Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 655 – Everything can be connected (5)

The sharp claws that resembled eagle talons charged toward Eruhaben’s neck from behind the shield.


There was a loud explosion and a golden barrier blocked the claw.


The barrier instantly scattered back to dust while Eruhaben used the opening to aim for the now visible Lion Dragon’s arm with his claw.


“Disgustingly quick.”

The spot where the Lion Dragon’s revealed arm had been was replaced with the white shield to nullify Eruhaben’s attack.

It had all happened in just a few seconds.

Two bangs and a strong gust of wind burst out every time the two creatures exchanged attacks.


A man clenched one hand around the roof in order to prevent himself from falling off from the force of the impacts.

“Kehehe! Hehehe.”

The Milky Way created by golden dust… The large creatures fighting underneath it…

And the people and Beasts on the ground killing the other monster…

Oooooong– oooooong–

The man looked toward his hand that was not holding onto the corner of the roof.

Clopeh Sekka. The video recording device that the man was looking at was glowing in multiple colors as it recorded everything that was happening.

“Kehehe. Yes, it should be like this.”

The corners of Clopeh’s lips curled up as high as possible.

His old-fashioned outfit was a mess because of the impact of Eruhaben and the Lion Dragon’s battle but his smile truly seemed fitting for a man who was called the Guardian Knight.

He let go of the hand holding onto the roof for a moment and grabbed the video recording device with both hands.

“…I spent so much money on this video recording device. I knew a day like this would come.”

His eyes were so full of joy that they looked crazed.

The others couldn’t see this but Clopeh’s video recording device looked different from the general video recording devices.

There were multiple devices hanging underneath it as well as quite a few highest-grade magic stones. There were even magic circles on it.

‘I had to work so hard to get one that works even without a mage by my side.’

This was a prototype video recording device that he had pushed the mages of the North to develop.

As long as mage activated the orb it could continue running without anybody controlling it.

The magic stones continued to infuse mana into it and the magic stones kept the device running.

Clopeh touched the video recording device.


He pressed a small switch on the apparatus. (TL: I just can’t help using the terms we see in the official manhwa translation at least once).

– Finally!

A new screen appeared on the video recording device and Queen Litana’s face was visible.

– We finally managed to get in contact with someone!

This orb was both a video recording device and a video communication device in one.

There was a video communication magic circle on it as well.


Mana was flowing out of an extremely expensive highest-grade magic stone and provided a stable connection.

– …Sir Clopeh, are you okay?

This was the first person she was able to contact. Litana was smiling but looking at Clopeh, whose hair was a mess, with concern.

“I’m okay, ma’am.”

Litana stopped talking for a moment before urgently speaking once again while looking at the faint smile on Clopeh’s face.

– Sir Clopeh, we contacted you because we were unable to contact the crown prince of Roan Kingdom!

Alberu could not pick up any calls as he was currently in a fierce battle. Raon had stepped in to facilitate contact with some kingdoms but there were many who were not included so far.

The Jungle. The Whipper Kingdom. The Breck Kingdom and others.

Most of the kingdoms of the Western continent were not included in Raon’s current flow of information.

– Saint Jack said that we could contact the Roan Kingdom through him but Mogoru was quite busy dealing with enemies as well.

Saint Jack had planned on gathering information to deliver to Raon but he couldn’t do it as much as he wanted because of the number of enemies Mogoru was facing. The other kingdoms were in similar situations.

However, some kingdoms were in different situations.

– We have gotten rid of a majority of our invaders.

This was especially true for the kingdoms that were strong enough to get rid of the invaders quickly.

There were two kingdoms like that.

First was the Jungle led by Litana and the second was the Whipper Kingdom with Commander Toonka.

– We heard from Saint Jack. He told us that you were currently in the Roan Kingdom, Sir Clopeh.

Litana had contacted Clopeh as soon as they were pretty much done dealing with the invaders and was relieved to make contact with him.

– How is it over there?

She could see that Clopeh Sekka’s eyes were calm without any changes after hearing her question.

He slowly closed his eyes before opening them back and starting to speak.

“It’ll probably be faster if you saw it yourself.”

His voice sounded both calm and reverent.

Litana could see the battlefield once the screen turned.

– That, that-?!

Her eyes opened wide.

– …Dragon!

She could see a gold Dragon covered in a golden light.

– …Is that the monster?

She then saw the monster that looked to be easily dealing with the gold Dragon.

She was at a loss for words.

Alberu Crossman had told her that the monsters that show up in Puzzle City might be able to destroy the entire continent.

She had believed him, but still had thought, ‘is that really possible?’ She still doubted whether they would really be that strong.

– …He was telling the truth.

Alberu had not been exaggerating.

Even though she was only looking through the screen, Litana couldn’t help but be fearful about whether she would be able to protect her kingdom if such a monster was to show up on her territory.

She then realized something and quickly asked.

– The others, what about the others?

She could only see the Dragon and the monster. She did not see any people around them.

“I shall show you.”

The screen slowly looked down.

– Ah.

Litana could see the large snake with two heads.

It was not as majestic as the monster fighting against the Dragon, but it looked majestic even when it was down on the ground.

Litana didn’t know what to say after taking a look at the dead monster and the destroyed area around it.

“Our allies caught it.”

She could only bite down on her lower lip as Clopeh calmly explained the situation to her.

She barely managed to speak.

– …Amazing.

Her eyes opened wide again as she made that comment.

– Huh?!

Clopeh’s eyes clouded over as well.

“As expected, Choi Han-”

There was an armored black Bone Dragon.

Choi Han, Alberu, and Rosalyn got on top of its back.

– Isn’t that Sir Choi Han and crown prince Alberu?

“That’s right. They plan on heading up to the sky to fight alongside the Dragon.”

Boom- boooooom!

The loud noises from the fight between two large creatures were hurting Litana’s ears through the call. Just hearing the noises was making her scared but Litana clenched her fists together as she watched the people heading into the battlefield.

She then realized something.

– …Where is young master Cale?

The person she expected to see first, the person who always stood in the front and showed the others his back no matter how much they tried to stop him, was not there.

“I heard that young master Cale is currently unconscious. Only two monsters were summoned thanks to his efforts.

– Ah.

Litana gasped and covered her face with both hands.

Seeing how strong these two monsters looked, she could tell that it must have been extremely difficult to prevent the other six from being summoned as well.

She could tell even without seeing what had happened.

She then heard Clopeh’s voice.

“He will be back soon.”

Clopeh’s eyes were full of an odd fiery passion.

‘Yes, the moment the hero returns… That is when the real legend will begin!’

Litana firmed her resolve while looking at Clopeh’s passionate gaze that showed that he had not given up yet, without knowing Clopeh’s true inner thoughts.

– Soon.

She stood up to turn the video communication device off.

– We will head to Puzzle City soon.

The call ended as soon as she said that.

Clopeh looked at the screen for a moment before moving his hand again.

Oooooong– oooooong–

Another place… The Whipper Kingdom kept calling him as well.

He was certain that the person calling him must be Commander Toonka.

“I guess the Jungle and the Whipper Kingdom will be here right away.”

Clopeh was speaking nonchalantly but was making sure he was recording everything that happened on the battlefield without missing anything.

All emotion disappeared from Clopeh’s face.

“A legend only becomes a legend when people keep talking about it. They must not forget.”

Everything that happened here must remain a story that was passed down in this kingdom and this continent for a very long time.

Clopeh’s video recording device recorded everybody on the battlefield at least once even without Cale there.

In the free city that would be created in between the Mogoru and the Roan Kingdom in the future… The city that would be famous for its Magic Tower and Alchemy Tower will have a building that would be just as famous as those two towers.

That building is the Henituse Museum, the largest museum in the world that the Henituse Duchy would fully fund to create.

The item that would be located in the most central region of that museum would be this video recording device currently in Clopeh Sekka’s hand.

Numerous people will come visit the Henituse Museum to see this video recording device.

Clopeh had a stoic expression on his face as he held that video recording device in his hand.

“It’d be extremely unfair if nobody knew about how hard everybody worked.”

He looked toward the Bone Dragon and the three heroes who were shooting up into the air.

He then peeked toward the Puzzle City City Hall.

That was where Cale Henituse was right now.

* * *

The door to the City Hall office Cale was in right now burst open.


Raon’s eyes opened wide after turning his head toward the door.

“Hmm? It’s Dodori’s mom!”

“Hi Raon. Just call me auntie. I’m Sheritt unnie’s close younger sister.”

“Okay auntie!”

Dodori’s mom Mila had her hoe in her hand as she looked at Raon with a warm expression on her face before it instantly changed.

“Good. By the way, Raon… what are you doing?”

“I’m very busy right now!”

She walked over to Cale and Raon.

Mila’s grip tightened on the hoe after seeing that Cale was obviously in a serious condition. However, she couldn’t help but flinch after looking at Raon who was right next to Cale.


Raon was rummaging through Cale’s shirt’s inner pocket.

“I’m looting my human right now!”

Raon openly admitted to looting Cale before taking off Cale’s outerwear and shaking it up and down.


Cale’s spatial pocket bag and one other item fell out of the outerwear. Raon quickly grabbed that item.

“Found it!”

Raon was holding the golden top’s whip in his front paw.

Raon tightly clenched the golden top’s whip with both paws and shook it intensely.

“Wind Elementals!”

Raon was listening to the messages on the video communication device and realized that there was one extremely important piece of information that was missing.

That was why he had urgently looked for the golden top’s whip.

“Can you hear my voice? I am the great and mighty Raon Miru! I can’t hear you guys! But if you can hear me!”

Raon’s eyes were burning up with anger.

“The White Star! Please find out where that stupid white thing is right now! And please let me know where he is however you can do so!”

The White Star.

They needed to figure out where that bastard was right now.

This monster would not be the end.

They said they were going to conduct the summoning ritual for the sealed god as well.

They needed to know the White Star’s current location if they wanted to plan for the future.

“That should be one of the most pivotal pieces of information for the human right now! So please help me!”

Raon desperately shouted while holding the golden top’s whip.

Sadly, Raon could not hear the voices of the Elementals even while holding the whip.

However, a faint breeze flew outside the terrace.


The curtains shook because of that breeze. Raon noticed that small movement and his eyes clouded over.

“It’s on you guys now, Wind Elementals!”

Raon made up his mind.

‘Once we find the White Star…’

His dark blue eyes were burning up even more.

‘I will make it so that he can never touch my human or my family ever again.’

Oooooong– oooooong–

Black mana fluctuated around the young Dragon as if to respond to his determination.


However, that moment did not last very long.

“Please move.”

Cale was lying on the bed. Mila walked over and lifted Raon, who had been rummaging through Cale’s outerwear while sitting right next to him, and moved him to the ground.


Raon looked at Mila with confusion at her suddenly moving him but Mila pointed to the video communication devices floating in the air.

The video communication devices were currently turned off. Everybody was busy fighting and couldn’t leave them on at all times so they would only contact Raon as needed.

“Can you move the video communication devices to the corner for me? They might get in your auntie’s way as she works.”


Mila gently smiled.

“I came to heal Dodori’s teacher.”

“W, what did you just say?!”

Raon jumped up while holding the golden top’s whip and the spatial pocket bag.

Mila pretended not to see the teardrops forming at the corners of Raon’s shaking eyes and patted his head.

“I need to focus. Can you please help me?”

“I, I got it! O, of course I’ll help!”

Raon quickly dragged the video communication devices to a corner and made it so that they could not see the bed.

Mila watched for a moment before turning back toward Cale.

“…Haaaaa…. haaaaa…….”

Cale was breathing very lightly and weakly.

“It looks like I need to hurry.”

“Auntie! Can I he-


Raon stopped talking and quickly covered his mouth. His round eyes opened even rounder.

‘T, the hoe is glowing!’

The hoe in Mila’s hand…


A gust of wind came out from the hoe and filled the whole office.

However, beige-colored mana that was thicker than the wind consumed the entire area. Raon turned his head.

“H, human!”


Cale’s entire body was starting to crack.

His body was cracking as if he was a ceramic plate that was starting to break.

“Raon. You don’t need to be shocked.”

Raon looked toward Mila after hearing her gentle voice.

He forgot that he was shocked and observed the expression on her face.

“Our teacher really seems to have suffered a lot.”

Mila observed the cracks appearing on Cale’s body with an extremely sad expression on her face.

“The plate is something that is inside a human’s body.”

Cale had asked if it was possible to connect an intangible thing such as a person’s plate.

“There’s no reason you can’t connect it if you turn it from an intangible to a tangible item.”

Mila thoroughly inspected the cracks on Cale’s body.

There was not a spot on his body that didn’t have a crack.

This showed that Cale’s plate was in an extremely dangerous situation right now.

“Forget waking up, his plate is going to melt at this rate.”

She motioned to Raon.

“Raon, do you want to come here and take a look?”

She smiled at him.

“I’m going to get rid of all of these small cracks now.”

She’ll make it so that he didn’t have a single scar.

She planned on connecting everything until Cale was slick and smooth.

Of course, it would be difficult to do and could take a toll on her body for using so much of her ability.

However, she needed to do this no matter what.


She needed to carry on the ancient Dragon’s will.

“Now then, shall we get started? We need our teacher to wake up as quickly as possible.”

“That’s right! Everything you said is right, auntie!”

Mila, who saw the hope in Raon’s eyes, continued to smile as she reached her hand out toward Cale’s cracked body.

Beige-colored mana flowed out of her finger looking like long threads.

Those threads started to touch Cale’s body that was covered in cracks.

Every spot that was cracking started to become connected again.

“Ha… haaaaa…….”

Cale’s light breathing continued to echo through the room while Mila bit down on her lips without letting Raon see after seeing that Cale still couldn’t wake up.

– Oo! The plate, the plate is finally starting to connect together!

– Wow, I didn’t know Dragons had this kind of ability. I think this Dragon is the strongest Dragon.

– This is a jackpot, a total jackpot!

The ancient powers cheered while feeling Mila’s power seeping into Cale’s body.

The Super Rock shouted in a low voice.

– Cale, Cale! Can you hear us?

He continued to call out to Cale who was still unconscious.

Cale needed to wake up as quickly as possible.

However, Cale could not hear the Super Rock’s voice right now.

* * *

“I didn’t expect this at all.”

The unconscious Cale realized that he was not in the real world as soon as he opened his eyes.

He was in the same room he had been in when he first opened his eyes in this world.

He was in Cale Henituse’s bedroom.

He continued to lie on the bed and turned his head to the side.

The reason he could tell for sure that this wasn’t the real world was right there. A man who was sitting on chair noticed his gaze and started to speak.

“Kim Rok Soo, you’re finally up?”

Cale observed the man calling him Kim Rok Soo.

It was team leader Kim Rok Soo in his mid-thirties. Team leader Kim Rok Soo was looking at Cale with an odd expression on his face.

Cale opened his mouth as soon as he looked into those eyes.

“Are you Cale Henituse?”

Kim Rok Soo in his mid-thirties had a twisted smile on his face.

“You recognized me right away.”

Kim Rok Soo, who gestured like a prim and proper noble, something that the original Kim Rok Soo in his mid-thirties would never do, nodded his head.

“Yeah. I am Cale Henituse.”

The two souls that had switched places were looking at their respective bodies.

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