thing remaining in this room was the view from that large window.

“Of course. Let me guide you there.”
“I want to think in silence. Can I go alone?”
“…That is a bit…”

Seeing Harol looking uncomfortable, Choi Han moved away from the liege’s room and stood in front of the elevator.

“I will be right here.”

Beacrox went and stood next to Choi Han as well. He looked thankful that he did not need to go into such a dirty and messy place. However, Pelia was still uncomfortable. Nevertheless, Harol had made up his mind and started to speak.

“Pelia-nim, I will guide young master Cale-nim over there. Will five minutes alone with me be fine, young master-nim?”
“Of course. Keep one door open. That way, she can feel at ease.”
“Thank you very much.”

Cale returned Pelia’s thanks with a smile.

The liege’s room had a double door entrance. They kept one of them open as Cale entered the room. The twentieth floor. The liege’s room was very wide as the liege had occupied the entire floor for himself.

That was why most people would not be able to hear Cale’s voice once they got to the window at the edge of the room.

‘Choi Han might be able to hear it, but it doesn’t matter if he does.’

Cale crossed through the destroyed items in the room. Tables, chairs, books, carpets, everything was now trash.

Cale stood in front of the window that was the furthest away from the door and started to speak.

“You broke everything?”

Harol confidently responded to Cale’s question.

“Of course. This was the room of the worst person in the Magic Tower. This was the room of a monster made from mana.”

A monster made from mana. This was what the warriors used when referring to mages.

– What a liar.

Raon was grumbling in disbelief, but Cale did not care. Instead, he started to whisper in Harol’s ear. He was talking about Harol’s secret that nobody else knew about.

“You say that, but you are a mage as well.”

He could feel mana, but his heart resisted mana. He was a mixed child of a mage and a magic resistant person. The unluckiest of all mana users.
The secret of a person’s birth was quite common in this world.

“Chief Harol, no.”

Cale put his hand on the completely pale Harol and called out to him.

“Harol Kodiang.”

The phrase about how a smart person going crazy was scary definitely was referring to Harol Kodiang.

“Don’t you want to erase all traces of your father?”

The liege of the Magic Tower, Pister Kodiang, did not know about Harol. This was a child who was born without his knowledge. A true monster that the monster made from mana had created.

“How did you know?”

Cale gently responded to the monster who asked him that question with a bitter smile on his face.

“Let me hear your answer first.”

He didn’t need to say something like how he was going to buy the Magic Tower. Instead, Cale spoke about what he knew to be Harol’s desire.

“I will get rid of the Magic Tower for you. What do you think?”

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