Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 7 – They Met (4)️

Choi Han stopped leaning against the wall and pushed his body up.

His body was leaning to his left probably because his right ankle was uncomfortable, but Cale did not help him or say anything about him. There was no reason to be any nicer to him than he had already been.

Cale told Choi Han to follow him as he headed toward the Count’s estate. However, an existence blocked his path.


The red furred golden eyed kitten ran toward Cale and rubbed its cheeks on Cale’s shoes. Cale started to frown. He didn’t like cats, but this one seemed pretty cute. However, he suddenly felt chills all over his body and turned around. Choi Han was staring at him.

‘Damn it.’

Cale awkwardly started to pet the kitten.

“It seems like it likes me. But I have to go. See you next time.”

Cale never understood why people talked to animals. However, Cale, who had now become that person that was speaking to animals, quickly stood back up and walked away from the kitten.


The silver furred golden-eyed kitten growled as if it was telling the red-furred kitten to come back while telling Cale to get lost. The red-furred kitten seemed to not want to go back as it continued to look back at Cale as it walked away. However, Cale did not turn back.

Meow, meoooooooow.

The sad cries of the kittens were getting farther away. Cale took a peek backwards. Choi Han was limping, but keeping up with him.

They made eye contact once more. Cale flinched as he quickly turned his head back. He was walking slowly to make it easier for Choi Han to keep up.

They passed the residential area and Cale took another sip of the alcohol.

The bars. Market. Plaza. They then passed the residences of the wealthy and finally arrived at the Count’s estate located in the rear of the city.

“What are you doing?”

Cale looked toward Choi Han, who had stopped moving. Choi Han must have seen how the soldiers greeted Cale, as well as how the citizens avoided him, on their way here.

Choi Han was probably questioning whether it really would be easy to kill Cale.

Cale asked once more.

“Are you not going to come?”

As expected, Choi Han resumed walking. His reason for following Cale now was probably to get some information as well as to host the funeral for the villagers of Harris Village.

“Y, young master?”

As soon as Cale stood at the main entrance of the estate, the guards and knights stumbled over their words as they greeted him.

‘Sigh. I wish they would stop with that y, young master business.’

It was odd hearing them stumbling over their words every time. Since he possessed the body of a trash, he was trying his best to act like one. It was easier to be a trash young master than a noble young master. He was trying to make his life as easy as possible. Cale frowned at the guards’ stumbling of words while the guards quickly opened the gate.

“Please head on in.”

Cale turned back to look at Choi Han. The rest of them looked at Choi Han as well. They were probably curious about this beggar that followed their young master back. The knights observed Choi Han with suspicion in their eyes.

“Follow me.”

Choi Han should know of Cale’s status by now. He continued to limp as he approached Cale. Cale looked calm and turned back as soon as he saw that Choi Han was behind him and entered through the gate.

But his heart was going crazy.

‘I’m sure he’s thinking about taking me as a hostage if something dangerous happens. That is probably why he stood right behind me.’

He was sure that Choi Han would not kill him. However, just thinking about being taken as hostage caused serious mental strain that Cale frowned as he looked at the two knights who were following them.

“Don’t follow me.”

The knights flinched at Cale’s clear order. They looked back and forth between Cale and Choi Han before one of the knights approached Choi Han and Cale with a stiff expression on his face.

The knights cared about their creed more than anything else. It was fitting of the knights that Deruth treasured.

‘Well, I guess they have to act like this to be good knights.’

Cale was satisfied at the knight’s response to this beggar-like foreigner and left the knight alone to follow them. He just led Choi Han to the entrance of the Count’s residence.

“Young master, you’re back.”

“…Yes, Ron.”

This scary old man. He had been waiting for Cale outside the door. Cale didn’t expect him to really be waiting. Cale was scared, but thought that it was actually for the better.

Ron’s gaze turned toward Choi Han, and his benign smile suddenly stiffened.

‘Ron should be at a level where he can estimate Choi Han’s strength.’

Choi Han also stared back at Ron. Cale didn’t care what kind of attacks they were sending each other through their eyes and did what he needed to do. He was not done just yet.

“Follow me.”

Cale called out to Choi Han once more and started to walk. The servant, Ron, quickly followed Cale.

“Young master, what is going on? I will take care of this guest if you tell me what is needed.”

“No need.”

Someone else approached Cale as Ron was speaking.

“Young master. You returned after drinking today.”

It was the deputy butler Hans.

‘Ah, he was responsible for me.’

Cale clicked his tongue and ignored Hans’s statement. Instead, he lifted up the alcohol bottle and pointed toward Hans. It was at that moment.


Hans covered his face with both of his arms as he curled up. Silence filled the air.


Cale clicked his tongue and Hans looked up with a face completely red from embarrassment as he looked back at Cale.

“Put this away.”

Hans received the alcohol bottle from Cale with a blank expression on his face.

“I will actually throw it at you next time.”

Hans turned pale at Cale’s words. Cale did not seem to care at all as he continued to walk. With the inclusion of Hans, there were now a total of four people following him.
Cale peeked every so often to make sure they were following him properly and arrived at his destination.

Kitchen #2. Cale pushed the door open as soon as he saw the sign.

“Young master?”

He could hear Hans’s confused voice behind him. However, there was a thick smile on Cale’s face. The end was near.

Now, Beacrox and Choi Han will meet. Cale’s heart was beating fast. The door easily opened. Cale’s expression stiffened at the scene in front of him inside the door.

Clang. Clang.

Second Chef Beacrox was smiling while sharpening his blade. He seemed to be enjoying himself while sharpening his blade all alone in kitchen #2. However, that smile disappeared as soon as he saw Cale.

That was why Cale was scared. It was always scary to deal with lunatics. You never knew what crazy things a lunatic would do.

Cale made a move before Beacrox could respond. He put a hand on Choi Han’s shoulder and pointed at him.

“Give him something to eat.”

“Excuse me?”

Beacrox asked with a stiff expression on his face. The sharp blade in his hand was shining as it reflected the light. Cale calmed his shaking heart as he said it once more.

“Give him something to eat. He’s hungry.”

Ho. The knight let out a shocked noise from the back, but Cale did not have the time to pay attention to that right now. He waited for Beacrox’s response with anxiety. Finally, Beacrox answered with a stiff expression still on his face.

“I will do as you instructed, young master.”

It was done.

Beacrox and Choi Han. And even Ron, someone that he did not expect. The three of them were connected now.

A bright smile formed on Cale’s face. He could finally relax as he gave Beacrox another order with a slightly higher tone.

“Also prepare something for me. I’m hungry.”

Cale thought about the steak from last night’s dinner.

“Your steak last night was the best. You are a great chef.”

The tip of Beacrox’s knife slightly shook.

“Something like that steak would be a wonderful meal. Prepare it quickly.”

Cale turned around without waiting for Beacrox’s response. He then left the kitchen and headed towards his chamber. The knight and Hans followed him, and Hans quickly asked.

“What should I do about that guest?”

“I guess he is my guest. You take care of it.”

Since he connected the three of them, he didn’t want to deal with anything else for today.

Beacrox and Ron should be able to tell Choi Han’s strength. In the novel, Beacrox originally swears his loyalty to Choi Han because of his strength, so he should pledge his loyalty after figuring out Choi Han’s strength this time too. Of course, Cale had some other plans in the case that Beacrox was unable to determine Choi Han’s strength.

All Cale had to do was make Choi Han beat someone or something up, without it being him. Oh, and Beacrox had to be there to watch.

Even if it might have some holes, Cale had thought about a lot of different things.

“Hans. Stop annoying me and just bring the meal over to my chamber when it’s ready.”

As expected, Ron did not follow him. Cale left the knight and Hans outside his chamber door as he closed the door and laid down on the bed. He was happy. His exhaustion and the alcohol made him fall asleep before the food ever showed up.

That was why he did not know that Beacrox’s cooking knife slashed toward Choi Han’s neck and that Ron’s sharp dagger was flung toward Choi Han’s heart. Of course, both of their attacks had failed.

Well, this was actually a situation that nobody, other than the three involved individuals, would know about.

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  1. reem

    ‘That was why he did not know that Beacrox’s cooking knife slashed toward Choi Han’s neck and that Ron’s sharp dagger was flung toward Choi Han’s heart. Of course, both of their attacks had failed.’

    oh my god, why is this so funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH cale do be really thought they would be in good terms i-

  2. Chii3 the Caleism

    So.. beacrox supposed to swear his loyalty towards choi han..
    That was surprising! I don’t remember those short impossible sentence was there when i first read ToCF.

    Reading twice makes reader understand more and seeing it in different perspective. I’m glad i choose to re read this masterpiece!

  3. Atlexisa

    Cale essentially threw the three together with a, “Now get to know each other and be friends.” 😂

  4. cale is baby

    Whatttt???? They had one job to feed him and somehow they didn’t do it at all? The hell, why try to assassinate the young master’s guest???
    Thank you for the chapter!

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    Cale: Give this guy food.
    Ron and Beacroix: Yes, young master…
    *door closes*
    Ron and Beacroix: We’ll make sure to kill him, young master.

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    Ron and Beacrox who proceeded to try to kill the guy who was brought in by their young master will always be funny in my head.

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