Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 507 – It works! (4)

– I understand, human! I’ll tell Choi Han right now!

Cale was observing the ceiling as he listened to Raon’s response.
He pulled the top’s whip out of his pocket.

“Tell the Elementals that are contracted to the Elves and the Dark Elves.”
‘Chaos, destruction, love. Just leave it to me.’

Cale gave the orders to the confident Wind Elemental who was telling him to leave it to it. The short message was able to be delivered quickly and Cale grabbed onto the branch.

“Open it. I’m stepping out.”

He was talking to the fake World Tree.

– Soooooob. Waaaaaaaah.

But it was crying.
This punk was crying.
Cale flinched and started to think.

‘Why is it crying? Is there a reason for it to cry?’

He heard the fake World Tree’s whining at that moment.

– Soooooob. I’m being left behind, waaaaaah. I want to run away too, waaaaaaaah!

The fake tree was very sad.
It felt that everything was so unfair.

‘It’s not like I became a black tree like this because I wanted to.’

It did not want to become a tree with black branches like this. It hated people who did evil deeds such as this even more.

– Sob. It’s not like I was controlled by Elisneh because I wanted to be controlled. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I like the World Tree-nim and don’t want to cause her any harm… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. But everybody hates me. Soooooooooooooob. Sniff.

He could hear the tree sniffling.

‘Do World Trees have snot?’

Cale had that thought once again but the fake World Tree was being serious.

– I just get used. Sooooob.

The fake World Tree could not even move its branches freely while being controlled by Elisneh.
Furthermore, there was nobody who can chat with it; all it could do was be lonely in the center of this dark maze with no light.

It had finally found an opportunity.
Cale Henituse was that opportunity.
The fake World Tree knew about him. He was someone in its memories.
That was why it had started to talk to him and managed to get thirty minutes of freedom even if it came at the cost of burning itself a bit.

It had then used that freedom to protect Cale.
It had hoped that Cale would save it.
The fake World Tree weakly mumbled.

– I, I want to get out of here as well.

It was at that moment.

“Who said I was leaving you behind?”
– …Excuse me?

The fake World Tree’s branches started to shake.
Cale didn’t care and didn’t pay any attention to the branches.

“Hurry up, get rid of these branches.”
– Wait, t, that-
– Ah, that, yes, yes, sir!

The black tree that responded in a shaking voice moved his branches.
The branches quickly moved similar to a blooming flower and Cale easily stepped out.

– Human! Really, can you really save this black tree? It says it was being controlled! Poor little tree!
– Umm, but, h, how will you move me? Is that even possible?

He heard both Raon and the fake World Tree’s voices.


Cale laughed.

“…Cale Henituse-”

It was because he made eye contact with Elisneh.

– Human… You have…the look of the greatest scammer……
– …Umm…I’m very sorry. If I did something wrong……

He ignored both Raon and the fake World Tree’s voices.
Instead, he pointed his index finger toward Elisneh who was grinding her teeth while looking at him.


Cale motioned with his mouth as Elisneh frowned at his action.

‘Not you but next to you.’
‘…Next to me?’

Elisneh turned her head.
She then saw a shining black aura roar wild like a roaring wave to attack someone.


The white feather snake melted in the black aura. Then there was someone grabbing onto the ankle of the wind horse floating on top of the snake.

“…Choi Han!”


Choi Han smiled once he made eye contact with Elisneh. His sword stabbed somewhere at the same time.


Black aura entered the ankle of the old man on the wind horse.


Blood gushed out once the aura disappeared. Choi Han grabbed the pierced ankle.

“You bastard!”

The shaman holding the mirror sent wind arrows flying toward Choi Han who attacked his comrade.
Tens of wind arrows would charge at Choi Han, forcing him to swing his sword to dodge.
The shaman with the mirror was planning on rescuing the shaman with the feathers at that moment.

“Your majesty. I am still here.”

The shaman with the mirror also stood in front of Elisneh at the same time to block Choi Han’s attack.


The arrows charged toward Choi Han.


Choi Han raised his head after hearing someone laugh. The old man whose ankle was in his hand was laughing through the pain.

“Pfft. You stupid idiot! Did you think everything would be resolved by holding onto my ankle?”

How was he going to stop tens of wind arrows?
Furthermore, it was not just the wind arrows that were aiming for Choi Han.
The shaman had sent his feathers flying as soon as he gave up on his ankle.


The feathers joined the wind arrows in charging toward Choi Han. Sharp attacks were flying toward him in all directions, giving him nowhere to escape.
The shaman with the feathers laughed before shouting toward Choi Han who was dangling in the air by holding onto the wind horse’s leg and his ankle.

“You’ll soon turn into a pincushion!”

Choi Han started to speak at that moment.

“So be it.”

The shaman with the feathers wondered if he had heard correctly.

‘Did he just say that he didn’t care if he turned into a pincushion?’

The shaman wondered what Choi Han meant by that.
It was at that moment.
He realized something was weird.


Neither the wind arrows nor the feathers were charging at Choi Han. Everything was quiet.
The shaman looked away from Choi Han and looked around.

“…You, you-”

He could not speak.
The tens of feathers and wind arrows… There were tens of thin black threads that were holding onto them.
The shamans’ gaze moved until he saw someone in a black robe standing on the shoulder of a black skeleton monster.

“That necromancer……!”
“Are you sure you can look away right now?”

The shaman flinched and his body started to shake. He heard the voice coming from right next to him.
He realized nobody was holding onto his ankle anymore. The shaman with the feathers slowly turned his head.


The shaman with the mirror shouted but the shaman with the feathers saw a sword pierce through his shoulder.

“Ugh… ugh!”

The shaman with the feathers fell off the wind horse toward the ground as Choi Han said that.

“…You bastard!”

The shaman with the mirror immediately got rid of the wind horse Choi Han was standing on. However, the black thread had approached at some point and held onto Choi Han so that he would not fall.
Elisneh looked toward Choi Han and started to speak.

“What is giving you the confidence to jump into the air? I guess you want to fall under an illusion again!”

Choi Han was already as high as Elisneh.
The others were scared of falling under an illusion and did not dare to do so, but Choi Han had done it without any hesitation. Elisneh sneered at him and started to cast hand signs.

“This one will be worlds more powerful than last time! I know you are probably confident because you managed to get out of my illusion once, but-”

She flinched at that moment.


She could feel the air vibrating as power gathered together.
Elisneh slowly turned her head.

“…What the-”

Mana was gathering on top of the black tree.
The black mana that gathered very quickly looked ready to explode at any moment.

“…Ha. I guess you do plan on getting rid of the black World Tree.”

Elisneh lifted the arm with the injured shoulder as she said that. It was painful, but the blood had stopped and she was able to move it a little bit.
Her eyes were looking at Cale who was under the tree where the mana was gathering.

“I guess I have no choice.”

Fluffy barked at that moment. Princess Jopis subconsciously walked away from the skeleton monster’s protection and moved next to Fluffy.
Fluffy was barking while looking at the ceiling. The other puppies parked as well and moved next to her.
Jopis started to frown.


The maze’s ceiling had just been dark, but… White lights started to gather there now.
They were the same as the light that had struck Cale.

Most of the maze was destroyed and it looked more like a plain now. The ceiling that was covering the entire area was glowing with white lights.

“Cale Henituse. A majority of your allies will fall into an illusion and die the moment you destroy that World Tree.”

Elisneh lifted her injured arm toward the ceiling.


The white lights gathered toward her outstretched hand.
The white lights gathered together and formed an orb, similar to the black mana orb on top of the black tree. The area surrounding her started to heat up from the white lights crashing against each other.
She warned Cale.

“Tell your Dragon to stop immediately.”

She was certain that that black mana was Cale Henituse’s Dragon’s doing.


Cale let out a deep sigh.
He looked around as if he had a headache before finally looking at Elisneh. He was also looking at the large white orb gathering in her hand.

Everyone else had stopped fighting and were focusing on Cale and Elisneh.
The black mana orb and the white orb…
They were both large in size and everybody could feel a large amount of power fluctuating within them. They felt as if those two lights clashing against each other would slowly reveal the results of this battle.

“…I didn’t know Elisneh would be this strong.”

Jopis started to frown.
She wanted to get involved in the battle but knew that she would only be a hindrance because her shaman ability level was low.

‘If I had learned properly-’

If she had been able to properly train as a shaman similar to how Elisneh had grown as an Illusionist…

‘Would I have been the one to go up against Elisneh? No, it should be me.’

Jopis clenched her fists.
Her eyes looked desperately at Cale as she did that.
He was her ally who would fight against Elisneh for her.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared about destroying the World Tree after seeing how strong I am?”

Elisneh started to smile.
It was because Cale looked tired. He was also frowning as if he had a lot to worry about.

“Stop worrying-”

Cale started to speak.
He ruffled his hair and brusquely asked as if he was frustrated.

“Why do you keep asking why I am planning on destroying the World Tree? Huh? Do you really think I’ll destroy it?”

Cale had no intention of destroying the fake World Tree nor leaving it behind.


Cale’s right hand was moving toward his shirt as Elisneh asked in shock.


He ripped a badge off his shirt.
It was his commander badge that was located next to the Henituse Duchy badge.


Cale smiled and turned around.


He reached his hand out and touched the black tree. Cale’s eyes then sparkled.
The black tree answered energetically.

– I’m ready! I will just trust you, Commander-nim!

Cale’s smile became thicker.

“I will take this. Heh.”
– I’m fine being anywhere as long as it is not here! I will just trust you, Commander-nim! I trust you, sir! I trust you!

Cale ignored the fake World Tree’s passionate response while feeling thankful to Elisneh.

‘She helped me remember something I had forgotten about.’

The illusion that reminded him of his life as Kim Rok Soo made him remember something he had forgotten about for a moment.


He couldn’t help but laugh.

The black branches flinched.
The fake World Tree thought that Cale was a good person, but his smile looked like a vampire who was smiling wickedly after finding its prey.

– Huh? Huh?

However, the black tree could not think about Cale’s laugh any longer.
The tree felt a power surrounding it.
It felt like the power was embracing it but also as if it was giving it an order.
However, the fake World Tree realized something.

‘…I can get out! I can get out of here!’

It felt certain.
A sharp voice shouted out at that moment.

“You, what?! What the hell are you doing?!”

It was Elisneh’s voice.
Cale slightly controlled the power flowing out of his heart. That was enough. The power headed toward the tree Cale was touching without needing him to do anything anymore.

Whether it was a tangible item or an intangible power. This ability allowed him to store anything in a set location.
It was Lee Soo Hyuk’s ability that was now Cale’s ability.



The black tree turned transparent and started to disappear.
Elisneh screamed as she watched before sending the white orb flying toward Cale.

“Do you think I’ll let you do that?!”


The white orb accurately started to fly toward Cale.
She needed to prevent the World Tree from disappearing.

It was at that moment.
The moment the white orb left Elisneh’s hand…

“I was waiting for this!”

She heard a child’s voice coming from an empty spot. Elisneh turned her gaze away from Cale.


The black orb that was above the disappearing tree opened up at that moment. That mana orb was not for attacking.
It was a defensive orb.
The black orb turned into a shield and covered Cale.

“Young master-nim. Just leave it to us.”
“We will help as well. We should be able to block this if we all work together.”
“That’s right. We are overflowing with power after absorbing a lot of dead mana.”

The Elementals who had received the message from the Wind Elemental came over with Tasha, Jeet, and their respective Dark Elves and Elves. The Elves and Dark Elves used their Elementals to cast barriers above the black shield to protect Cale even more.

However, Elisneh could not see any of that.
The spot where she heard an excited child’s voice…
The voice was coming from the ceiling that was now empty after Elisneh had gathered all of the white lights together.


Elisneh gasped.
The maze’s ceiling without the illusion territory now that the white light was gone was no longer scary.

There was someone who had been waiting for this illusion-less ceiling.

The young Dragon flapped his little wings and quickly started to fly.
He then shot the thing that was in his front paw toward the ceiling.

He did not need as much mana as he had used for the black shield protecting Cale.
He just needed a small mana orb that had been condensed and condensed again.

The mana that was gathered together in the shape of an arrow left Raon’s hand.
It then crashed into a single spot.


Elisneh started to frown.


She heard the ceiling that had been hit by the mana arrow start to crack.
Sometimes, all that was needed was a small crack to cause a giant gap. Furthermore, even though it was an attack with a small amount of mana, it came from a Dragon.


The ceiling started to crack open.
A hole was slowly starting to appear.
Sunlight from above ground started to seep into the maze.

It was actual sunlight that had seeped in as the maze’s illusion ceiling crumbled.
Elisneh felt dizzy as soon as she saw that light.
It was at that moment.

“I was waiting for this as well.”

She heard someone whisper.


The shaman with the mirror groaned as he fell to the ground.
That made the wind horses the shaman was controlling disperse into the air as well. Elisneh’s horse disappeared as well.
She no longer had a maze wall to land on.
The only thing she could do was fall to the ground.


However, there was someone who grabbed her by the neck as her body was tilting over as the wind horse disappeared.
It prevented her from falling.
It was a man in a black outfit tied up by black threads.
Ron Molan smiled toward Elisneh.

“You showed our young master-nim despair. You shouldn’t have done that.”

Elisneh could not breathe.

‘When? When did he get so close? I didn’t notice anything.’

She looked at the smiling Ron with a shaking gaze.
However, Ron turned away from her and casually commented to the person who was also floating in the air with Mary’s black threads.

“I guess I took care of the remaining two.”
“…How boring.”

Choi Han turned away with a grumbling expression.
He had lost the third and fourth preys to Ron.
Ron’s movements truly were stealthy.

“This is all thanks to you. It’s all thanks to you running wild.”

Ron smiled benignly while Choi Han’s expression turned blank.
However, the two of them soon looked down.
The white orb was starting to crash into its target.


Cale could see the white orb explode as it hit the black shield and the Elementals’ barriers.
His sight turned white for an instant, but he smiled as he started to speak.

“I guess we made it out of the maze.”

He sounded full of confidence.

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