Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 466 – Did you have to take everything? (2)

Cale motioned to Bud with his eyes before picking up the call.
Bud immediately walked toward the old man.

“Senior, why don’t we have a nice chat as we stare at the sunset?”
“Hmm? What kind of chat?”

Hunter Bobe who was enjoying the sunset before the approaching night started to frown at this naive young man that covered his view.
However, Bud just smiled and put his arm around the old man’s shoulder as he slowly started to pull the old man away.

“Oh, come on, please come this way.”

Cale received the video communication device from Raon after seeing Bud winking at him and distracting the hunter away from the others.

“…Ha. I can’t believe I was bewitched.”

Beacrox whose pride was hurt was blankly mumbling to himself in a corner, but Cale ignored this and focused on the connecting video communication device.

– Young master-nim, did you take care of everything you needed?
“What’s with your face?”

Cale instantly started to frown while looking at Tasha’s face.

– Ah, it’s a bit dusty, isn’t it?
“Not a bit dusty, I thought you were a giant piece of dust.”
– Ay, look at you joke like that.
“I mean it.”
– …Is it that bad?

Tasha wiped her face after seeing Cale’s serious expression. She then started to frown after seeing her dusty palm.

– …That Bear bastard, I need to f*ck-

Cale quickly coughed to prevent Raon, On, and Hong from hearing, and Tasha awkwardly smiled before shutting up.

– That’s right human! We need to f*ck that Bear King up too!

Cale started to frown after hearing Raon’s voice that only he could hear. Tasha noticed the frown and quickly started to speak.

– Young master-nim, as you mentioned, the Bear King and the White Star who were entering the desert with their subordinates teleported away not long after you left.

That was probably when they received Lion King Dorph’s call and quickly headed toward the second secret base.

– He really did return after a few minutes too.
“Is that so?”

The White Star had returned to the desert chasing after Cale who waved his hand while saying, ‘bye bye.’

– Yes! After that, mm.
“What happened after that? Did something happen?”

Tasha had an awkward smile on her face.

– He is running wild as if he has gone crazy. What did you do-, he seemed extremely angry.

Tasha recalled the White Star going crazy in anger.
She had watched at a far distance while hiding her presence. Although it might be normal to wonder where she could hide in the desert, the desert was a place where multiple hills were created throughout the day.
That was enough for the Dark Elves who knew the desert better than anybody else to observe from a distance.

– He seems to have stopped his cut left arm from bleeding, but… Anyway, he was flipping things over with a pale expression. It really…

The White Star had looked like…

– He just looked like a crazy bastard to me.

He had seemed too vicious.
That was why Tasha had taken the Dark Elves who were hiding nearby and Mary who was by her side and quickly went into hiding.

– I thought it wouldn’t be good for us to run into him in such a state, so I grabbed Mary and the Dark Elves and hid in the Underground City again.

The old and young Dark Elves who couldn’t fight as well as the humans of the Underground City had evacuated already.
Furthermore, they had destroyed all entrances into the Underground City except for one that the Dark Elf warriors and Mary knew about so that their enemies could not find them.
Finally, they had set the one remaining entrance to explode if the enemies tried to force it open.

– We have sent the Wind Elementals to observe the White Star for us. He still seems to be searching through the desert. He seems to be with the black mages and focusing on the areas where the power of earth is stronger than normal.

Tasha who had been reporting for a while flinched after looking at Cale’s face.

– …Young master-nim?

He was smiling.
Only one corner of Cale’s lips was up as he smiled wickedly.

“Hehe, you’re saying he’s acting crazy? He, he must be very angry.”

Tasha had never seen such a refreshed look in Cale’s eyes before. Unlike his wicked lips, his gaze seemed like a puppy who was excited to feel the spring breeze.

“Very good.”

Cale was indeed feeling very refreshed as Tasha thought.
That was why he planned on continuing this feeling.

“What about Eruhaben-nim?”
– He is still in the Dubori territory. The Caro Kingdom’s forces are there as well.
“Alright, I got it. Stay underground as long as possible. I will visit the palace and then head over before midnight.”
– Yes, sir. Hiding is not hard. But what do you mean by the palace?

Tasha was not the only one. The others who were confused after hearing the palace were looking at Cale as well.

– Human! We are not going to the desert right away?

Cale shook his head and said one last thing to Tasha before hanging up the call.

“I will be there by the end of the day, so see you later. Ah, don’t forget to eat as you work.”

Cale handed the video communication device back to Raon before starting to walk. He was heading toward Hunter Bobe who was slowly pushing away Bud’s arm that was around his shoulder.
The two of them looked very friendly with each other.
Cale could hear their conversation.

“No, senior! I really mean it! I’m an extremely famous and amazing person! Sadly, I’m just an errand boy over here though.”
“Ahem, anyway, I heard you were that merchant-nim’s secretary.”
“Ah, yes, I am his secretary. But I am actually an amazing person! I have many subordinates!”
“Ho, my goodness. Such a young man is so good at telling jokes without turning blue like your hair color.”
“Ah, mister. Isn’t my hair color cool?”
“…Well, it’s bearable.”
“Wow, you’re so cold!”

‘What is he doing?’

Cale started to frown more as he heard Bud’s voice, but he quickly calmed himself down.

“Huh? You’re here?”

Bud noticed Cale behind him and started to smile. Hunter Bobe used that moment to move away from Bud and approached Cale.

“You really did defeat the snake.”

Bobe was looking at Cale with sparkling eyes.
The sword master had been at the peak as well, but for some reason, he felt as if it was Mr. Merchant Bob who had been at the center of the snake’s scales who had defeated it.

“I’ve always been avoiding that snake and praying that it would disappear someday, thank you for resolving that life-long prayer for me. Mr. Bob, thank you very much.”

Nake Mountain was still rough and rugged but able to show off its beauty now that the fog was gone.
Bobe was sad that he could not see it anymore now that the sun had set. However, he could smile as the fog would not cover the mountain anymore tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, nor any day after that.

“I think a lot of people will visit this mountain now. The scary legend will disappear as well.”
“Mr. Bobe.”

The old man who was sharing his sentiments with a satisfied expression turned his head after hearing the merchant’s voice.


He then gasped so hard that he almost died.

“N, no way?”

He looked toward the merchant, Cale, with his eyes open as Cale gently smiled while handing the item in his hand over to Bobe.

“I am thorough with my deals. I need to keep my promise.”
“T, this- such-!”

Bobe’s hands were shaking.

“One…two… Five… T, ten……! Ten!”

Ten 1 million gallon checks were placed in Bobe’s hand.
Furthermore, the checks had been created by the Flynn Merchant Guild, the famous and most discussed merchant guild in the Roan Kingdom right now.

“This is the payment for your help.”

Cale had given him the 10 million gallons he had promised.
Bobe looked toward merchant Bob with shaking eyes. Although the night was here, it looked as if there was a bright light shining behind Cale.

“I never expected you to really give this much……! That’s okay. I don’t need the money.”
“Please take it. I am rich.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m rich. I’m very wealthy.”

Bobe who seemed to be unable to think properly snapped out of it and started to speak.

“Let’s first head down the mountain as it will be harder once it gets completely dark! I will provide you with tea and dinner! We can, uhh, talk more about this money over dinner!”
“No thank you. I must leave now.”
“Excuse me?”

Bobe noticed a bright light suddenly appear in the air.
It was a teleportation magic circle.

Merchant Bob and the others who had come looking for Bobe’s help were already gathered together by that light. Bobe started to tap his foot with anxiety as Cale took the checks from Bobe’s palm and coolly stuffed them into the hunter’s shirt pocket before stepping onto the teleportation magic circle with a smile.

“Then we must be off now.”
“No, wait-!”


Bobe reached his hand toward Cale, but he had disappeared before Bobe could touch him.
He blankly stared at the sky before taking out the checks from his pocket.

“…J, jackpot.”

* * *

Cale appeared in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with fall flowers. He sat down on a bench while looking at the stylish sculpture fountain.

– Human, the way it sparkles is so pretty!

As Raon mentioned, the sparkling magic fountain brightened the area. It was nighttime, but the magic lights around the garden were giving it a different kind of beauty.

“Hey, I didn’t expect you to really give him all that money. Ten million gallons. Aren’t you being too generous?”

Bud who was plopped down on the ground looked up at Cale and asked.
Cale caressed On and Hong’s heads that were on his knee as he responded to the question.

“He placed himself in danger of being bewitched and dying for us, so I should give him the money I promised. Oh, also…”
“What is it?”
“Can you deploy some mercenaries around Mr. Bobe and Nake Mountain?”
“Is this a commission?”
“Yes. It is a commission. I need someone to make sure the hunter doesn’t say anything weird to others and to protect the hunter and that village in case the White Star drops by.”
“How thorough of you. I got it. I was planning on properly building a Mercenaries Guild on the Western continent as well, so I might as well bring some of them over to slowly get that rolling.”

Cale started to speak as the way Bud was responding did not make him look trustworthy at all.

“You better do it prop-.”
“Hey! You, you-!”

However, Cale was cut off and someone else’s voice filled the area around the fountain.

“You, you-!”

The person huffing and puffing as they headed over to the fountain was pointing a finger in disbelief at Cale while touching their forehead with the other hand.

You, you-”

That person heard a voice in their mind at that moment.

– Hey crown prince! Why do you keep going, ‘you, you-!’ like that? It’s only been a few days, but it is nice to see you again! Do you not have any cookies today?

Alberu Crossman.
He clenched his eyes closed after hearing the voice of the young but great and mighty Dragon.

It had happened while he was having a serious conversation with his close confidants a moment ago. Rosalyn had come looking for him, telling him that it was something urgent.
She had then said the following.

‘Young master Cale is here.’
‘…Excuse me?’

Alberu had subconsciously responded foolishly. Rosalyn pretended not to have noticed and gently answered him.

He’s in the garden behind the palace right now. I kept young master Cale’s visit a secret from everyone else.’
‘This is driv, no, I will head over.’

Alberu had called the meeting off right away and headed to the garden.

“Oh, Miss Rosalyn, you managed to call his highness over so quickly.”

Cale happily greeted Rosalyn who was entering the garden behind Alberu. Alberu had a serious frown on his face as he listened to Cale.
The gentle and handsome crown prince was nowhere to be found.

Cale made contact with Alberu at that moment. The crown prince could see Cale’s relaxed smile.
Cale was even waving his hand as he started to speak.

“Hyung, have you been well?”

‘Ow, my head.’

Alberu felt a headache coming on.

“…Cale Henituse.”

He briskly walked toward Cale. Alberu had messy hair and wrinkled clothes, unlike his usual appearance. Cale’s relaxed smile slowly disappeared while looking at Alberu’s heinous face and powerful walk.

‘Why is he like this?’

Alberu Crossman walked up and lifted the paper in his hand in front of Cale’s face as Cale started to frown.


Cale’s eyes opened wide while looking at what was written on the paper.

“What is this?”

He read the first line of the text.

“…The White Star has started a war with the Caro Kingdom. Hero Cale Henituse has saved the Caro Kingdom and disappeared into the Land of Death with the White Star. I, crown prince Valentino, am seeking helped from our allied kingdoms……?”

Crown prince Valentino had urgently sent this document around. The Caro King’s stamp was on the document as well.
At the end of the document was crown prince Valentino’s urgent and eager statement.

< I, Valentino, and the Caro Kingdom have decided to make sure that we defeat the White Star after seeing Cale Henituse and other great heroes sacrificing so much in their battle. It is for the peace of the Western continent. I ask for your help. Let’s all fight together. >

‘…When did crown prince Valentino send something like this?’

However, it was the contents that were complicating things in Cale’s mind.

‘The Caro Kingdom’s war against the White Star… Doesn’t the fact that they are seeking help from the other kingdoms in the Western continent mean that he’s asking pretty much the entire Western continent to raise their weapons toward the White Star? Did the scale just grow significantly all of a sudden?’

Cale looked away from the document and slowly peeked toward Alberu. Alberu started to speak with an annoyed expression.

“Where the hell is the punk who said he was just going to go lightly smack the White Star from the back and why the hell did the Caro Kingdom that said that they would just sit back and watch, declare war on the White Star? Furthermore, why is the hero who is said to have disappeared in front of my eyes? Hmm? Dongsaeng, talk to me. Hmm?”

Alberu had a vicious glare.

“No, why is the punk who said he was just going to light a bonfire causing a fire through the entire continent? The Roan Kingdom is getting calls from all over the Western continent right now. They’re asking if the person responsible for the Indomitable Alliance and the Mogoru Empire’s black magic is aiming for the Caro Kingdom. They’re asking if we need to band together to rise up and fight.”

Cale slowly avoided his gaze and stared to speak.

“Mm, why did the scale suddenly get so big?”
“You’re driving me nuts.”

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