Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 575 – The madness within the darkness (1)

Boom- boooooom!

The iron door that had been barely repaired was shaking loudly.

Jae Ha-Jung grabbed onto a tree trunk and started to shout.

“The monsters really are running wild as Mr. Rok Soo said!”

Jae Ha-Jung got the chills the more he thought about it.

‘All of Mr. Kim Rok Soo’s prophecies have been correct!’

As Kim Rok Soo had mentioned using his ‘foresight,’ the Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters became crazy once the sun went down and started to attack the central shelters together.

They were also 1.5 times stronger than normal.

A drop of sweat dripped down from Jae Ha-Jung’s back.

‘If we faced this situation without knowing anything……!’

Would he have been able to survive?

‘No, I would have died long before this.’

Jae Ha-Jung wondered if he would have died when the Grade 1 taster monsters had appeared.

That was why he was relieved.

He was relieved that this was not ‘an unexpected night’ and it was now ‘a night where they finished the minimum preparations they needed.’

Jae Ha-Jung started to speak.

“Hyung-nim! Is it bearable?”

Bae Cheol-Ho looked at his nephew instead of responding to Jae Ha-Jung.

“Puh Rum.”
“Don’t worry, uncle!”

Wind was gushing out of Bae Puh Rum’s two hands as he stood by the window.


A strong gust of wind shot out like a rocket.


“Kaaaaaaaa, kaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

The monsters that were hit by the wind rockets retreated back. The people inside the building did not miss that opening and started to attack the monsters outside through the window.

There was one more thing.


There was a sharp screech and a large hawk’s claws attacked the monsters.

The owner of those claws, the Steel Feather Hawk, shot up into the air.

“Screeeeeech! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-!”

Steel feathers shot out like arrows and attacked the monsters once it flapped its large wings.

The Steel Feather Hawk was relentlessly attacking to prevent the Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters from approaching the central shelter building.

Bae Cheol-Ho watched this and started to speak.

“I still can’t believe it.”

He recalled what Kim Rok Soo had said.

‘Tonight. There will be a leader monster stationed here for the night.’

The Steel Feather Hawk that had left this place after saying that there was nobody here worthy of chatting with was now protecting this place.

It was an unbelievable sight.

Bae Cheol-Ho made eye contact with the Steel Feather Hawk at that moment.


As Bae Cheol-Ho’s shoulders subconsciously flinched after looking into the hawk’s strong gaze…

The Steel Feather Hawk’s beak opened and it started to speak in Korean.

“I wouldn’t do such useless things if it wasn’t for that valuable offer. Tsk.”

It then turned away from Bae Cheol-Ho.

Bae Cheol-Ho let out a sigh of relief and turned around, only to make eye contact with Bae Puh Rum.


Bae Puh Rum started to smile as Bae Cheol-Ho had an awkward expression on his face.

“Uncle, don’t worry too much. I’ll work hard too. Our Rok Soo hyung-nim said that I have a lot of talent.”

Cale had never said such a thing to Bae Puh Rum.

‘It’s enough with you being here. Try working together with Jae Ha-Jung.’

All he said was…

‘Do you think I can do a good job?’

‘I’m certain that you will be enough for this shelter to hold on.’

The obvious truth.

It was just that it had reached Bae Puh Rum’s ears in a slightly more exaggerated way than he had intended.

Bae Puh Rum started to speak at that moment.

“We also don’t need to hold on for a long time.”

Bae Cheol-Ho’s eyes clouded over.

The people around them all looked toward Bae Puh Rum.

‘Don’t need to hold on for a long time.’

Bae Puh Rum started to speak again.

They just needed to hold on for a few hours.

“We only need to hold on until they start the ambush from the rear!”

Bae Cheol-Ho started to speak.

“Yes, we only need to hold on until then.”

The people around them firmed their resolves and nodded their heads.

It was at that moment.


Bae Cheol-Ho looked down at his hand.

There was a walkie-talkie in his hand.

It was one of the items that Kim Rok Soo had left for Bae Cheol-Ho.

It was not a regular walkie-talkie but a medium for an ability user’s ability.

– Ah. Ah.

He could hear a man’s voice.

– Can you hear me?
“Uncle! It’s Min Joon hyung’s voice!”

Kim Min Joon. Kim Min Ah’s brother was the owner of these walkie-talkies.

– …Is that you, Puh Rum?
“Yes, hyung!”

Bae Puh Rum responded brightly.

“Hyung! Hyung! Can you check to make sure Min Ah is okay?”

– …Haaaaaaaa.

Kim Min Joon sighed on the other side of the walkie-talkie before continuing to speak.

– What is the current status?

Bae Cheol-Ho turned away from the disappointed Bae Puh Rum and responded.

“We are still okay for now.”
– I understand. Please contact me if anything changes and we will contact you if anything unexpected happens as well.
“Of course. I will do so.”
– Let’s all work hard.

That was how their first communication with Kim Min Joon ended.

‘Let’s all work hard.’

Those words echoed in Bae Cheol-Ho’s mind.

“Yes. We must hold on.”

Although night had just started… They were already waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow.

And at the same time…

– Ah. Ah.

Kim Min Joon contacted the second walkie-talkie.

– Grandma. Can you hear me?

Grandma Kim looked around the building as she started to speak.

“Is that you, Min Joon?”
– Yes, ma’am. Grandma, how is it looking over there?

Grandma Kim looked around once more after hearing his question.

She was originally at Park Jin Tae’s central shelter.

She had then gone to Bae Cheol-Ho’s shelter to heal the wounded.

Finally, she had come to Joo Ho-Shik’s central shelter and was spending the night there.

“How it looks right now-”

Her eyes looked toward the main entrance.

Most of the windows here were tightly boarded, but the door was open.

It was okay for them to do that.



The monsters ran into a half-transparent wall.


The monsters’ crazed cries echoed all around her.

But on the building’s southern and northern sides…

The monsters had no choice but to run into a half-transparent wall.

As for the person who made those walls…


Jang Man Soo’s arms were stretched out to either side as he focused his full attention on the shields.

On the building’s west side…

“I didn’t think I would end up helping the humans.”

A 3-meter tall white rabbit mumbled in an imposing voice as it attacked with its fluffy back paw.


Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters were falling to the ground with each kick.

“But worthy deals are bound to catch my attention.”

The White Rabbit turned its head and drew a circle.


Grade 2 and Grade 3 monsters lost their lives because of its large rabbit ears.

As for the building’s east side…


Kim Min Ah shouted as she swung her large spear.


Monsters fell down with each swing.

Kim Min Ah’s eyes were sparkling.

“…I don’t need to control it because they’re attacking from everywhere!”

She didn’t need to worry about controlling the direction nor attacking the wrong thing right now.

There were enemies coming from all sides.

As long as she didn’t attack behind her… It was fine as long as she didn’t swing the spear toward the building.

And behind Kim Min Ah…

The window behind her was open even though the rest of the windows were all tightly boarded.

Grandma Kim was stationed there.

Cale had said the following to Kim Min Ah.

‘Grandma Kim is someone who has seen a lot of battlefields. Jump through the window and get inside if grandma says to run.’

Kim Min Ah kept those words on her mind as she swung her spear.

Grandma Kim watched her as she started to speak.

“Everybody is doing a good job.”

Grandma Kim looked around at the Joo Ho-Shik shelter’s people around her. All of them looked determined to overcome this trial.

‘…The problem is that it is not simply determination.’

Grandma Kim held back her thoughts as she made eye contact with a man.

This was the person who was acting as the leader with Joo Ho-Shik not being here.

He smiled toward Grandma Kim and energetically responded.

“Please don’t worry! We will definitely be victorious!”

The man’s eyes looked full of energy.

He was not the only one. Most of the people in this shelter were full of hope.

They responded brightly.

“Foresight? I didn’t think I would meet someone with such a power in person! Even the strongest monsters are on our side now! It’s all thanks to that sir!”
“Mr. Ho-Shik was right! We will be victorious!”
“We will definitely be victorious! We all just need to give it our best!”

Grandma Kim made eye contact with Jang Man Soo.

Jang Man was extremely busy maintaining his shields, but he still put on an awkward smile. Grandma Kim had a similar smile on her face as well.

The two of them recalled Kim Rok Soo’s advice.

‘It’s probably best to just let them be.’

Grandma Kim started to speak.

“Anyway, we are fine, Min Joon.”
– Yes, ma’am, I got it.
“And Min Ah is fine too.”
– …Thank you very much, grandma. I will contact you if anything unexpected happens, ma’am.
“Okay, I’ll leave it to you.”


Kim Min Joon ended his conversation with Grandma Kim.

He heard Lee Jin Joo’s voice as he looked down at the walkie-talkie for a moment.

“I’m glad that everybody is okay.”
“I agree.”

Kim Min Joon could see Lee Seung Won who was crouching next to Lee Jin Joo and recording the information from his communication.

Kim Rok Soo had told these three people the following information.

‘Recording, message, and amplification. These three things together can create an information network. The three of you are important right now, but you need to use those abilities for the future.’

Kim Min Joon clenched his fists.

He had been struggling with the thought that his sister and her friend had strong and useful abilities in this world but that he was just baggage.

But he now knew that that was not the case.

The walkie-talkie in his hand started to glow.


It was in order to communicate with the third walkie-talkie.

It was at that moment.


They heard a loud noise.

Kim Min Joon who was on the roof could see a black Yong that swept through the monsters.

“Fuck! Tell me before you attack! I’m an ally! You need to give me time to dodge!”

He could hear Lee Chul Min’s desperate shouts as well.

But Kim Min Joon’s eyes were focused on one spot.

They were focused on the man who lowered his sword and coldly glared at the monsters that were starting to fill the spot the black Yong had charged through just now.

Choi Han.

“…It’s safe here as well.”

He felt currents in his body as he felt relieved.

That was the reason for it.


Once he was connected to the other side…

– How is everybody doing?

Kim Min Joon responded energetically to Kim Rok Soo’s question.

“Everybody is doing fine.”

He then asked.

“Is everything okay on your side?”

Cale looked around and calmly responded.

“There are no issues yet. I will contact you again later as we discussed.”
– I understand.


That was all they said.

Cale just needed to activate the walkie-talkie as Kim Min Joon instructed him to call back.

Cale put the walkie-talkie back into his pocket and looked around.

He could see the desolate city that had no lights as the electricity had been cut.

It was full of dilapidated or completely destroyed buildings.

Furthermore, there were dry blood marks and bone fragments that he couldn’t tell whether they belonged to monsters or humans.

Cale could see all of this even though it was night time.


It was because of the light inside the small glass bottle in his hand.

“Ah, it feels so stifling. Can’t we make it any brighter?”

Cale could see Park Jin Tae walking up toward him.

Currently, they were stealthily moving with Cale in the front, followed by Alberu, Park Jin Tae, Joo Ho-Shik, and Che Soo Jung.

Park Jin Tae had peeked toward Alberu warily before walking forward and speaking to Cale.

Nobody else other than Cale had a light with them as they followed him.

“I don’t even see any monsters around here.”

Cale shook his head at the grumbling Park Jin Tae.

“That won’t do. There are monsters around the streets as well, sir. We need to quietly get to our destination.”

They needed to first get to their destination.

Park Jin Tae pouted and looked back after hearing Cale’s stern response.

He flinched at the Dark Tiger’s eyes he saw right away. He then looked toward Joo Ho-Shik and Che Soo Jung beyond the Dark Tiger before sticking right next to Cale.


He then started to speak.

“I understand having Che Soo Jung here since she’s famous for her abilities.”

Che Soo Jung was famous as the Flaming bottles thrower.

She was so strong that there were rumors prior to this incident about how the monsters who managed to survive her flaming bottles attacks would hide whenever they saw here.

That was why Park Jin Tae had thought that it was a smart decision to include her in this nighttime ambush squad.

“But Joo Ho-Shik?”

How did it make any sense to bring Joo Ho-Shik?!

“Kim Rok Soo.”

Park Jin Tae frowned at how Cale was slowly starting to speak informally to him before sighing and quietly whispering.

“Hey. Joo Ho-Shik is a crazy bastard. Even Lee Soo Hyuk found him difficult!”

The tiger’s ears twitched at that moment.

He had been loud enough for the nearby Alberu to hear. Of course, the two people behind the large tiger did not hear it.

Alberu and Park Jin Tae heard Cale’s voice at that moment.

“I know.”

Cale knew Joo Ho-Shik better than Park Jin Tae did.


A lot of people died at Joo Ho-Shik’s shelter, but a larger number of people still managed to survive in comparison to other places.

In addition, they had not scattered and instead had come together as a group once they ran out of the building.

And in the future…

Joo Ho-Shik who survived this ordeal would go on to create a 1 person guild.

The guild’s name was ‘Joo Ho-Shik.’

He was the only guild member.

He was the guild leader, assistant guild leader, the secretary, and guild member.

That alone was weird, but…

That 1 person guild was a church.

Joo Ho-Shik had created a religion.

It was a religion of his own.

He hated and loathed anybody getting involved with his religion.

He did not accept anybody into his guild.

He just said that his religion was salvation just for him and never even revealed what that religion was to the world.

Nobody other than Joo Ho-Shik knew the name of Joo Ho-Shik’s religion nor any information about it.

‘It’s quite funny.’

He had received all sorts of requests in that 1 man guild.

In fact, he became extremely rich from it.

This was something that most people knew about the eccentric Joo Ho-Shik in the future.

Cale, who had gathered information about the important guilds as part of his job, knew a few more things.

Joo Ho-Shik’s 1 man guild was something created because of his ability.

And Joo Ho-Shik had used all of his money to restore the destroyed lands of Korea.

The destroyed mountains, fields, rivers… He spent money in all sorts of places.

That was why Joo Ho-Shik actually had no money.

Cale started to speak.

“He’s very crazy. He’s also someone who does a lot of good deeds.”

Joo Ho-Shik was truly crazy.

But he was quite a good person.

Cale had never seen someone like him before.

“Wait, what the hell do you mean he is crazy but a good perso-?!”

Park Jin Tae pounded his chest as he could not speak loudly and looked toward Cale in disbelief.

He heard Cale’s low voice at that moment.

“We need to fight together because I know how he is.”

Park Jin Tae got the chills for some reason after hearing Cale’s firm response.

He finally managed to speak again after a while.

“…You know about Joo Ho-Shik’s ability too, right?”

Joo Ho-Shik never told anybody about his ability, but he used that ability as he pleased.

That was why people had selected him as their leader.


“No matter what I did, I couldn’t deduce his ability at all.”

He could not decipher Joo Ho-Shik’s ability.

Something was weird.

Joo Ho-Shik’s ability was a topic of question for everyone. They didn’t know what it was.

But Cale knew.

He opened his mouth to speak.

“Faith is amazing. Isn’t that the case?”

Park Jin Tae instantly started to frown.

“Haaaaaaaaa. That’s what Joo Ho-Shik always says.”

Cale chuckled. Park Jin Tae was about to get annoyed before his eyes clouded over.

“That perhaps is probably correct.”

Park Jin Tae quietly mumbled after hearing Cale’s response.



Cale started to smile.

Joo Ho-Shik’s ability was simple.


Things Joo Ho-Shik believed in would happen.

However, his ability was not omnipotent.

His faith was restricted to ability users’ abilities.

For example, it could make an ability with an explosiveness of 5 and raise it to a 7.

It could extend the reach of an attack from 2 to 4.

Joo Ho-Shik could make an ability user’s ability stronger based on the level of faith.

As long as he believed that that was the case.

‘Park Jin Tae and his flame bullets, Che Soo Jung the Flaming bottles thrower, and Joo Ho-Shik, the ability amplifier.’

If these three people were together…

And if Cale’s fiery thunderbolt was added to the mix as well…


The crazed violent monsters would meet an even crazier power.


Cale started to smile.

‘They’ll be smacked in the back.’

It would not be them but the monsters that were smacked.

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