Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 522 – Late (7)

Flap, flap.

The Tiger warriors’ clothes were fluttering in the wind.
The way they walked made them seem more relaxed than anybody else.


Gashan turned his head to the side after hearing the ground shake.
A berserk Bear was charging toward him.

“This old Tiger-!”

There were other Bears behind him as well.

“Stay out of this, old man!”
“You should have just died of old age in the rear!”

Three Bears were charging toward Gashan and Lock.


Lock flinched and turned his head toward Gashan.
He then flinched.

Gashan was not even looking at the Bears.
He was only looking forward.


He was smiling as well.

“Lock, there is no need to fear something we have hunted once already.”
“Excuse me?”

It happened as Lock asked back.


The charging Bear’s body floated up into the air. He could see a Tiger warrior who was smiling so widely that his fangs were clearly visible.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

The Tiger grabbed the Bear by the back of the neck.

“Idiots who have lost twice already think they’re the shit.”

The Tiger warrior sighed and then slammed his hand down to the ground.



The charging Bear’s face was shoved into the ground.
The Tiger let go of the Bear whose head was deep inside the ground and mumbled to himself.

“Did this Bear not eat enough? Why is he so weak? He looks fully grown.”

Baaaaang! Bang!

The other two Bears were slammed into the ground by two other Tiger warriors.

“Ugh, ugh!”

The Bears’ bodies were shaking as they groaned.
Lock who was watching this clenched his hands. He then heard Gashan’s gentle voice.

“The Battle at the Henituse territory and the Gorge of Death. Our Tigers met the Bears in both battles. We won both times.”

It happened as Lock turned toward Gashan.

“There’s no need for us to fear the Bears.”

Lock finally learned why the few Tigers who were walking toward hundreds of Bears and tens of wyverns looked so confident.

“Lock, you won at the Gorge of Death as well.”

‘…Did I win?’

All Lock did was protect Cale and the unconscious Raon.
Gashan and Lock made eye contact.

“Lock, resisting until the end is winning as well.”

Gashan widened his steps and started to head toward the center of the battlefield.
The Bears, wyverns, and knights were glaring at the Tigers but did not dare to attack.
Gashan then stopped walking.

“Your highness.”

He bowed toward Alberu then looked up.

“We came immediately after receiving your message. We’re not too late, are we?”


The old man’s smiling face looked completely relaxed.
He then waved his hand toward the White Star.

“We met in the Caro Kingdom last time, right? I believe you remember who I am. But White Star, you…”

Gashan looked down before his eyes flashed.

“You got your arm back?”

The White Star had lost an arm in the previous battle, but there was an arm attached to his left shoulder.
It was wrapped in bandages, but it looked fine.

“My goodness, you don’t die either. You’re such a talented young man. Hoho-”

Gashan laughed out loud.


The White Star scoffed at this as if it was unbelievable.

“Do these bastards think I am an easy target?”
“Not at all.”

Gashan slowly shook his head.

“Not at all. That is why, right now-”


The White Star who had been focusing on what Gashan was saying could feel a large amount of power fluctuating near him.
He quickly twisted his body.


He could see a sword of light against his fire sword.
He heard Gashan’s laughing voice at that moment.

“We’re launching surprise attacks like this because we don’t think you’re an easy target.”
“You bastards!”

The White Star’s eyes flashed with the flames of rage.
That made the fire sword get stronger as well.

Crackle- crackle!

Alberu’s sword of light started to slowly break from the magma-like fire.
Alberu’s expression stiffened as he saw what was going on.

He had put as much dead mana as a highest-grade mage could use into this sword of light and his level was at the level of a high-grade mage.
Furthermore, his sword art was focusing on defense to parry the White Star’s strength.
But his sword was still breaking?

‘This really is no joke. Cale fought multiple times against a bastard like this?’

The White Star could see the stiff expression on Alberu’s face.

“You seem scared now that I am getting serious.”


More fire shot out from the White Star’s sword.


The sword of light started to turn into dust even faster.
The White Star sneered at Alberu.

“Did you think you would win by bringing such useless fools?”
“Tsk tsk. You still haven’t learned the proper demeanor of a liege.”

The White Star glared at Alberu who was spewing such nonsense even as his sword was getting destroyed.

“Do you really think you can say something like that in your current condition?”
“Oh, my bad. I’m someone who only says the right thing. Anyway, let me teach you something. A good leader knows how to work well with others.”
“You damn loudmouth!”


The White Star took a wide swung and slammed down on Alberu’s sword as if he was hammering a nail.


Alberu groaned and his knees started to bend.


The White Star snorted and took about two steps back.


A red fire shot out from his sword again.
Fire that looked like a snake with its mouth open came charging for Alberu.
Alberu could hear a quiet noise under his armor as that happened.

Beeeeeeep- Beeeeeeep-

It was so quiet that only Alberu could hear.
His video communication device in his spatial pocket bag was ringing.

Alberu laughed at that noise.

He was certain the young Dragon was calling him.
He felt as if Cale would be here soon.
He felt that that would be the case.
Alberu looked at the fire that was charging toward him before looking around.

He was coming.
In that case…

“Mm. I guess I need to take care of a few things on the battlefield before he gets here.”

He couldn’t show a mess to his little brother.
It was at that moment.

Caw. Caw.

He could hear crows cawing.

“Wind, stop the fire!”

Alberu heard Gashan’s voice before he saw the wind creating a firm wall in the path of the fire.


The fire crashed into the wind.
The White Star started to frown.

“With such a weak wind…”

Gashan’s wind that was weaker than his wind ancient power had stopped the fire for a moment.
The fire weakened in the process, but it was still strong enough to kill Alberu.


But in the spot where the fire and the wind had clashed and the dust was settling…

“…Ha! Hahahaha-!”

The White Star started to laugh.

“You bastard-”

His face was full of anger.


The fire was evaporating.

“I told you magic has many better facets than ancient powers.”

Alberu was leisurely laughing.
The sword of light was in his right hand while water was shooting out from his left hand and covering his body.

Caw. Caw.

The sky was being covered by crows even during that moment.
Gashan raised his voice.

“Help the Knights Brigade!”


The Tigers who had their hands behind their back freed their hands.
Gashan gave an order to the Tigers.

“We have no plan! Just run wild!”

The Tiger warriors started to run as wild as they pleased without any formation.

The Bears and wyverns…
They had fought against both of them at least once.
They did not have anything to fear.
Furthermore, the Bear King was not here either.

“There are only a few of them! We can kill them if we work together!”
“Knights, immediately return to the backs of the wyverns!”

Of course, the enemies quickly changed their formations and started to oppose the Tigers.
However, one of the Tigers licked his lips and started to move his hands.

“It’ll be difficult but easy.”

Even if the difficulty level was high, they should be able to do something they had done a few times already.

Boom- boom- boom-

They heard the sound of drums filling the battlefield at that moment.
Alberu could feel a large flow of mana coming from behind his back.

“It’s ready.”

A large shield was cast behind him and covered the entire castle walls.
On top of the castle walls…

“I’m okay! Don’t leave your position!”

The Mage Captain ordered the approaching mage and pushed down on the magic circle with both hands.
Pushing down on the magic circle wasn’t going to make the magic any stronger, but…
The magic stones in his hand dissolved into the magic circle and helped him maintain his focus.

Drip. Drip.

He was bleeding, but he did not care.

The crown prince was a more talented mage than him.
He could tell by how long Alberu was lasting against the fire sword.
The crown prince was his savior who had brought over someone like him after he had been exiled from the Whipper Kingdom’s Magic Tower and gave him the position of Mage Brigade Captain.

In that case, shouldn’t he do his part to not embarrass his title as Captain?
The Mage captain was giving everything for his liege.

His flowing blood could not stop his firm mindset.
His liege was able to figure out his determination.

Alberu did not turn back to look at the castle walls.
He could feel the large amount of mana surrounding the walls.

“Mm. I’m sure that this was a bit much for our Captain’s level of strength.”

He started to walk.
His speed increased with every step he took. His body quickly rushed toward the White Star.

“I should work hard as well.”
“How laughable!”

The White Star charged toward Alberu as well.

Fire, water, and light.
All three charged toward each other as if they wanted to each other up.
However, the fire drew in the wind as well.

“I have no choice.”


The White Star activated his wind ancient power around him.
The magma-like fire burned stronger once the wind arrived and increased its size.
The fire that became much stronger than before getting close to him made Alberu feel as if his skin was going to melt.


However, Alberu was smiling.

“Damn it!”

On the other hand, the White Star started to frown.
He twisted his body.
A large shield made of steel struck at the White Star.


The noise of the shield hitting the sword echoed throughout the battlefield.


The White Star was pushed two or three steps back.

‘…I was pushed back? I was pushed back by a steel shield? My fire could not melt that shield?’

The White Star looked confused for a moment before his expression changed after looking at the shield.

The young boy holding the shield still looked young but was looking at the White Star looking stronger than before.
As for the shield the young boy was holding with both hands…
The white aura rising from that shield…
The White Star was used to that white aura.

“…Sheritt. Ha!”

The White Star was flabbergasted.
The shield had Dragon Lord Sheritt’s magic inside of it.
He started to frown.

“She ran away like a rat but is plotting like this while hiding.”

Lock kept his mouth shut and observed the White Star even after hearing that.
He recalled what Sheritt told him.

‘Lock. Sometimes, the greatest defense can be an attack. You’re going to go fight against the White Star, right?’


He clenched the shield in his hand.
It was not visible on the outside, but the inside of the shield had numerous magic circles.

‘Take this with you. Don’t get hurt.’

He clenched the shield that was full of Sheritt’s magic.

Lock was someone who couldn’t use his powers properly even when he went berserk.
Lock who had gone berserk in the Gorge of Death to protect Cale and Raon could not figure out or use his powers properly even though he could turn berserk.
However, the fact that he could go berserk made Lock much different than before.


Lock released the chains that were holding back the wild power inside his body.
His dull grey hair turned silver with a blue hue to it.

The Blue Wolf tribe.

They looked as if the night had passed and dawn was arriving.
A silvery-blue light enveloped Lock’s body.

The berserk Lock’s eyes looked as calm as usual.
They had not turned red since the Gorge of Death. They were still as clear as his personality.

His body started to grow larger.
He was even larger than the Tigers.
The White Star’s eyes clouded over at that moment.

“…You, you’re one of the Wolves.”

The White Star had never properly run into Lock until now.

“The race that was disowned by the gods.”

Lock did not respond to what the White Star said about him.

He had heard many times that the Blue Wolf tribe, as well as all Wolf tribes, were disowned by the gods.
That was why they could not benefit from temple related abilities.
Lock did not even flinch after hearing that they were disowned.
He again recalled what Sheritt told him.

‘I think one of the reasons Cale wanted you to learn Shield Arts was so that you could protect yourself.’

He didn’t know whether he was truly disowned by the gods.
However, there were many people who had not disowned him.
He was just counting down.

‘…Ten, nine-’

Step. Step.

The White Star started to walk toward Lock.
There was a sense of greed in his eyes.

“I heard that there was a Wolf tribe that my stupid subordinates failed to capture. Is that you?”

Lock did not hear him.
He clenched the shield tightly again.

‘…Five, four-’

Three steps.

The White Star was that close to Lock.
Lock was still curling his large body behind his shield as much as possible and glaring at the White Star.
The White Star looked at Lock and started to smile.

“I remember now. I think that that Wolf tribe was the Blue Wolf tribe.”

It was at that moment.
Lock started to speak.

“…Three, two-”

It happened as the White Star asked back.


Gashan shouted and the White Star could see hundreds, no, thousands of crows shooting down toward him.
They looked like black rain as they charged down at the White Star.
It looked as if day had instantly turned into night.

“I’ve been waiting for this!”

There was someone who had been waiting for the area around the White Star to turn black.
The White Star called out his name.

“…Alberu Crossman!”

Alberu was channeling dead mana in between the crows as he launched numerous black arrows toward the White Star.


The hundreds of black arrows started to spiral while making odd noises.
Then they started to become smaller.
They condensed over and over as if they wanted to turn into dots.
However, each of those dots had unbelievable levels of explosive power.

Oooooong- oooooong-

Alberu could feel the dead mana losing control inside of him.
He might be overdoing it a bit.
However, Alberu’s mind was calm.


The magic that his mother had created activated in Alberu’s hand.
His mother was someone that even his aunt Tasha said had a special talent.

Unfortunately, others could not see this. The crows would hide him.
It was what Alberu wanted as well.

One of the reasons he had asked Gashan for reinforcement was because of the crows.
He needed the crows.
He had to hide his identity from the people of the Kingdom still.
But Alberu was fine.

The enemy in front of him would witness this power more accurately than anybody else.
The power that he and his mother created.

The smile on Alberu’s face became thicker.
But at that moment…

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The ground started to shake.

“Looks like I’ll need to stretch out my old body for the first time in a long while.”

Gashan who always stayed in the rear and used his incantations…
He charged toward the White Star as a Tiger Warrior as he had done long ago. He didn’t seem to care about the wind and fire around the White Star at all.

It could not be helped.

He had a sturdy shield that could block the White Star’s attack at least once.
The others who were left in Harris Village and the Forest of Darkness had prepared for war as well while Cale and the others were busy.


Lock said the last number before charging toward the White Star.
Sheritt could not leave the Forest of Darkness.
She did everything she could without leaving the castle.

Lock shouted the code that Sheritt had told him.
She said he MUST say this.

“I will squash you to death!”

The large Wolf’s shout shook the battlefield and the shield that could not cover his large body started to turn white.


The shield started to quickly grow.
It seemed as if a castle gate was being created.

No, it was a wall.
This wall would become a shield to block all of the White Star’s attacks.

Alberu held the sword of light in his hand as he ran toward the White Star and started to shout.


The hundreds of arrows that were hiding their black color thanks to the crows, these small dots shot toward the White Star.
The black dots shooting from all directions blocked the White Star’s escape route.

The leader of the Tigers.
The boy with the talents of the Wolf King.
And finally, the man known as the Roan Kingdom’s sun charged toward the White Star to take his life.

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