Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 643 – Are you scared? (5)

Dorph sighed after looking at Rasheel, who just quietly stared at him with a stiff expression on his face.

‘Dragons are not omnipotent.’

Magic, lifespan, and attribute. Dragons were born with the greatest conditions such that it would be weird if they did not get strong. But their ‘attribute’ or ‘special trait’ that helped make them become strong was also a restriction on the Dragon.

They couldn’t help but be impacted by powers that were incompatible with it.

‘Most Dragons have traits that are the opposite of dead mana or darkness.’

It made sense since they were most experienced with living mana and not dead mana.

‘His power has decreased.’

The grey mana surrounding Rasheel’s body was smaller than before. This proved that Rasheel was being impacted by the power of this black wall.

“Nothing more to see here.”

Dorph turned around without any hesitation.

‘Cale Henituse. I need to stop that bastard.’

Dorph had already felt that the darkness he had cast at the bottom of the pit had disappeared.

Cale Henituse would have seen everything. That bastard will do whatever he could to hinder them, so Dorph had to hurry.

There was one other reason.

‘The Dragon will adapt to this very quickly.’

Unlike the others, the Dragon will quickly find a way to properly use his mana underneath this darkness.

That black Dragon named Raon had already done so once before.

Dorph made eye contact with the Cat tribe leader.

He then motioned toward the mountain peak with his eyes.

‘I’ll head over first.’

That was the meaning inside his gaze. But he could see the Cat tribe leader’s mouth urgently opening.

“…Behind y-!”

Dorph felt chills down his back before the Cat tribe leader could finish.


Right behind his back… Actually, it was right behind his neck. Dorph had to roll forward as soon as he heard a low laugh right behind his neck.


His eyes opened wide at the explosion that had taken place and realized that he had just barely managed to dodge.


Rasheel had much more mana around his body compared to before as he stood there in the scattering dust.

“Heh, hehehe-”

Rasheel commented while laughing as if he was very amused.

“Keep dodging. You’re dead if I catch you. Kehehehe.”

He charged toward Dorph again. Dorph gasped in surprise. He had to move with urgency as a Dragon’s physical strength was comparable to his in his present berserk transformation.


Why was this Dragon not as affected by the black wall?

Actually, why was this Dragon becoming stronger?!

“Why?! Why are you not impacted?!”

Dorph asked, but the response he got was a fist aiming for his head.

He jerked both arms up to block the fist.



There was a loud bang and Dorph was pushed back by a formidable amount of mana and strength. Rasheel did not miss that moment of opening.

Rasheel’s foot that was covered in so much grey mana that it looked as if it would explode was used to kick Dorph’s calf.



The impact was so strong that Dorph, the largest of the berserk Lions, was shaken to the core.

Dorph frowned.

“This, crazy-”

‘Why the fuck is a damn Dragon more skilled in fighting like this than using magic?!’

The enemy continued to attack the shaken up Dorph without holding back.

“Did this Lion bitch just call me crazy? Hmm? Huh? Do you want to die? No, I’ll just pummel you until you’re just about to die, kehehehehe!”

Rasheel felt as if he was relieving all of his stress for the first time in a long while.

He peeked toward the black wall while nobody could see him. His smile became thicker.

‘Rasheel-nim, what is your attribute?’

Rasheel had a conversation with Cale a while back. He recalled the conversation he had had with Cale while Raon had been on Cale’s back.


Rasheel had confidently responded to Cale who was asking about his special trait.

His attribute that was more hostile and destructive than anybody else’s was his pride and joy.


‘…Excuse me?’

‘My special trait is indomitability!’

Raon and Cale had looked confused, but Rasheel had not noticed as he continued talking with pride.

‘It is a very offensive and destructive attribute.’

‘…Rasheel… That is what indomitability means?’

Raon had tilted his head in confusion.

‘Human! Doesn’t indomitability mean that you will not submit under any situation and overcome everything-? I, isn’t it used in a different way than for attacking?’

‘My, my. Little kid, you still have a lot to learn.’

Rasheel then explained the true meaning of his attribute to Cale and Raon.

‘Thanks to this indomitability attribute, I am not impacted by environments that should negatively affect my mental or physical strength.’

‘…You are not impacted by the environment?’

‘Yes. This great Dragon’s attribute has an even more amazing factor.’

‘What is that, Rasheel-nim?’

Rasheel became excited after seeing Cale looking very interested and thoroughly explained.

‘To beat the enemy down or pummel them to death! As my desire to win no matter what grows deeper, my Indomitability attribute gets even stronger in negative environments. I become almost invincible during those times. Kehehe.’

‘…Rasheel! How is that used for attacking? I still don’t get it!’

‘Tsk tsk.’

He explained something he learned throughout his Dragon life to the little Dragon.

‘Alright, what does it mean that I have the indomitability attribute?’

Rasheel held back a smile after seeing Cale paying attention to him as well and continued speaking.

‘I am able to fight like hell no matter the situation.’

‘Excuse me?’

Cale seemed shocked, but Rasheel did not see his face as he continued with his explanation.

‘No matter the situation! If there is a bastard messing with me! The more that bastard does things to put me at a disadvantage! The more he makes me angry! I, the great Dragon Rasheel, will become stronger and stronger to pummel that bastard all I want! That is what I mean! How can you say it is not for attacking? You want to know what happens when I activate my attribute?’


Rasheel had smiled.

‘That means that the bastard who created that situation will die by my hands.’

Rasheel stopped thinking about that short conversation and looked toward Dorph with a burning gaze.

“Hehe, Cale Henituse was right. It really is fun beating this bastard up. Khahahaha! He’s so big that I can punch anywhere and it still lands! Kahahaha! This is fun, this is so fun!”

He truly looked like a crazed lunatic, well, crazed Dragon.

Both allies and enemies alike couldn’t help but flinch at Rasheel, who seemed quite crazy as he stood there surrounded by his grey mana.

Pow! Bang! Baaaaang!

Rasheel launched strong and quick attacks toward Dorph that he seemed to be launching attacks pretty much every second.

‘Damn it!’

Dorph was about to go crazy.

‘He’s at least 1.5 times stronger than before. What?! He’s getting even stronger! Fuck!’

The Dragon’s physical strength and his mana were continuing to get stronger. Dorph had no way of responding to it as he noticed this change first hand.

‘I can’t handle any more!’

He decided to use more of the Darkness Elemental’s power.

Screeeech- screeeeeeech-

There was an eerie noise and the black wall became even thicker as it descended to the ground.

“T, this is!”

“It’s a curse! A curse is descending on Mount Nex!”

“Oh, lord! Please save our majesty!”

After having seen the fog that was thicker than before covering the mountain, seeing this black wall-like thing descending on the mountain made the citizens of the Sez Kingdom who were around the mountain unable to contain their shock and anxiety.

Some were shaking in fear while others started to run away.

“…What the hell is going on? Shit.”

“Vice Captain-nim, will we continue moving forward?”

The Knights Brigades that were climbing the mountain in formation couldn’t help but become flustered as well.

Actually, it was even worse for them.

“…Vice Captain-nim, my strength is falling!”

“My mana, my mana is not moving properly!”

The knights, mages, and soldiers under the black wall were being impacted by the Darkness Elemental’s ability as well.

However, the Vice Captain could not stop.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

He had been hearing loud explosions from above the mountain.

“…I’m sure it is not just our enemies up there!”

They would not hear the sounds of battle if the Cats that had abducted their liege were the only ones up there.

“Did you all not see the dead Cats? There are people who are our allies or wish to be our allies already up there fighting against the Cats!”

They didn’t know who these people were nor why they were helping them out.

However, the truth was that these people were helping them in this situation where their king had been abducted.

“That is why we must hurry!”

The others nodded their heads and firmed their resolves after hearing the Vice Captain’s words.

It was at that moment.


They heard the rustling of leaves and an unfamiliar cry.

Caw. Caw. Caw.

The Vice Captain could see someone reveal their presence to appear the moment he heard the Crows.

It was easy to tell who this individual was.

“…A Tiger.”

The old Tiger with white hair walked up with his staff.

It was the Tiger shaman Gashan.

The Vice Captain peeked toward the Knight Captain and the strongest Royal Mage who were still unconscious and became extremely wary of this new arrival.

The Tigers were known to be extremely strong Beasts on the Eastern continent.

“…Why is a Tiger here?”

Gashan responded to the Vice Captain.

“Why is it weird for a Tiger to be in the mountains?”

The Vice Captain closed his mouth.

The Tiger tribe.

Inside the dangerous mountains throughout the Eastern continent… It was rumored that a Tiger or a Tiger and its family resided in any mountain that people could not climb because it was too dangerous.

The Vice Captain cautiously asked.

“…Are you the ones fighting against the Cats right now?”

Gashan smiled.

He recalled what Cale had told him before asking him to come here.

‘Gashan. You guys have built a home in Harris Village. But shouldn’t you get it back?’

‘What do you mean by ‘get it back?’ ’

‘Your original home.’


‘I’m not saying build homes in every mountain that you guys lived in. But at minimum, the ability to freely come and go from there as you please… Isn’t that the freedom that the Tigers used to have?’

No matter how harsh the mountain was…

No matter where the mountain was located…

The Tigers were a tribe that wanted to seep into nature and live freely.

Gashan happily agreed with Cale’s statement that described the Tigers’ way of life.

This holy Mount Nex was quite a great place to start.

‘Rise as a new faction on the Eastern continent with the Molan household, the Mercenaries Guild, and the Endable Kingdom led by Duke Fredo.’

The Tigers had been pushed out by Arm because they had been living separately on different mountains.

But the Tigers that had gathered in the Henituse Duchy’s Harris Village led by Gashan were still independent while knowing the value of being together.

‘Gashan. I want to help the Tigers regain what they lost because you’ve helped me so much.’

Gashan smiled while remembering Cale’s stoic expression. His smile was directed at the Vice Captain.

The Vice Captain had asked about the people fighting here right now.

The answer was already predetermined.

“We are an organization trying to rescue the Eastern continent.”

“…An organization? What is its name?”

“Ah, its name is-”

He had not discussed a name with young master Cale.

Gashan debated for a moment but decided to use the value that Cale was pushing for.

“We are the Society of Peace.”

“…The Society of Peace?”

The Vice Captain had never heard about this organization.

“That’s right. That is our name. Did you know…”

Gashan walked toward the Vice Captain.

Caw. Caw.

As the crows continued to caw… Gashan looked at the Vice Captain and spoke to the Sez Kingdom’s troops who were looking at him.

“The person who abducted the Sez Kingdom’s king is someone called the White Star.”

Actually, Cale had done it.

But besides that lie, Gashan told the people in front of them about the truth that they didn’t know about.

“Furthermore, there are citizens of the Endable Kingdom, an ally of the Sez Kingdom, imprisoned inside this mountain. This was all done by this crazy villain called the White Star. Ah, there may be some of you who do not know about the Endable Kingdom. Mm, to tell you everything……”

Gashan quickly but thoroughly delivered his message to the Sez Knights Brigades, mages, and soldiers.

They looked as if they could not believe what Gashan was saying.

But they still accepted Gashan’s guidance and quickly headed toward these allies called the Society of Peace. They needed to help this organization of good that was fighting against this evil villain called the White Star.

One of that great villain’s most loyal subordinates was going crazy right now.

Baaa, baaaaang, baaaaang! Bang!

“Ugh, ugh!”

Dorph had no idea what was going on because Rasheel’s attacks were slowly getting stronger.

He could not understand why Rasheel was getting stronger even though he had strengthened the black wall. He debated whether this Dragon had the darkness attribute, but that wasn’t it.


Dorph chose to escape.

He charged toward the mountain peak as quickly as possible.



He heard a crazed voice behind his back. It was a formidable reaction speed.

Rasheel grabbed Dorph by the back of his neck.


Dorph felt as if he couldn’t breathe because of the strong grip as he made eye contact with the Dragon.

“I guess you think that Dragons are nothing.”

Dorph then saw a grey fist landing on his face.

He quickly raised his arms. The grey mana slammed into the arms of the Lion King, the strongest individual while berserk.


And those arms broke instantly.

The stronger the black wall became and the angrier Rasheel became, the stronger his body and mana became. They were strong enough to easily defeat Dorph now.

In some aspects, Rasheel was the most incompatible enemy for Dorph. There might have been different results if Rasheel went up against someone else, but Cale had stuck Rasheel on Dorph and that had pretty much sealed Dorph’s fate.

As for the other leader who was trying to move to the top of the mountain as well…

“…You motherfucking bastards……!”

Ron was in front of the Cat tribe leader. On and Hong were releasing a red fog as they walked toward him while cutting off all paths of escape.

The Cat tribe leader stopped running away.

He needed to stop what Cale Henituse was doing on the mountain peak, but he could not accept the two beings getting in his way.

“You bastards, you dare to attack me to pay me back for the grace I showed you by keeping you alive-!”

The tribe leader’s eyes had an odd glow as he looked at On and Hong.

He was going berserk.

The Cats’ berserk state was different from the Wolves and Lions who became stronger and more destructive.

They became quicker, sharper, and the special ability held by a select few of the Fog Cat Tribe became stronger as well. For the tribe leader, it meant that his fog ability became amplified.

“What do you mean by grace?! Stop with the nonsense!”

On bared her fangs toward him.

Hong stood next to his sister and closed his eyes as he slowly took some breaths.

On and Hong. In the quiet moment as the tribe leader’s change was happening…

“Oh my.”

Ron leisurely walked in between them.

“Tribe leader. You don’t seem to understand the situation.”


Ron smiled and pointed to the mountain peak. On and Hong looked up as well and their faces lit up while the Cat tribe leader looked extremely desperate.

They all heard Ron’s relaxed voice.

“It looks like our young master-nim has achieved his goal to some degree. I suppose we don’t need to drag this out any longer.”

The tribe leader turned his head toward Ron.

“Go on and go berserk. I shall show you the official art of the Molan household.”

It was at that moment.

On a place higher than the mountain peak… They heard noises from the sky on top of the black wall.

Rumble- ruuuuuuuuumble-

It sounded like the clouds just before a thunderstorm happened.

The citizens of the Sez Kingdom standing outside the mountain curled up in fear at this new situation, but it was an extremely welcome noise for Cale’s allies.


The Mercenaries Guild’s Ranger Brigade members pointed to the sky.

Ruuuuumble- ruuuuuuumble-

They could slowly see flashes of rose gold light trying to pierce through the black wall.

The rose-gold thunderbolts looked ready to strike down at any moment. They were roaring while waiting for orders from their master.

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