Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 481 – Follow Me (4)

A spot near the Western continent’s northern shores.
The Forbidden Region known as the Lake of Despair was located here.

“Human! It’s a bit cold!”

It definitely felt as if summer had ended and fall had arrived as Raon fluttered his wings and sniffled. Cale took a blanket out of his spatial pocket bag with a stoic expression and wrapped it around Raon’s neck like a scarf.

Choi Han silently watched this and Cale flinched at his gaze before starting to speak.

“…Do you want one too?”

Choi Han shook his head.
Raon quietly snickered while watching them. Raon could use temperature management magic, but he liked Cale wrapping him like this more.

“Weak human! I need to use temperature management magic on you!”

Of course, Raon had put temperature management magic on the weak Cale. Choi Han then nodded his head and looked around them.

‘What the…?’

This made Cale feel upset, but he let it go once the spell warmed him up.
He then looked toward the lake with a large whirlwind on it.
The snowstorm raging on top of the frozen lake seemed quite scary.
It was at that moment.


‘…It’s hot?’

Cale’s back felt hot for some reason.
He had felt his back being cold, but never hot.


Cale saw Raon’s front paws push him to the side at that moment. He then felt his body almost flying sideways from the strength in those paws.


He fell on the snow.

“…Son of a-”

The moment Cale was about to frown…


Cale looked at where he had been standing after hearing Raon’s shout.
There was a random fireball floating there. However, the faint fireball was burning wildly.

‘No wonder my back felt hot.’

Cale checked whether his back was burnt before putting his hands into his outfit’s inner pocket.

Choi Han who was watching started to frown and took out his sword.
This was a random fireball that suddenly appeared in this place that could be called the coldest place on the Western continent.
It was naturally suspicious, and he had to be even warier of it as that fireball had suddenly appeared behind Cale’s back.
That fireball continued to move toward Cale.



Black aura started to rise up from Choi Han’s sword.

‘Choi Han! I’ll tell you something! I’ll tell you since everybody eventually needs to know!’

Raon had approached Choi Han before they came here while saying he would tell him something first.

‘Mom and the human told me to do whatever I want! I’ll tell you about it because I know a secret of yours too!’

He had then heard the story of the Dragon half-blood, Sheritt, and Raon.
It had made him full of anger toward the White Star. He had never hated anyone and wanted to destroy someone like this before.
Everything the White Star did, starting from Harris Village, filled Choi Han with anger.

‘Anyway, that’s how it is!’

Raon tried to speak as happily as possible before flying away while saying he needed to tell Beacrox, On, Hong, and Lock as well before they teleported.
Once Raon was done telling everyone, Choi Han, Raon, and Cale had come here.


The sparkling black aura pointed toward the fireball.
Choi Han was extremely sensitive right now. He would not leave anything or anything who tried to harm his family alone.

The fireball shook as if it was shocked at the black aura, but it continued to move toward Cale.
Choi Han raised his sword and the sparkling aura looked ready to slash the fireball in half.

“Choi Han!”

However, he had to stop his movement.
The golden top’s whip. Cale had that in his hand as he started to speak.

“Choi Han, this is an Elemental, an Elemental!”
“…An Elemental?”

Cale nodded his head at Choi Han’s question as he heard the Wind Elemental’s urgent voice in his ear.

‘Chaos! Destruction! Peace!’

The Wind Elemental who always said weird things like that was shouting urgently.

‘This is him! The baby Fire Elemental! Stop Choi Han! He cannot destroy them! Chaos! Destruction! Absolutely not!’

Cale recalled the Fire Elemental he met a year ago but had forgotten about until the Wind Elemental mentioned it last time.
It was slightly over one year old.

‘He must have been desperate! He materialized after seeing you! Peace! Peace! Choi Han, put the sword away! Peace!’

Cale remembered how this Wind Elemental that always shouted things like Chaos, Destruction, and Peace had said he pretty much raised this Fire Elemental.

“Choi Han, put the sword away. He is on our side.”
“…I understand.”

The shaking fireball quickly flew toward Cale once Choi Han lowered his sword. It then floated around Cale.
Cale smiled at this warmth that felt like he was using a hot pack.

‘Good job! Peace, Cale!’
‘It is very difficult for a Fire Elemental to materialize on its own in this cold weather! He truly is a strong Fire Elemental that will carry on the will of destruction!’

Cale’s face contorted oddly into a frown.
The Fire Elemental that got close to him made itself slightly larger and started to burn wildly. Seeing that fire made Cale think about the Elementalist connected to the Fire Elemental.

‘He said that there’s a person he wants to contract, right?’

That person was Sully, the grandson of the innkeeper at the nearby village where Cale stayed last time.
He was talented enough to see the Fire Elemental that had wanted to walk Cale out last time.

Cale recalled what the Wind Elemental had said about this Fire Elemental’s relationship with Sully.

‘The human I want to contract with keeps ignoring me. Treats me like a furball. I am a great and mighty fire! Help me contract with him. I want to create seas of fire everywhere! Chaos, despair, destruction of darkness! We must destroy it at all costs!’

That was what the Fire Elemental had supposedly said.

‘The World Tree-nim said I have a high chance of burning the lake and to return when I became an adult. I cannot go. I have a house I stay in. It is the contractor’s house. The contractor keeps having nightmares.’

He had said those things as well.
Cale’s expression turned odd. The Wind Elemental started to speak again at that moment.

‘The Fire Elemental has something to say! I will deliver his message!’

The Wind Elemental delivered the message because Cale could not hear the voice of this shaking Fire Elemental.

‘Longing for the fiery thunderbolt and a sea of fire. Proficiency in sea of fire completed. Create a sea of fire for darkness and chaos. I am a great and mighty fire capable of destruction. Respect Raon Miru very much. Extremely respect the Fire of Destruction, my role model. Love.’

Cale sighed at this Fire Elemental’s words that had not changed since last time and started to think.

‘He said he thinks he can destroy Dorph’s darkness attribute, right?’

Unlike the other Fire Elementals, this one said that he was able to destroy Lion King Dorph’s darkness attribute. He would be very helpful.
Cale could only see a materialized fire, but that red furball roamed around Cale who was deep in thought.

It was at that moment.


Cale clapped as if he suddenly remembered something. Cale started to speak as Raon and Choi Han who were quietly watching him reacted to his clap.

“Fire Elemental, I thought you couldn’t come here?”

The Fire Elemental had said so last time.

‘The World Tree-nim said I have a high chance of burning the lake and to return when I became an adult. I cannot go.’

But that Fire Elemental was at the lake right now.
Was this okay?

‘Ahem, hem. It is fine as long as he doesn’t get caught! Chaos, destruction…feigning ignorance!’

The fireball shook along with the Wind Elemental’s nervous voice.
It was at that moment.

“…M, my goodness!”

The Lake of Despair. Someone seemed to scream from the lake covered in a snow storm.
It was an oddly familiar voice.

“Ahhhhh! Nooooooooo!”

The scream slowly came closer. Cale turned toward the direction of the noise.
On top of the frozen lake’s surface… There was someone running toward them from the place covered in the snowstorm.


Raon who realized who it was fluttered his wings as if he was happy to see the person.
Cale stood up as he had been sitting down after falling to the ground earlier. Choi Han who walked up next to him was smiling gently as well.

“Elf priestess, long time no see!”

Raon happily greeted the person running toward them.
The person quickly running over was Adite, the Elf priestess. Cale tried to happily greet the Elf who was quickly running toward them while wearing the same baggy priestess robe from last time.

“H, how-!”

However, Adite looked like she wanted to cry.
Cale flinched after seeing her pale face. Tasha and some Dark Elves were behind her, but he could not greet them.
It was because of Adite.

“S, sea of fire-!”

Adite said that before suddenly stopping and keeping her distance from Cale while rummaging through her sleeve.

Clang clang.

Cale heard the sound of coins clanging before the young priestess took out a handful of coins. She then almost ran over to Cale and started to speak.

“H, here’s the money! Please! Not the sea of fire!”

Her pupils were shaking with anxiety.
Cale quietly looked at Adite before looking to his side. His side felt warm.
The fireball was floating there.

Cale turned his gaze again to look past Elf priestess Adite’s shoulder to see the others approaching him.

Tasha and the Dark Elves were looking at Cale with odd gazes.
This was especially true for Tasha who had a gaze that seemed to be asking what he did or what kind of scam he pulled this time. The other Dark Elves just looked confused.

Cale looked at all of them before starting to speak to the Elf priestess.

“…It’s an Elemental.”

It was a deep gasp.
Adite looked back and forth between Cale and the fireball next to Cale before slowly putting her coins back into her sleeve.

“…How shocking. But it looks like I don’t need to empty my emergency fund.”

The mumbling Adite looked toward the fireball.
She had rushed over here without thinking about anything after seeing fire next to Cale. Adite calmly observed the fireball now that she calmed down a bit after learning that it was an Elemental.

The fireball shook at that moment and Cale heard the Wind Elemental’s voice.

‘The baby Fire Elemental is saying, ‘The World Tree-nim told me not to come here, but I had to meet Cale Henituse-nim because of an issue with my contractor. Adite-nim, I ask for you to understand.’’

‘…What the…? It can speak regularly too?’

Cale’s level of trust in the Fire Elemental and the Wind Elemental fell drastically. However, Adite started to speak.

“The young master-nim needs to meet with the World Tree-nim. You can chat with him later.”

The floating fire slowly turned faint and disappeared. Cale’s warm side returned to normal as well.

‘The Fire Elemental told me to let you know that he would wait until you come out of the lake! Chaos! Despair! Destroy the White Star!’

Cale nodded his head at the Wind Elemental’s comments and started to speak to Adite.

“May I meet with the World Tree-nim right away?”
“She has been waiting for a while.”

Adite smiled gently and guided them to the World Tree.

* * *

“It’s been so long!”

Cale reached his hand out toward the World Tree whom he had not seen in a while as Raon mentioned.
This tree that still looked like a normal tree at least seemed to have more vitality than before. The branches and leaves looked healthier than last time.


Cale closed his eyes and his palm touched the rough surface of the tree.

– It’s been a while.

Cale started to speak the moment he heard the World Tree’s voice.

“That does seem to be the case.”

The World Tree had sacrificed three of her branches to tell Cale three things last time.

Find Raon’s parents.
Find the Water of Judgment.
There is someone else who has gathered multiple ancient powers.

The information she gave him last time had been quite helpful now that he thought about it.

“I have many questions to ask you.”
– It is I who has many questions to ask.
“It looks like we’ll need to chat for a long time.”


The leaves of the trees surrounding the World Tree started to shake. It looked as if the World Tree was laughing and nodding her head at Cale’s statement.


Cale asked the question that popped into his mind before they started their serious conversation.
It was something he could not find out through Lord Sheritt or Choi Jung Gun’s memoir.

“Is there an ancient power related to time?”

The White Star had managed to find out Cale and Choi Han’s identities, as well as the time the tree in the underground area had died.
He was asking about that power.

– I do not know about such an ancient power. But I do know of multiple powers related to time.

Cale’s eyebrow twitched.
There was a chance he could find out the identity of the White Star’s power.
It was at that moment.

– Don’t you have one as well?
“…Excuse me?”

Cale flinched.
He then grabbed the chest area of his shirt with his other hand.

– That clock in your inner pocket. I can hear the time moving in it right now.

The clock from the God of Death.
It was the letter telling Cale to decide whether to go back or stay here.
That clock was still quietly counting down.

Something nobody had found out about was now revealed.

“Human, what is going on? Does your heart hurt?”

He heard Raon’s voice as the World Tree continued to speak.

– Death is a gift to the God of Death.

The World Tree had instantly figured out that this letter was from the God of Death.

– The God of Death is someone who is experienced in making deals. The Vow of Death is something that is only beneficial to the God of Death.
“…Only beneficial to the God of Death?”

Cale moved closer to the World Tree. He pushed his hand tighter against the tree as he placed his ear on the trunk.
He heard a voice in his mind.

– Isn’t it obvious? It is beneficial to the God of Death because anybody who goes against the vow will be in pain, be cursed, or die. Would a God let people borrow his powers for free?

The World Tree laughed as if she was asking why Cale was asking such an obvious question.

– The God of Death cherishes heroes, but is willing to sacrifice a few to save the masses.

Cale suddenly got the chills.

– It looks like it is you this time.

The World Tree was still laughing.

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