Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 513 – Delicious (5)

Cale could see the enemy frown for the first time.


The Marquis with the fan glanced at the two people on either side of Cale.
His gaze stopped once it landed on sword master Hannah’s shoulder.
There was a portion of the hilt of her sword sticking out behind her shoulder.
He started to speak after seeing the sword that was wrapped up in bandages.

“…That must be the Condemnation of the Sun.”

The Sun God hated races with the darkness attribute.
That was why the old Church of the Sun God had gone on a crusade in order to rid the Western continent of necromancers.
This was a weapon made by that Sun God.

The Condemnation of the Sun.
It was the strongest weapon created to destroy the darkness attribute and something that made people with the darkness attribute return to their original appearances.

“You brought the Saint with you as well.”

The corners of the Marquis’s lips became twisted.


The grey orb on top of the Marquis started to rumble again.

“That’s right. Cale Henituse, you have a lot of allies. I forgot about that. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are the prey today.”

Cale tried to take a step forward.


However, something stopped him from moving. Cale lowered his head to see a white sleeve in front of him.


Saint Jack had extended his arm to stop Cale. Cale’s eyes opened slightly wider after seeing the expression on Jack’s face.

‘He can make an expression like that?’

There was fear on his innocent face.
Cale’s heart sank the moment he realized this. He wondered if Jack was scared.
However, Jack’s face was full of both fear and animosity.
It was rare for this innocent person to put on such an expression.

“Young master-nim.”

Jack’s gaze was focused on the Marquis.

“Who is that person?”

He then started to speak toward the Marquis.

“No, who are you?”


Cale turned his head after hearing someone take out a sword. Sword master Hannah was holding onto the Condemnation of the Sun with a confused expression.


The sword was shaking.
It was shaking vigorously.

It happened as Hannah and Cale looked at each other in confusion.
They heard Jack’s voice.
His eyes were focused on the grey orb above the Marquis.

“…That power is not from this world.”
“I knew it!”

Bud raised his voice in agreement.

“It didn’t smell like something from this world!”

Cale’s gaze started to sink.

‘It’s not from this world? …Is it a power from the Demon World? Does that mean that person is from the Demonic race?’

Jack continued to speak at that moment.

“You are like me. You serve something.”


Cale’s eyes opened wide.


Saint Jack took a step forward.
He had grabbed Raon’s front paw right away when Raon had shown up and said that Cale was urgently asking for their help.

‘The human may get significantly injured, anyway, something bad might happen! He said to come if you want! He said that you don’t need to come if you don’t want to! He won’t care either way!’

How could he reject this person’s request?
This person had saved his sister Hannah, saved himself, and saved the Mogoru as well as the Church of the Sun God.

That was why he and Hannah had headed here without any hesitation.
He realized that his decision had been correct.
A lecturing voice stabbed right into the Marquis.

“Evil, you seem to serve the Demonic race.”

Cale gasped internally.

– My goodness. He serves the Demon World?

Cale bit down on his lips as he heard the Super Rock’s question.
There were priests in this world who believed in the gods and some of them had been given the powers of the gods.
Just like them, there were priests who believed in and followed the Demon World.

Jack’s hand pointed toward the grey orb.

“That belongs to the Demon World.”


Light started to spread out with Saint Jack at the center.

“It is like my power from the Sun God, something that is not from this world.”
“You seem to know a lot about it.”

Flap, flap.

The Marquis opened his fan again with an expression that seemed to be saying he didn’t know what to do because he was so happy.
He was happy that Jack was able to tell so much about him.

“I truly made the right decision to tell them not to kill you.”
“What nonsense are you spewing?”

Hannah stepped forward with a frown.
Cale had somehow been pushed back with Jack and Hannah facing off against the Marquis now.

“What do I mean? I stopped them from chasing the two of you until the end. The two of you are useful. Furthermore, Miss Hannah, it’s not like we’re strangers now. You are also someone poisoned by dead mana. Pfft.”

Hannah subconsciously started to speak.

“That bastard’s laughter feels so damn annoying.”

Jack tried to stop her but the Marquis waved his fan and responded.

“I hear that I am annoying quite a lot. But someone at my level can’t help but hear such things.”


The fan was folded and pointed toward the sky.

“People live on the land under this damn annoying sun. No wonder they would call people like me with such great powers to be damn annoying. But that will change now.”

It will change now.
The large grey orb changed directions and started heading toward the Sun God twins as he said that.

“Now then, I will keep the two of you alive. I need the two of you to cry your hearts out seeing this world being ruled under a kingdom known as darkness. Pfft.”

Hannah turned toward Jack.

“Oppa. I think that bastard has gone crazy. Does believing in the Demonic race turn you like that?”
“…Mm. That person seems to be like that from the beg-”
“Ah. He was just born this crazy?”


Hannah smiled before pulling on the bandage covering the hilt of the sword.


A completely white sword without even a single speck of dirt was revealed.

“That’s why this sword is continuously begging me to kill that crazy bastard.”
“Pfft. Miss Hannah. Are you trying to fight against me?”

The Marquis licked his lips with his tongue while looking at the white sword pointed at him with joy.

“…Finally. I can finally make the children of the Sun God submit and beg me for their lives. Keke! Now then, shall I kill everyone?”

The black knight in the back started to speak.

“Marquis. I’ve been waiting a while for you to say that.”


The black knight’s sword showed its cold beauty. She then slightly slashed down with it.



The sword that was slashing down stopped.
That scream had come from far in the rear and not this spot.
Her eyes looked forward while still clenching her sword.
Jack and Hannah.
Between the two of them who looked like they were ready to run wild at any moment… She saw Cale Henituse who was behind them. She could see the smile on his face.


She then heard another scream.
The scream came from the opposite side of the forest where the Dark Elves were currently stationed.


A gust of wind blew at her like a tsunami at the same time. No, it was being shoved toward her.

‘Cale, I did it! I brought him with me as well!’
‘I’m here! I’m sorry. Soooooob. I was so scared! But I’m not scared now!’
‘Chaos, destruction, anger! I plan on destroying everything! I am a Wind Elemental who has been hiding his powers!’

The gust of wind that the three Wind Elementals had brought over was full of On’s fog.
Fog instantly covered everyone’s sights.
The black knight watched as Cale disappeared into the fog.
She also saw Hannah and Jack smiling. Raon had said the following to the twins earlier.

‘The human is asking for your help in order to escape! Ah, he said that if there is an enemy that is difficult for the two of you to handle, step in front of the human and give him a sign!’

Cale watched the fog cover everything except their allies and started to speak.

“We only have one goal from here on.”

All of the allies looked toward him.

“We are going to escape from here without a single person dying.”

The gazes looking at him changed.
Every gaze looked energetic.
It was not just because of their determination.


There was a light surrounding them.
This light of healing surrounded the Elves and the mercenaries. Light came pouring out of Saint Jack’s sleeves.
The fog concealed that light as well.


The silver Kitten revealed herself from the fog at that moment.


The allies could hear the enemies’ screams. Cale placed On on his shoulders and started to speak again.
His voice was swift and firm.
Now it was a fight against time.

“Arms assassins behind the Dark Elf battalion are currently being attacked. The ones attacking them are our allies, the Molan household. We will gather with them and escape.”

However, there was a mountain they needed to cross in order to gather with the Molan household.
They had to get past the Dark Elf battalion and the potential Vampire’s forces.

“Commander-nim. Are we attacking the Dark Elves?”
“Yes. We have no way of knowing the strength of that bastard who serves the Demonic race nor the strength of that Knights Brigade. But Vampires and Dark Elves are definitely natural enemies of the Church of the Sun God.”

That was why it made more sense to charge through them.
The allies realized that Cale didn’t need to explain anything else. They all waited for Cale’s next orders.

The chaos from the fog would only last a short moment.
They also didn’t know when the Molan Household’s ambush would end.
That was why they needed to move quickly.

“The mercenaries will protect the Elves with their shields. The Elves will attack when given the signal.”


They heard someone breathing heavily.
Glenn Poeff raised his body with his hand over his injuries.
Thankfully, he looked better than before. It was the same for the other mages as well.
It was because of Jack’s healing powers.
However, they were not fully healed yet.

“…Glenn Poeff.”

Glenn spoke for all mages as Cale called his name.

“We have enough strength to escape. However, our auras are still too unstable to use magic.”

The mages nodded their heads. Glenn had a faint smile as he continued to speak.

“Our mercenary mages have quite the stamina when it comes to running. Furthermore, doesn’t the Saint-nim need to use his powers elsewhere?”

That was the case.
There was a reason Cale could not tell Jack to heal everyone at once.

‘The darkness attribute will avoid Jack’s healing powers.’

In addition…

‘This escape might turn into a long process.’

It would be bad if Jack healed multiple people at once and was too tired to use his powers.
Cale motioned to Jack with his eyes.

“This is a potion made at the temple.”

Jack handed a bunch of them to the mages before returning to Cale’s side.


On gave Cale the signal at that moment.
The only person who could see everything in the fog was letting them know that they needed to move now.

“Choi Han and Hannah go to the front.”

Their two strongest people needed to be in the front.

“Bud you go to the rear. Saint-nim, you stay at the center.”

Bud who could smell strong enemies approaching needed to be in the rear. As for Saint Jack, he would be in the middle in order to-

“I will get started.”


The light of healing he received from the Sun God created a ring around their allies.

“Vampires and Dark Elves will not be able to get inside this ring.”

Cale opened his mouth to speak.


On received Cale’s gaze.
A path started to appear through the fog.

“This is good.”

Hannah pointed toward that path and said to Choi Han who motioned for her to be quiet and took out his sword. His shining black aura was covering his sword.
He stepped forward.

“Shut up and run.”
“And slash everything in our way?”

Choi Han and Hannah started to lead the allies forward. Cale was right behind the two of them.

“On, send the signal.”

He then shook his top’s whip.
An odd whirlwind appeared inside the fog.
It was not the Sound of the Wind.


The Wind Elementals were creating whirlwinds all around them.
The number of whirlwinds continued to grow, and they continued to appear in the spots where the black Dragon appeared with a red Kitten on his back.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Wind mixed in with red poisonous fog appeared on both sides of the allies and created a path for them to run.

– Human! Don’t worry about us! We will do a good job!

Cale listened to Raon’s nonstop reports as he observed all directions.

‘Chaos, destruction! The West! To your 9 o’clock direction!’

“The 9 o’clock direction!”

Cale shouted and Sorros followed up.


S, s,s, shhhhh-!

The arrows shot toward the direction that Cale had called out.

Tang! Tang!

Something struck the mercenaries’ shields at the same time.
Cale looked at the mercenaries’ shields.
The black arrows the Dark Elves shot out disappeared as soon as they touched the shields. However, they were strong enough to significantly dent the shields almost instantly.

‘The shields probably can’t be used after blocking another two arrows or so.’

He heard the old Dark Elf’s voice at that moment.

“We’ve located the enemies!”

The Dark Elves would soon be sending another volley of arrows.

“…The enemy Elementals are coming!”

Sorros let him know that the enemy Elementals that supposedly eat other Elementals were headed their way.
Cale had already noticed all of this.


It happened the moment he heard the old man’s voice.

– Alright!


Hong fell into Cale’s outstretched arms while a large and sturdy black shield instantly surrounded the allies.
The mercenaries other than Glenn flinched, however, they could only curl up in fear after seeing the black arrows that were headed through the fog.

“Don’t stop!”

They heard Cale’s voice at that moment.

“Everybody, keep running! Only look forward as if stopping means that you’re dead!”
“Listen to the commander!”

Bud shouted from the back and the allies started to move again.

Bang! Bang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

An uncountable number of black arrows started to strike the black shield.
Sorros wondered if the shield would break and subconsciously looked toward Cale in fear.

He was then shocked.


He did not see Choi Han or Hannah in the front.
What he did see was a shining black aura and a white line in between the volley of black arrows.


The old Dark Elf clenched his shoulder and stepped back.


The skin on his shoulder was burning.

He looked forward.

Choi Han had slashed his black arrow.
Hannah had attacked him while being protected by Choi Han.
The white sword brushed past the old Dark Elf’s shoulder.

“…Just brushing past me……!”

His skin had significantly burned and left a large injury with such small contact.
It could not be healed either.
This was an injury left by the Sun God’s divine item.

“You bastards……!”

However, Choi Han and Hannah became surrounded by fog and instantly disappeared before the old Dark Elf could do anything.
The two of them then returned to the front of the group.
Hannah looked back and smiled toward Cale.

“We just need to attack any strong enemies like this right?”
“How simple. I like it. Isn’t that right?”

She could see Cale stoically responding to her question.

“Well, we need to at least do this much. We can’t just let them harm us as we run.”

The volley of arrows stopped for a moment, potentially because of their attack on the old Dark Elf.
Cale looked toward Sorros.
Sorros definitely heard Cale saying that they were not just going to run away. That was why he could tell what Cale was going to say by just looking at his gaze.
Cale raised his hand as Sorros’s mouth subconsciously opened.

The black shield had disappeared.
Sorros gave an order to the Elves.


In the short moment that the enemy attacks had stopped…
The Elves arrows and the Elementals who had hidden from the enemy Elementals by hiding inside the shield started their attacks.

The auras of water, fire, wind, earth, and wood were mixed in with the arrows that were sent out.
The direction didn’t matter.
Anybody else in this area were their enemies.


The allies could see the black shield reappear as soon as their attacks ended and they heard the enemies groan.
Cale took out a bag of highest-grade magic stones from his inner pocket. That was delivered to an invisible being.
The invisible Raon had taken them.
Cale had told Raon to conserve his energy and to use the magic stones so that the black shield did not disappear.

He started to speak to the allies who had stopped after attacking.

“Why are you stopping?”

The allies became shocked and looked away from the sturdy shield protecting them and started to run again while looking forward.
Their enemies could not see in front of them, but the fog was opening a path for the allies.
They could see their commander’s back as he ran through that path in front of them.

Escaping without anybody dying.
It sounded possible.

Everyone’s footsteps started to become filled with hope and strength.

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