Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 429 – Trap (3)

The large whales shot up through the water.

Piiiiiiii, ooooooooo-

The first whale to cut through the surface of the northern waters was a humpback whale.

Crack, crack!

The ships could not handle the suddenly rough waters and started to fall into chaos.

“Move back!”
“Whales are coming up from the back as well!”

The first mate looked behind him after hearing the crew member’s response before almost dropping the control key in his hand.

Shaaaaaaa- Shaaaaaaaa-

He could see the vicious gazes of the whales that had raised their heads. He could then see their large mouths slowly start to open wider.

They were getting closer.
Some whales were moving toward the ships with their mouths opened wide while others were moving to slam into the ships with their bodies without any hesitation.

‘I’m going to die. They’re going to eat me.’

The first mate couldn’t help but imagine the nightmare that would happen in a few minutes.

‘…I shouldn’t have gotten involved in this!’

Following the White Star was one thing, but he should not have gotten involved in this mess with the Whale tribe.
What kind of existences were the Whales?
They were the strongest force in the ocean even with the fewest members. Many aquatic creatures leaned on the Whale tribe for support.

Any person of the sea should know not to mess with the ocean!

The first mate tightened his grip even as he imagined this terrible future. The key quickly started to turn.

“Grab the mast! All of you snap out of it!”


The whales started to roar as they approached the ships.

“Row if you don’t want to die! Row until your arms fall off!”

The ship changed directions. Unfortunately, the whales were already right in front of them regardless of the first mate’s hard work. Everything would soon be broken by those large mouths.


A whale urgently turned its body and let out a cry after seeing a bright explosion. The whale’s eyes were glaring at the enemy who got in his way.

“Don’t worry about the whales and steer the ships!”
“Yes! Sayeru-nim!”

Black mages, knights, and Bears appeared with Bear King Sayeru in the lead to fight against the whales.


Sayeru continued to throw the light arrows surrounding both of his hands. The arrows quickly flew toward two whales.


The explosions were strong enough to shoot the water into the air.

“Damn it!”

However, Sayeru soon started to frown.
There, on top of the two whales’ backs…

Drip, drip.

A Whale warrior holding a sword that was dripping water and a different Whale warrior with a large podao in his hand had blocked the light arrows.
Their strengths were fitting of the Whales.


Sayeru snorted.

“You think we didn’t expect at least this much resistance?”

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang-

Sayeru started to smile after hearing the continued explosions. The Whales were strong. However, they were few in number and the White Star’s side had brought a lot of people to handle them.

“You bastards are the ones who walked into your own graves!”

Sayeru flung more light arrows toward the two Whale warriors. His pale complexion was turning even paler, but his eyes were sharply observing the enemies in front of him as well as the nearby battlefield.

‘…Something is weird!’

His cold gaze could feel the oddness of the battlefield.
Something was weird. Something on this battlefield was weird. Sayeru’s eyes clouded over. It was at that moment.


The sound of something large sinking shook the battlefield.


The explosion that soon followed forced everyone, enemies and allies alike, to stop moving for a moment. They all looked toward the direction of the noise.


A woman holding a powerfully spinning water whip had destroyed another glacier. The glacier was sinking into the ocean in pieces.
The man who had jumped from that glacier to a different glacier watched that scene while laughing.

“… How vicious. I suppose it is fitting for the future Whale Queen.”

The White Star’s gaze headed toward Witira.
Witira calmly responded after meeting his gaze.

“You sure have a lot to say for a bastard who runs around like a damn rat.”


The whip rushed toward the White Star as if it was a large snake. Witira’s body followed her whip and headed straight for the enemy leader, and…


A vigorously burning fire sword clashed against the water whip.


The water started to evaporate. The water whip tried to gobble up the fire sword even as it evaporated into the air.
During the moment that Witira and the White Star’s weapons collided in close proximity…

“Where is Cale Henituse?”

The White Star casually asked. He only got Witira’s usual calm expression back. He then asked some more questions.

“Is he on his way? I heard he’s currently unconscious in the Empire.”

The corners of the White Star’s lips slowly went up into a sneer. Sayeru had watched Cale escape, but he had seen Cale fainting before he teleported away. They had not heard any information about Cale Henituse ever since that moment.

“Cale Henituse has ties to your Whale tribe. I’m certain that you guys would have tried to drag Cale Henituse into this situation.”

Witira started to frown.

“The Whales are enough to deal with the Whale tribe’s issues!”

Another whip appeared in her hand and it charged toward the White Star.


The whip slammed against the White Star’s hand.


Witira let out a quiet groan. Her whip was caught by the White Star’s hand and unable to move.


The wind surrounding the White Star’s hand was grabbing onto Witira’s whip and not letting go. Both of her whips were currently fighting against the White Star right now.

“Where is he?”

Witira had to listen to the White Star’s line of questions.

“What did you plan with Cale Henituse during the few weeks you sat around?”
“…You’re laughing?”

The White Star could see Witira laughing. She looked directly into the White Star’s eyes and responded while enunciating each word.

“Cale Henituse will come. I made him a promise.”

Witira then kicked off the ground and shot into the air.

“I promised to give him the White Star’s head as a present when he arrives.”

A wave shot up at the same time to support Witira who had jumped into the air.


Her whip extended quickly and Witira clenched her fists.


The White Star’s body flinched. They made eye contact and she started to smile.

“You can’t look down upon the strength of the Whales.”

She then pulled the White Star who was still grabbing onto the whip toward her.



The White Star’s body was too easily pulled forward by Witira. The White Star could see the warrior who was smiling while flicking her whip.

“Drink some water!”

The whip slammed onto the surface of the water.


The White Star was slammed underwater. The seawater shot up like a large tsunami for a moment.


Large amounts of water vapor started to rise from underwater due to the White Star’s fire sword.


Witira continued to laugh at that moment. She could feel the White Star pulling her whip from underwater.

‘Witira, you’ll be responsible for the White Star. Do you like this plan?’
‘Young master-nim.’

She recalled the things she had actually said to Cale instead of that lie about giving the White Star’s head as a present. This was what she had said to Cale.

‘His body would have needed to train and train again every time he reincarnated.’

That should have been difficult to do. However, she had trained for a long time as well. She could force herself to push even harder because she did not have the power to reincarnate.

‘I may not have any ancient powers, aura, or magic, but this strong body I was born with is something I trained and fought with day after day for the past 250 years.’

The Whale tribe’s strong physical strength and battle experiences.

She would be stronger than the White Star when it came to physical strength.

“I don’t think so!”

She flicked the whip once more. She could feel the White Star’s body being flung around underwater as she flicked the whip.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!
Explosions shot out from underwater.


Witira’s smile quickly stiffened. She took one whip out of the water and flicked it in the air.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

It crashed into a couple of light arrows and caused more explosions.

“Damn it.”

Witira had to retract the whip that crashed into the light arrows. Her palm was tingling.

It also had some currents running through it. It was incompatible with Witira who controlled the water.


In the end, this opening allowed the White Star to escape from underwater and shoot up into the air again. Witira had to also see Sayeru, the person who threw the light arrows at her, getting involved in her battle against the White Star.


She started to frown after hearing him gently call out to her. Sayeru’s eyes were sparkling at that moment.

“Where are they?”

He then started to smirk as he moved toward her.

“Where did the Whales go, hmm?”

Witira flinched before urgently shouting back.

“What nonsense! Are you saying that the Whale tribe warriors here are not Whales-”
“Where are your loyal subordinate and your younger brother?”

Sayeru cut Witira off and asked. He could not find Archie, the Whale tribe’s strongest warrior, nor could he find the Humpback Whale Paseton no matter how hard he looked. All of the Whale warriors were here, but…
The strongest warrior was not present during this important battle, and-

“Where is the Whale King?”

Whale King Shickler was not here either. Something was weird. This was the source of Sayeru’s sense of weirdness.

“Are they protecting the Whale village? Hmm?”

His eyes looked crazed with joy.

“There really must be something in the village.”

The ones who are protecting the most important thing would be the strongest warrior, the king, and a trusted member of the royal Whale family. Sayeru and the White Star made eye contact.

‘There’s definitely something!
They weren’t quiet for weeks for no reason!’

The two of them realized that there was something that the Whales were trying to protect. All that was left was to see what it was they were protecting.
They looked toward Witira. Now that they noticed, the Whale warriors had stayed on a glacier blocking the path toward the village while aiming for the ships.

She looked back at the two of them and responded in an urgent tone.

“It will be impossible for you to reach the village unless you defeat me first. That is why you will never get there.”

Sayeru let out a quiet chuckle.

“I think you are making a mistake.”

Oooooong, oooooong.

Light arrows started to appear around both of his hands. They were like daggers ready to fly toward Witira at any moment. It was at that moment.

Screeeeeeeech- screeeeeeech-

They could hear some animal cries.


However, Sayeru looked confused.

“What are those things?”

Over the Northern coast. There was a large group of things flying over from there. Sayeru’s eyes opened wide. He had not asked what they were because he didn’t know what they were. In fact, he knew about them quite well. That was why he was even more confused.


Those flying monsters that reminded him of Dragons could only be wyverns. Sayeru thought of something in his mind.

There were only two people who could control those monsters. The White Star and the fake Dragon Slayer, Syrem.

‘Syrem! Did that bastard join Cale Henituse’s side?’

They had lost contact with Syrem since he was captured by Cale. There was no news about him being executed by the Roan Kingdom either. Sayeru looked toward the White Star. The White Star had been the one to create this power for Syrem.

The power to control the wyverns. That was one of the Dragon Slayer’s powers.

“…It is not Syrem.”

The White Star’s response went against Sayeru’s expectations, but he could now see the knight who was on top of the wyvern flying in the front.
It was a white-haired green-eyed man with a noble face wearing white armor. He had a tragic beauty about him as he took out his sword.

“…Clopeh Sekka?”

He was Guardian Knight Clopeh. Sayeru looked toward Witira. Clopeh had aligned himself with Cale Henituse.

“Why is he here?”

Sayeru could see Witira frowning while commenting in shock.


Sayeru turned his head after hearing a sharp noise. One of the wyverns slowly came down with Clopeh Sekka pointing his sword at someone.

He was pointing it toward Witira.

“Hand over the item in the Whale tribe’s possession.”


Sayeru’s mind quickly became complicated. However, Clopeh’s sword then moved and pointed at someone else.
It was pointing toward the White Star now. Clopeh continued to speak with a noble but tragic expression on his face.

“I came to get rid of the devil of this land.”

‘What is he talking about now?’

Sayeru looked shocked.

‘What nonsense is he saying when he was on our side just a few months ago in the Indomitable Alliance? The devil?’

Clopeh didn’t care whether Sayeru was shocked or not as he smiled majestically and continued to speak.

“Do not get in my way as I try to write a legend.”

Sayeru subconsciously commented after seeing Clopeh who suddenly showed up and started to say whatever was on his mind.

“What’s up with this lunatic?”

Cale, who was watching this unfold while hiding, heard Raon shout in his mind at that moment.

– Human, the crazy Clopeh is doing well! The Bear King looks shocked! This is so fun!

‘Heh! Right? I’m enjoying this too.’

Cale started to snicker.

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