Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 632 – Not a chaotic field (4)

‘Do I regret it?’

The pajama-clad buzz cut Dragon did not like this human who was speaking to him disrespectfully despite the gentle smile on his face.

However, the situation was not good enough for him to complain about that.

– Seeing an arrogant little Dragon like you reminds me of when I was young.

The white gold haired Dragon was focusing the entirety of his vicious aura on him.

– I will destroy everything if you touch our human! I will destroy the entire world!

“The darkness boiling inside me will haunt you forever!”

There were two extremely young Dragons spewing some nonsense at him as well.

– How about you stop?

There was also the aura that was not as strong as the white gold haired Dragon’s aura, a gentle yet strong aura that was focused on him. That aura had been revealed once the pink curly-haired kid appeared.

The buzz cut Dragon did not dare to attack after four Dragons were showing him their hostility.

Furthermore, he had heard this human talk about the ‘Dragon Lord,’ someone who should not exist anymore.

Cale reached his hand out and gently patted the pajama-clad Dragon’s shoulder as he started to speak again.

“We have a lot to discuss.”

“…You bastard, how dare you speak so informally to this great Dragon-”

– Look at this young bastard acting so pompous. You look like you haven’t even lived half as long as I have lived. You’re the one who should come over and greet me, you little punk.

– I’ll make you pay if you try to harm our human!

“Do you know how great of a hero our Young Master Silver Shield is?! Shut up if you don’t! Go to the bookstore and learn to read! You damn idiot!”

…He could not even finish his sentence.

The grey mana around the pajama-clad Dragon slowly disappeared.

He seemed to have lost all desire to be angry nor to fight.

He was just tired.

Cale didn’t care as he calmly motioned to Dodori.



Dodori quickly put his bow down and walked over to Cale.

The people of the palace were watching what was going on.

Cale’s people had suddenly appeared.

The enemy’s demeanor had calmed down at that point, and Cale was even smiling while speaking in a friendly tone with the intruder.

The situation seemed to be quickly settling down.

They didn’t really understand what was going on, but there was one thing they could tell.

The Vice Captain of the Knights Brigade mumbled.

“…The palace barrier can handle up to highest-grade magic spells.”

But that barrier had been pierced by this pajama-clad enemy and the pink-haired archer.

Had the barrier weakened? Or was it just that these individuals were especially strong?

Regardless of the answer, the Roan Kingdom’s Mage Brigade was bound to be working overtime starting today.

“Why did you call me over?”

Dodori stood right next to Cale and looked up at him.

Cale smiled and pointed toward the pajama-clad Dragon.

“Let’s drag this sir over.”

“Ah, sure!”

Dodori nodded his head without any hesitation.

“Do you really think an esteemed Dragon like me would be dragged by such a youngster?!”

The pajama-clad Dragon flinched after seeing the look in Dodori’s eyes.

Dodori was looking at the Dragon from head to toe with an odd gaze.

“…I finally get to see a scene from the hero’s tale with my own eyes. Reality is different from the novel, but… A true hero definitely needs to have a rude and arrogant Dragon by his side. That Dragon will end up being affected by the human and become a wise and gentle Dragon. Hehe.”

‘…What’s wrong with him?’

The pajama-clad Dragon started to sweat after looking into those crazed eyes.

However, he could not respond again.

“I will do it.”

Eruhaben walked over with Choi Han and stood next to the pajama-clad Dragon.

Dodori gulped after looking at Eruhaben.

This Dragon was giving off an extremely imposing presence.

– Pink Dragon! This is our Goldie gramps! He is a very nice and friendly grandpa!

Dodori heard Raon’s bright voice but hesitated about what to do. Eruhaben, the Dragon in front of him, seemed difficult to handle.

Eruhaben gently smiled toward Dodori in a way that was completely different from the way he was treating the pajama-clad Dragon.

“Little child, I will do it so step back. Oh, and there is no need to be nervous.”

“…As I expected.”


Eruhaben paid closer attention to Dodori’s voice after hearing him mumble. He then managed to hear what Dodori was mumbling to himself.

“…I knew that a hero like this who will never be matched in the world would have a strong supporter behind him. I got another piece of information today. I knew I made the right choice to come here. I, Dodori, seem to be great at making decisions.”

Eruhaben turned stoic and turned toward Cale.

– You unlucky bastard.

Cale shrugged his shoulders after hearing Eruhaben’s voice in his mind. He looked confused as to why he was unlucky.

Eruhaben felt even more pity for Cale after seeing that gaze.

‘Raon was right. He truly turns a small task of putting a hole in a cliff into a big one by getting rid of the whole cliff. No wonder he has all these things happen to him.’

He raised his head to look at the sky.

“Why don’t we leave the children out of it and the two of us drag him together?”

He was looking at the Dragon who was the strongest of the Dragons here after him.

This was not a Dragon he had met in the past.

However, this Dragon should be the reason Cale had asked for him to come here last night.

He called the imposing Dragon, who was much stronger than this arrogant Dragon that was talking about ripping Cale’s limbs off, down to the ground.


Cale gulped while looking at someone descending from the sky.


Choi Han quietly gasped. Cale got the chills for some reason after seeing the sparkle in Choi Han’s eyes.

– Human! It’s the farmer Dragon!

Dodori’s mom, who had braided her beige-colored hair, was wearing an outfit covered in dirt.

She was also wearing boots that had dried mud on them.

And most importantly…

– Human! It’s a scythe!

She had a small scythe in her hand.

She seemed to have come directly here while getting some work done in the morning. It was obvious that Dodori had urgently dragged her over.

Dodori’s bronze-skinned mom quickly walked over to Cale once she landed on the ground.

“My name is Mila. I would like to chat with you in a quiet spot.”

Her voice was warm and majestic.

“Madam, I’ve wished to chat with you as well.”

Cale treated this rational Dragon with the respect she deserved.


The pajama-clad Dragon scoffed in disbelief after seeing him acting so respectfully, but nobody cared about him.

Dodori’s mom Mila stood to the right side of the pajama-clad Dragon. Eruhaben was on the left side.

Mila made eye contact with Eruhaben.

“It’s been a long time.”

Eruhaben’s eyes opened wide after hearing what Mila said.

She was not someone Eruhaben had met in the past.

“Why don’t we go somewhere quiet first?”

He did not ask anything because Cale had started to move.

Eruhaben was following behind Cale before he looked back.

“Are you not coming?”

He looked at the pajama-clad Dragon with an extremely annoyed gaze.

Eruhaben and Mila… The two Dragons were both simply walking and did not actually drag the pajama-clad Dragon.


However, the pajama-clad Dragon sighed and started to walk next to them. He didn’t have the balls to run away from these two Dragons.

That would lead to his death.

Walking between Eruhaben and Mila…

That was enough to bind him down, even without any physical restraints.

‘…But this beige Dragon seems a bit weak.’

Although she seemed to have more years of experience than he did, her aura seemed very gentle. His attribute was probably stronger than hers, which meant that he should be able to overcome the difference in their strength with his extremely ferocious offensive power.

The pajama-clad Dragon was waiting for a chance to escape.

He had no intention of suffering under this terrible treatment.

‘…I will definitely pay them back for this shame!’

The pajama-clad Dragon’s fiery gaze was focused on Cale’s back.

Unfortunately, there was something he did not know.

He didn’t know that four Dragons and Choi Han were all quietly watching him stare at Cale.

Cale was the only one who didn’t know about this vicious moment.


The door opened and they walked into a room.

‘You should be able to chat here, young master Cale.”

The Chief of Staff led Cale and the others to the closest room that was quiet enough to chat.

“There is soundproof barrier magic in this room, so nobody outside will be able to hear your discussion.”

The smart Chief of Staff had given Cale the type of room he was looking for.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Not at all, young master-nim!”

The Chief of Staff’s eyes were glowing because he had just seen Cale suppress this crazy bastard who had barged in barefoot and wearing pajamas with just a few words.

“Please let me know if you need anything at all. I will leave a few servants stationed outside.”

“Thank you very much. Will you please inform his highness that I am here?”

“Of course. Then I’ll be heading out now. Please have a nice chat.”

The Chief of Staff smiled brightly before walking out and closing the door behind him.

Screeeeech- click!

The inside was now completely separated from the outside world.

Eruhaben immediately turned toward Mila at that moment.

“Do you know me?”

Cale watched with a curious gaze.

Mila seemed to know Eruhaben quite well, but Eruhaben did not seem to know her.

Mila started to speak.

“Why don’t we send the children out first?”

Cale frowned.

Her wanting to send the children out must mean that the things she was about to say contained heavy topics.

“Choi Han.”

“I understand.”

Choi Han walked over to Raon who was no longer invisible and Dodori who was standing next to him.

“Dodori-nim, why don’t we eat some cookies in the next room? Raon-”

“Alright! I’m going to eat cookies!”

“…This is very, very disappointing. However, I, Dodori, cannot go against my mother’s orders.”

An excited Raon and a disappointed Dodori followed Choi Han to the next room. The servant outside would take care of them.

“Only the adults are left now.”

Cale said that as he sat down on the couch.

Eruhaben and Mila each sat down on a different couch as well.

The pajama-clad Dragon also started to move toward a couch.

“Don’t sit.”

However, the pajama-clad Dragon had to stop moving after a single comment from Eruhaben. The pajama-clad Dragon’s scratched eyebrows looked ready to explode at any moment when Mila started to speak.

“…It was a day with a typhoon. I saw a 2 on 1 fight.”


Eruhaben let out a deep sigh. Cale could see the ancient Dragon start to frown.

“I was very young at that time.”

Mila recalled a memory from a long time ago.

However, it was so clear that she still remembered it as if it had happened yesterday.

That day with the typhoon…

Everything around her looked as if it would be swept away by the wind and rain.

At that moment… Two Dragons were fighting against one Dragon.

“I was around 100 years old at that time, so you were probably about 300. Am I right?”


Eruhaben covered his face with both hands.

Mila continued to speak in a gentle voice.

“That was the first time I learned that someone could be beaten up so much that dust would fly even during a typhoon.”

“Ahem. Hmm!”

Eruhaben avoided Cale’s gaze.

“You were beating them up so badly. You didn’t even use your mana; you just beat them to a pulp with your hands and feet.”

“…I… I don’t remember.”

Mila shook her head after hearing what Eruhaben barely managed to say.

“There’s no way that is the case. I even remember what you said before you left those bloody messes behind.”

Mila repeated what Eruhaben had said that day, word for word.

“ ‘You bitches, if you run those damn mouths of yours one more time, the great Eruhaben will fuc-’ ”

“S, stop!”

Eruhaben stopped Mila from saying the rest.

“You are that young Dragon from that day?”

Mila calmly nodded her head.

“That’s right. I was hiding in the bushes and watching you. You just beat them up without even caring about the fact that I was there. You knew I was there, but you didn’t care.”

“You hiding there had nothing to do with me.”

Eruhaben finally remembered where he had seen Mila.

It was during the time he had been on his adventure (?) to beat up the bastards who looked down on his dust attribute.

He tried to recall that moment.

“Mm. Those two bastards deserved being beaten to a pulp.”

The pajama-clad Dragon flinched.

Eruhaben didn’t care as he asked Mila a question.

“Mila. Why were you there on that day? The weather was terrible. You seemed to have been hiding there for a while.”

Mila calmly responded.

“I was there to assassinate those two bastards.”

Cale’s shoulders flinched.

The pajama-clad Dragon’s pupils slightly shook.

Eruhaben started to speak again.

“…What do you mean?”

“One of those Dragons was acting so arrogantly that I got annoyed and went to put a hole in his leg. They looked down on me and picked on me for being young and having a weak attribute. Stupid shitheads like that need to be taught a lesson.”

Eruhaben nodded his head as if he understood.

“Ah, I see. I thought you really were going to kill them. Those bastards truly were terrible. I would have beaten them up more if I knew they were picking on a young Dragon.”

“I wouldn’t kill them. I would just cause them pain. I don’t kill for trivial reasons. Every life is precious.”

“That’s right. Then did you just leave after watching what happened?”

Mila slowly shook her head.

“After you left, they swore at you and called you a gangster Dragon. I put a hole in each of their cheeks. Ah, I put holes in their legs as well.”

Eruhaben closed his mouth as if he was at a loss for words.

Even Cale’s pupils shook this time.

The pajama-clad Dragon was subconsciously shaking his legs in fear.

Mila smiled toward the three of them.

“Got you. It was just a joke.”

‘…It doesn’t sound like a joke at all.’

Cale peeked at the dirt-covered scythe in Mila’s hand and held back his comment.

This Dragon seemed scarier than the pajama-clad Dragon and Dodori.

He looked toward the pajama-clad Dragon as he wanted to quickly change topics.

“What is your name?”

“Why would I tell someone like you my name-”

The pajama-clad Dragon received a vicious gaze from Eruhaben and a gentle gaze from Mila.

He suddenly imagined himself being beaten to a pulp to the point that dust was flying in a typhoon and having holes in his legs.

He got the chills.

‘…I’m scared.’

He had never seen crazy Dragons like this before.

He felt oddly sad.

The pajama-clad Dragon looked ready to cry as he spoke.

“…My name is Rasheel.”

Cale gently smiled and pointed to a couch.

“It must be tiring to stay standing, isn’t it, sir? Please sit down. Would you like a warm cup of tea?”

Rasheel felt that this rude human’s words sounded oddly warm.

His sadness seemed to wash away a little bit.

Translator’s Comments

Does Rasheel understand he is being scammed by our dearly beloved young master? Hohoho

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