Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 639 – Are you scared? (1)

The Royal Knight Captain shouted as soon as the fog arrived.

“Protect his majesty!”

He quickly jumped onto the platform and rushed toward King Bakehe.


The king on top of the platform made a move as well. Bakehe, the great knight of the Sez Kingdom, pulled out his sword.

“Do not become anxious! Do not be scared!”

His majestic voice made the anxious students and academy staff subconsciously turn toward the platform.

“…I can’t see!”

“The fog-!”

However, people couldn’t even see the person next to them, let alone their king on top of the platform because of the thick fog.

Everybody could tell that this fog was not a natural phenomenon.

Someone had attacked the Sez Royal Academy!

Their goal was most definitely the king!

The citizens outside the academy gates gasped with astonishment while looking at the plaza inside that was white from the fog.

“W, what is that?”

“What kind of fog-”

The citizens at the distance were becoming frantic because they could not understand this sudden development.

Some people started shouting from all around at that moment.

“A, an enemy has attacked the academy!”

“They must be aiming for his majesty!”

“No! We must save his majesty!”

Those words became etched in people’s minds.

“This king is a knight!”

King Bakehe’s voice echoed through the area thanks to a magic amplification device once again.

“I am the Sez Kingdom’s greatest knight! I am a sword master! Just trust in my abilities!”


Numerous people gasped in relief.

‘That’s right, our majesty is a sword master! He is the greatest knight!’

‘The Royal Knights Brigade and the mages are here too.’

‘I, I’m sure it’ll be taken care of soon!’

The citizens and the people stuck inside the fog all started to look relieved. They believed that nobody would be able to take down their king.

A couple of people slowly moved away from the plaza at that moment.

These people who had shouted just a moment earlier that they should save the king were mercenaries of the Mercenaries Guild.

“It’s going to turn into chaos.”

The mercenaries did not dare to imagine what the citizens would do after seeing their king being abducted in front of their eyes.

They heard Bakehe’s shout at that moment.

“Intruders! Hurry up and show yourselves! Don’t aim for our citizens, but come, I am waiting for you right here!”

People could feel his love for his subjects through that shout.

King Bakehe’s aura shot up from his sword inside the fog as well.


The sky blue aura surrounding the sword was glowing even within the fog.

It was at that moment.

“Your majesty! Ugh!”

Bakehe heard the Knight Captain’s groan before it disappeared.

He could not even see his own hand in this thick fog.

Bakehe could tell that the Knight Captain had been ambushed by the enemies based on the groan.

‘…The fact that I don’t even hear him groaning anymore must mean……!’

He couldn’t even hear the faint groans of the Knight Captain who had been the closest to him.

‘…He must be dead.’

King Bakehe bit down on his lips, and his expression stiffened at the enemies’ ruthless ambush.

Unfortunately, there was something he did not know.

Shhhh. Shhhhh.

Ron, who had been disguised as an academy janitor, caressed Hong’s back once he jumped into Ron’s arms.

The Knight Captain, who was knocked out with sleeping poison, was on the ground in front of them.

The king did not know that the Knight Captain was only hit with a sleeping poison.

“Huff. Huff!”

As for the Royal Mage, he was shaking in fear while looking at an arrow that had stopped right in front of his face.

The pink arrow imbued with a significant amount of mana was aiming for the Royal Mage as if it would blow off his head if he made the slightest of movements.

Now that the strongest individuals aside from the king were unable to move…

Bakehe frowned.


Why was it fog of all things that was here right now?

He didn’t know who the intruders were, but he couldn’t help but think of the Fog Cat Tribe living in Mount Nex behind him.

‘No. There’s no way those bastards are coming after me. We are allied with them.’

Their alliance was based on things that forced them to be together.

It was an alliance that could not be broken because they each had the other’s weakness in their hands.

In that case, what was up with this fog?

He could not see the enemies.

It was just quiet.


A gust of wind blew past him at that moment.

A whirlwind was charging toward him.


Bakehe did not hesitate and slashed his sword toward the direction of the wind.

He had already sensed the whirlwind.


The sword clashed with the wind and made a loud noise.

Bakehe lowered his sword with a frown on his face.

“…Is it magic?”

Whether it was the fog or the wind… He could only suspect it was magic because they were both artificial.


Numerous black magic arrows suddenly appeared in front of him.


Bakehe had no choice but to swing his sword as he swore.

The arrows were coming at him.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baabaabaaaaaang!

His aura-clad sword and the magic arrows continued to strike against each other, causing an endless array of explosions.


The amount of mana in the arrows was almost overwhelming.

Bakehe subconsciously frowned.

Someone appeared in front of him at that moment.

“…Bastard, are you the intruder?”

His words made the person frown.

“Bastard? Did you say baaaaastard? A human king dares to call me a bastard?”

The buzz cut intruder shouted with a vicious expression on his openly shown face and grey mana in his hands.

Bakehe found this to be odd.

‘…Why does he use mana like a fighter? Is the black arrow this bastard’s doing as well?’

He became warier of the enemy in front of him.

He believed that the enemy’s mana was as strong as, if not stronger, than his aura.

He was also relieved.

‘This bastard must be the leader.’

He truly believed that this bastard here was the leader of this attack.

He refused to believe that there were others who were just as strong.

“What an arrogant little human king bastard!”

Rasheel, the buzz cut Dragon, used his mana for magic but also used it like aura around a fighter’s fist.

There was a simple reason for that.

He enjoyed beating things up with his hands more.

Rasheel instantly charged toward Bakehe.

Bakehe took a deep breath and pointed his sword toward the enemy’s powerful attack.

“Human, I will make you kneel, you basta, ahem!”

The charging enemy suddenly flinched.

“…I’ll be quiet.”

He then mumbled in a quiet voice before resuming his charge, looking as if he was even angrier than before.

It was a close-range fight from there.

Baaaaang! Bang!

Aura and mana clashed against each other and sent loud explosions echoing through the area.


Bakehe’s eyes were shaking while feeling this sturdy mana that could not be slashed through with aura.

‘…This fighter’s skill… He’s amazing!’

Furthermore, Rasheel’s fists and kicks left no opening, even when it seemed as if he was throwing them without much thought. How did Rasheel get so good at fighting? Rasheel’s punching was something he developed after three hundred years of fist fights when he got tired of using magic.


When the fist and sword slammed against each other again…


The aura cracked a little.

‘I’m going to lose like this!’

King Bakehe felt a sense of urgency.

He also has a question.

‘There are still people out there other than those individuals on the White Star’s side who could toy around with me like this?’

As his suspicions about the intruder’s true identity were becoming greater…


He heard a Cat meow nearby.

King Bakehe flinched after hearing the meow, but quickly steadied his mind.

“…Do you really think that I would lose?! I am the king of the Sez Kingdom!”

Bakehe brought out all of his remaining strength.


His sword seemed to be wailing after having a significant amount of aura channeled inside it.

The sword art that has been passed down for generations in the Sez Royal Family, the sword that was full of valiant aura created an arc as it struck down on Rasheel.


Rasheel looked angry as he tried to block the sword with both of his hands.

Bakehe laughed at Rasheel’s reaction.

“Kehehe! Are you scared now?”

Bakehe was about to smile once more after seeing Rasheel trying to stop his valiant sword with both hands instead of charging in to attack.

“What are you talking about?”

However, the results were different from what he had expected.


The valiant aura-covered sword had been grabbed by the grey aura-clad fists.


Bakehe heard a quiet noise behind him before he could realize what was going on.


It was the sound of someone landing on the ground.

As he noticed that stealthy movement…


He could see a black rope tying him up.

“Mmph, mmmmmph!”

He could also see cloth being shoved into his mouth.

His gaze headed down.

‘…A child? No, an academy student?’

A young boy with red hair who seemed to be fifteen years old at max had a twisted smile on his face.

“Let’s drag him away.”

“…I got it.”


The aura-clad sword was separated from its hilt as if it was a toothpick and left Bakehe’s hand. Rasheel grabbed Bakehe by the back of the collar before Bakehe could do anything.

The fog then started to disappear.

Bakehe shook his head with his mouth gagged.

“No! No!”

The citizens would see his current terrible state. The great king could not show himself looking like this.

Bakehe had long since forgotten about the safety of the citizens.

Well, he had not cared about that for a long time already.

“Mmph, mmph!”

He was flailing around so much that Rasheel lifted him so that he could see Bakehe’s face.

“Shut up. You damn human king bastard.”

Bakehe stiffened up at that moment.

He could see the long vertical pupils after seeing Rasheel’s eyes up close.

He then started to think about the spells Rasheel used that even the Royal Mage could not use.

Rasheel’s mana and skills were also strong enough to take down a sword master like himself.

There were only a few individuals who could do that, and Bakehe could only think of one other answer besides the White Star.

The person calling him a human bastard was not human.

‘…A Dragon!’

Smile. Rasheel started to smile.

“You finally get it? You finally understand who I am?”

The young boy walked over to Bakehe and made a comment.

“We gathered to prevent you from working with the White Star to create chaos in the world.”

Bakehe recalled how Rasheel couldn’t even talk back to this young boy.

He had acted as if he was addressing a superior.

Who could a Dragon address as a superior?

‘…Another Dragon!’

It would be impossible unless it was another Dragon.

“I heard that the kingdoms on the Eastern continent are working with the White Star to cause chaos on the Western and Eastern continents.”

The young boy gave off a noble demeanor.

He seemed even more Dragon-like than Rasheel and naturally gave off a sense of being a ruler.

“We could not sit back and let you do as you pleased. Did you really think you could survive after pulling this kind of crap?”

The fog was slowly going away.

Bakehe could slowly see people through the fog, but was unable to move his gaze from the young boy.

The young boy came a little closer and whispered in his ear.

“If you continue your alliance… Your future will only consist of chaos, destruction, and despair.”

The young boy looked toward Rasheel, who added on in a growling voice.

“Human, make sure to heed our warning as we are saying it as the representative of the Dragons.”

Cale nodded his head.

‘I’m not a Dragon, so Rasheel needs to say it as the representative of the Dragons.’

However, Bakehe thought that Cale nodding his head looked more majestic and caused him to think.

‘The Dragons are gathering because of what the White Star is trying to do!’

Dragons were too strong.

They were able to easily handle a sword master like Bakehe.

‘And if there are multiple Dragons……?!’

Would he be able to survive?

Should he maintain this alliance?

Bakehe knew of the White Star’s strength, but this pressure he was feeling in person felt even heavier.

Cale spoke once a good amount of fog was gone.

“Then let me show you an example.”

‘…An example?’

Bakehe was confused, but quickly realized what the boy meant.

Mount Nex.

The young boy’s eyes were looking at the mountain.

The boy pulled out a flute and started to play.


The boy moved quickly after making a sharp noise.

Rasheel grabbed Bakehe by the collar and followed behind him.

“O, over there! His majesty!”

“He’s being abducted!”

People screamed once they could see again.

“The Knight Captain-nim…! Vice Captain-nim, what should we do?!”

“What else?! Immediately chase after those intruders! We must rescue his majesty!”

The Vice Captain knew that he would not be able to do anything against people who captured their king, who was a sword master. However, he needed to rescue the king.

‘He is our savior! Our great king!”

The knights saw him as the most respected king, a great figure who would help their Sez Kingdom develop even more.

“Your highness!”

“My goodness!”

“No, we must rescue his majesty!”

It was shocking to see King Bakehe being dragged away by the enemy once the fog dispersed.

The chaos in the minds of the citizens outside the gates was amplified.

Someone shouted at that moment.

“His majesty is being dragged toward Mount Nex!”

The holy Mount Nex and the benevolent and virtuous king.

The intruders were heading toward the holy mountain that the citizens of the kingdom did not dare to step foot upon.

“We should save him! There aren’t that many enemies!”

There really were only a few enemies.

There were less than ten people who were wearing masks or dressed in the academy’s uniform or employee uniform.

“Yes, we must save him!”

“First, first of all! Let’s stop them!”


The people started to run toward the holy mountain that they would not dare to take a step into if it wasn’t for such a situation.

Of course, the knights, soldiers, and mages were already chasing behind the enemies.

They could not allow the enemies to step foot onto Mount Nex.

It was at that moment.

Once everybody was focused on them…


One of the uniform-wearing children turned into a red cat.

This was On, whose fur was dyed red with Raon’s dye spell.

She then cast her fog again.

“…The Cat tribe!”

People realized it immediately.

They noticed that there was a Cat within the intruders’ team.


King Bakehe was the most shocked of all.

He started to flail and kick after seeing a Cat while he was being dragged to Mount Nex.

‘They know……!’

Bakehe’s mind went blank.

‘These Dragons know that I am in an alliance with the Cat tribe! That’s why they are taking me hostage and headed to Mount Nex…….!’

Bakehe could imagine what was about to happen.

He turned pale, thinking about people finding out what was going on inside Mount Nex.

“So this is Mount Nex.”

The moment Cale took a step onto the bottom of Mount Nex…

Individuals who were just as shocked as the citizens of Sez at this sudden situation could not hide themselves.

Even the stealthy Cat tribe could not react immediately when someone suddenly barged into an area that was supposed to be a secret.

“What the hell-?!”

“Fuck, did you contact the leader?”

“Hide first!”

The Cats seemed to be in chaos.

Cale smiled, looking at the shit-show he had created with chaos to the front and the back.

He then waved toward the Cats.

“We captured the king! Stop the enemies behind us! We will drag the king up!”

Cale was waving as if he was happy to see reinforcements.

He then whispered to the pale Bakehe.

“You’re unsure about what to do because the White Star is strong, right? But you see…”

Cale whispered in a cheery voice.

“We’re even scarier.”

Bakehe’s scared expression turned into a look of sheer terror.

Unfortunately for him, Cale was just getting started.

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