Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 448 – He’s Human (2)

Cale’s eyes headed toward Choi Han’s bloody hand that was grabbing the Illusionist’s arm. He heard Choi Han’s voice at that moment.

“I will take care of it.”

Cale looked at Choi Han once before turning around. He then quickly started to walk toward the terrace.

“…Did you just say you will take care of me?”

He heard the Illusionist’s voice before hearing a louder noise.


It was the sound of the red dome being destroyed, and then…


Cale looked toward the wall with the terrace window. There were large cracks on the wall.


The Illusionist had been slammed into the wall.

“…Vicious punk.”

He was certain Choi Han had thrown her. However, Cale did not turn around to check on Choi Han.


His foot stepped on the terrace railing.

Wiiiiiiiiing, Wiiiiiiing.

The alarm continued to echo throughout the castle and Cale heard something cutting through the wind behind him.

“You think I’ll let you go so easily?!”

He heard Bear King Sayeru’s shout. That made Cale realize that the things cutting through the wind behind him were Sayeru’s light arrows.

‘What do you want me to do about it?’

Cale did not stop. There was no need to stop.


The light arrows exploded after crashing into a violently shining black aura. Sayeru turned toward the owner of the black aura who had destroyed the light arrows.

Drip, drip.

Blood dripped from the person’s hand to the ground. Choi Han, the person with the bleeding hands, observed Sayeru with a stoic gaze.

“We should finish our battle from last time.”

Choi Han had fought against Sayeru at the Mogoru’s Northern Alchemists’ Tower. Sayeru’s hands became covered in light as he recalled that moment.
It was so that he could fight at any moment.

However, his opponent had no thoughts about fighting him.

“But there’s something I need to take care of first.”

Choi Han quickly started to move after saying that.


Sayeru quickly started to move, but Choi Han was faster than him. His black aura headed toward the Illusionist who was surrounded by red smoke and was signing with her hands.


The Illusionist stopped signing and rolled on the ground.


The black aura stabbed into where she had been standing and destroyed the area.
The Illusionist’s eyes opened wide after looking at that spot for a moment.

‘Where is he? Where is Choi Han-’

She could not see the Choi Han.


She then felt someone grabbing her neck from behind. The fishy scent of blood filled her nose as well. She heard a stoic voice coming from behind her.

“I found it.”

Choi Han grabbed the Illusionist’s arm. He had told Cale that he would take care of it. He needed to take care of this situation.
That meant that stopping this Illusionist came first.

His eyes saw a chain bracelet. It was a gold bracelet. Choi Han started to smile.
He had seen it correctly when he had grabbed her arm earlier.


Sayeru’s light spear shot toward Choi Han. The Illusionist twisted her body away from Choi Han and used her other hand to aim for Choi Han’s vitals.
She was moving like a well-trained martial artist.

“Did you think I only knew how to create illusions?”
“That’s none of my business.”

The hand that had been grabbing the Illusionist’s neck grabbed something else. Blood splattered over the gold chain bracelet.


Choi Han’s hand cracked the gold chain bracelet.


The Illusionist instantly started to cough up blood and her body curled forward. However, Choi Han had to move back in order to dodge the spear.


Sayeru quickly supported her and Choi Han raised his head. He could see Cale flying up from the terrace.


There were hundreds of black birds following him. Choi Han started to move immediately. He knew what he needed to do.

That was the same for Cale. He started to speak as he jumped off the terrace railing and into the air.

“Gather the residents in one area.”

Caw. Caw.

The crows that had been following Cale like a black curtain started to disperse. Gashan started to speak at the same time.

“Cale-nim has given his orders. He says to gather the residents in one area!”
“I understand.”

Tasha surrounded her body with wind and took the Dark Elves with her as she headed for the escaping residents without any hesitation.
Crown prince Valentino motioned for the knights to follow them before asking Gashan a question with a concerned expression.

“Shouldn’t they run away from the fire? What do you plan on doing about t, that red fire, those red rivers? Did young master Cale say anything else?”

He could see the fire approaching them from the four pillars to the north, south, east, and west. Valentino felt fear while looking at the red liquid that was flowing like a river.
He wanted someone to take care of this for him, and the only person he could think about who could make that happen was Cale.

However, the escaping residents had no such thoughts on their minds.
They had no such thoughts at all. Would their lord who taxed them at such high rates save them? They would be lucky if he didn’t run away first.
They needed to find their own ways to survive. The only way to survive for these residents was to run away.
They needed to run away from that river-like fire, that disaster.

Caw, caw.

It was at that moment. They heard the crows cawing.


A child who was running away while holding her mom’s hand raised his head. Crows were flying above them.

“Mom, mom.”

The child’s mom was about to raise her head as well before she stopped moving. A Dark Elf had appeared in a corner of the alley. He saw the stopped family and pointed in a direction.

“Go that way! The crows will lead you there!”

The woman who felt chaos after hearing this sudden statement subconsciously asked. This was the only thing that could come out of her mouth right now.

“Can we live if we go there? That direction-”

‘-Can we trust that it is safe?’

She could not say that latter part. However, the Dark Elf smiled as if he understood her feelings and responded.

“Yes, you’ll live.”

The woman felt her child pulling at her clothes at the same time.

“Mom, mom! Look at that!”
“We’re having an important conversation right-”

The woman who was trying to quiet her child opened her eyes wide after seeing where the child was pointing. There was someone in the air holding a burning fire sword.
She could tell that this was the person responsible for this situation because the fire sword looked similar to the pillars of fire.

There was someone else floating in front of that person.
They were both too high to see clearly, but she could still clearly see the color of the powers in both people’s hands.


That blue thing looked like water.

“Hurry over to that direction. His highness, crown prince Valentino is over there as well.”

The woman lifted her child after hearing the Dark Elf’s voice. It should be safe if someone that important, if the crown prince was over there.
She could also feel it.

“Hurry over!”

‘He is on our side.’

The person whose hand was covered in blue was on their side.
Her intuition about such things was quite sharp as she didn’t own much. The woman carried her child and started to run toward the direction the Dark Elf had pointed toward.
There was no reason for her to get lost.

Caw, caw.

A crow acted as her guide. Crows were spread out throughout the city guiding everyone to one location.

“It looks like you somehow handled things and came out.”

The White Star who had been talking while looking down then looked forward.

“Based on the alarms, it looks like you’re trying to destroy the mana disturbance tools as well. Cale, I guess people on your side are slowly heading over?”

Cale shrugged his shoulders and pointed the spear in his hand toward the White Star.

“Why do you have so much to say today? I’m getting tired of it.”

The White Star laughed at Cale’s grumbling voice. He then pointed his fire sword toward Cale and continued to speak.

“But isn’t this the first time we are facing each other alone? Why don’t we chat some more?”
“I don’t want to.”

Cale ignored him.

‘He wants to talk now? He wants to talk when there are rivers of fire trying to destroy the Dubori territory from the north, south, east, and west?’

Cale didn’t have the time nor luxury to do that. Raon and Eruhaben had not destroyed the mana disturbance tools yet. He needed to face the White Star alone.

However, Cale had no choice but to listen to the White Star’s words.

“Did you know about this? There was one power that the ancient White Star had that I was trying not to take.”

‘What? The bastard who wanted to be the ancient White Star didn’t want one of his powers?’

Cale turned toward the White Star who smiled after understanding the question inside Cale’s gaze.

“It was the water ancient power. You’ve seen my water ancient power, right?”

He had seen it.
The White Star’s water attribute ancient power was like a wall that was mainly used as a shield.

“To be honest with you, I do not need any defensive powers. I needed a weapon that could attack.”

The fire sword pointed toward Cale.
A spear made of water. The Sky Eating Water that was still cursing in Cale’s mind.

“That was why I headed to the lake where the Water of Judgment was supposed to be.”

Cale’s hand that was holding the spear flinched.

– Wait, the Water of Judgment is me.

As the Sky Eating Water mentioned, the ‘Water of Judgment’ was the name that a god had given to the Sky Eating Water.

“That power was said to be quite strong. It was said to be a strong spear that was loved by a god and could judge anything.”

Cale could see the greed inside the White Star’s eyes.

“That spear is the Water of Judgment, isn’t it? You took what was supposed to be mine. But now you’re also trying to take my earth attribute ancient power?”

That greed slowly turned into anger. The White Star had never shown such anger toward Cale before.

The White Star continued to speak to Cale.

“Come at me.”

Cale bit down on his lips and grabbed the spear with both hands. The water spear slowly extended and the water at the tip of the spear started to violently twirl.


Wind surrounded Cale’s body even more.

The White Star continued to smile as if he knew what Cale was thinking.

“Your posture when holding the spear is terrible. You should probably learn some martial arts.”

Strong fire rose from the White Star who got into position as well.

“You think water should be able to defeat fire, right? But my fire is a fire that has become one with natural disasters. You cannot defeat it with water alone.”
“Who said I was only using one of my powers?”

The White Star’s morale dipped a bit after hearing Cale’s comment.


Cale sounded as if he was sighing as he responded to the White Star’s question.

“Did you think I was just standing here with a single spear as I listened to you?”

Cale shook his head from side to side.
The White Star heard an unfamiliar noise at that moment.


It was far from a large shaking, but it was definitely the sound of the ground shaking.

Boom, boom.

North, south, east, and west. The noise was coming from all directions.


A quiet sound came out of the ground at that moment. The ground was slowly starting to crack.

The ground was cracking from inside up to the surface.
A crack appeared in front of the red wave that was furiously charging forward while gobbling everything in its way.

Cale heard a voice in his mind.

– I think you are going to faint.
– Shut up and hurry up and dig properly! You damn Super Rock!

The Scary Giant Cobblestone and the Sky Eating Water’s conversation filled Cale’s mind.

Boom. Boom.

His heart was beating wildly.

“…Did you perhaps use the earth attribute ancient power-”

The White Star who was mumbling in shock could see Cale’s twisted smile.

‘Perhaps my ass. That perhaps is right you damn bastard!’

Crack, crack.

There was a hole in the ground that was created from those quiet noises. Then as a small strand of water slowly entered into the hole…

Baaaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

People heard a loud noise that sounded loud enough to wake the night. They could see strands of water shooting up from the north, south, east, and west.

Cale glared at the White Star.

‘He said he wanted to create a natural disaster?’

“Disaster my ass.”

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