Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 625 – Will never be seen in the world again (3)


Cale’s steps were so quick that Basen had to rush after calling out to him.

“Young master-nim!”

Deputy Butler Hans came from the other side and started to walk right next to Cale. They didn’t greet each other even after not having seen each other for a while.

“Hans, is that the alarm I think it is?”


Basen walked up as well and started to speak before Hans.

“We are currently installing magic devices throughout the territory.”

Cale had heard about it from Ron earlier.

“Although the alarms were only used by scouts or knights who noticed enemies invading, it is different now. Some of the magic devices we have installed react when special powers such as magic or aura are detected to be acting abnormally.”

Magic, aura… Or similar types of power.

“It would naturally be difficult to detect if a highest-grade mage or sword master hides their powers but it will detect it from anybody under those levels. Of course, anybody releasing their strength will be immediately discovered.”

Hans nodded his head at Basen’s explanation.

“That’s right! They are quite the sensitive magic devices as the little young master-nim mentioned.

Hans was breathing heavily after having quickly walked over but thoroughly answered Cale’s question.

“Furthermore, the alarm level is dependent on the level of strength that was discovered!”

“Then is this the highest level?”

Hans gulped after seeing the cold gaze on Cale’s face.

“Yes sir! Young master-nim! This is the highest level alarm!”

‘…Who the hell is trying to invade our territory?’

Cale’s eyes looked as if they were on fire.

‘Is it the White Star?

Or maybe it is his subordinate bastards?

Who could it be?

Who is here because they want their lives to be over?’

Cale did not share those thoughts out loud and calmly asked another question.

“The magic devices are that sensitive now?”

They had no idea when someone might try to attack the Henituse territory. This device was quite useful for that.

“Young master-nim, did you forget where this is?”

“Where is it?”

Cale brusquely responded back, making Hans start to smile.

“This is the current strongest kingdom when it comes to magic. This is the Roan Kingdom.”

With the new Magic Tower not yet built… Rosalyn and the other skilled mages were all staying in the Roan Kingdom.

There was also kingdom-wide support for magic with the crown prince at the center of it.

“Magic devices are becoming more advanced by the minute. Rosalyn-nim’s influence is especially big.”

The moment Hans mentioned Rosalyn, Cale thought about some individuals that Hans and Basen did not know.

There were three friends and mentors helping her.

Raon, Eruhaben, and Sheritt.

The three of them were most likely helping with her research.

The corners of Cale’s lips twisted up.

“…No wonder his highness didn’t seem to be complaining.”

There were chances that the White Star might come to Puzzle City at any moment.

Alberu would not have only believed in Cale.

He would have believed in the Roan Kingdom as well. He would have had faith that they had the foundations set to fight against the White Star.

“Does that mean that this alarm only reacts to special powers?”

Wiiiiiiiiiing- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

The alarm echoed throughout the building.

“Yes! Hyung-nim! There are a total of five places with the devices completely installed so someone from the Lord’s Castle will soon let us know where the alarm originally from!”

They would know from which direction the intruder was coming.

It was quite useful.

Hans looked extremely proud.

“This is something that is only possible in a territory with as much wealth as the Henituse territory! These magic devices cost so much that someone would need a mountain of gold to pay for it!”

‘A mountain?

A mountain of gold?’

Cale flinched after hearing about a ton of money despite the urgent nature while Basen calmly mumbled as he stepped in front of Cale.

“It is only one mountain and not five mountains of gold, it’s not very expensive.”

This made Cale think that the Henituse household had enough wealth to form five mountains of gold but looked forward after hearing Basen shout a command.

They were in front of the door.

“Open the door!”

Their staff quickly opened the door.

“Huff. Huff!”

They could see a soldier running toward them.

Hans pointed toward the soldier.

“Young master-nim, that person is the messenger- eek! Young master-nim!”

“I’m going first.”

Cale quickly rushed past him.

Hans could see how Cale, who was weaker than him, was able to move so quickly.

There were whirlwinds surrounding both of his feet.

“I as well.”



– I’m going first too!

Choi Han and the children averaging nine-years-old followed behind Cale.

Basen’s footsteps slowed down after seeing all of them darting forward.

“Little young master-nim! Shouldn’t we move quicker as well?”


Basen oddly felt calm even after seeing Cale’s urgent expression.

“Hyung-nim will take care of things better than I can. We will focus on the internal defenses rather than the external intruder.”

“Yes sir! I will go escort the Interim Lord-nim over!”

“Also contact the Lord-nim in the capital.”

“Yes sir!”

Basen trusted Cale.

He was the most reliable shield.

That was why he was planning on being a sturdy pillar for the shield to do as it pleases.

This was Basen’s method after choosing his pen over a sword.

However, there was something he did not know.

Cale’s shield was used to strike first every so often.

“Huff! Huff!”

The messenger shouted with urgency as soon as he saw Cale.

“Young master-nim!”

“Where are the intruders?”

“Huff, huff! To the west, sir! The alarm came from the Western city walls of Rain City!”

‘The west…’

Cale quickly turned toward the west.

He heard the messenger’s desperate shout behind him.

“Lily-nim is currently outside the western walls!”

“…What did you say?”

“That is where the soldiers train so I heard that she was heading toward the Western gate to come see you, young master-nim! The alarm went off soon after that-!”

‘Damn it.’

Cale’s body shot forward as quickly as the wind.

The current alarm had come from the western city walls.

‘I’m sure of it!’

He was sure that Lily would have headed for the city as quickly as possible as soon as she heard that Cale was home.

Even Cale knew that Lily listened to him very well. He was sharp enough to notice that.

‘She’s also weak.’

Lily had a lot of potential but was still quite lacking compared to Cale and the others.

“Everybody get ready.”

He gave the order without even looking back.



Fog and poison slowly started to rise from On and Hong’s bodies.

– We shouldn’t use magic because they are installing more magic devices but I’ll keep them prepared since it is an urgent situation!

Black mana started to gather in the air right above Cale.


Black aura that looked as if it could destroy anything shot out of Choi Han’s sword.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

“Close the gate!”

“Hide! Evacuate underground!”

“Move to the shelter!”

The citizens of the territory were scared but quickly moving as they continued to hear this alarm that would not stop.

They seemed to have trained for this many times.

“Huh?! Young master-nim!”

“As expected, right away-!”

They stopped moving for a moment to look at Cale and the others.

They were moving too quickly to see clearly but they did see the red hair and the shining black aura.

Those two things were enough to make the citizens stop worrying.

“He’s stepping into help even though he just got back from a difficult test……!”

“Our young master-nim… He truly is different from the others. If the gods descended down to the world, they would probably be as good as our young master-nim.”

“Sob. As long as the young master-nim is here, our territory, our shield! Will not break!”

The citizens were saying things that would make Cale faint in shock if he heard them.

Thankfully, Cale could not hear them.

His body was already by the western wall.

As some of the soldiers recognized him and were about to speak…

“Young miss!”

“Young lady-nim!”

The knight who looked to be in charge was shouting to someone from the ledge of the wall.

“…Cale-nim, I smell blood.”

The wind blowing form the west delivered a thick scent of blood to Cale.

Lily. Blood.

Shouts coming from outside the city walls.

“Please! Please save him!”

It wasn’t Lily.

However, Cale’s body could not help but respond on its own.

“Ugh! Hold on! The blood!”

It was because he heard Lily’s groan and urgent voice next.


‘Who could it be?


Just who-’

“Who the hell-”

His voice was calm but sounded extremely sharp as he instantly shot up into the air.

A bright rose gold light surrounded him and looked ready to cast rose gold thunderbolts toward the enemies at any moment.

“Ah! Young master-nim!”

“The young master-nim is here!”

The rest of the soldiers and knights finally spotted him.

However, Cale wasn’t paying attention to them as he was looking toward the direction of Lily’s voice.

– Human!

Raon was naturally with him as well.

Cale then saw the situation and the enemy who had set off the alarm.

– …Huh?

Raon tilted his head in confusion.


Cale also tilted his head in confusion.

He could see the battlefield.

Yes, he could see it.

The old knight next to Lily started to shout.

“The Cats are stealthy assassins! Don’t let down your guard!”

“Yes master!”

The greatsword in Lily’s hands released a large gust of wind.

The greatsword that was larger than the one Lily had been using last time was extremely large compared to her small hands.

Actually, the greatsword that was as tall as most average adult men would have been huge even without the comparison.


The gust of wind from the greatsword slammed against a man wearing a black assassin outfit who was trying to run away.

– …Oh. She’s strong.

Raon gasped in admiration but Cale could see a faint light coming from Lily’s greatsword.

It wasn’t as clear as Choi Han’s aura.

However, he could faintly see aura smoke rising from the sword.

That meant that she was almost at the high-grade knight level.

“…Hasn’t she only been using the sword for like two years?”

‘What am I seeing right now?’

Cale’s mind turned into a chaotic mess for a moment.

– It’s possible in two years! I am great and mighty even though I am only six years old!

At that moment…


The man wearing an assassin’s outfit, who was presumed to be the enemy, fell down after being attacked by the large greatsword again.

– It’s the Cat tribe!

There were approximately ten of them.

Cale’s gaze started to sink.

Cat tribe assassins. They were fighting against Lily’s side right now.

Lily was standing in the front with the old knight next to her and some knights surrounding her to support her.

Cale started to mumble.

“There’s no way the alarm would sound for some Cats like them.”

It was not a regular alarm but an alarm that would go off if the entire territory was in danger.

The corners of his lips slowly drew an arc and went up.

“Cale Henituse!”

One of the Cats noticed him.


Lily turned her head and her eyes opened wide.

Unlike Basen who was getting lighter by the day like Cale, the healthy Lily who had bronze skin subconsciously lowered her greatsword.

“Lily! I told you never to put your guard down!”

The old knight jumped toward Lily.

“I’ll kill you!”

One of the Cats had used stealthy movements to arrive right in front of Lily.



He was then sent flying.


Lily’s master, the old knight, gulped.

Here was an idol of the knights.

The black aura of their esteemed sword master had instantly sent the Cat flying.

Choi Han, who had arrived at some point, stood in front of Lily.

He then pointed toward the Cats.

Tap. Tap.

On and Hong then jumped down from Choi Han’s shoulders.

“Those mutants!”

“How dare those trashes!”

Two of the Cats pointed their blades at On and Hong.”


On snorted at them.

Hong was smiling like Cale.

“I don’t know how you freaking cowards got the courage to get here but you’re all just rats in a cage now, nya!”

“Hong. Freaking cowards is not nice to say nya.”

“That much is okay, nya!”

On and Hong were casually chatting with each other.

“Ugh! How did things end up like this?!”

The one who seemed to be the leader of the Cats started to frown.

He tried to stealthily look around to find an escape route.


However, an old man’s eyes flashed from the shadows of the forest opposite the city walls and stared at him.

It was Ron.

Furthermore, his assassins started to appear from different shadows all around the forest and prevented the Cats’ escape path.

They were some of the people of the Molan household who had followed Ron to the Western continent.

– They won’t be able to escape! We will get them all now that Ron is here! I can use magic since I’m outside the city walls!

“Fuck! When the hell?!”

Hundreds of black arrows appeared and were pointed at the Cats.

The intruders felt as if their bodies would be pierced into pieces from these hundreds of sharp arrows.

However, they all then looked toward Cale.

Cale Henituse, who was covered in rose gold light, descended to the ground with his hair fluttering.

He then walked toward Lily.

He did not pay any attention to the Cats.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

The alarm was still going.

“Long time no see.”

He walked over to Lily, who was standing with a blank expression, and nonchalantly rubbed her hair. Her now-short hair looked quite cute like a chestnut.

Lily could not say anything and just looked up at Cale.

“It looks like you’ve been working hard. We’ll go home and eat in a moment.”

Lily vigorously nodded her head as she started to tear up.

Cale patted Lily’s head once more and started to walk to the spot behind Lily and the knights.

The reason Lily and the knights were standing up front…

It was to protect someone.

‘Ugh! Hold on! The blood-!’

Lily had shouted those things while looking at someone.

Cale’s eyes looked toward the person who was covered in blood and barely breathing.

The person who was carrying that bloody person was barely speaking as she had a gasp across her neck.

Cale had not noticed her voice because her neck had been injured.

“P, please save him, young master-nim!”

This woman who was calling him young master-nim…

He would have normally recognized her voice.

Cale knelt down next to the woman who was kneeling on one knee without falling down.

He then made eye contact with the man who was on her back.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

This magic device that reacted to special powers such as aura and mana…

It had sounded the highest-level alarm because it had detected a dangerous power.

The magic device had reacted to this man’s power.

The man who was barely breathing was still releasing his power as much as possible.

The reason was obvious.

Realize that I am here.

This man would not have known about the magic device in the territory.

He must have done this hoping for Raon or Eruhaben to notice.

Cale slowly started to speak.

“…Duke Fredo.”

The leader of the Vampires.

The man who was always elegant as if he wanted to show the demeanor of a true noble looked like a mess right now.

He was barely alive and had been carried here by his loyal subordinate.

Alberu said he had lost contact with Duke Fredo after that last static video call.

Duke Fredo had stayed behind at the Endable Kingdom.

“…Duke Fredo, what the hell happened to you?”

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