Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 696: How did it get here (3)

The monster has fallen!

That short phrase spread throughout the Western continent quicker than the people at Puzzle City had expected.
The reason for it was because of the video communication devices that had been down for a few hours.

‘What? Magic cannot be used in Puzzle City because of mana disturbance?’

‘His highness is there right now! The future of the Caro Kingdom is there! Contact the Roan royal family right away!’

‘Do whatever you can to gather related information! The fate of the Western continent is in Puzzle City right now!’

The people of the Western continent were quite sensitive about the battle at Puzzle City because of the rumor that the White Star had spread. It was everybody from the commoners to the chief executives. They wanted to know the situation on the battlefield with fear and concern in their hearts.

This was especially true for the kingdoms that had sent reinforcements to the Roan Kingdom. It was because the people who had volunteered to go as the representatives of the reinforcements were all people who were central figures of their kingdoms or would be central figures in the future.

However, the communication that had been continuous suddenly stopped as night arrived.

These people had been anxiously waiting and contacted Puzzle City as soon as magic was able to be used again, which was how the results of the battle were quickly spread everywhere.

‘We have won!’


‘Yes, sir! The monster has fallen!’

‘Oh, my goodness! Is her Majesty safe?’

‘…Ah. That……’

The mages responsible for communicating with the reinforcements from their respective kingdoms couldn’t help but hesitate while reporting back.
The video communication mage from the Jungle couldn’t help but have a bitter expression on his face at his superior’s question.

‘Huh? Did something happen? Did her Majesty get injured?’

‘…Her Majesty and all of our troops are safe. However… However…’

‘Why are you hesitating so much?! Hurry up and say it!’

‘…You can say that the Roan Kingdom pretty much did everything.’


‘The Roan Kingdom’s troops and the individuals cooperating with them have defeated the monster.’

‘…Didn’t you say that it was a terrifying monster? The Roan Kingdom is truly more amazing than we expected.’

‘However, the Roan Kingdom… Has taken a lot of damage.’

‘What do you mean?’

The superior thought about Puzzle City and the Roan Kingdom’s troops after hearing that it had taken a lot of damage. However, he could not say anything after hearing what the mage had to say next.
The mage had a bitter smile on his face as quietly reported.

‘The Roan Kingdom’s crown prince took down the monster before he fainted. They are currently assessing his condition.’


The superior couldn’t help but gasp.

‘In addition, Commander Cale Henituse is covered in blood from head to toe. He has not fainted, but his condition did not seem good either.’



The mage thought about the battle from last night.
That Commander had fought while drenched in blood. The crown prince had stood in the vanguard and fought against the monster until he fainted.

‘However, there are no significant casualties other than the two of them. We are fine.’

Buildings were destroyed and there had been many explosions. Some people got injured from the aftershock of the monster fighting against the Dragons, however, none of their injuries could be considered severe.
The superior finally responded after a long time.

‘…The Roan Kingdom, Roan’s loss is too great.’

He then added on it.

‘It truly, truly is an amazing place. The Roan Kingdom is amazing.’

The people who were injured the most were the crown prince and the Commander. The reports that followed talked about the Dragons and Choi Han as well. He couldn’t help but be shocked even more with everything he heard and an unexplainable emotion filled his heart.

He was filled with respect.

However, the mood sunk after hearing the final report about the situation.

‘Currently, a temple has opened at Puzzle City.’

‘I’m sure that is the problem.’

‘Yes, sir. However, there doesn’t seem to be a need to go into battle right away and we are currently discussing our next course of action.’

‘…Can you even discuss properly with the Roan crown prince’s current condition?’

‘…I will report on the related issues once we receive his highness’s approval.’


‘There is one more thing! I don’t know whether this could be considered a report, however…’

‘Hmm? What is it?’

The mage clenched his eyes shut. The beautiful light in the middle of the darkness was recreated in his mind as if it was happening again. He opened his eyes and shouted with the emotions he had felt when he saw it happening.

‘That, the Roan Kingdom’s crown prince has received power from a god and created a sun!’

‘…Huh? What? A sun? A god?’

‘Yes, sir! The future king of the Roan Kingdom seems to have received the protection of the Sun God!’


Similar information was being spread everywhere, with two specific things quickly spreading all over the Western continent.

The first was the fact that the monster had fallen.
The second was the information about how the battle had come to an end with the crown prince and Cale leading the way.

That led to cheers and sighs all over the Western continent.
However, it wasn’t as much as what happened in the Roan Kingdom.
Every corner of the Roan Kingdom was going wild. It was less about the monster falling and more about what they heard after that.
However, even they could not compare to the Roan Kingdom’s citizens who were at Puzzle City right now.

“Oh no, has his highness woken up?”

“I don’t know!”

A soldier was unable to hide his frustration and sadness as he almost shouted at his friend.

“Why not? Aren’t you good at gathering information like this?!”

The person who asked raised his voice out of frustration as well. He had no choice but to ask this soldier, who had some informants, for information.
Outside Puzzle City’s City Hall… The nearby soldiers perked their ears to pay attention to the conversation between two soldiers standing guard near the building. However, the soldier with sources shook his head.

“…I have no way of finding out.”

Silence filled the area at that moment.
The soldier with the informants lowered his head and held back his bitterness as if he understood the silence.
Information would have spread throughout City Hall if Alberu Crossman’s condition was okay. However, the fact that nothing had been said yet must mean that he was in serious condition and potentially on the verge of death.

“…H, his highness m, must wake up soon. If he falls like this-”

“That will not happen.”


The soldier turned his head in shock after hearing a voice. He then realized the real reason everybody had gone silent.

“C, commander-nim!”

Commander Cale Henituse. He was walking past where the soldier was standing. There was someone with a greatsword and a mage with red hair behind him.
The soldier who had received Beacrox’s and Rosalyn’s gazes curled up his soldiers and lowered his head but he raised his head right back up after hearing Cale’s voice again.

“There is nothing to worry about, so focus on your tasks.”

Cale’s voice may have sounded cold, however…

“Make sure to eat every meal.”

There was a small amount of warmness in it as well. The soldier subconsciously opened his mouth.

“Thank you very much!”

The other soldiers bowed toward Cale’s group as they passed by. Of course, Cale had no idea why the soldier was thanking him.

“…Beacrox. Does the Roan royal family not feed them properly?”

“They do, young master-nim. The royal chef who came with his highness is currently taking care of all meals within City Hall. Of course, I am better at making steaks.”

“…Ah… I see.”

Cale looked at Beacrox with a blank expression before walking into City Hall.


All eyes turned toward them as they entere, but everybody returned to their tasks after short greetings.
Cale observed everything before starting to speed up.


“Yes, young master-nim?”

“You go to Ron.”

“Yes, sir.”

Ron was currently doing many things with the Bears and the White Star’s subordinates imprisoned in the City Hall prison. Beacrox, who had come to see Cale to report to him about that, headed back to the underground prison.

“Rosalyn-nim, will you head to the Grand Assembly Hall first?”

The representatives of the Jungle, Whipper Kingdom, and the other kingdoms were all waiting inside the City Hall Grand Assembly Hall. It was to discuss the future restoration of Puzzle City as well as the problematic temple that had appeared.

“Of course. I will head over first and buy you some time.”

Rosalyn’s gaze was reliable as she warmly smiled at him.

“So, please take care of whatever you need to take care of first, young master Cale.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“It is nothing.”

Rosalyn stopped for a moment before heading toward the grand assembly hall and looked toward Cale with a concerned expression on her face.

“His highness’s condition… can you let me know about it?”

Rosalyn did not dare to say that she wanted to go see the crown prince as well.

The crown prince had fainted. This was an extremely urgent and sensitive issue for the Roan Kingdom. That was why only a small amount of people were allowed to see Alberu right now.
They wouldn’t even let the Knight Captain and his subordinates go to see Alberu, saying that it was his orders before he fainted.

“Of course. I will let you know as soon as he awakes.”

“Thank you, young master Cale. Ah, and I am relieved that the Duke-nim returned safely.”

Rosalyn smiled brightly and Cale smiled back.

“Then hurry up and go!”

“Yes, ma’am. I will see you later, Miss Rosalyn.”

Cale headed toward the top floor of City Hall. There were many knights standing guard in the hallway as soon as he got there.

“Greetings, Commander-nim.”

“You’re working very hard, Sir Knight Captain.”

“It is nothing.”

The Knight Captain bowed respectfully as he watched Cale pass by.
Cale was headed toward a door at the end of the hallway where nobody was present. Alberu was inside there. Cale was planning on seeing Alberu for a moment before heading over to Duke Deruth.


The Knight Captain let out a quiet sigh while looking at Cale.
The blood that had turned Cale’s whole body red was now dry and created spots on his black clothes. Although his face was pretty clean thanks to wiping it off with a cloth, his pale complexion was even more visible.


The Knight Captain had a lot of things he wanted to say but just stood up straight again without being able to say anything. As the Knight Captain, protecting the crown prince… That was his job.

“Thank you very much.”

He could only thank Cale in a quiet voice.
Cale did not hear any of it as he subconsciously frowned.

– Human!

In this hallway with nobody… Cale was not alone.

– Can I give your apple pies to the crown prince? The crown prince needs some apple pies too!


Cale heard Raon sniffling as he shook his head.

“You can give his highness all of the apple pies.”

– That’s not okay! Human, you need to eat at least 100 of them! Beacrox is going to cooperate to make you 100 cups of lemon tea as well!


Cale got the chills so bad that he felt frigid at Raon’s chilling proclamation.
The locked door at the end of the hallway opened for Cale at that moment.


Choi Han opened the door just enough for Cale to walk inside.

“Please come in.”

The room was pretty empty when Cale entered.
There was a bed, a table, and some chairs that they managed to quickly bring over from somewhere.

“How is his highness’s condition?”

Alberu was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He was still in his shabby pajamas and his skin and hair were the colors of his quarter Dark Elf self.
Eruhaben was looking at Alberu with an odd look in his eyes before he responded to Cale.

“There are some small external injuries as he was not wearing armor but none that will leave a scar. He has no internal injuries either. He seems to have fainted for a moment because he used up all of his mana.”

“I see.”

“Crown prince!”

Raon released his spell and landed on the bed next to the crown prince. Raon took an apple pie out of his spatial dimension and put it right next to the crown prince.
On and Hong were not here because they went to get Lock but the area around the crown prince would be decorated with cookies as well if they were here.

“Hey, crown prince! You can’t start fainting like our human! You must wake up soon!”

“He should be fine after getting a good rest.”

Eruhaben pushed Raon back by his forehead to get him away from Alberu.
Cale sighed while watching the interaction.

“His highness seriously needs to get some sleep. He works without getting any rest. That is why he fainted right away because he ran out of mana.”


Silence filled the room almost instantly.

“Hmm? Choi Han, why are you looking at me like that?”

The innocent Choi Han looked at Cale with a slightly rebellious gaze.

“Hmm? And what’s wrong with you?”

Raon had crushed an apple pie in his hand as he blankly looked at Cale.


“Ho! Ha! Unbelievable!”

Eruhaben scoffed in disbelief a few times before shaking his head. He then clicked his tongue over and over while talking about how the unlucky bastard was saying unlucky stuff.
Cale frowned while wondering why the three of them were suddenly acting like this, but could only sigh as none of the three responded.

“Anyway, are you able to tell around when his highness will wake up, Eruhaben-nim?”

“Mm. Yes.”

Eruhaben nodded his head with a bitter smile on his face.
Cale looked at him for a moment before turning toward the window. It was now dawn and the morning sun was starting to rise.
The sealed god’s temple was even more radiant and holy-looking after receiving the light of the sun.

“We need to first take care of this temple.”

Eruhaben turned toward Cale. Raon and Choi Han turned toward Cale as well.


That was why none of them saw that the corners of the crown prince’s eyes had twitched slightly.

“It’ll be good to wait until his highness wakes up, however, we need to take care of this temple as quickly as possible as all eyes on the Western continent are focused on us.”

“Are you planning on discussing a strategy with people?”

Cale slowly shook his head at Eruhaben’s question.

“We already have a strategy.”

“You already have a strategy to take down the temple?”

“Yes, sir.”


Eruhaben asked while Choi Han and Raon focused on Cale as they waited for his response.


Alberu’s finger moved a bit.
Cale slowly turned from the window toward his allies. He then calmly answered.

“I will go into the temple alone.”

In order to take care of the White Star… In order to use the method that the World Tree had told him about…
In order to stab the root dagger into his heart…
And in order to prevent tens of thousands of lives from being sacrificed…

‘I need to go in alone.’

Based on the truth about the temple that Ahn Roh Man had told him about through Alberu…
This was the decision he had made after hearing about why tens of thousands of lives had to be sacrificed for a whole year.

Cale’s eyes stopped on the others.

“I will go into the temple and take care of every-”

Cale’s eyes suddenly opened wide and he had to stop talking.

“…Your highness? You’re awake?”


Alberu was slowly opening his eyes on the bed while looking at Cale with disbelief.

“I’m hearing all sorts of nonsense as soon as I open my eyes.”

Raon shouted right after him.

“The human is definitely plotting something! We must absolutely not let him go in alone!”

Raon remembered the promise On, Hong, and he had made after the battle had ended.

“The three of us will go to keep an eye on, no, the three of us are going with you!”


Choi Han wiped his sword as he nonchalantly spoke.

“I will go as well.”

Cale flinched and then turned toward Eruhaben. Eruhaben gently smiled back.

“You unlucky bastard. What are you planning to do alone? On told me that you went to see the World Tree? Will the question be answered if I go visit the World Tree?”

On and Hong, who had realized that something was odd, had told Raon, Eruhaben, and all of the Dragons about how Cale was being weird before they went to get Lock.

‘Something is weird, nya.’

On had said that something was weird and Eruhaben and Raon trusted her very much. The two Dragon could tell that nobody here was as sharp as On.

Eruhaben raised his hand.


He snapped his fingers.


Gold mana was released and the room door became locked.
Eruhaben had a gentle but vicious smile unique to Dragons as he slowly addressed Cale.

“Now then, time to tell us what you are plotting.”

Cale heard the Super Rock’s voice in his mind. His voice sounded oddly amused and relieved.

– This is bad. Looks like you have to spill the beans. This is an extremely difficult obstacle.

Cale got the chills.

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    Silence filled the room almost instantly.

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    The innocent Choi Han looked at Cale with a slightly rebellious gaze.

    “Hmm? And what’s wrong with you?”

    Raon had crushed an apple pie in his hand as he blankly looked at Cale.


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