Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 713: Our friend is not here (5)

Cale’s method of meeting Mary was simple.

‘I just need to get Mary’s location from crown prince Alberu.’

As he was currently a ghost, he just needed to take someone who would deliver his message for him.

“…Sir, are you saying that you are a Dragon?”

“How many times are you going to ask that question?”

Tasha made eye contact with Eruhaben’s calm gaze and slowly looked away.

The only individual Cale could bring with him right now was Eruhaben.

‘I need to have the sealed god run into the cintamani at least once to confirm any variables.’

That was the reason the cintamani was currently in Alberu’s office. Of course, Cale did not stay there. It was highly likely that the sealed god would be able to see Cale.

‘The cintamani is a different story since it was arranged by the God of Death.’

Cale had multiple thoughts running through his mind as he heard Tasha’s cautious voice.

“Sir, may I ask why you are trying to meet Mary?”

Both Elves and Dark Elves overwhelmingly liked Dragons and would normally do whatever they were asked to do. However, Tasha was wary of Eruhaben because she was worried about Mary.

Eruhaben chuckled at her cautious wariness.

“I came on an errand.”

“Excuse me? An esteemed Dragon came on an errand?”

“Yes. It is an errand from a punk named Cale.”

Tasha’s gaze stiffened at that moment.

‘What is going on?’

Someone named the White Star came to see Mary not too long ago. Mary had called him young master-nim and recognized him as soon as she saw his face.

Tasha had questioned how Mary could know him despite staying in the Underground City the whole time, but the White Star had requested to speak with Mary in private. Mary had agreed to it, so Tasha had been unable to hear their conversation.

‘The White Star is someone who might cooperate with Alberu.’

That was what she had thought originally.

However, Alberu suddenly called her over to tell her something earlier today.

‘Auntie, the White Star was planning on stabbing us in the back. Please don’t tell anybody else about it for now.’

After saying that, he had pointed to someone else who was in the office with him. It was this Elf with white-gold hair.

‘This sir is a Dragon-nim. Please introduce him to the necromancer.’

Now a Dragon had suddenly appeared.

Tasha’s shock from these sudden events had not worn off yet.

‘But a Dragon is here on an errand for that person named Cale?’

Eruhaben had cracked a joke for the extremely tense Tasha, but Tasha had accepted it as the truth.


Tasha held back a sigh and stopped in front of the innermost room on the top floor of the inn.

“It’s over here.”

Eruhaben nodded his head and Tasha knocked on the door.

Knock knock knock.


‘Mary should open the door soon.’

Tasha remained tense as the few seconds felt much longer than normal.


But something was weird.

“Why is she not opening the door?”

Eruhaben asked as Mary was not opening the door even though it had been a bit since Tasha knocked.

‘What the…?’

Tasha subconsciously put her ear against the door. It was quiet inside.

Knock knock knock.

“Mary, it’s me. It’s Tasha.”

She knocked multiple times and called for Mary but did not hear anything. Tasha started to sweat.

‘Did something happen to Mary?’

She was thinking this way because Alberu had just told her that the White Star had tried to stab them in the back.

‘Did that bastard do something to Mary?!’

Tasha immediately grabbed the doorknob.

“Mary! I’m coming in!”

She turned the doorknob.

Clank. Clank.

The door was locked.

It was at that moment.


They heard a loud noise inside the door. Tasha turned toward Eruhaben who was standing behind her. The ancient Dragon’s face was already stiff.

“It looks like something has happened.”

Tasha could not say anything.

“Step aside.”

Tasha immediately moved after seeing the golden mana rising from the Dragon.

She then clenched her eyes shut.


There was a loud explosion and the locked door was destroyed.

‘As expected of a Dragon.’

Tasha barely managed to hold that in before trying to walk toward the dust blasting out from the aftershock.


However, that dust was almost instantly pushed down by a wave of the Dragon’s hand, allowing Tasha to see the environment beyond the door.


Tasha subconsciously called out.

Eruhaben calmly asked.

“Are you trying to run?”

“She is running away from home.”

Cale responded to him despite nobody being able to hear him.

‘I didn’t expect something like this.’

The window was ripped off and Mary was in the middle of climbing out. Anybody would be able to tell that she was trying to run away through the window. It was because there was a large bag on Mary’s back.

“Mary, where are you going this time-?!”

Tasha quickly snapped out of her shock and briskly walked over to Mary with a look of disbelief and sadness. However, Mary was not looking at Tasha but the individual standing behind her.


“Hooooo. You know my name?”

Eruhaben looked amused as he leisurely walked toward Mary. He started speaking to the purple eyes underneath the robe that were looking at him. He was acting quite friendly.

“I came to deliver the message of a punk named Cale. How about you not run away and chat with me?”

Mary responded immediately.

“I will run off if you move.”



Tasha and Eruhaben both responded and stopped moving. Half of Mary’s body was already outside the window.

‘What the…?’

Eruhaben did not miss that Mary’s innocent and clear eyes were sharply glaring at him. He also felt a different emotion in her eyes.


The necromancer that the ancient Dragon was meeting for the first time pitied him.


Tasha called out to Mary with a shocked expression, as if wanting Mary to explain. Mary answered in the sternest voice she had ever used.

“I’m sorry. I need to go meet my friends before they come here.”

“What are you talking about?”

Mary hesitated for a moment. She then thought deeply about whether she could say this before finally saying it.

“…You cannot trust everything that you see.”

“Trust what?”

Tasha asked, but Mary’s eyes were looking at Eruhaben. Her mouth opened and closed a few times but she could not say anything. Mary looked anxious for a moment before she sighed.

“…I guess I cannot say it.”

She then looked at Tasha with the same upright expression as usual.

“I will destroy everything and come to the rescue.”

Tasha looked baffled.

‘What is she suddenly talking about? What is she going to destroy and who is she going to rescue?’

However, Mary’s expression was too stern and, most importantly, Mary looked as if she would run off at any moment that Tasha could not ask about it.

Cale, who had watched all of this, rubbed the sides of his eyes with his hands.

“This is driving me nuts.”

Alberu had told him that Mary had met with the White Star after Tasha brought him here.

‘There’s only one reason the White Star would come to see Mary.’

He definitely took off his mask to trick Mary that he was Cale. He was probably planning on starting with Mary and getting Cale’s friends who were in this test to come under his influence.

That was the reason Cale had come here with Eruhaben as soon as he learned about it.

‘Of course, I’m sure that Mary didn’t immediately believe that the sealed god is me.’

He had no way of knowing what the sealed god must have said to Mary. However, the Mary that Cale knew would not be tricked by the White Star so easily.

‘That was why I thought she would be questioning it right now.’

Cale’s thoughts were that he would quickly come here before the suspicions turned into belief.

‘But she is already certain that the White Star is fake.’

Otherwise, why would she try to run away from Eruhaben who said that he was here to deliver a message from Cale?

It was because she believed that the Cale that Eruhaben was talking about was the fake Cale. It was only normal that she wouldn’t want to hear about it and run off.

Cale was debating what to do about this. Eruhaben started speaking with a confused expression at that moment.

“Mm. I don’t know what is going on. But I will deliver the message he gave me…”

“It is okay.”

Mary lowered her head as if she was about to jump out. Eruhaben started speaking to her back.

“ ‘Let’s smack him in the back before he smacks us in the back.’ ”

Mary suddenly flinched and stopped moving. She slowly turned around and looked at Eruhaben.

“…What kind of look did he have on his face?”

Mary asked and Eruhaben thought of the Dark Tiger. He remembered how the Dark Tiger had grumbled while delivering Cale’s message.

“Mm. According to his associate who delivered the message, he had a disrespectful expression?”

Mary slowly pulled one leg in from the window ledge. She then asked with an odd expression on her face.

“The White Star?”


Eruhaben finally seemed to realize something as he chuckled and responded.

“Not the White Star but the real Cale. I met the White Star as well but he is different from that punk.”

Mary’s eyes clouded over.

“By the way, he said one other thing.”

Tasha’s eyes sparkled as well. What would this real Cale have said? She hoped that she would be able to resolve some of the questions she had about this mysterious individual and waited for Eruhaben to speak.

The ancient Dragon looked quite baffled as he said this.

“ ‘Let’s quickly take care of things and get out.’ ”


Tasha’s head tilted to the side.

“I’m tired and I want to rest.”

Mary was completely inside now as she calmly fixed her clothes. She then said the following.

“I am fully prepared to speak now.”


Eruhaben wondered what would have caused her to change her demeanor so quickly like this, but sat down on a chair by a table as he had many things he was curious about as well.

Mary sat across from him. Eruhaben took a brief glance at Tasha who was saying, ‘He wants to rest? He’s tired? What the heck is his true identity?’ before he started speaking.

“The White Star is currently trying to bring black mages and his subordinates into the Roan Kingdom to cause chaos. Cale is planning on stopping this. What do you think? Should I keep going?”

“Yes, sir. Please do. But before that, where is young master Cale-nim?”

Eruhaben has a mischievous smile on his face as he pointed around the room.

“Over here. Cale, that punk, is somewhere in here. He’s currently invisible.”

Tasha flinched and stealthily looked around. Her eyes, ears, and nose… None of her senses were able to detect another life form inside here. She debated whether she should call an Elemental to ask when she heard Mary’s voice.

“As I expected. Sir Clopeh was telling the truth.”


Cale tilted his head to the side.

‘Clopeh? Why is she saying his name right now?’

He then recalled Mary’s last meeting with Clopeh. The things Clopeh said at that time automatically popped into his mind.

‘That sir cannot be seen right now.’

‘However, that sir is always watching us.’

‘That sir is here right now, but people at our level are unable to see him.’


Cale gasped. Mary was speaking without any hesitation as if she was a machine.

“Sir Clopeh is someone who does not say any lies about young master Cale-nim.”

Although it wasn’t as detailed or accurate as Cale, Tasha was able to remember some of what Clopeh had said and looked at Mary with a look of uncertainty as she sighed.

Mary didn’t care as she continued in a slightly excited voice.

“That was why I was able to not be tricked.”

‘…This is good, right?’

Cale didn’t know whether he should smile or not at Mary’s comment.

“Anyway, that Cale punk said that he needs your help with something.”

“Please tell me.”

“The Forest of Darkness.”

Mary and Tasha focused on Eruhaben’s voice.

“Choi Han is currently taking care of the black lake in there. You take the things he gains from there.”

The black lake. A dead Dragon’s dead mana and bones were there.

“And in a few days, on the day when crown prince Alberu and the White Star make contact… Infiltrate the Alchemists’ Bell Tower that night, steal all of the dead mana, and-”

Eruhaben looked toward Tasha.

“Deliver it to the Dark Elves. This is a part of the deal with the crown prince in order to strengthen the crown prince and the Dark Elves as our allies. It will help us sweep away the enemy who is caught off guard with one blow.”

Tasha’s eyes opened wide. Mary lightly nodded her head without any hesitation.

“It is easy to loot. I learned from Raon-nim and young master Cale-nim.”

‘She learned how to loot from them?’

Tasha frowned again while Cale sighed and avoided looking at her.

* * *

Alberu and the White Star were still chatting in Alberu’s office at that time. Their conversation was amicable and it was coming to an end.

“White Star.”

“Yes, your highness.”

“I want to be certain of everything prior to his Majesty’s birthday celebration. So, I wish to quickly proceed with things even if it feels like I’m rushing a bit.”

The White Star had a gentle smile on his face as he nodded.

“I understand how you must be feeling, your highness.”

“I see. In that case, is it possible to communicate with the core members of the Alchemists and the mages tomorrow?”

The White Star nodded his head without hesitation as if he had been waiting for this.

“Of course. We wish to quickly settle in the Roan Kingdom as well so we can come whenever it is convenient for you, your highness.”

“Ah, not to the palace.”

Alberu smirked.

“We can’t have anybody finding out about our meeting.”

“You are right, your highness. I had not considered that part.”

“Don’t worry about it. Mm. Somewhere quiet will be good, so I will decide on a place and let you know soon.”

“As you command, your highness.”

The White Star and Alberu ended their conversation in a good mood.

Both of them headed toward the office door. Alberu sent the White Star off in a friendly manner before speaking as if they were friends.

“I plan on writing the contents of this deal down. We need a contract after all, don’t you agree?”

The White Star’s smile became thicker for a moment before it returned to normal.

“Of course, your highness. We can only have full faith once it is written on paper.”

“That’s right.”

Alberu personally opened the door for the White Star to leave.

“See you soon.”

“Yes, your highness. I will happily look forward to our next meeting.”

The White Star bowed and Alberu walked back into his office. The attendant soon closed the door. The White Star slowly stopped bowing.

A thick smile was on his face.

Although leaving it in writing would allow someone to have faith…

“…It can also make it so that that person has to be responsible for everything.”

The White Star then put on a calm expression as he walked away from the front of Alberu’s office with the attendant. However, he stopped and turned around for a moment.

“I’m sure I sensed something weird in there.”

He had felt some unexplainable things every so often while inside the office. However, the White Star soon dropped the subject.

‘This is my world.’

Since this illusion was his… There was nothing here that could stop him as long as he played by the rules of the test.


Alberu looked at the closed door before pulling off the black cloth. The cintamani was now visible.

“Will you have people tail them when you meet?”

– Of course.

The Dark Tiger responded while smiling as if things were going in an entertaining manner.

– Eruhaben-nim and one other ally will follow the Alchemist representative. Then they will be able to get the evidence against the Empire’s Alchemists’ Bell Tower as well as a lot of other benefits.

“And after that?”

– We have to completely loot the White Star.

The Dark Tiger added on.

– Everything will be over before the birthday celebration in the capital.

Cale and the Dark Tiger had the same thoughts as the Alberu of this world.

The capital Plaza Terror Incident was where Cale had first shown his power in the past.

On that day and that incident which was basically the start of Cale’s adventures…

They would finish everything before that.

Should they manage to do so, then the story of this world would change completely, being rewritten differently.

The Dark Tiger mumbled as if affirming something to himself.

– Don’t worry. Everything is planned to change and be new.


– No matter what you are imagining about what is to happen, I’m sure it will be more entertaining than what you are thinking.

* * *

“Is this everyone?”

– Yes.

Cale with the cintamani in his hand, Eruhaben, and Mary. Crown prince Alberu looked at them once before speaking to Tasha.

“Let’s go.”


The light from the teleportation magic circle surrounded them.

They were starting to move for the stealthy conversation with the White Star’s side tonight. Cale was planning on exponentially increasing the strength of his allies tonight.

Furthermore, he planned on taking away the ugly future of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower.

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