Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 55 – Currently Thinking (3)

Toonka, who had a crazed look in his eyes, was holding a baseball bat in his hand that was making a vicious noise as it cut through the air. Cale had no idea where he had gotten such a thing.

“Is it you?”

Toonka licked his lips before approaching the Humpback Whale. Even the close to 2m tall Toonka looked tiny in front of the Whale.

“Hehe, this is my first time fighting a whale.”

Toonka didn’t seem to know that this Whale was a Beast person. He just wanted to fight it because it seemed to be strong. All that filled his head was strength and fighting.

That was why the Humpback Whale looked down at Toonka with disdain.

Cale just continued to crouch in a corner as he watched them.

– What are you doing?

The Black Dragon’s extremely curious question rang inside Cale’s head, but Cale had moved back to a safe distance before crouching down.

‘A shrimp gets hurt when whales fight.’

Cale, who was weaker than a shrimp, did not want to get hurt by their fight.

“Can you just beat a whale to death?”

Toonka’s eyes started to sparkle. He then lightly kicked the ground with his foot. Once he did that, his body instantly shot up into the air.


Cale watched in admiration before stepping even further back.

Toonka’s bat started to swing toward the Humpback Whale. It was then that Cale could see how a Whale sneers. One corner of the Humpback Whale’s lips went up as the Whale started to move.

The 15m long large body instantly twisted before the large tail smacked down toward Toonka. However, Toonka managed to change direction in the air before safely landing back down.


The boulder that Toonka jumped up from was destroyed by the Whale’s tail.


A large wave was created from the Whale’s attack, and it drenched Cale, along with the rest of the shoreline.

‘Damn it. I look like a rat that is drenched by rain.’

However, Cale kept his mouth shut. The impact of the destroyed boulder and the crazed Toonka were too great.

“Muhahahaha. Great, just great! Come on!”

Toonka was jumping up and down for the Whale to attack again. Toonka rushed quickly toward the Whale’s tail and swung his bat down once again. Instead of avoiding the attack, the Whale just raised its tail to attack Toonka.


It was not a noise that would be made when a human made contact with a Whale.


With a large noise, Toonka came back down to the ground. The bat in his hands had disintegrated into dust.

“I knew I shouldn’t have used something like a bat. Fighting is best when you use your fists! Hahahha!”

Cale started to think as he watched this lunatic continue to fight.

‘Everybody is going to come here at this rate.’

Cale thought that people probably already knew something was going on. What could he do about it? What could he do to slip away quietly? Cale didn’t care whether the two of them fought or not.

It was at that moment.

“Noona! If you keep fighting, that generous man will get hurt!”

The tiny Whale finally arrived at the island.

Toonka instantly flinched.

“…That puny whale is talking?”

That comment made the Humpback Whale start to frown and glare at Toonka. A beautiful voice then followed it.

“You called my little brother puny?”

Toonka became even more shocked as he shouted.

“This one can talk as well?”

It was a total mess. Cale could see Toonka’s shoulders moving up and down in excitement.

“Oho, you must be Beast people! Beast people! This is going to be fun!”

Toonka was no longer laughing out loud. However, the smile on his face showed that he was at the maximum level of excitement.

At that moment, Cale could see that the Humpback Whale glanced over in his direction. He then saw that the Whale’s eyes started to shake.

Cale, the human who was crouching on the ground covered in seawater and boulder dust while looking up at Witira, the Humpback Whale Beast person.

Her heart started to shake as the guardian of the ocean who protects weak creatures.

Paseton jumped in between the two of them and started to speak.

“Noona, I am still alive.”

The Humpback Whale started to scrunch her face. Her eyes started to tear up.

Paseton looked toward Toonka before quickly moving his fin out of the water and pointing it toward Cale.

Splash. Splash.

The water splashed along with Paseton’s movement, and the water droplets hit Cale’s face.

“This sir is the person who saved me when I was dying from the mermaid’s poison.”

The large Humpback Whale’s pupils shook. The small Whale got as close to the island as possible and checked on Cale.

“Oh no, you are completely drenched. I’m also sorry about all these boulder dust. I was going to visit you tonight to thank you.”

Cale brushed the boulder dust off and responded.

“That’s fine. Are you better now?”
“Yes sir. I am almost fully recovered now thanks to you.”

The anxious Humpback Whale’s mouth dropped a bit. It was at that moment.

“You can’t get distracted when you are fighting against me! Do you want to die?!”

Toonka jumped up toward the Humpback Whale Beast person, Witira, and swung his fist. However, his fist could not touch the Humpback Whale. It was because the Whale disappeared.


Water vapor filled the area where the Humpback Whale used to be. A woman stepped onto the island from inside the water vapor.

Tap. Tap.

The woman who stepped forward with her heels clicking was Witira in her human form.


Paseton called out to Witira.

Cale was a bit surprised at that moment.

‘This is not just at the level of making elves look like squids!’

Witira was what you would call an explosive beauty. She was so extremely beautiful that she would make even elves look like cockroaches. It was to the point that Cale wondered how someone could be so beautiful.

Blue hair and blue eyes. If there was a contest for the most beautiful existence in the ocean, it would probably be the person in front of Cale’s eyes right now.

The Black Dragon started to speak into Cale’s head at that moment.

– … Dragons are even cooler. When a dragon becomes a human, I’m sure they are even more handsome and more beautiful. The human form of dragons is probably the best in the world.

Cale completely ignored the Black Dragon and stepped backward. Forget beautiful and handsome, the humanized Whale Beast people were still just as strong and violent. Witira started to speak as Cale was starting to worry.

“…Please do not run away. I will not hurt you.”
“My sister is someone who keeps her word.”

Paseton soon transformed and approached Cale as well. Witira could see that Paseton’s pants were ripped around his calves, and she could see the scars underneath. Anger filled her eyes once again.

Toonka slowly walked over as well.

“Stop paying attention to such a useless person. Hurry up and fight me. That’s more fun!”

Cale and Toonka made eye contact at that moment. Toonka started to scoff at Cale.

“Looks like this punk just goes around saving people.”

Tsk. Cale clicked his tongue at the term, ‘punk.’ Toonka seems to have thrown away the stupid alias of, ‘Bob,’ at this point. This was the real Toonka. Regardless of whether the opponent was a noble or a strong person, he just acted as he pleased.

Cale was more used to this version of Toonka. It was because it seemed like the character in the novel had come to life. Of course, Cale still had no intentions of letting this just pass by.

‘He’ll only learn after regretting the sale of the Magic Tower to me in the future.’

Cale was confident because he knew about what would soon happen, no, what Cale would personally make happen in the future.

The alias of Bob. This was actually a great name for an alias. It was because he would be rice for Cale to take in the future. ( The Korean word for rice is Bap. Bob and Bap are spelled the same in Korean. )

However, the Black Dragon started to speak into Cale’s mind in anger.

– To rescue someone or to save someone is a glorious deed! It is something to be proud about. And talking bad about someone is mean. This punk is as bad as Venion!

…How did the Black Dragon end up like this when dragons were supposed to be creatures that only care about themselves? Cale started to think about what could have made the Black Dragon change from the normal attitude of a dragon. He then slowly moved his body behind Witira. He was a bit afraid that Toonka might kill him for being an annoying and weak person.

“…Do not look down on such heroic action.”

However, Witira seemed to be angry. Cale also moved away from Witira after hearing what she had to say. Witira noticed Cale’s actions and calmly started to speak.

“Thank you very much. I will properly thank you in the future.”

However, anger was still burning in her eyes. This was the woman who was at the vanguard in the fight against the mermaids. She was not the type to avoid a battle nor even a small provocation.

“Oh, I like the look in your eyes. Are you finally ready to fight?”

Toonka started to twitch and lick his lips. He then relaxed his arms and moved his weight toward his front foot. This was Toonka’s battle position.

Witira started to smile.

“You think I would battle with someone like you?”

That was a mocking smile.

She then created a ball of light that seemed to be quite powerful.

Witira opened her right hand.


Pillars of water shot up into her palm and a long water whip appeared into her hands. She flicked her whip toward the ocean.

This whip, that seemed to be at least a couple of meters in length, cut through the water and caused the water to riot. Witira stared at Toonka with a chilly gaze as she started to speak.

“Funny. This is not a battle.”

She flicked her finger at Toonka as she continued.

“This is a lesson.”
“You are going to teach me? Hahaha!”

Toonka let out a loud laughter that seemed strong enough to cause an earthquake and looked toward Witira with an emotionless face.

“I guess I’ll need to rip that mouth of yours off.”

He then immediately rushed toward Witira. Once Toonka started to rush toward her, Witira waved her left hand toward Cale. A water shield surrounded Cale and Paseton in order to protect them.


At the same time, the whip in her right hand viciously shot out toward Toonka.


Toonka’s fist made contact with the whip. Witira started to smile.

“At least it’ll be fun to teach you a lesson.”
“Ugh, this is nothing!”

Witira moved her whip to wrap around Toonka’s body like a snake and lifted him up into the air. Toonka started to smile as he grabbed onto the water whip with his hands.

“Muahaha, a battle of strength is my specialty!”

Toonka broke apart the snake-like whip with his hands. This caused Witira to raise an eyebrow. However, Toonka was still no match for this future Queen of the Whales.

Witira lightly flicked her right hand and the whip quickly attacked Toonka’s body.
The impact made Toonka fly toward the forest.

At that moment.

“…What is going on?”

Amiru Ubarr, the investigation squad, and the knights appeared in the forest. Toonka was flying toward them.

Witira’s eyes grew wide as she urgently shot out a strand of water with her left hand. However, Toonka was moving too fast.

“Everybody, open up your shields!”

Amiru determined that it would be impossible to dodge, and immediately ordered the knights to defend. The knights quickly opened up their shields. Toonka saw what they were doing and shouted toward them.

“Defend properly! My body is very strong, so you may get hurt! Muhahahaha!”

It seemed probable that the knights would get hurt from this collision because they were wearing leather armor. The mixed-blood Whale Beast person Paseton was watching all of this when he heard a sigh coming from behind him.

“Sigh, so annoying.”

The voice seemed to be both annoyed and calm at the same time. Paseton’s eyes opened wide as he turned toward the voice.


Toonka crashed into the shields. However, Toonka did not crash into anybody and nobody got hurt. Toonka turned around to see that a holy-looking silver shield had made contact with his back. There were also long wings that gently surrounded him.

“…What the…”

The shield slowly turned transparent before disappearing. Witira’s strand of water that was coming to create a shield disappeared into the air. She turned around with shock.

The disappearing silver shield was connected to that man who had his head down as he let out another sigh.


Cale looked calm as he brushed back his drenched hair. However, he was frowning with frustration.

Instead of a shrimp getting hurt in a fight between whales, the shrimp had to use its powers during the fight.

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