Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 50 – Into the Whirlpool (1)

Amiru, who had no way of knowing what Cale was thinking about, thought the serious expression on Cale’s face was because of how caring of a person he was. She then continued to speak.

“Based on his outfit and physique, he seemed to be someone from the Whipper Kingdom.”

It was definitely Toonka.

Cale’s face turned paler as Amiru continued to speak.

The non-mage faction that was fighting against the mages in the Whipper Kingdom were ignored as barbarians by the mages.

However, there were no barbarians in this world.

All humans had the same brain. It was just that, as time went on and history was created, they all grew and developed in the way that was most suitable for them.

The non-mages of the Whipper Kingdom were all strong individuals who managed to take control of the Whipper Kingdom’s harsh mountains and shores without using any magic. They were people who focused on strengthening the human body rather than relying on other factors, such as magic.

They were rebelling because they wanted to destroy the current Whipper Kingdom that was made only for mages to have easy lives and return it to its original form.

The citizens of the Whipper Kingdom were on the side of these non-mages. Foreigners may think that the barbarians were trying to take over the kingdom, but they were not barbarians to the Whipper Kingdom’s citizens. They were just free people.

They used instinct to take down this kingdom of logic.

‘The problem is that Toonka is extremely stupid.’

An intelligent barbarian? There were some who said that, but, in Cale’s opinion, Toonka was just a simple and stupid person who just happened to be very strong.

And stupid people were the scariest type of people.

This was because you could not talk to them.

“Young master Cale, you do not have to worry about that person. He seemed to recover very quickly.”

Cale laughed it off after hearing Amiru’s words.

“I’m not worried at all. In fact, I’d prefer it if he continued to get treatment for a long time.”

Cale’s hope was that Toonka would remain in recovery until he left. Amiru, as well as the knights who were with her in the capital, all looked toward Cale with warm gazes.

Cale did not have time to pay attention to such gazes. He had enough of a headache trying to figure out why Toonka arrived here so early.

“Young lady Amiru, could you please show us to our rooms?”

“Of course. You are still not at full strength yet, right?”

“Yes. I am still hurt.”

“…Oh no, let’s hurry then.”

Cale only had a single thought in his head as Amiru started to walk quickly with a serious expression on her face before slowing back down to Cale’s speed.

‘Billos may be a Flynn and is extremely talented, but how was he so sure about the Civil War? How did he find out so early?’

It was because Cale had read the novel that he knew about Billos’s abilities. However, Billos was still ostracized as a bastard son right now. There had to be a limit to his information gathering.

The fact that Billos knew about it made one thing possible.

‘The Civil War must be happening earlier than in the novel.’

If Cale thought about it that way, everything made sense. But what would have brought forth the Civil War? However, Cale did not think long about this question.

The fact that Toonka was shipwrecked meant that his ship was destroyed by the mages’ attacks and that he had returned from the north after gaining strength.

That meant that, even if it was moved up, the story itself did not change.

The strength that instilled fear in the mages. The peak of human potential when it came to physical strength. Toonka survived through the sea, mountain, desert, jungle, volcano, and glaciers with just his physical strength alone. ( TL: Yet he got shipwrecked…clearly didn’t survive the sea…(PR: Perservering = Survival) )

Toonka had survived through nature and its harshest elements. There was no way that mages, who use mana, a power that is drawn from nature, could defeat such a person.

‘Maybe a dragon can kill him.’

A dragon could probably still kill Toonka with a single hit.

Cale said that he needed to rest as soon as he arrived at the residence and sent everybody out of his room before looking up at the ceiling and starting to speak.


“What is it, human.”

The Black Dragon revealed itself. Cale started to seriously speak to the dragon.

“Stay by my side without going anywhere for awhile.”

Cale had realized something through the situation with Choi Han and the Black Dragon. If he tried to avoid Toonka, he could instead end up with even more baggage. He needed to prepare for that moment.

“I will do whatever I want.”

The Black Dragon snorted and turned away from Cale. However, the way the dragon’s wings were flapping let Cale know that the Black Dragon would listen to him. He was saying one thing, but his body was saying another.

Cale felt much better after telling that to the Black Dragon. Cale then looked around his room. It was a residence that the head of the Ubarr family had built a while ago in this small village.

‘It doesn’t really fit with the rest of the village.’

This luxurious room did not fit with the village they were in. That meant that Amiru’s mother, the head of the Ubarr territory, already had plans to develop this area when she originally started the construction of this residence.

That vision was finally becoming a reality 10 years later.

‘It probably took a while to draw in Gilbert’s family and get the protection of the Wheelsman family.’

Cale was scheduled to meet with Amiru’s mother before leaving the Ubarr territory. She was going to come from the city with the Ubarr family’s main estate around that time.

Cale thought about that meeting for a bit before moving to stand in front of the window. He could see the entire village through the large window, as well as the Cliff of Winds.

The Cliff of Winds.

For hundreds of years, the water in front of the cliff was ravaged by a whirlpool, causing headaches for the Ubarr citizens trying to head out into the sea.

But there was a reason Amiru’s family still considered this area to be important.

There were two other villages that were by the sea, but this village was at the center of the three. The shoreline that was in the shape of a crescent moon had this village in the center with two cliffs on either side, making this the only village that made it easy for boats to set out.

Furthermore, islands of different sizes were visible from the village, making it a pretty sight as well. It would be a great location for a military base.

Cale was scheduled to go to the smallest island tomorrow morning. The, ‘Sound of the Wind,’ that was the source of all of these whirlpools was located right next to that island.

Toonka had said the following about the Sound of the Wind in the novel.

< “It is a quiet but chaotic power.” >

It was exactly what Cale was looking for.

A power that would allow him to quickly and quietly run away while causing chaos for the strong. Cale started to slightly smile in anticipation of tomorrow morning.

That smirk soon changed to a full-on smile that was full of satisfaction.

“Young master-nim! Uncle Beacrox made this seafood just for you!”

“Uncle is very excited about the sea!”

“Right! Cale-nim, please eat a lot!”

Cale looked at the ten wolf children bringing food to his room with satisfaction.

He had told the others that they were Lock’s cousins and that they all lived in the same village when their families were killed by bandits.

Cale’s smile became even thicker. It was not because he liked the ten of them. Cale’s eyes were focused on Beacrox, who was bringing trays of food behind the children.

Ron’s son, a chef, and a torture expert. That was Beacrox. He usually wore clothes without any wrinkles nor even a speck of dust.

It was the same right now. However, he had serious bags under his eyes.

“Please eat, young master Cale.”

“Great, thanks. It was a good decision to have you all help Beacrox in the kitchen.”

Cale thanked Maes, the twelve-year-old who was the eldest of the 10 wolf children, before picking up his fork.

‘Young master-nim, we want to work. Lock hyung told us we cannot leech off of you.”

The wolf children, with Maes in the lead,had rushed into his carriage during their journey and asked him to put them to work. That was when Cale had them start assisting Beacrox.

‘Mm, we think it will be better if we train with the knights, but we will still do our best.’

The 12-year-old Maes was confident and calm, unlike Lock. He was also very aware of the strengths of the Wolf Tribe. That was why Cale was even more adamant about their helping Beacrox in the kitchen

‘You are still children. It is still too early to do something dangerous like training with the knights. Help Beacrox with the kitchen stuff.’

‘You really are like Lock hyung mentioned. Yes, we will do our best.’

The children who said that they will work hard really did work hard. Maybe that was why, but Cale couldn’t help but smirk at Beacrox, who seemed to get more tired each and every day. Beacrox just stood there while the wolf children set up the table and then headed out.

“Uncle, are you not coming?”

The wolf children were bright and pure. They called Beacrox uncle and treated him like family.

“…I’m coming.”

The children headed out first after hearing his comment. All of them were dressed cleanly and had their hair well kept, as if they never lived in a remote village before.

It was inevitable with Beacrox’s style.

‘Now that I think about it, he would be a really good babysitter.’

Cale avoided Beacrox’s gaze, thinking that Beacrox would come at him with his cooking knife if he knew what Cale was thinking about. Beacrox was living as a clean and respectful chef right now. He could not be cold to the wolf children.

All he could do was glare at Cale every so often.

Cale picked up the fork and knife and spoke to Beacrox who was leaving.

“Thanks for always giving me a delicious meal.”

“…Yes sir.”


Beacrox left the room and closed the door behind him. Cale looked at the door and started to speak.

“I don’t know why he is trying to do his dad’s job while his dad is gone.”

There was no reason for Beacrox to bring the food to him. However, Beacrox was slowly doing Ron’s work at any chance he got. Sadly, this prevented Cale from being able to enjoy the gap left from Ron’s departure.

The wolf children or Beacrox always showed up to take Ron’s spot.

Cale looked toward the corner of the room next and continued speaking.

“Come eat.”

Cale’s meal buddies, On, Hong, and the Black Dragon, rushed to the table and started to eat. Cale looked out at the sunset over the ocean as he leisurely ate his dinner.

The next day.


“Nice to meet you, young master-nim.”

Cale exchanged greetings with an old man.

This was a fisherman who had roamed across this Ubarr sea and battled against the whirlpool for tens of years. This old man, who was known as the greatest veteran of the Ubarr sea in this small seaside village, had a very tan skin that represented just how much time he spent out at sea.

“Just trust me. I will safely take you to the central island.”

Amiru, who was next to Cale, nodded her head and added on.

“Right. He is an amazing individual, so you will be able to get to anywhere in the Ubarr sea as long as he is with you. I’m sorry I cannot go with you even though I’m supposed to show you around. I have some work to do.”

“That is okay. It is enough that you have introduced me to an expert fisherman.”

It would be complicated if Amiru went with him. Cale had already determined the people who would go with him today. The fisherman asked.

“Is it just the three of you?”

“Yes. Let us go.”

“Yes sir. Please get on.”

Cale got on the small but sturdy boat. The Vice Captain got on behind him. Since the Vice Captain will be with him, Cale did not need to take any other knights with him. It really shouldn’t be a problem though, since the islands were uninhabited.

“Please be safe, young master.”

“Got it.”

Deputy butler Hans had On and Hong in his arms as he watched Cale off. The kittens On and Hong were flailing around, trying to get away from Hans, who was getting closer to the water. Although they liked the smell of the sea, On and Hong did not like water.

– I will be flying.

Naturally, the Black Dragon was planning on following them while remaining invisible. Cale joked with the last person getting on the boat.

“Beacrox, apparently the nets near the island tend to catch a lot of rare seafood. It will be great to broaden your palate.”

“…Thank you very much, young master Cale.”

Beacrox, who ended up going with them at Cale’s order, got onto the boat with a stiff expression. Cale ordered the fisherman once everybody was on board.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes sir.”

The fisherman, the captain of this small boat, started to row with his son. In this whirlpool filled sea, neither a large ship nor acceleration magic was important.

It was safer to be with an experienced fisherman and rely on their years of rowing experience.

“The boat may rock quite a bit, so please hold on tightly.”

The old man casually announced as the boat departed. Cale started to curse soon after they left.


The boat was rocking. The boat was just barely avoiding the whirlpool that seemed like it would suck everything in. The force of the whirlwind was rocking the boat a lot.

Splash, rash.

All sorts of water smashing sounds rang in Cale’s ears as the old fisherman shouted.

“Hahaha. Young master-nim, isn’t the whirlpool grand?”

The fisherman was a very courageous man. Cale pushed away the hand of the Vice Captain who was grabbing onto his clothes with a pale expression.

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