Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 64 – Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This (1)

The mana in the black swamp and the air around them was fluctuating.

The Black Dragon was in the sky looking down.
He was a dragon in the end.

A violent and ominous aura was dominating the swamp region. Cale turned around to look at the boundary of the black swamp and the forest region. Since that violent and ominous aura was controlling the boundary, the forest was not shaking.
However, the group waiting for them there all had pale expression.

Cale recalled the information about an average dragon’s strength in, ‘The Birth of a Hero.’

< The reason the Whale Tribe was said to be able to survive against a dragon was simply because they would manage to survive without dying. There was nothing the dragon could not kill if it really wanted to do so. You just needed to look at a dragon’s strength to see why the dragons say that they are above all else. >

Booom! Boom! Booooom!

Cale turned his gaze back up to the sky. Multiple strands of mana were crashing against each other as they gathered around the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon looked down at the swamp calmly.

A 4-year-old dragon that used to get tortured.
That same dragon could no longer be found.

< A dragon does not need to dominate things because its existence itself is a symbol of dominance. >

Cale started to feel chills down his back.


The Forest of Darkness started to cry. Cale looked around and did not see any other existences. However, there were many different sounds of screaming coming from the forest.

The monsters that had not feared the Black Dragon earlier were all so scared that they were screeching at the top of their lungs.

– So loud.

Cale looked toward the Black Dragon after hearing it speak in his mind. The Black Dragon was looking down at Cale as well. The two magic bombs were already floating in the air.

There was just emptiness in the Black Dragon’s eyes. All of this was just trivial to him.


The corners of Cale’s lips slowly went farther and farther up. The Whale Tribe’s Witira? An overwhelming dominance that was worlds apart from the large Humpback Whale was coming from the Black Dragon’s tiny body right now.

Cale answered in a loud voice.

“Do it fast, because it’s loud for me too!”
– I knew you would say that.

The Black Dragon finally started to smile as his unique black mana started to surround him.


Now the ground was fluctuating. Cale could feel the vibrations underneath his feet.


However, he didn’t have time to keep looking at the vibrating ground.

The black mana had disappeared. In its place was a large bright orb above the black swamp.

Crackle, crackle.

The orb was like the sun, gathering all different sources of light as they crashed against each other like serpents.

Cale gulped. It was at that moment.


The wind started to roar as the Black Dragon’s black mana entered the two magic bombs

Click. Click.

The two bombs started their countdowns.

Two bombs that were made to be as explosive as possible, along with an orb that looked like a giant meteor.

‘Rather than destroying it, it is going to obliterate it.’

Cale wondered whether the dragon corpse would be okay, but could not actually ask about it.

– I’m doing it now.

Cale could not see anything else after the Black Dragon said that.


Cale covered his ears as the Forest of Darkness echoed.


Cale stumbled from the ground’s vibrations, but did not close his eyes.

The world turned black.

A black fluid shot up into the sky as an extremely bright light shined in Cale’s eyes.


A chilling noise rang in Cale’s ear.

The light started to crack as it made contact with the black fluid. Cale raised his head.

A black pillar shot up into the sky making it look like night and day coexisted together. However, all of that quickly disappeared. The black pillar turned into dust and blew away with the wind.


The final shield broke down. The other two had already broken down earlier without any noise. Cale was not hurt.

The black swamp had disappeared, but everything else remained normal.

Cale turned his head to see that Paseton had fallen on his butt with the kittens in his arms. He could also see Witira getting back up while holding onto a tree trunk.

There was deep fear in both of their eyes.

But the forest was not harmed. Only the swamp had disappeared. It was an amazing degree of control. That was why the Whale tribes could not get rid of the fear in their eyes.

Cale turned back around to see that the black pillar had disappeared, and the Black Dragon was standing alone. The Black Dragon was already looking at Cale as well.

Cale spoke to the tiny dragon.

“Good work.”

All five of the dragon’s senses were very alert right now. He could see that Cale, who was smiling at him, had goosebumps on his arm. He could also see Cale’s gaze as well.

“You did really well.”

Cale’s calm gaze made the Black Dragon start to smile. He then honestly shared his feelings.

“So refreshing.”

That made Cale go stoic. Seeing the dragon really looking refreshed made Cale make up his mind to never make this dragon angry.

Ron, Choi Han, and Beacrox were also concerning. There were too many strong beings surrounding him for him to be happy that he was able to defeat a couple of small monsters.

Cale reaffirmed his desire to live a peaceful life after feeling the existence that is a dragon. He then looked at the bottom of the swamp that was now visible.

The black swamp was gone, but there was still a bit of black liquid remaining.

“It is in the shape of a dragon.”

There was a block of black mud, looking like a clay dragon, remaining in the size of an adult dragon. He also found a white crown by where it seemed like the dragon’s head would have been.

It was the ancient power.

“Can I do as I please?”

The Black Dragon responded to him.

“Don’t ask such obvious questions.”

Cale did not notice the Black Dragon flinching as he headed toward the dragon-shaped black mud. He would probably find the dragon’s bones if he got rid of this mud.

‘If I get this and the magic power…’

What a jackpot.
Cale started to smile and his palm started to itch with excitement.


The shield appeared in front of Cale and a whirlwind started to roar in each of his hands. The whirlwinds were as large as possible and wind started to form underneath Cale’s feet as well.


It was the moment the Sound of the Wind gathered together.


The black mud shot quickly toward Cale as if it wanted to swallow him.

It was at that moment that Cale heard the voice of the ancient power’s owner. This was also not a location-based ancient power, but one left behind by someone.

– Do you know what it means to dominate?

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The cold voice that seemed to pierce through his skin made Cale’s heart run wild.
And then Cale’s body suddenly shot forward.

Bang! Bang!

The whirlwinds in his hands shot out like arrows. The whirlwinds cut through the black mud to create a path.

Cale quickly walked through that path.

The shield and the wings prevented the black mud from landing on Cale.

– Dominating is to take away everything, even the enemy’s breath.

Boom. Boom.

His heart beat madly every time he heard the voice.
It was like he was fearful of the voice.


Cale bit down on his lips because of his heart’s wild beating.


The whirlwind arrows cut through the black mud again. Cale continued to hear the owner of the ancient power’s dominating voice in his mind.

– Do you know what the easiest way to take away your enemy’s breath is?

Swiiiiiiish, swiiiiiish.

Whirlwinds continued to pour out of Cale’s hands to clear the way for him. Cale was surrounded by the black mud, making him become covered in darkness.
However, Cale had to continue to walk down the path created by the whirlwinds.

He then heard the voice again.

– Fear is the answer.

Cale started to smile. Fear?

Cale, no, Kim Rok Soo, had overcome all sorts of fears.

He needed to do so because he wanted to live. He wanted to live a happier and more peaceful life than anyone else.

Humans already lived a life full of dread and fear about the mysterious future.
A combined whirlwind that was bigger than any of the other whirlwinds previously shot out of Cale’s hand to continue to create a path.


It was much stronger than before.


Domination? Fear? Cale didn’t care about that. All he cared about was how it would benefit him.

Cale quickly walked through the path he created. He then heard the voice again.

– Muhahaha. You are right. It is bullshit. You already know.

‘Found it.’

Cale could see the White Dragon’s skull, as well as the white crown on its head.
Cale reached out toward the crown and his fingertips touched the tip of jewel on the crown.

– Use it well!

A bright light shot out of the crown and made the black mud disappear. At the same time, the crown flew toward Cale. He closed his eyes only to hear a different and refreshing voice.

– Sometimes, even bluffing can save your life. Muhahaahhahaha!

Cale could feel another power wrapping around his heart.

Boom, boom.

His heart was beating wildly. He could immediately tell what this power was.

Cale’s expression turned iffy

“…What the hell is this?”

Cale opened his eyes. He saw that all of the black mud had disappeared and that the large dragon’s corpse had revealed itself.

“Human, why do you seem as strong as the tip of my claw? No, you are still weak, so what is going on?”

The Black Dragon rushed over to Cale. He seemed to be quite confused. Cale started to smile.

“My charisma has increased.”
“What useless crap are you saying now, human?”

The Black Dragon looked anxious, but it was the truth.
Cale was able to learn the name of this ancient power.

‘Dominating aura’

It was a really cheesy name, but that was exactly what it was.

‘ONLY’ your aura becomes stronger.
It was a pretty useless power compared to the decorated crown shape it came in.

“It is a perfect power for scamming.”
“Scamming is bad.”

Cale ignored the Black Dragon, that had started to frown and nag at him, and looked toward the rest of their group.

He could see that they were hesitating and could not approach him. Cale put away the dominating aura and motioned to the group standing far away.

Currently, the entire forest was quiet, as if they had never screeched in the first place. Cale was the one to break that silence.

“Come over here.”

The deep voice made the kittens, who were covering their ears and face, abruptly turn their heads. They were then able to approach Cale and the Black Dragon very quickly. However, they rushed past Cale.

They were heading to the Black Dragon. However, they slowed down once they got near the dragon.

“H, he doesn’t look hurt!”
“We were so scared! Our youngest cannot get hurt!”

The kittens roamed around the dragon and made sure he wasn’t hurt. They then approached him and patted the dragon’s back.

“Our youngest is the best!”
“So cool! You are so strong!”

Cale made sure that the dragon calmly stayed with the kittens before looking toward the Whale siblings, who still had not moved. Cale had a smile on his face as he patted the dragon who approached him and asked the Whale siblings.

“You can’t come?”

The deep voice echoed in the Whale siblings’ ears. Witira opened up the fists she had been clenching. It wasn’t like that right now, but the moment the black mud disappeared, Cale looked very different. He definitely was still a weak human who would die with a single flick of her whip.

‘It was different from a strong power.’

It was only for a moment, but Cale reminded her of her father, the Whale King. It was not based on his strength.
But it was an atmosphere that only those in power could have. That was what she felt.

“Young master Cale.”

Cale asked the Whale siblings who finally approached him.

“I’m guessing the two of you aren’t hurt?”
“…We are not.”

Witira did not say anything after seeing that Cale was back to his usual self. Cale looked away from the Whale siblings and back to the Black Dragon.

“Any stagnant mana left?”
“Not anymore.”

Since the black liquids and mud disappeared, the stagnant mana no longer remained. All that was left was the sturdy dragon bones that had a high magic resistance and magic capabilities.

“Then you can store these bones.”

Cale looked down toward the kittens, who were rubbing their faces on his calf. Once they made eye contact with Cale, both kittens started to tap Cale’s feet with their paws.

“We thought something bad would happen. Why do you always step forward when you are the weakest?”
“You just have to leave it to our youngest sibling. But he can’t get hurt either.”

Cale ignored the kittens who were scolding him. He then continued to speak to the group.

“Let’s go back.”

They had to return to the Henituse estate now.

And a few days later, Cale was able to return home two days later than expected. Hans had a message for him as soon as he returned.

“Young master-nim! His highness, the crown prince, contacted you. What is going on?”

Cale vaguely answered Hans. However, he couldn’t hide the smirk on his face.

“Something that is mutually beneficial.”

It was a great chance to steal the biggest treasure created by the Whipper Kingdom’s Civil War. Hans also delivered another piece of information to Cale.

“Ah, and Choi Han-nim sent a message that he will be heading back from the Breck Kingdom.”


“Little Lock is coming back with him as well. Oh, and even Miss Rosalyn.”

‘This soon? Did they just destroy the Breck Kingdom?’

Cale started to frown as soon as he returned home.

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