Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 544 – Welcome, this is our house (2)

Alberu looked at that smiling boy and started to speak again.

“We sure look terrible for having come to meet a mole.”

Cale could not say anything this time.
Alberu looked at him and nonchalantly continued to speak.

“Why do I have to crouch in the corner of a wagon while being pushed around by piles of rice straw?”

Alberu’s cold gaze was directed at Cale.

“Especially as young master Naru-nim’s loyal servant?”

Cale kept his mouth shut.
He was choosing to use his right to remain silent.

Clack clack.

The wagon with the piles of rice straw and hay was continuing down the main road of Section 2 at that moment.
In a corner of the wagon that was covered in thick cloth… Cale was crouching while observing Section 2 through a small hole in the cloth.

“…I guess you are just going to ignore my question.”

Alberu was glaring at him while crouching in a tight spot as well.


Cale fake coughed at Alberu’s statement and avoided his gaze. However, he felt Alberu’s burning glare and ended up speaking.

“Section 2 is where the Deputy Chief Priest who is working with Duke Fredo resides, sir.”
“You’re suddenly speaking respectfully.”
“Ahem, anyway!”

Cale observed Section 2 as the wagon traveled across a major road and continued to speak.

“The grand assembly that took place in the White Star’s castle… An extremely weird and suspicious motion passed during the meeting.”
“You told me about it.”

Alberu repeated the information he had heard from Cale.

“It was a motion from the Chief Priest, Marquis Gersey, regarding the priests in Section 2 conducting a large ritual on the last day of the festival, correct?”
“Your highness, the sun of the Roan Kingdom truly has an amazing memory.”
“Enough with the sucking up.”

Alberu sat next to Cale and looked out through a hole as well.

“Is my dongsaeng saying that that motion feels suspicious?”
“Yes, sir. Duke Fredo found it suspicious as well. Duke Fredo and I became certain we were right because the Deputy Chief Priest didn’t know about that motion.”

Cale and Alberu made eye contact.

“We realized that the White Star and the Chief Priest are planning something big for the last day of the festival.”
“Is the mole the Deputy Chief Priest?”
“As expected, you figured it out right away.”
“You said it yourself that the Deputy Chief Priest didn’t know about that motion.”
“I did.”

Cale smiled at Alberu who was easy to chat with and continued to speak.

“We can get to the Demonic race creating facility from Section 2.”
“Didn’t you say that it was located under Section 1?”
“It is, but the entrance is in Section 2. We go in through the Temple of the Demonic God that Chief Priest Gersey is the overseer for and the Deputy Chief Priest is the deputy overseer.”

Alberu realized something odd at that moment.

“A Temple of a Demonic God?”

‘The Demonic race is one thing and gods were another, but a Demonic God?’

“Shall I tell you something funny?”

Cale sighed.

“The Demonic God they serve at that temple is named Barrow.”
“…Barrow is the name you told-”
“Yes, sir. It is the last name of the first Dragon Slayer and the last name that each generation of Dragon Slayers took on after giving up their own last name.”

That was why, although the White Star’s original last name was different, he took on Nelan Barrow’s last name the moment he became the Dragon Slayer and ended up as Cale Barrow.

“Your highness, there is no Demonic race called Barrow. It is a Demonic race that will be created in the future.”
“…Do the citizens of the Endable Kingdom know about that?”
“Of course not. Well, other than a portion of the Chief executives, of course. They all think that it is a Demonic race that has been around since the beginning.”

There was a reason Duke Fredo had learned the name, ‘Cale Barrow.’

Of course, he claimed that he learned of that information through a mole he placed by Bear King Sayeru.

‘My son, for your reference, Bear King Sayeru and Lion King Dorph are not nobles like us. They are just the White Star’s subordinates. That is why you must be careful. They must be hiding a lot of different things.’

Cale recalled the information Fredo gave him and organized his thoughts.


Alberu also looked deep in thought at what Cale just said as he looked out.

“I thought it would look a bit unique because it is a building to serve a Demonic race, but it looks similar to a regular temple.”
“They are all slightly different in size, shape, or symbol, but are all clean and give off a feeling of reverence.”
“…You said Section 2 has a lot of humans, right?”

Alberu could see the priests walking around Section 2.
They had different symbols on their clothes but were all mainly wearing grey robes, the same robes Alberu had seen at the Stan territory’s battle.

“Yes, the people all over the Eastern and Western continents who serve the Demonic race came here to build their respective buildings.”
“I see.”

Alberu nodded at Cale’s explanation and continued to speak.

“But you know…”
“Yes, sir?”
“Must I be your servant?”

Alberu had a rare upset gaze as he looked at Cale.
Cale put on a more serious expression than ever in response.

“Your highness, this is an important issue. Please think about it.”

Cale then pointed at himself.

“This Naru Von Ejellan is a beloved young master in the Endable Kingdom. What I mean is that I am very popular.”

Alberu’s expression turned stoic.

“So, this beloved young master has a weak body and has had to live his life resting outside the capital ever since he was young.”
“These are all things that I’ve already heard. So what?”
“That is why there aren’t many people who would suspect you if I said I was walking around with a loyal servant who took care of me in the villa. They will suspect you even less since you are a member of a dark attribute race as a mixed blooded Dark Elf.”

Alberu’s mouth closed shut.
Cale realized that Alberu had accepted this to be the case and barely held the corners of his lips from going up as he continued to speak with a sad expression.

“Your highness. Please be a little understanding.”
“Are you happy?”
“I never said that I was happy, sir. In fact, my heart is beating wildly thinking about the things that would happen once we make contact with the mole. I am weak, you know?”
“Hoo- your tongue is getting more oiled-”


The wagon clunked loudly before stopping.

Alberu stopped talking and looked at Cale.

“I guess we are here.”

The plan Fredo mentioned before he left the house had started.
Cale quickly whispered to Alberu before the wagon door opened.

“Your highness, the Deputy Chief Priest is the only outsider who knows that Duke Fredo is actually awake.”

There was also something for Alberu to keep in mind.

“In addition, the Deputy Chief Priest thinks that ‘Fredo Von Ejellan’ and ‘Naru Von Ejellan’ are two different people and that Naru really is Duke Fredo’s son.”


Alberu chuckled as he whispered.

“Duke Fredo is even tricking his only co-conspirator?”

Duke Fredo had not told everything even to the Deputy Chief Priest.

Cale smiled back and responded.

“That is why he is an entertaining Vampire.”


They heard the lock to the wagon door unlocking at that moment.

“Did you bring everything?”

They could hear voices outside the wagon.
This building… It was the voice of the guard for this warehouse.

Cale recalled what Fredo had told him.

‘You will approach in a supply wagon. Everybody is on our side, so don’t worry.’

Cale then heard the wagon driver’s voice.

“Of course I brought everything! Am I the type to screw something like this up?”

Cale heard the warehouse guard’s voice again.

“Kehehe, then I’m going to move things right away without checking.”
“Of course! Hurry up and move them! I need to go back soon!”


The wagon door slowly opened.
The warehouse guard shouted energetically.

“Okay, you two newbies! You guys move the goods from this wagon!”

Cale made eye contact with the driver through the slightly open door.
The warehouse guard started to speak as the Vampire driver respectfully greeted Cale with his eyes.

“I’ll be watching you, so don’t even think about being lazy!”
“Yes, sir! I will work hard!”
“Yes, sir, just tell me what to do!”

They then heard two energetic responses.


The driver opened the door a little more.

Clunk. Clunk.

Two muscular humans entered the wagon.
They looked at the piles of rice straw that filled the wagon and walked in farther.

“Young master-nim. We came here to escort you.”

They then stopped in front of Cale.
Cale could see Alberu stepping in front of him at that moment.

“Please tell us the password first.”

Both humans started to speak at the same time after hearing Alberu’s low voice.

“For the future of the Endable Kingdom.”
“For the future of the Endable Kingdom.”

Alberu looked toward Cale.

“Young master-nim.”

Cale nodded his head.
Alberu then moved behind Cale and looked like a humble servant.

‘Wow. He’s doing a good job.’

Cale almost shared his amazement at how Alberu had instantly shifted to a servant role but held himself back and asked instead.

“Are you two my escorts?”


Alberu had to hold back his gasp.

‘He’s doing a good job.’

Cale was new to something like this, but he was doing a good job showing a confident demeanor as the future Duke of the Ejellan household.

The healthy young men bowed toward Cale as Cale and Alberu were amazed at each other’s acting.

“Yes, sir. We are here to serve you.”

Cale saw the burlap bags they had at that moment.

Plop. Plop.

Two large burlap bags were placed in front of Cale and Alberu.
The youths opened the bags.

“Please go in.”

Cale held back a sigh while looking at the opening of the bag.

‘My son. There will be burlap bags waiting for you when you get there. The people who have promised to be there will use the bags to move you to the Deputy Chief Priest. They are the Deputy Chief Priest’s people. By the way, they are humans.’
‘…A burlap bag?’

Fredo had warmly looked at Cale’s frowning face and responded.

‘We had no choice. According to the Deputy Chief Priest, even she cannot move freely through Section 2 right now.’
‘You can hear about that once you get there.’

Cale blankly stared at the bag.

‘Man, I’m doing all sorts of odd things in this life.’

He opened his mouth to speak.

“Do we just need to go in?”

The two youths nodded their heads and Cale walked into one of the bags.
Alberu then walked into the other bag.

The warehouse guard who was peeking inside raised his voice at that moment.

“Hurry up and move, hurry!”
“Y, yes sir!”
“Yes sir!”

The two youths quickly picked up the bags with Cale and Alberu.

Clunk, clunk.

Cale had to sit still inside the bag without being able to move at all.

‘Aigoo. My poor muscles and bones.’

He thought about the place Fredo described.

‘It won’t be far to the spot where you’ll meet her. There is an abandoned building connected to the backdoor of the warehouse. It’s temporarily empty for the warehouse extension. It will be demolished soon.’

That was the meeting spot.


He heard an old door being opened.
Cale then realized that the youth who was carrying him had stopped moving.

“Young master-nim, I am going to put you down now, sir.”

Cale then felt his body being lowered.


The bag was carefully lowered and Cale saw it starting to open.

“We are here, sir.”

The youth then stepped back and Alberu, who had been lowered first and walked out, quickly walked over to Cale’s side.

“Young master-nim. Please step out this way.”

He then helped Cale so that it would be easy for him to walk out.
Cale received his help as if it was normal and walked out.

“Then we will be on our way now.”
“Glory to the Endable Kingdom.”

The two humans then opened the door and quickly disappeared.
Cale looked around.

“It looks like a regular house.”

It was a small and simple house that the priests-in-training had lived in in the past.
Of course, it had been empty for a while and was soon to be demolished, so it looked old and bleak.

“Young master-nim.”

Cale could see Alberu stand in front of him at that moment.

“I think you should look to your right, sir.”

Alberu’s respectful but wary voice made Cale quickly look to the right.

Clunk. Clunk.

The ground on the right was moving. He looked closer to see a small wooden door on the ground.


The wooden door that was moving up and down soon opened.
Cale then saw a chubby hand holding the doorknob.

“Aigoo, so hard to open.”

A soft and gentle voice was heard coming from the open wooden door.


A woman wearing an old grey robe pushed up from the wooden door and stood upon the ground.
This round woman who seemed to be in her early twenties and resembled a baby Polar Bear smiled with her chubby cheeks and waved at Cale.

“Young master Naru, long time no see. Are you here with a message from the Duke?”

Cale immediately recalled something Fredo told him.

‘My son, there is something you must say first when you meet the Deputy Chief Priest.’

Cale repeated those words.

‘Deputy Chief Priest-nim. Please get rid of the illusion first.’

Her eyes that had become as thin as a string because she was smiling focused on Cale.

“I guess Duke Fredo really is alive. How else would he have taught you to say that first, Naru?”

Although she was smiling, her eyes did not feel warm at all.

‘My son, I think that the Deputy Chief Priest is scarier than Gersey. That is why I partnered with her.’

Cale recalled Fredo’s comments once more as he looked at her.
The Deputy Chief Priest extended her hand toward him.

“You did good making it here, little kid.”

The area then started to change.

Cale’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

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