Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 47 – Somehow (5)

Prince Alberu could see that Cale Henituse suddenly had an expression of disbelief as Cale answered back.

“…I am human?”

It was an expression that seemed to be asking why the prince was asking such a stupid question. Alberu subconsciously let out a sigh.

“Sigh. Right, of course you are human.”

Cale could see Alberu point at both of them before continuing to speak.

“You and I are both human.”

The Black Dragon spoke into Cale’s mind at that moment.

– That is a lie. He is not completely human.

‘Little Dragon, can you please stop?’

Cale was having a difficult time maintaining his composure. However, a critical weakness existed between Cale and the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon could talk to Cale whenever he wanted to do so, but Cale was unable to talk back to the dragon. It was a one-way communication.

It was his fault for lacking any magic skills.

– This is my first time seeing a race with such an atmosphere around them in this great Dragon’s four years of life.

The dragon’s four years of life. The Black Dragon had only seen himself, humans, and the Cat Tribe and Wolf Tribe members he recently met.

The crown prince was not any of those species. Cale started to speak toward the crown prince who was looking at him.

“Of course. Is there much to being human? We’re all human if we live amongst each other.”

Cale made up his mind to forget about what the Black Dragon had said. Prince Alberu quietly looked toward Cale before starting to speak.

“You are right. There really isn’t much to being human. However.”

However. But. Cale was wondering if he could stop hearing these words. Prince Alberu started to speak to Cale as he was contemplating.

“I thought I was mistaken at the banquet hall, but there are some weird smells around you.”


Cale responded with shock.

“I just showered.”

The crown prince opened and closed his mouth a couple times without saying anything after hearing Cale’s retort. Cale could see the wrinkles on Alberu’s forehead from frowning. He looked like he was contemplating something. However, he erased any traces of it from his face and got to the point of the matter.

“I don’t think there’s a need for two people who are similar like us to try to sugar coat things. So, what do you want as your reward?”

Alberu crossed his arms as he asked Cale. The reason Alberu had come here so late had to do with dealing with the aftermath of the incident, but it was also because he had to look at the files regarding Cale Henituse.

However, there was nothing on Cale. Well, there was something, but it was useless.

< Famous in the Northeast for being trash. >

< Completely pushed out of the successor position two years ago but shows no complaints about the decision. >

< No signs of trying to cause issues in the home. >

It just said Cale Henituse was trash who liked to fool around and drink. That was worse than having no information. The Cale in front of Alberu was not trash.

For example, take the way he responded to the prince’s question.

“Your highness, can you please explain what I will need to do for you first?”

There was no way a trash would ask something like this. Alberu answered honestly.

“I want you to not say anything to the nobles.”

That was the hardest thing. That was why this was the crown’s request to Cale and why they were willing to wager Cale’s reward with it. Today’s events were embarrassing for the crown and they could not let this affect their position of power.

That was why he was asking Cale for this, and he was able to ask Cale this because Cale was part of the Henituse family that was not part of any faction.

“I also want you to praise the crown every so often if you are asked.”

“Including speaking about your very understanding nature, your highness?”

“Of course.”

One corner of both Alberu and Cale’s lips started to go up as they started to smile. Their smiles were pretty similar.

“Since it is an ancient power, isn’t what you revealed today the extent of your power?”

“Of course. It is useless for anything else.”

Cale shrugged his shoulders at Alberu’s inspecting gaze even though he was the one to answer. Based on what Cale read in the novel, Crown prince Alberu knew more about ancient powers than most people.

‘Now that I think about it, the Healing Star was given to him by his mother.’

Cale recalled this memory that suddenly popped into his mind. The crown prince had asked what he wanted as a reward. The tone of Alberu’s voice made it sound like he would probably agree to anything, yet Alberu seemed comfortable.

“What is it that you want? Something for your family? My agreement to invest in the Northeastern Shoreline? Or settling the battle for power in the Northeast?”

That was why Cale responded back comfortably as well.

“None of those belong to me, your highness.”

“…It doesn’t belong to you?”

Cale pointed to himself as Alberu stared at him.

“Please give it to me.”

What Cale wanted was something he needed for himself.

Alberu, who was silent for a moment, let out a snort. He had figured out what this trash wanted from him. Although Cale had lived as trash, humans, no, all living existences, wished to aim for greater heights and take control of everything.

In the end, Cale was the most important to himself, more than his family or the people around him.

“Then what is it you want? A higher title? A medal? Do you want to have your own faction in the capital?”

Alberu’s expression turned odd as he asked. Contrary to Alberu’s expectations, Cale shook his head no at Alberu’s suggestions. It meant that none of them were correct. He then said a single word.



Cale accurately laid it out for Alberu. For someone like Cale whose greatest desire was to live a peaceful life, this was what mattered most to him.

“Please give me money. I don’t want a medal or a higher title.”

Cold hard cash was always the best. What would a title or medal do for him when a war was about to break out? It was much smarter to take cash and use it to buy food, land, or other material things.

The final ancient power Cale was aiming to get after the ‘Sound of the Wind’ was one that became stronger the more money he used.

Cale could see Alberu put his hand to his forehead. He then lowered his hand as he asked Cale a question.

“To buy alcohol?”

Cale responded right back.

“How did you know?”

Alberu smiled and accepted Cale’s request. He then got up and informed Cale about the details.

“Once you receive the report tomorrow, take a look and then let me know how much you want.”

“Will you come visit me again?”

“Why? You don’t like it?”

Cale responded with an extremely fake expression on his face.

“It would be the highest honor to see you again, your highness.”

Alberu felt chills on the back of his neck from Cale’s response and told Cale to rest before immediately heading out of the room and disappearing. Cale just quietly observed the door the crown prince closed behind him.

– But what kind of power allows him to dye his hair other than mana? Human, answer me. I am curious.

Cale ignored the Black Dragon’s question and immediately went to bed. He was a patient from this moment on.


However, he was not a patient who could rest peacefully. Hans handed Cale a letter from Ron first thing in the morning.

“Mr. Ron has left as scheduled.”

Cale nodded his head and opened the letter.

< Young master. I will report to you once a month. I didn’t know that you were hiding such a power, young master. Choi Han told me about how that mage looks like. I will remember it. I have also informed Beacrox about it as well. >

Sounded like Redika would die if Ron saw him as well. That was what Cale was thinking as he looked toward the people who came to visit him after Hans.

“…I heard you were seriously injured.”

Eric Wheelsman. Cale had never seen Eric looking so worried. However, Cale did not say he was okay. He needed to be loyal and play his part.

“I have no strength in my body.”


But Cale had no strength in his body because he had slept all day.

“My stomach feels weird as well.”

This was because Cale just laid around eating when he wasn’t sleeping. He was so full that there was no room for anything else. Eric looked concerned, Gilbert had a stiff expression on his face, and Amiru looked like she had made up her mind about something. The kittens who had been looking back and forth at the three visitors and Cale started to shake their heads.

“Let me know if you need anything.”

“Yes, please do. We will get you whatever it is.”

Cale just nodded his head and asked.

“Sounds like you are not just here to check in on me?”

Eric, Amiru and Gilbert exchanged glances after hearing Cale’s question. After seeing Amiru and Gilbert nod their heads, Eric took a document out of his pocket and handed it to Cale.

“This is the updated request for the Northeastern shoreline tourism investment. We brought it with us since we were heading to the palace to see you.”

Cale turned the first page of the document. The first word on the next page was Navy. Gilbert also seemed to have made up his mind.

Cale peeked toward Amiru who smiled at him. Based on Eric’s actions, it looked like Amiru kept it a secret like Cale had asked.

“The news will soon reach the Henituse territory along with our proposal.”

“I see. Then will you be meeting with the crown prince?”

“Yes. We are scheduled to meet him tonight. We can only start moving if he shows any interest in it.”

Cale looked toward Amiru and Gilbert and casually started to speak.

“I’m sure it will work out.”

His voice was full of confidence. It was because he was sure. Eric and the others felt a sense of relief after hearing Cale’s statement. Cale waved the document in front of the three of them and started to speak.

“You can send such documents like this via a servant in the future. I know it is difficult for you to come visit, so you do not need to come.”

“No, we will continue to come. You need to know about it as well.”

Cale just casually nodded his head at Eric, Gilbert and Amiru and then sent them out. It was difficult to greet people while leaning on his bed wearing a patient robe. That was why Cale kicked the blanket away and comfortably welcomed the next group.

He started to speak to Choi Han who was standing there like a sinner.


Rosalyn bit down on her lips. She had removed her magic and was standing there with her original red eyes and red hair. She also got rid of her robe and was in formal attire.

“I’m sorry, young master Cale. But I need Choi Han and Lock.”

Now that Rosalyn revealed herself in the palace, she needed to return to the Breck Kingdom as fast as possible. Since it was revealed that she was still alive, the people who attempted to kill her may start to hide the evidence.

But she could not go back on her own. This incident revealed that she was a very skilled mage, which meant that the enemy will make sure to have stronger forces when attacking her. That was why she needed strong allies.

Lock was standing by the door just fidgeting without approaching Cale. Cale looked at Choi Han and Lock before speaking as if it was only natural.

“What are you sorry about? Miss Rosalyn, you helped us out with a very difficult situation. Then we should help you out as well.”

Rosalyn could see that Cale was smiling.

“Miss Rosalyn is Lock’s noona and Choi Han’s friend.”

“…Thank you for putting it that way.”

Rosalyn may have been close to death because of the assassination attempt, but she was certain that this was going to be her turning point.

Cale took a step forward and looked at Choi Han.

“Cale-nim, I have to protect you.”

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han needed to go in order for Cale to rest in peace and prepare to hide during the war. Choi Han could see Cale’s uniquely relaxed smile.

“I will not die.”

‘I plan on making a ton of money and getting just strong enough to run away as needed to live peacefully. I’m going to do everything I can to live as long as possible.’

Cale was also thinking that with the Black Dragon by his side, there was no reason for Choi Han to protect him. In fact, in front of the Black Dragon, Choi Han himself was just baggage.

“I see. I worried for no reason.”

Cale turned away from Choi Han who looked a bit better and looked toward Lock. He then flicked his finger to call Lock over to him. Lock flinched at Cale’s motion before slowly approaching. Why was this coward so scared?

However, Cale had no plan to give any thought to such reaction.

“Lock, I will take care of your younger siblings. Go and come back to the Henituse territory in 3 months.”

“…Excuse me?”

“What is the excuse me for? Did you forget about our deal?”


Cale thought about how he was going to use Lock as Lock blankly stared at him. He then handed Lock a map. It was a map of the Northeast territory that he got from Hans.

“Henituse. Come to the one that’s marked like that. I will be there with your younger siblings, so you must come back.”

“…Somewhere to return to-”

Cale didn’t care for the mumbling Lock and clenched Lock’s shoulder as he started to speak. Lock needed to come back for Cale’s life to be easier.

“Yes, somewhere to return to. Remember. You must return within 3 months.”

“Yes- yes sir! I will definitely come back within 3 months.”

After taking care of Lock’s issue to the point that Lock vigorously nodded his head, Cale felt a sense of relief. The story from the novel was twisted quite a bit already, but at least the major point was flowing as it was supposed to.

This was good because he would know more about the future the more the story followed the novel. Cale was disappointed that he could not send Beacrox with them as well, but he could always send Beacrox with Ron after Ron came back from his time off.

Cale laid down on the bed with a more relaxed heart than ever before as he proceeded to look at the people around his room. He then turned to look at Hans who had opened the door and entered.

Hans looked at Choi Han who was protecting the door like a knight, then at Lock who was playing with the kittens, then at Rosalyn who was leisurely reading a book about magic, and finally Cale who was relaxing on the bed. He then quietly approached Cale and whispered.

“There is a rumor going around that his majesty wants to bestow a medal to you, young master.”

Everybody in the room stopped moving after hearing what Hans had to say.

Hans then quietly handed Cale a document. It was a document that contained the rumors going on about the Plaza Terror Incident. Cale had just one reaction after reading the first line.

< Cale Henituse, the noble who showed the pride of the Henituse family that protects the Kingdom from the Forest of Darkness >


It was a deep sigh.

He had expected it, but it was still so very annoying.

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