Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 700: Different from intended (2)

“Something’s wrong.”

Cale realized that something was wrong with the things happening inside the temple right now.

‘There are two possibilities.’

One was that Ahn Roh Man gave them wrong information while the other was that the temple and test that Earth 3 went through was different from the test used by the temple in this world.

“…I’m going to go crazy.”

Cale’s mind turned a complicated mess.

‘Choi Han cannot see me.’

Cale seemed to completely be in the role of an observer.

‘And this is the past.’

To be more specific, this was before Kim Rok Soo had transmigrated into this world, a time when Harris Village was still peaceful.

‘In some ways, I could be looking at Choi Han’s past right now.’

This could be Choi Han’s sadness, since the orb was blue.

Cale had originally thought that this test would be watching The Birth of a Hero from the novel where he did not exist. However, he had to change his perspective because the current Choi Han was involved.


There was something he needed to consider if he changed perspectives.

‘What about the others?’

Mary, Rosalyn, Toonka, and Clopeh Sekka.

Choi Han and Cale. These were the six people to partake in the test.

‘What happened to them? Is it possible- …Are they all here?’

Cale had a headache. He then recalled a memory in his mind. It was something that had made him feel iffy.

‘The red orb.’

To be more specific, the red orb that resembled an eye.

It had instantly turned blue after appearing on top of the temple, but Cale’s memory had recorded that clear red orb.

Cale recalled a similar red something from a different memory as well.

‘Is it that thing?’

Cale had seen red eyes within the darkness.

It was during the time he had to go through the sealed god’s test at the Endable Kingdom.

The sealed god. The sealed god had thrown Cale into the test to make him experience despair to the point where he would have to ask for the sealed god’s help, which allowed Cale to meet Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo, and the others while inside twenty years old Kim Rok Soo’s body.

Lee Soo Hyuk, Choi Jung Soo and the others were different from the people of his past, but Cale was able to create a new future for them that was different from his life.

‘And when I was coming back to this world…’

The God of Despair had said something to Cale.

– Do not think that my test ended with this.

– I will always be watching you.

– In the moment of despair that is to come…

– The moment your mind is swayed or changed.

– I will come and find you.

Now that Ahn Roh Man’s information was useless… Cale had to make numerous hypotheses. He mumbled one of those theories.

“Is it despair and not sadness?”

It was a highly possible hypothesis, making Cale’s face stiffen.

‘Choi Han will be able to overcome it, whether it is sadness or despair.’

Choi Han was his ally who had gone through the sealed god’s test with him. Choi Han was smart enough to detect the variables and make good decisions now that he realized giving up was not possible.

Cale, who was following behind Choi Han, flinched after hearing Choi Han’s quiet voice.

“Is it three days from now?”


“…I’ll protect them this time.”


Cale realized that the terrible events of Harris Village would take place in three days after seeing Choi Han’s gaze that was so vicious it was frigid.


He then realized something else.

‘The White Star might show up here!’

Cale had met the real Cale Henituse, the guy now living as Kim Rok Soo, in his dream. He had learned about how the thirty-six years old Kim Rok Soo was able to possess Cale Henituse’s body.

Furthermore, the real Cale Henituse had told him about what happened with his biological mother, Drew Thames, and Harris Village.

‘You know how everybody dies in Harris Village, which leads to Choi Han heading out? The White Star would have needed to go to Harris Village at least once to get my mother’s power.’

‘Isn’t it possible that the White Star got my mother’s power from Harris Village while Choi Han was out? Then he left his subordinates to take care of the rest.’

‘Well, I could be wrong. My suspicions might be completely wrong.’

It was a situation that both Cale and Kim Rok Soo thought had potential, but might or might not be true.

While Choi Han headed to the Forest of Darkness to get medicinal herbs for a sick villager… The White Star brought his subordinates to Harris Village and took the half of the wood attribute ancient power that Drew Thames had left behind.

Of course, the White Star had no idea that it belonged to Drew.

Once the White Star obtained the power, he would have told his subordinates to take care of everybody in Harris Village. They would have killed everybody and started to leave when they run into Choi Han.

‘…And they all die by Choi Han’s hands.’

That is also when the White Star’s side discovers the dead mana lake within the Forest of Darkness and share it with the mermaids to assist in their war against the Whales.

“This is driving me crazy.”

If Cale and Kim Rok Soo’s hypothesis was true…

‘Choi Han will run into the White Star.’

And in that case…

‘He’s at a disadvantage.’

Would Choi Han, alone with no help, be able to protect the people of Harris Village while taking on the White Star at the same time?

‘No. He cannot.’

Cale had told Choi Han, Alberu, and Raon about what he had found at Drew’s grave when they were at the stable.

He had told them everything he heard from the World Tree as well, leaving only the information about the root dagger out.

However, Cale had never told anybody about the discussion he had with the real Cale Henituse.

That meant…

‘I have never mentioned anything about Harris Village.’

He thought it was something he could tell Choi Han separately once everything was over. He didn’t dare to say something that may or may not be true.

‘But it’s Choi Han.’

Cale’s gaze changed.

He had learned a lot of things while watching Choi Han until now.

‘I told them everything other than the fact that I need to stab my heart with the root dagger.’

That meant one thing.

‘Choi Han knows the contents of the diary.’

Cale had not gone into details, but he did give them a summary.

< My ancient power is called the ‘Annual rings of life.’ >

< Half of that power, the core part of it was left in Harris Village while I left the other half here. >

He had shortened those contents, but still had told them about it.

‘Choi Han is smart enough to make the same hypothesis.’

They were too busy fighting against the Lion Dragon to think deeply about it then, but… It was different now.

Saving Harris Village. Choi Han probably thinks that saving the village is the way to overcome this illusion, which would make him think about everything he knows about the village.

‘…He might arrive at the same conclusion.’


Choi Han dropped the medicinal herbs in his hand to the ground.


He gasped, and his face stiffened.

‘He must have thought of it now.’

Cale’s face stiffened as well as Choi Han’s mouth slowly opened.

“I’m certain Cale-nim said that the White Star took half of the power his biological mother had left him, and that he got it from Harris Village-”

Choi Han then crouched down and picked up the fallen medicinal herbs.

“Choi Han, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I dropped the medicinal herbs.”

The villagers patted Choi Han’s back as he calmly responded and told him to keep up the good work as they walked away. Cale saw the look on Choi Han’s face once he stood back up.

“…Ha, haha-”

He was quietly laughing. There were times Cale had felt the length of the long life that Choi Han had lived, and this was one of those moments.

“I don’t see why not.”

Choi Han’s eyes had sunk low, but his gaze was burning wildly.

“Three days.”

Choi Han was given only three days. He quietly mumbled again.

“It’s worth trying.”

‘What do you mean it’s worth trying?!’

Cale shook his head from side to side.

“…I need to train.”

Choi Han looked down at his hands and the wooden sword around his waist. Cale frowned even more.

‘Did he really get younger?’

Choi Han looked slightly younger than the Choi Han Cale knew. There weren’t too many visible differences as Choi Han’s lifespan was extremely long, but Cale could make out those somewhat minute details, as he had recorded all of his team’s appearances.

Choi Han had returned to the Choi Han from two years ago. That was why Choi Han was saying he needed to train.

The Choi Han of the present and Choi Han from two years ago were only slightly different from each other in length of time, but there had been quite a lot of changes and Choi Han had gotten much stronger.

Choi Han quietly mumbled again.

“My condition is the same as two years ago.”

His mind seemed quite complicated. He was walking toward the Chief’s house as he looked around.

“…This is no regular illusion. But it doesn’t feel like another parallel world.”

‘I knew it.’

Choi Han was comparing the current test with the information Ahn Roh Man had given them and looking past it to the memories of the sealed god’s test to figure out everything that was going on.

“I’m sure I’ll find a way as I work to overcome my sadness.”

Choi Han made up his mind, but Cale started to think.

‘What can I do?’

Based on what Cale had figured out while following behind Choi Han, he could not touch anything that existed in this world. Furthermore, it didn’t seem as if anybody in this world was capable of hearing him.

Knock knock knock.


“Is that you, Choi Han? Come on in!”

Choi Han opened the door and walked inside the Chief’s house. Cale saw the door closing, but continued to walk forward.


His body went through the door without any issues.

‘Mm? This might actually be useful?”

Cale then started talking.

“Super Rock?”

There was no response.


Still no response.


Not only could he not hear the voices of the ancient powers, there were no ancient powers left in his body.

Cale slowly started to analyze the powers he could use right now.

“Oh! I have never seen this medicinal herb before.”

“I think I will be going into the Forest of Darkness a few more times to get a lot of different medicinal herbs.”

The Chief’s wrinkled eyes seemed concerned.

“Won’t it be dangerous?”

Cale could tell why Choi Han had so much love for Harris Village. The Chief was treating Choi Han, a foreigner who had come from the Forest of Darkness, so warmly.

“It’s okay.”

Choi Han’s pupils shook as he looked at the Chief. Cale could tell what those emotions were as he watched.

Longing and sorrow.

Choi Han still managed to put on his innocent and bright smile.

“And I am thinking about going outside the village a few days later.”

“Outside the village?”

“Yes, sir. Shouldn’t we go to the Lord’s Castle to get me an identity plaque?”

“Ah! That’s true! I’ll write you a statement confirming your identity, so let’s go together!”

“Yes, Chief-nim.”

The Lord’s Castle. Cale’s face turned odd the moment he heard those words.

Choi Han was already preparing for the situation where the illusion does not end after he takes care of the issues at Harris Village.

However, something else was worrying Cale.


The Henituse Estate would be there when they go to the Lord’s Castle and the Cale Henituse of this illusion would be there as well.

‘Something’s iffy.’

Cale was getting the chills for some reason. Choi Han, who had no idea about that, finished his conversation with the Chief and headed back toward the door.

Cale followed behind him.

The sun was in the middle of the sky, but it was only slightly warm since it was March.

“Choi Han, are you going somewhere?”

“I plan on going into the forest for a bit.”

“Aiya, will you be okay?”

Choi Han just smiled at the villager and headed toward the stone wall on one side of Harris Village at a practical pace.

The Forest of Darkness was beyond this wall.


Choi Han took a few deep breaths in front of the stone wall. He then confirmed that nobody was around him and tightly clenched his wooden sword.

“…It should be possible, right?”


Cale also sighed.

“Yes. There’s no way you wouldn’t know.”

Choi Han had said that it was worth trying. He also knew that the current situation was quite disadvantageous for him.

Fighting the White Star and his subordinates as Choi Han from two years ago… He could take care of the subordinates, but he didn’t know about the White Star.

Furthermore, fighting alone while protecting the village and the villagers seemed so difficult that others would probably say that it was impossible.


Choi Han put his forehead against the stone wall.

“…Should I go see Cale-nim? Is the Cale-nim here the same Cale-nim I know?”

Choi Han’s complicated mind was cooling down from the coldness of the stone wall.

“…Will I be able to bring out my full strength in just three days? Will I be able to fight while protecting the village?”

Cale probably couldn’t hear those comments, but he spoke up out of frustration.

“There is a way for you to do it on your own.”

Choi Han would be able to find the answer as well if he calmed down a bit. Cale was so frustrated that he continued to speak without realizing it.

“Inside the Forest of Darkness-”

It was at that moment.


Choi Han subconsciously turned around and frowned.

“This aura is-”

Some people were gathered at the village entrance.


Cale started moving without being able to hide the shock in his face.

He started walking toward the village entrance.

Choi Han was doing the same. No, Choi Han was running.

Choi Han could see someone taking off their hood while in between the people who were in charge of guarding the entrance today.

The person’s outfit did not match with the outfits worn by the villagers at Harris Village. Anybody would be able to tell that she was a foreigner and they could see the villagers greeting the foreigner.


Once the foreigner took off their hood, what was visible was beautiful red hair that reminded people of the sun as well as a rose dabbed by the morning dew.


Choi Han subconsciously called out the name of the person who had arrived.

“Hmm? Choi Han, is it someone you know?”

“It’s someone he knows?”

The people standing guard were talking to Choi Han, but Choi Han was not in the proper mindset to respond to them as he stood in front of Rosalyn.

“H, how are you-”

Rosalyn should not be here if this was just Choi Han’s past.

Rosalyn scratched her cheek with a slightly confused expression.

“Mm. I didn’t expect Choi Han to recognize me?”

She looked a bit anxious as she never expected Choi Han to recognize her.

“Are you the Choi Han I know?”

“…I am. How are we in the same test? And how did you end up here?”


Rosalyn nodded her head as if she figured something out and smiled after hearing Choi Han’s response.

“Mm. I think I get it now. I think I know what happened.”

Choi Han did not understand Rosalyn’s reaction properly as he opened his mouth again. He pointed toward outside the village entrance. He took her somewhere without anybody around.

The villagers shrugged their shoulders but did not follow him. Anybody would be able to tell that the two of them knew each other.

Choi Han immediately started talking as soon as they were alone.

“Rosalyn, then you came here despite thinking that I wouldn’t recognize you?”

“Yes. I thought that this was my past and if it really is, then you should not be able to recognize me, Choi Han.”

“Then why did you come here?”

Rosalyn shrugged her shoulders, as if wondering why Choi Han was asking such an obvious question.

“How could I ignore it?”

Choi Han blanked out for a moment.


A smile slowly appeared on Cale’s face as he watched.

Rosalyn continued to speak.

“Even if this is the past and you don’t know who I am, I couldn’t leave your biggest sadness alone.”

She continued in a stern voice.

“I couldn’t do that as your close friend.”

A different emotion appeared on Choi Han’s face at that moment. Rosalyn pretended not to see it as she continued to speak.

“This test is weird.”

She closed her eyes for a moment, as if to think about something before opening them again.

“Anyway, we need to chat about the current situation. If you and I are in the same place, it is highly likely that the others are here as well.”

The other people.

Choi Han opened his mouth.

“Then maybe Cale-nim too-?”

“Yes, it is possible. Miss Mary as well-”

Rosalyn suddenly stopped talking.


She then pointed behind Choi Han with a shocked look on her face.


Choi Han suddenly felt a terrifying aura and urgently turned around toward where Rosalyn was pointing.


He then looked extremely confused.

Cale subconsciously commented as well.

“This is driving me nuts.”

Harris Village suddenly became rowdy.

The villagers pointed to the sky and shouted.

“I, it’s a monster!”

“It’s a w, wyvern!”

A large monster covered the sky above the village. It was a white wyvern.

Cale, Rosalyn, and Choi Han were all familiar with this monster.

“No way.”

Rosalyn made a short comment when the wyvern slowly started to descend.


It landed right outside the village entrance. It landed exactly where Choi Han and Rosalyn were chatting.

The wyvern’s large body landed extremely gently before it lowered its head.

“You were here as I expected.”

A white-haired, green-eyed man was wearing holy-looking armor as he sat nobly on top of the wyvern.

Clopeh Sekka looked holy, solemn, and proud. He had arrived at Harris Village.

“Based on your expressions, the two of you seem to be the two I know as well. I guess we are all in the same test.”

Clopeh elegantly got off the wyvern’s back.

He then approached Choi Han and Rosalyn. Rosalyn looked at Clopeh walking toward them and quietly mumbled so that only Choi Han could hear.

“…I didn’t expect this guy to come look for us right away. This is unexpected.”

‘I know, right?’

Cale, who was right beside Choi Han and Rosalyn, agreed as he looked at Clopeh.

Clopeh didn’t seem to be able to see Cale either, as he only looked at Rosalyn and Choi Han.

He then started to speak.

“Young master Cale-nim is not in the Henituse territory.”

“…Excuse me?”

Rosalyn asked in confusion. Clopeh willingly said it again. However, his green eyes were glowing oddly.

“Based on all the information I have gathered… There is nobody named Cale Henituse, neither in the Henituse territory nor in the Roan Kingdom’s List of Nobles.”

Choi Han’s eyes opened wide. Clopeh looked around as he calmly continued to speak. However, his pupils were slightly shaking. They looked ready to explode, as if he could not accept this situation.

“It looks like young master Cale-nim is not in this world. However, everything else seems exactly the same as my past.”

Cale sighed as he listened to Clopeh.

“I’m right here.”

But there was nobody who could hear him.

Author’s Note

S, s, seven hundred!

My goodness, this is your author Yu Ryeo Han, who is writing an author’s note for chapter 700.

I’m sure you are tired of hearing this, but I never imagined in my wildest dreams to write this long.

As you probably also know, I am planning on eating meat today to celebrate. I plan on eating a lot of other things as well.

I am excited! Hahahaha!

I know I say this every time, but I can’t help but say it over and over.

Thank you for being with me until here.

I am able to continue writing without getting tired or feeling lonely thanks to all of you.

Please continue to take good care of me.

The current story is Part 1.

And part 1, mm… Will probably end within this calendar year? ;O; That is my intention, and I have always had a plan, but… Well, that’s the plan for now.

I am currently working on a paperback and a single volume version of the book, but it will probably be a while since I tend to work pretty slowly.

It was spring when I wrote the author’s note for three years of writing but it is already summer now.

I hope you have cool and relaxing days.

Thank you very much.

– Sincerely, Yu Ryeo Han


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I want to be excited for her and the paperback and what not but… the international community is going to be screwed on it anyway so why bother 🙁

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