Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 607 – Even if it takes my last breath (7)

He then thought of a plan regarding how he would spend this day.

Baaaaang! Bang!

Numerous arrows and magic spells flew toward the black orb.

Ron, Beacrox, Bud, and Alberu were all fighting against the enemies, but there were too many of them.

Even though On and Hong were with them as well, the two of them were only supporting them from the rear, making everybody other than Alberu unable to hide their anxiousness.

“Ah, we’re in a rush! Why the hell do they keep popping out?!”

Bud lightly shouted as he swung his sword. A cold blue aura turned into a sharp thorn and stabbed an enemy’s stomach.


Bud just kicked that enemy away as if he didn’t have any time to rest before charging toward the next enemy.

His actions looked quite bold.

‘The smell……!’

In reality, he was actually more sensitive than ever before.

He had a wind ancient power. He was using his ability to figure out an enemy’s level of strength at its max capacity.

‘I need to prepare for what the crown prince said. He said that in the worst situation, someone or something that is as strong as, if not stronger than Eruhaben-nim might appear at some point.’

That meant that Bud was the person who could figure that out faster than anybody else.

His eyes were already bloodshot as he was using his abilities to the max starting from the beginning of the battle.

But he could not stop.

“Ah, why the hell do more of them keep popping up no matter how many I take down?!”

A blue aura rushed forward like a thorn toward an enemy’s neck.

This time, there was someone who was faster than him.



A large greatsword slashed at the enemy’s back.

Beacrox nonchalantly said something to Bud with a stoic expression on his face.


Bud swung his sword toward the back.


A black arrow crashed into the blue aura and shattered into pieces.

“Ah, thanks!”

Bud thanked Beacrox, but Beacrox was already swinging his greatsword at another enemy.

‘…I can’t believe such a vicious bastard can use such covert stealth techniques.’

What a scary household.

However, Beacrox was not vicious at all when compared to Ron.

“Ahhh! M, my arm!”
“Ugh, my leg, my leg!”

There were enemies falling over with severe injuries all around them.

“Where the hell are these attacks coming from……?!”

The problem was that these enemies had no idea where the attacks were coming from.

‘Scary old man.’

Bud realized that these quiet attacks were coming from Ron.

He was right as Ron was running wild in this thick darkness before the sun came up.

These were the enemies that had destroyed his household and killed his family members.

It had happened a long time ago, but he still could not erase the incident from his memories.

‘You want to touch my family again?’

Ron was filled with more anger than ever before. His son Beacrox was the only one who had realized this.


His dagger slashed without making any noise.


An enemy fell down grabbing his injured back. Ron didn’t pay any attention to the fallen enemies. His emotionless gaze just moved to find the next target to attack.

‘…The young master-nim was quite like a puppy.’

He was thinking about Cale right now.

He had somehow ended up at Count Henituse’s household after escaping the Eastern continent and heading to the Western continent.

A lot had happened until that point, but there were so many more stories that had come up during the time he spent in the Henituse household.

Almost half of them were related to Cale Henituse.

It could not be helped. He was quite an entertaining young master.

However, such a young master…

‘We will definitely keep Cale Henituse alive for the whole day.’

The sentence from crown prince Alberu Crossman regarding their goal for the day had fueled the seeds of anger for Ron.

These seeds had grown into a large fire.

“Shoot the arrows- ugh!”

That was why Ron attacked the Dark Elf that was giving orders to attack the black orb.

The sharp dagger stabbed through the Dark Elf’s neck and burst out the other side.

“Ugh, ugh!”

The Dark Elf heard Ron’s voice behind him.

“You don’t need that neck since you just say useless things with it, right?”

Ron then disappeared into the darkness so that the enemies pointing their arrows at him would not be able to hurt him.

His eyes headed up as he did that.

Numerous attacks were headed toward the sky.

There was a black orb surrounded by a silver shield at the center of those attacks.

Cale was quietly lying inside the half-transparent black orb.

– Grandpa Ron! Do not worry! I will protect him properly!

Ron started to smile after hearing Raon speak to him as if he knew that Ron was looking at him.

Raon’s only task was to protect Cale.

– Ah!

Raon started to speak to Ron and the rest of their allies.

– Tasha, Rosalyn, and Mary said that they have started to move!

Alberu clenched the white spear in his hand after hearing that.

Their friends were staying with the plan and moving properly.

That was why he started to think about people who were elsewhere even as he was fighting.

‘Cale Henituse.’


‘Choi Han. I know that you will be able to protect Cale.’

He started to think about Choi Han, Cale’s knight.

* * *


Choi Han moved his sword toward the monster that was spurting out bluish yellow blood as it screamed.

First were the eyes.

After that…

“Open your damn mouth.”

He headed toward the screaming monster’s poisonous fangs.

There was black poison dripping down from the two fangs.

“Isn’t it already open?”

Choi Han heard Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice behind him.

Lee Soo Hyuk had reached next to Choi Han at some point.


Lee Soo Hyuk’s sword came out of the scabbard.

Choi Han blankly looked at him for a while before he started to speak.

“I’ll take the right side, sir.”
“I’ll take the left.”

The yellow monster was flailing in pain after suddenly losing its eyes and its sight.

In this short opening provided by that chaos….

They needed to take a lot of things from this bastard right now.


The flailing monster screeched and opened up its mouth.

Lee Soo Hyuk could see a violent black light coming out of Choi Han’s sword as Choi Han rushed past him.


He gasped.

He had already used too much of his abilities.

But the results were satisfactory for how much he had used so far.

‘I can only use it a few more times.’

That was why he had to focus.

He had to make sure to slash something with each attack.

Lee Soo Hyuk’s eyes focused on one of the fangs that was dripping a black liquid.

He took a step forward.

Sturdy tree branches became like stairs for him.

He kicked off one of those steps and jumped up.

The moment he reached the apex of his jump…

Lee Soo Hyuk completely focused on his sword.

Many things were being carried by this sword right now.

The flow of the battle that was to come…

The lives of numerous people…

And finally, Kim Rok Soo’s pain-filled power that was serving as a stepping stone for him right now.

‘I must succeed this time if I have any sense of responsibility.’

Lee Soo Hyuk couldn’t hear anything around him.

However, he was so focused that he didn’t even realize that he couldn’t hear anything.

His sword slowly slashed down.

And the noise around him actually disappeared for a moment.

The monster’s screeches…

The noises from the trees growing…

The sound of Choi Han’s sword crashing into a fang…

Even the sound of his own heart beating.

His ability had slashed all noise as well.

Lee Soo Hyuk felt it at that moment.

‘Ah. I’ve grown. My power has gotten stronger.’

Lee Soo Hyuk was certain once he felt this change.

‘That fang will be cut.’

He soon saw something that would verify that he was right.


Lee Soo Hyuk heard the monster’s pain-filled roar once he could hear again.


Choi Han placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You’ve gotten better, sir.”

Choi Han’s voice was filled with joy.

Lee Soo Hyuk could see the right fang that had turned into dust as well as the left fang that was cleanly cut off as he listened to Choi Han.

“Hey Han, you did well too.”

Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice was a bit brighter at the fact that they had finally managed to land a proper attack.

They finally managed to take care of one of this mutant yellow monster’s abilities.

There was still a lot of fighting left to be done, however, his gaze automatically turned somewhere after feeling this small amount of joy.

He wanted to show this to the punk to whom he was both thankful and concerned about.

“Shit, Ca–!”

Choi Han suddenly screamed before shutting up and starting to run without being able to finish what he was saying.

Lee Soo Hyuk could see Kim Rok Soo who was standing on a pillar on top of the trees that looked like a watchtower.

Kim Rok Soo was plopping on the ground as if he had fallen over.


It was different than before.

The way he was plopped down made it look as if he had really reached his limits.

“Rok Soo!”

Lee Soo Hyuk subconsciously started to run toward Kim Rok Soo.

But he soon stopped moving.

It was because Choi Han had stopped.

Choi Han had his head down.


The usually calm and composed bastard’s face was seriously contorted with a frown right now.

“Fuck. This is really annoying.”

Choi Han’s eyes were scrunched together as he turned around. It made Lee Soo Hyuk and Choi Han make eye contact.


Lee Soo Hyuk started to speak but could not finish his question.

‘Why did he stop heading over?’

He just asked himself internally.

It could not be helped.

Because, that bastard who had fallen down…

The bastard who was kneeling and barely holding onto the ledge of the watchtower, the bastard who was still conscious but seemed to be in terrible, terrible pain…

That was bastard was telling them something.

He was telling them to attack.

He was telling them not to stop.

He was telling them to not come to him.

Tap. Tap.

There was a tree branch tapping on Choi Han’s back. It was pushing him toward the yellow monster.


Choi Han mumbled in a shaking voice as he started to move in the direction the tree branch wanted him to go.

Cale had plopped down on the ground…

It seemed as if he had reached his limits…

But his tree branches had not crumbled yet.

That meant that Cale had not released his control over his power even in his terrible condition.

That was telling them to keep fighting.

That was Cale’s will to persist no matter what it took.

Choi Han had to keep fighting because he understood Cale’s will better than anybody else.

Lee Soo Hyuk was able to understand Kim Rok Soo’s will based on the sturdy tree root under his foot.

They were not the only ones who understood Cale’s will.

Choi Han urgently raised his head.

He felt something brush past him.

Once he figured out the identity of that ability…



He saw an explosion in the monster’s right eye.

It was a bullet.

A bullet had flown over and pierced through the injury on the monster’s eye before exploding.

“Haaaaaaaaa. Haaaa.”

On top of a different tree near Cale…

Park Jin Tae was breathing heavily as he aimed toward the monster again.

“Crazy bastard. A fucking lunatic.”

He was swearing without stopping.

He felt as if he was going crazy because of this unexplainable anger and annoyance. That was why he could not just stand still.

“Ah fuck it, let’s just keep going.”


Another bullet shot out from the barrel of the gun.

Other people started to speak as well.

“Long-distance attack squad, aim for the head! Attack the head!”
“Hey! Run across the trees! You can attack the monster if you use the trees!”
“Squad 1! Let’s quickly take care of these monsters and we will head toward the trees as well! Archers, leave these to us and climb the trees! Attack the monsters like Park Jin Tae is doing!”

None of them could stop.

They could all tell the importance of these trees that their commander had sacrificed so much to create.

Choi Jung Soo urgently crouched while on the watchtower.

“Hey, hey!”

He was checking Cale’s condition and offered Cale his hand.


He then jerked his hand back in shock.

Kim Rok Soo had suddenly plopped down on the ground.

“…Why, no, how is his body so hot-”

Cale’s body was extremely hot.

It was not just at the level of a fever.

It was so hot that it felt as if he would burn. It made him wonder how Cale was not dying right now. Normal people would have some issues if their body heated up like this.

But Cale looked the same as he did before.

Choi Jung Soo then realized that something seemed to be surrounding Cale.

That ‘something’ was the reason Cale was so hot right now.

‘What the hell is going on with this punk right now?!’

Choi Jung Soo was feeling extremely frustrated.

He heard a pain-filled quiet voice at that moment.

“Hey, Kim Rok Soo! Are you okay?!”

He quickly asked Cale.

But Cale quietly mumbled again, as if he couldn’t hear Jung Soo.

“…Kim Rok Soo……?”

Choi Jung Soo was wondering what was going on as Kim Rok Soo was calling out his own name.

Actually, Cale was the one who was really wondering what was going on.

He had subconsciously plopped down on the ground after his body felt as if it was shaking from intense pain.

It was amazing that he managed to maintain his ancient power.

He had heard a voice at that moment.

It was different from the voices of the ancient powers or the voices of the gods that echoed throughout his body.

– Am I finally able to chat with you?

It was Kim Rok Soo.

‘It’s my voice. No, it’s not.’

It was different, but the tone of the voice was oddly similar to the current Kim Rok Soo and Cale.

That was why Cale figured it out.

He figured out that the owner of this voice was Kim Rok Soo, but not the Kim Rok Soo he knew.

– Yes. I am the original from this world. I am the Kim Rok Soo who used to live in that body.

If this was a parallel universe…

If this was a different world than where Cale used to live…

It was someone who should have existed.

The original Kim Rok Soo.

It was a different Kim Rok Soo who should be experiencing the end of fall as a twenty years old kid.

– My voice can finally reach your soul now. I didn’t know that I would see myself who was over thirty-five like this.


– I guess nice to meet you isn’t fitting for such a situation, but…

Cale couldn’t help but laugh.

– Nice to meet you.

‘I know, right?’

It didn’t fit this occasion, but it was nice to chat with each other.

– Hey. That sealed god or whatever… I want to smack that motherfucking god in the back too.

He liked the words coming out of the mouth of this world’s Kim Rok Soo.

‘It really is me.’

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