Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 57 – Currently Thinking (5)

Cale responded to Toonka’s words by pointing at Toonka and starting to speak.

“Are you and your crew not also crazy for trying to flip everything over?”

Toonka’s smile ended up turning into laughter.


It was so loud that it echoed around the islands. Toonka finally stopped laughing after a while and started to shake his head as he responded to Cale.

“No. Not at all.”

Toonka’s gaze was cold as he stopped laughing and glared at Cale.

“We are not crazy at all.”

Cale knew that Toonka would respond like that. Toonka was certain that the non-mages were the right choice for the future of the Whipper Kingdom. He was going to prove it with results.

“Of course. I am the same.”

Toonka slowly observed Cale, who was saying that he was also not crazy. After observing Cale for a while, he finally started to speak.

“Personally come to buy it.”

Toonka did not say that he could not destroy the Magic Tower or that he had no plans on destroying it.

“That was always the plan.”

Cale did not think that Toonka’s subordinates would say anything about Toonka making the decision on his own for Cale to come to purchase the Magic Tower.

The Whipper Kingdom was the greatest source of magic devices in the Western Continent. That meant that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the kingdom’s money came from the mages and the magic devices.

Money would be the biggest issue once the non-mage faction won the civil war. Furthermore, they desired to get rid of any and all traces of magic in the Whipper Kingdom.

Cale was aiming for that moment.

‘The crown prince will like it for a different reason though.’

The Magic Tower that Toonka and crew would think had nothing left inside would actually hold the treasure that the non-mages were dying to obtain.

“But how did you know that I was part of the non-mage faction?”


Cale let out another long sigh at Toonka’s question. That made Toonka flinch, and Cale did not miss that moment to answer.

“You are someone from the Whipper Kingdom that is currently on the brink of a civil war. You then looked like you would kill me if I said I was a mage. Who wouldn’t think of the non-mage faction?”
“…I guess?”

Cale just turned away from Toonka after hearing his response. Cale was thinking about how Toonka could be so stupid in general yet so sharp and naturally intelligent in battle.

However, Toonka seemed to have become even more interested, as he approached Cale.

“Why are you coming here?”

Toonka did not stop at Cale’s blunt question.

“Seems like you’re about to do something fun. I want to watch.”

He really had stupidly great instincts. Cale waved his hand.

“Just go over there and play with the whirlpool. I’m busy.”
“Are you really a noble?”

Toonka continued to be amazed by Cale. Toonka thought that the noble named Amiru was quite relaxed for a noble, but it was nothing compared to this punk in front of him right now. Talking so informally to a noble would usually lead to a lot of trouble, but Toonka could not help but speak informally to the noble in front of him.

“I am indeed a noble. Just like you are a warrior.”

Cale casually responded and looked around. There was a lot that he needed to do today. At the same time, he heard Toonka’s voice coming from behind him.


Cale just frowned and pretended to not hear Toonka. He then released his silver shield. The silver wings appeared alongside the shield and lightly fluttered. At that moment, the Black Dragon’s voice rang in Cale’s head.

– I am very sharp.

Cale’s body started to float. The Black Dragon had used its magic right on cue. Cale decided to take care of the other whirlpools first.


Cale called out Toonka’s alias. Bob was still Toonka’s official name for everyone right now.

“You know all this is a secret, right?”
“Of course. I prefer to keep all the fun things to myself.”

The smirking Toonka really seemed to be crazy. His physique, hair, and smile all made him look even scarier because it was dark. Cale floated up into the air and started to speak.

“I will find a ship and crew for you. Don’t you need to quickly return home?”
“Oh? Thanks.”

Cale waved his hand toward the confused Toonka and headed up into the clouds.

“Win. You can do it.”

That was the only way for Cale to benefit from it.

Cale turned toward an island with another whirlpool. At that moment, he could hear Toonka’s loud laughter. It was louder than ever before.


‘Was that bastard always so full of laughter?’

Cale wondered as he headed to another island. Toonka watched Cale fly away for awhile before thinking that the whirlpools were no longer fun, and returning to his residence. However, Cale had no way to know about what Toonka did

Instead, he started to speak to the Black Dragon.

“Do you know when I am the angriest?”
– When?

The Black Dragon could see a relaxed smile on Cale’s face.

“When I throw something away for cheap because I think it is trash, yet it ends up being gold. Especially when I really need that gold.”

The corner of the Black Dragon’s lips started to twitch.

– I learned something good.
“No. There’s more.”
– More?

Cale leisurely continued.

“It is even worse when I need to pay even more than it’s worth to buy that gold back.”
– …That would suck.

Cale responded with a villainous smile and started to take care of what he needed to do. He landed on the next island.

“There is no one here.”

Cale put both palms down on the ground once the Black Dragon confirmed that no one was here.


Cale could feel his heart beating wildly.

‘The Vitality of the Heart really did strengthen the Sound of the Wind.’

Cale could feel the strength of the wind rushing up from his feet to his palms.

It took less than one second for that to happen.


The winds were roaring in both of Cale’s palms. Cale then combined the two whirlwinds into one.


The two whirlwinds combined with a sizzling noise and started to generate heat. However, because they shared the same master, they eventually became one and became a much bigger whirlwind orb. Cale then floated that orb up into the air.


He then slammed down on the orb with the Indestructible Shield. The wind orb shot down into the whirlpool underneath the water.


The wind orb and the wind top inside the whirlpool started to mix together.

Cale looked away from the whirlpool as he floated back up with the Black Dragon’s magic. The top would now last at least six months. Cale would be able to feel it if it disappeared in less than a year, and would determine what to do at that point.

“Let’s go to the next island.”

The Black Dragon’s wings fluttered as he increased his speed. Cale continued to throw wind orbs into the whirlpools before moving to gather up the fateful encounter puddle water.

The next day, Cale was at the port early in the morning.


He introduced Toonka to the ship and the crew. Toonka stared at them for a while before starting to speak.

“Come after two months. The world will be different.”

Cale started to think that he must absolutely not go to the Whipper Kingdom in the next two months. He could see the excitement in Toonka’s eyes and knew that he was going to run wild.

“…Hurry back home.”

Cale slowly moved away from Toonka and looked toward the crew to urge them to leave. Toonka watched Cale and hesitated for a bit before finally deciding to ask.

“Are you weak?”

Toonka seemed extremely confused after hearing Cale’s sharp and clear answer. However, he then stepped onto the ship.

“Make sure you come after two months.”
“Yeah, yeah.”

Cale casually waved at Toonka and then turned away from the ship. At that moment, Toonka shouted loudly from behind Cale.

“My name is Toonka! Don’t forget it!”

Cale turned back around. The mid-sized ship was leaving the port with the sun shining down on it brightly while Toonka was waving at him from the deck.

It felt like a scene out of an anime when the main character was leaving. Cale thought he saw something he shouldn’t have seen and turned back around without any regrets. Cale continued to hear Toonka shout for Cale to not forget his name, but Cale made sure not to turn back.

But he was feeling full just thinking about what would happen two months later. He would be able to earn enough money to spend for a lifetime and get a way to build a strong castle as well.

Cale returned to the residence to greet the others. He started to pet the kittens, On and Hong, who had been hiding inside the residence since they got here, as he started to speak.

“You didn’t need to come to see me.”
“I needed to come to thank you as well as to apologize for scaring you.”

On and Hong dropped their jaws as they blankly stared at Witira. These kittens, who did not even have much reaction when they saw Paseton, had a completely different reaction to Witira.

Witira checked Cale’s expression as she cautiously asked.

“Are you feeling okay, young master Cale?”
“Eh, same as usual.”

Cale was always at 100 percent thanks to the Vitality of the Heart. It allowed him to feel perfectly fine, even after sleeping for only one or two hours

He then started to speak to Witira, who had suddenly stopped talking, as well as her younger brother Paseton next to her.

“That’s enough thanks. If you thank me anymore, it will not feel genuine. Same thing with the apology.”

“Got it. Thank you very much.” ( (PR: You had one job.) )

Cale blankly stared at Witira, who was speaking formally to him, but observed her at the same time. The bloodline of the Whale King. This was different from the chief of any other Beast tribe, because the Whale King was the person who ruled half of the ocean. That made the Whale King no less than the king of a kingdom.

However, Witira was speaking formally and respectfully to Cale. She had not done so to Choi Han in the novel.

‘Why is she hiding her identity, even though she revealed the fact that she is part of the Whale tribe?’

However, Cale did not reveal the question on his mind out loud. Cale was trying to hide the fact that he knew quite a bit about the Whale Tribe.

“You just thanked me again. I said no more.”

Cale continued to speak to the two siblings who seemed to be straight out of a piece of art.

“I’m glad you siblings got to meet back up. You can go now.”

He had sent Toonka back already and wanted to meet with the Ubarr territory’s head before heading back to the Henituse territory. Of course, there was stuff for him to complete back home, but he would at least be able to rest until he went up to the Whipper Kingdom.

It was at that moment.

“Excuse me, young master Cale-nim.”

Witira’s voice, and the voice of the Whale tribe in general, was as beautiful as the legendary siren, the dangerous beings that lured people to jump into the sea with their beautiful voice.

Cale started to get the chills thinking about that legendary existence. He slowly turned his head to look at Witira. He had an odd feeling in his mind as he did so.

“We have a very old enemy. I’m sure you already know because you healed Paseton. It is the mermaids.”

‘I know. I know very well.’

“However, my brother Paseton was able to figure out how they were able to suddenly get stronger.”

‘What the hell is she talking about?’

Cale started to frown as Paseton added on.

“The reason the mermaids were chasing after me was because I found the source of their sudden increase in strength.”

The mixed-blood Whale Paseton who was killed while being chased by the mermaids. There was a reason he was being chased, and the information he had was very important for the war between the mermaids and the Whales.

“I heard that young master is from the Henituse family.”

Witira and Paseton did not respond right away and exchanged glances with each other. That action made Cale even iffier. Witira finally turned toward Cale and started to speak.

“The Forest of Darkness. I wish to go there. No, I must go there.”

Cale subconsciously answered after hearing something he had never expected to hear.

“Our territory?”

The Forest of Darkness. That was the place that Choi Han had lived for tens of years, as well as one of the Western Continent’s five most dangerous and mysterious locations.

It was also the place that the Henituse family had kept under control for the kingdom for a very long time.

“I beg you. We have prepared a large compensation for you as well. May we please go with you?”

The large and small Whales both looked at him with sincerity. On and Hong tapped Cale’s knee with their front paws. It was their way of asking Cale to take the Whales with them. At the same time, there was a knock on the door before it opened. It was the Wolf child, Maes.

“Young master-nim, here is your tea and snack.”

Two other Wolf children came in with a tray and teapot. Beacrox was outside the door guiding them.

– I am much more handsome and beautiful.

Cale heard the Black Dragon’s mumbling before closing his eyes. He felt like he was standing in the middle of a chaotic whirlpool.

“Umm, young master-nim?”

Cale raised his hand at Witira’s cautious question, which made Witira stop talking. Once the Wolf children left and the room became quiet once again, Cale slowly opened his eyes back.

He looked very calm with his back to the couch, as he sat there with his messy yet cool looking red hair. However, in comparison, Cale’s dark brown pupils looked so deep that you could not see the end.

Witira and Paseton were looking into Cale’s eyes when they heard his calm voice.

“First, explain everything to me.”

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