Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 483 – Follow Me (6)

Cale found it shocking that the Elves had tried to destroy the fake World Tree once already.

‘I never even thought about it.’

He never imagined something like that could have happened without his knowledge. Adite seemed to have anticipated this thought and quickly started to speak.

“Young master-nim, after we asked you to visit the village……”

She started quickly, but soon trailed off. Cale, who realized the reason, soon started to speak.

“I was a bit late.”

Cale was busy and had not been able to visit right away when the World Tree had asked him to come.

“Yes, sir. We couldn’t just sit back and wait, so we attempted to take it down since we had a large group of Elves.”

Elves were quite difficult enemies because they were strong and could handle Elementals.
Furthermore, every Elf Village had a Guardian Elf that formed militias to protect the village.

The Molden Kingdom.
Their task was to sneak into one of the Eastern continent’s strongest kingdoms, but it should not have been very hard.

At least, that was what the Elves had thought.

“We managed to get near that area by following the directions the World Tree-nim gave us.”
“Where is that area?”
“…The palace in the Molden Kingdom’s capital.”
“And you failed?”
“Yes, sir.”

Adite gripped the map a little tighter.
Cale flinched at the vicious-looking grip as Adite recalled the past and continued to speak.

“The fake World Tree. We could not get near the place where the new World Tree was being created.”
“Why not?”
“We were stopped by dead mana liquid.”

Dead mana liquid existed around the new World Tree so that the Elves could not get inside.

“As you know, Elves are extremely weak against dead mana.”

Cale nodded his head.
That was the reason the Elves were almost defeated by Arm in the Ten Finger Mountains as well.
The Elves would have lost against the tamer and the dead mana he spread with his controlled animals if Cale and his group had not shown up.

Cale opened his mouth to speak.

“You need my help because of the dead mana.”
“That is correct. Young master-nim, you played a huge role in the Ten Finger Mountains in the past and you also have Miss Necromancer by your side, and…”

Adite looked past the place where the World Tree was located.

“…I heard you were close with the Dark Elves as well.”

Elves and Dark Elves did not get along.
It was because the Dark Elves needed the thing that was the Elves’ weakness.

“Of course, we plan on rewarding Miss Necromancer and the Dark Elves as much as possible as well if they will help us. Your other group members as well.”

Cale looked toward Adite with an amazed gaze.
Elves were not the type to ask others for help like this. Especially toward races like necromancers and Dark Elves that were related to dead mana.

‘That’s how important this is to them.’

The World Tree and Elementals.
These two things were extremely important to the Elves. The World Tree gave them a home and the Elementals who lived peaceful lives thanks to the World Tree were the Elves’ close friends and a source of their strength.


Cale could see the leaves of the trees around the World Tree starting to shake.
He couldn’t chat with the World Tree because he had removed his hand, but it seemed to be asking him for help.

‘It’s something I need to do anyway if it is related to the White Star.’

Furthermore, it was going on in the Molden Kingdom run by the Illusionist.
Choi Han who was viciously glaring at the map from a corner had a debt to pay back to the Illusionist.

He started to speak to Adite who was looking at him with a desperate gaze.

“I will need to ask the Dark Elves and the necromancer for what they wish to do. As for me, I will help you out.”
“…Young master-nim.”

Adite looked toward Cale with admiration.

“Hey Adite, I’ll help too!”
“I’ll lend a hand as well.”

Raon answered excitedly while Choi Han responded viciously and Adite’s expression brightened up even more as she thanked Raon and Choi Han.
Cale quickly shoved the money pouch into his spatial pocket bag while she did that.


Adite looked back toward Cale and started to speak.

“The World Tree-nim says there’s something she needs to tell you again.”
“Is that so?”

Cale closed his eyes and put his hand on the tree again.

– Thank you for listening to my request. I debated asking Eruhaben but decided to ask you because that child’s body condition is not normal right now.

Cale started to frown again.
Eruhaben’s condition was not normal. He currently did not have much time left to live. The inside of Cale’s mouth felt gritty the more he thought about that.
He wanted to quickly take care of this issue, but it was not easy because Eruhaben’s wishes were important.

– And as for the fruit that Eruhaben asked about…

The fruit that Eruhaben had told the World Tree to hand over to Raon…
The World Tree had not been able to bear any fruit because she had lost branches while giving Cale information in their last meeting.

– I told you I’d give it to you after summer ended, right?
“Summer has ended now.”
– That’s right.

The World Tree continued in a benign voice.

– Thankfully, I was able to create one fruit. I left it with Adite. Take it with you. It will be beneficial to that young Dragon.

Cale slowly removed his hand from the World Tree and opened his eyes.
Adite was in front of him again with a box instead of a map.

“Is this it?”
“Yes, sir. It is inside.”

It was a gold box that was wrapped in a while bag.

“Human, what is that?”

Raon approached them with curiosity. However, Eruhaben had told Cale something.

‘Don’t tell the little kid.’
‘Cale Henituse. This is something only you should know.’

The ancient Dragon had told him not to tell Raon and to keep it in his possession.
Cale quietly took the box with the fruit and put it into his spatial pocket bag. Raon tilted his head and started to speak to Cale.

“Human! Do you still have room in your spatial pocket bag? I can give you one of mine if you need more room! I just need to take some apple pies out!”

Apple pies. Those words made Cale flinch before shaking his head. He still had plenty of room in his spatial pocket bag.

“It’s done.”

Adite handed Cale the map of the Eastern continent and gently smiled.
Cale looked toward her and started to speak.

“I have something to take care of first, so I’ll be back within three days.”
“I understand.”
“I’ll let you know the things I need via video communication device before I come back, okay?”
“We will have everything prepared.”
“Then I will guide you out.”


The leaves of the World Tree and the trees around it started to shake even though there was no wind. It was as if they were saying bye to Cale.
Cale bowed toward the World Tree and followed behind Adite.
Choi Han approached him and cautiously started to speak.


Cale nonchalantly answered as he thought about the full money bag from earlier. Thinking about that made him feel at peace.

‘I guess money really is best.’

As Cale was about to smile…

“Did the God of Death do something?”

His peace was destroyed by Choi Han’s question. He slowly turned his head and looked toward Choi Han. Choi Han was looking at him with such a scary gaze that Cale thought he might have nightmares about it.

“…Uh… You see…”

Cale could tell that Raon and Adite were looking at him as well.

“Young master-nim!”

Cale who had walked out past the World Tree’s territory at this point could see Tasha running toward him with a bright smile.
He tried to change the subject after seeing Tasha.


However, Choi Han’s gaze was vicious.
Cale had no choice but to speak.
He kept it vague and cut off the important parts.

“…Mm. He seems to want to take something from me.”

Cale could not explain anything about the God of Death’s letter.
He heard Adite’s serious voice at that moment. She sounded scared.

“Is it death?”

What else could the God of Death take other than death?
Adite looked scared as she looked toward Cale with concern.

The approaching Tasha stopped and started to mumble to herself.

“…He wants the young master’s life?”


Cale started to get a headache.

“No. It’s not like that.”

Cale immediately said no.
Cale had no way of knowing what the conditions of the God of Death’s deal would be. Furthermore, the World Tree had said it was a deal, but it could be an opportunity to decide as the letter mentioned.
Cale was keeping all options open, which was why he said no.

‘…It could be my life though.’

The God of Death might want Cale’s life as all options were on the table. Cale had no plans on sharing that fact with the others though.

He just said that Adite was wrong with a stern expression.

However, that expression was interpreted oddly.

“…Cale-nim, he……”

Choi Han calmly started to speak.

“Cale-nim, you do not need to tell us the truth if you don’t want to.”

‘This wasn’t what I intended?’

“I told you Adite was wrong.”
“I understand.”

Choi Han quietly stared at Cale and enunciated each syllable. However, he was clearly talking to someone else and not Cale.

“There is nothing I am scared of anymore. Anything. I will not let anything get in our way.”

Cale gulped.
Choi Han did not seem to be talking to him.


Was he talking to the God of Death?
Cale did not dare ask Choi Han about it and turned his head. He could see Raon vigorously nodding his head. His chubby cheeks were wobbling.
Tasha had her arms crossed as she focused her gaze on Cale as if she was observing him.

“…Should I tell him about this?”

She quietly mumbled and Cale did not manage to hear her.
Cale then walked toward her.

“Yes, young master-nim.”

Cale organized the information he heard from the World Tree and Adite and delivered the message to Tasha. Tasha looked toward Adite with an odd expression the entire time Cale explained the situation.
She then nodded her head and said something after hearing everything.

“I was wondering why they were being so nice.”

Adite looked toward Tasha with an awkward expression and Tasha gently smiled toward her. Adite relaxed her hands as if she was relieved.

“Anyway, I guess we can meet back here three days then?”

Tasha said she understood before saying that she was going to take the other Dark Elves and go visit Mayor Obante.

“Sure. We will come here after taking care of business as well.”

Cale then headed out of the Elf Village underneath the Lake of Despair.

* * *

‘Chaos, destruction, peace! Good to see you again! Let’s hurry! The baby Fire Elemental seems excited!’

Cale held the golden top’s whip in his hand as he headed toward the Lake of Despair.
The Wind Elemental happily welcomed him.

‘Kahahahaha! My number one disciple and I will create a fiery wind of destruction! Kahahaha! Chaos, destruction!’

Cale started to speak to the slightly crazy Elemental.

“Lead me to the potential Elementalist. His name is Sully, right?”
‘That’s right! Kahahahaha! Chaos, destruction, happiness!’

A whirlwind led Cale in a direction.

‘Cale, it’s the inn you stayed in!’

The Wind Elemental and the Fire Elemental led Cale to the inn where he met Sully and his grandmother.
Cale started to walk toward the direction of the wind as he started to speak.

“What is it, human?”
“Please call Bud right away. After that, Ron. And then, his highness.”
“All three of them one after another?”

Cale looked at Raon taking the video communication device before making eye contact with Choi Han.

“…Are you going to drag everybody in?”

Cale smiled instead of responding.

* * *

“Ahhhhh! This ball of fire! This darn ball of yarn! I’m so tired of it!”

In a corner of the inn… Cale who had a roasted barbeque chicken leg in one hand started to shake his head.
Cale’s group were the only customers in the inn.

– Human! That kid named Sully seems to be struggling!

‘I know, right?’

Cale could hear Sully shouting as he waved both hands in the air.

“Why the heck are you doing this to me? This ball of fire! Ahhhhh!”

Cale heard the Wind Elemental’s voice at that moment.

‘…Chaos, destruction…the Fire Elemental is sad. He says that this is the human’s reaction even if he just comes close.’


Cale looked toward someone else over the shoulders of the potential Elementalist.
Cale made eye contact with Sully’s grandmother, the innkeeper.
The two of them openly stared at each other before Cale turned his gaze and waved toward Sully.

“Shall we chat for a bit?”

Sully looked toward Cale.

“…Would you like another chicken leg?”

The hand Cale raised was holding the half-eaten chicken leg.
Cale looked at the chicken leg in his hand before smiling awkwardly and responding.

“…Give me one more. And let’s chat.”

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