Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 432 – Me? Why? (1)

Choi Han gently responded.

“Yes, Cale-nim, he will think that it is me.”

Choi Han was a swordsman who had suddenly appeared in this world and looked similar to Choi Jung Gun, the first Dragon Slayer, Nelan Barrow.
The decently intelligent White Star would not think that it was someone like Cale or the others with solid roots. He would definitely suspect Choi Han, whose past was a mystery.

“But Cale-nim.”

However, the person who wrote the note was Cale and not Choi Han.

“What is it?”
“What did you write on the paper?”

Cale looked at Choi Han’s back as he asked.

“Ah, you didn’t see it?”
“No, I didn’t.”

The paper that Cale had purposely placed on the fake ancient text created by Marquis Taylor Stan. Choi Han had been busy and unable to see what he had written.


Choi Han could see Raon suddenly removing his invisibility and appearing in front of him with a smile. He then heard Cale’s stoic voice behind him.

“I wrote whatever Raon told me to write.”


Choi Han looked confused. He didn’t think that it would be normal based on how Raon was smiling. Choi Han cautiously asked Raon the question.

“Raon, what did you tell him to write?”

He could then see the six years old Dragon puff up his chubby belly and shout with confidence. The small Dragon sounded excited.

“White Star, you stupid idiot!”

Choi Han let out a gasp. Raon continued to speak.

“You most disrespectful moron in the world! Hey idiot, you were tricked! You can’t read this, right? I, the great and mighty Raon Miru, will soon learn Korean and be able to read and write it! You idiot!”
“…You told him to write that?”
“That’s right! Strong Choi Han!”

Choi Han started to chuckle. The White Star would definitely come looking for him with that paper, asking if he could read Korean and demanding that he read it and decipher it for him.
Choi Han felt an odd sense of elation thinking about reading that paper to him at that time. It was at that moment.

“Young master-nim……?”

The northern ocean was quiet now that the White Star’s subordinates had all teleported away. People were heading toward Choi Han, Raon, and Cale.


Witira looked toward Cale with a shocked expression before looking at Choi Han as she continued to speak.

“Young master-nim, wasn’t your role to stay hiding and crouching? So why are you here on his back? Did you get hurt?”
“Ah, that.”

The six years old Dragon cut Choi Han off and answered with excitement!

“Hey Whale! The weak human’s legs went numb after crouching for too long! That’s why he asked Choi Han to carry him! The weak human is super weak!”

Raon turned invisible the moment he saw the gasping Witira’s expression and Cale was left to feel an odd sense of iffiness that was hard to describe. Witira was looking at him as if he was a wet piece of paper that could rip at any moment.

“Choi Han, let me down.”

Cale tried to get off Choi Han’s back to move away from that iffiness.

“Young master-nim, please don’t push yourself too hard.”
– That’s right! Human, don’t overdo it! Just stay there!

Witira and Raon stopped Cale from getting off. This made Cale feel even worse and made him get off Choi Han’s back even quicker. Witira, whose battle outfit was wrinkled in many places after fighting in the battle just now, looked toward Cale with concern. She seemed to be confirming whether he could stand properly.
Cale sighed and started to speak.

“I’m fine. I’m o-”


Cale turned around after being shocked by the sudden whisper coming from behind him. Clopeh was standing there with a reverent smile on his face.

“I have completed my mission. This play has now come to an end.”

His excited gaze was focused on Cale.

“It was fun.”

Cale could only nod his head after becoming at a loss for words at Clopeh’s expression.

– Human, you really should not play with that crazy Clopeh. Human, you got that?

He ignored Raon’s comment and looked around. Whales, whales, marine animals and members of the Wyvern Knights Brigade were quickly taking care of the remaining issues.

“They left the crew behind as expected.”

The crew members who steered the White Star’s ships to the glacier were looking around in fear while being escorted by the Whales.

“He’s always been that way.”

Choi Han had a bitter smile as he watched the sight while standing next to Cale. The White Star had only taken Sayeru, the black mages, the knights and others who would be useful to his future battles with him. He did not feel good while looking at the scared crew members even though this sight was the same as usual. Those crew members were enemies, but he still felt bad for them.
However, there was someone who was cold, unlike Choi Han.

“I will verify if there are any spies or suspicious individuals among them and keep them imprisoned in the Paerun Castle until everything is finished.”

That person was Clopeh. Choi Han looked toward Clopeh who had a calm expression and coldly calculated what needed to be done with an odd gaze. This person made it hard to tell if he was sane and if he was on their side or if he was the enemy.
Choi Han made eye contact with Clopeh at that moment.


Clopeh smiled aloofly before starting to speak to Cale who was standing next to Choi Han.

“What is it?”

Cale was looking at Clopeh with a stoic expression.

“I will spread the rumor that we defeated the devil, that we got rid of the disaster on this land.”

But he slowly started to frown after hearing what Clopeh said next. This smartly crazy bastard continued to speak regardless of the changes to Cale’s expression.

“It should create a wonderful picture once we add this part to the rumors that we’ve already spread. The legendary Wyvern Knights Brigade of the North reappeared in the world to fight alongside the Whales to defeat the devil named the White Star who tried to persecute the ocean this time.”

‘Persecute? Fight alongside the Whales?’

Witira looked toward Clopeh with a shocked expression on her face.
This was completely different than the truth. In fact, Clopeh was the one who fell into the water without being able to fight at all after losing his wyvern.
She was flabbergasted but kept her mouth shut as she watched Clopeh continue to speak with a thoughtful gaze.

“Witira-nim, then the people of the North will consider the White Star to be the evil one, an extremely strong but still defeatable evil being. They will also think that the North and the Whale tribe have a good relationship with each other, considering the Whale tribe to be a strong and reliable existence.”
“…Just do as you please.”

Witira did not wish to mix words with him any longer.
It sounded as if it would be beneficial to the Whale tribe as well, however, this human had a way of making everything sound so odd.

“Cale-nim, I was able to write the legend of the North thanks to you.”

Witira could only gasp after hearing Clopeh finish off by thanking Cale.

‘It must be difficult for young master Cale to handle such a person as well.’

She felt pity for someone like Cale who had an extremely weak body who had to deal with a bastard like Clopeh. Cale happened to respond to Clopeh as she thought that.

“Guardian Knight Sir Clopeh was at the center of this legend. Congratulations. You managed to write a legend.”
“Hoo, it was no big deal.”

‘…I guess it’s actually just a gathering of similar people.’

Witira decided not to think about this any further after witnessing Cale and Clopeh’s interaction. She chose to focus on her father Shickler and Paseton who were taking care of the aftermath before asking a question.

“Young master-nim, will the White Star move according to your plans?”

Cale answered without an ounce of hesitation.

“Yes, he will. He will have no choice but to do so.”

The fake ancient text he had asked Taylor to create. Other than Korean, that text had a lot of things written in the Eastern continent’s language as well.

The text pointed to the land of the Whale tribe, the Caro Kingdom, and the Roan Kingdom. This was something the White Star already knew, however, Cale had added one more line to it.

< ...I plan on heading to the Caro Kingdom after confirming the land of the Whale tribe. I plan on stopping by the east as well, however, I must visit the desert, a place overflowing with the presence of earth, before returning to the Eastern continent. >

The desert that was overflowing with the presence of earth.
The White Star will be seduced by that sentence and would wish to move in the same order as the text. That would be because the text mentioned that the writer only planned on stopping by the east but that he must visit the Caro Kingdom.
In addition…

“I will show myself there. He would probably come out of curiosity.”

To see Choi Han and him. Cale slowly started to smile.

The White Star was probably in a chaotic state because of the piece of paper with Korean written on it, finding a need to assess the current situation.

He would check to see if the ancient text was real, try to authenticate what is written on it, and question everything. However, he would need to check all the things written on it at least once.

A bastard like him who has waited 1,000 years would choose to act stealthily and carefully, focusing on the Caro Kingdom and Cale’s whereabouts.

And if Cale happened to appear somewhere in the Caro Kingdom at that time?

‘He’ll fall for it.’

Curiosity and the trap. Everything would lead the White Star to the desert. Of course, he might make the unexpected decision of stopping by the Roan Kingdom first. There was something he requested to Marquis Taylor and Cage for such a situation, so he’ll just move according to them if need be.

“Then I’ll be heading out now. I leave the cleanup to you.”

Witira and Clopeh prepared to say goodbye.


Raon immediately activated a teleportation magic circle. They needed to hurry because there were many things they had to set up in advance.

The light from the teleportation magic circle started to surround Choi Han, Cale, and Raon.

Beeeeeep- Beeeeeeep-

A sharp noise reached Cale’s ears at that moment.


The teleportation was halted.


Cale could see a video communication device that appeared in the air. The video communication device was glowing red. There was only one person that it would glow red for other than an emergency call.

‘The crown prince?’

Crown prince Alberu Crossman had contacted him for the first time in a while. Cale motioned for the group to halt for a moment before moving to a quiet place in a corner of the glacier and pointing to the video communication device.

– I’m connecting him!

Raon immediately connected the call and Cale could see the image that appeared on top of the ice. Alberu Crossman was standing there, and Cale’s expression soon turned odd.

“…Your highness, did something happen?”


Alberu Crossman who had a bright smile on his face was waving at Cale.

– Young master Cale, have you been well?
“What the hell?”


Cale had subconsciously said what was on his mind.

“My apologies, I subconsciously blurted out my true feelings. I apologize for showing such a profane demeanor.”
– No worries. It’s understandable.
“…Something seems very weird.”

Cale looked deeply confused. He paid close attention to what he saw on the screen again. It was Alberu’s usual office. He was in his formal attire as if he had just come from a meeting and nothing seemed to be out of space.
Everything seemed the same as always.

‘But why is he acting like this?’

Alberu started to speak as Cale slowly started to frown.

– We plan on proceeding with the punishment for the prisoners we captured during the battle.
“I see.”

This call was to inform him that Syrem and the other enemies would officially face their punishments.
Cale was thinking that it had taken quite long to get to this point. However, it had not even been a year since the war happened, so it made sense considering that they probably wanted to restore anything that was destroyed first.

– We plan on having an award ceremony as well.
“I see.”

It was normal for there to be an award ceremony to reward people for their merits during the war.


Cale suddenly had an ominous feeling.

‘That cheesy smile on his face!
Is something about to happen to me?’

Cale Henituse would be the first on the list when it came to merits during the war! Cale quickly started to speak with a look of urgency on his face.

“Your highness! I absolutely do not need any fame or power! I would prefer lemonades to them!”

Alberu was quiet for a moment.

– Don’t worry.

He then continued to speak with a gentle smile on his face.

– We will remove the commander title given to you and we will not give you any further public posts or nobility rank.

Cale was honestly full of admiration as he responded.

“Your highness, you will keep our promise! That is correct! I do not need anything other than golden plaques or money!”
– Yes, yes.
“Your highness, you truly have what it takes to be the moon over the Roan Kingdom and the Western continent’s night sky and the sun during the day!”
– Yes, yes. It looks like the Henituse household will become at least a Marquis and at maximum a Duke household.


Cale’s body suddenly stopped as if he was a malfunctioning machine. Alberu didn’t care as he smiled brightly and continued to speak.

– It wasn’t my intention either, but the citizens keep saying that the guardian who protected the Roan Kingdom was the Henituse household. There’s a Marquis or Duke in the Roan Kingdom’s central region, the Northwest region, The Southwest region, and the Southeast region, so why! They kept saying the Henituse household has a lot of merits from the war and begged for me to raise the Count’s title to a higher one.
“…Your highness, isn’t it difficult for a Count to become a Marquis or a Duke? Unless they have such meritorious achievements such as saving the kingdom or the continent-”


Cale shut up in the middle of his sentence. The achievements of Cale and others who were associated with the Henituse household were similar to what he had just described.
They had fought off the Indomitable Alliance, prevented the naval battle without many casualties, and achieved many other things that made others see the Roan Kingdom as a strong kingdom.
Cale’s shoulders slowly started to fall.

– There’s also a rumor going around right now. They say that there is this evil bastard named the White Star who was the backing for the Empire’s Alchemists’ Tower and was the culprit behind the war with the North and that Young master Silver Light was gathering heroes to protect the Western continent. The citizens were saying we needed to protect our young master.

‘Aigoo, aigoo.’

Cale wanted to cry.

– Congratulations. It looks like you can end up becoming the slacker firstborn of Duke Henituse’s household.

The smiling Alberu seemed to be making fun of Cale.

– By the way, who will become the next lord of your household? Why has a decision not been made yet?

‘My younger brother Basen….’

The talented and cool Basen existed in the Henituse territory. Alberu continued to speak in a bright voice the moment Cale’s eyes sparkled.

– Your family should contact you regarding a title awarding ceremony for Count Deruth. See you then, since the whole family needs to come to the palace for such an affair.

Cale could see the smiling Clopeh who had noticed that the conversation was coming to an end and had walked over.

“We put in a lot of effort to spread those rumors.”

‘Ah, this crazy bastard.’

Cale was angry at Clopeh who had done so well and achieved much more than he had expected Clopeh to do.

‘How the hell did he spread the rumors through the north and all the way to the Roan Kingdom in such a short amount of time?’

Crown prince Alberu smiled at Cale who seemed shocked as he continued to speak.

– Our great hero, Young master Silver Light. See you at the palace soon.

‘Damn it!
He’s clearly making fun of me!’

The call ended as Cale frowned again. Cale’s shoulders slouched forward quite a bit.

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