Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 420 – Going Until the End (1)

Cale could feel his heart beating wildly. The wind and fire were slowly becoming stronger inside his body.

– We.

However, Cale had a frown on his face.

– The reason it was difficult for us to fight against the ancient White Star was because of that darkness and light.

The Super Rock commented before the glutton added on.

– In the end, we are all creatures that are vulnerable to the light and darkness of the sky. There is no way we cannot be affected by them.

People without the darkness attribute supposedly became weaker underneath that black wall.


Cale could see a black presence surrounding the Bear King and the Lion King who were outside the red whirlwind.

The black presence maintained its black color when it touched the grass and the trees, however, it was hard to see it when it touched shadows or the night sky.

– Human! That must be why we couldn’t see it!

Dorph’s black presence was not visible when it touched the darkness. Cale agreed with Raon’s comment before continuing to channel the ancient powers inside his body.

“Young master-nim.”
“Please step back.”

Saint Jack stopped approaching and moved back after hearing Cale’s stern response.


The wind and fire whirlwind started to grow larger with Cale at the center. Jack stopped moving after seeing Beacrox with Clopeh on his back next to him.

“Hoooo. Are you thinking about fighting us?”

Dorph grabbed the black presence surrounding him and struck down. Boom! A long black spear stabbed into the ground.

“You should be weaker under my darkness. You think you can do it?”

His voice seemed to be sneering at Cale. A voice came out of the center of the red whirlwind at that moment.

“Miss Rosalyn! Eruhaben-nim!”

Cale urged Rosalyn and Eruhaben on. The teleportation magic circle. He needed them to quickly cast their spells and send people to the capital.

‘…This is too slow.’

Something was weird.

It was one thing for Rosalyn to be slow because she had used a lot of her powers during the last battle, however, Eruhaben was also much slower at casting the spell than normal.
This ancient Dragon was supposed to be the fastest when it came to casting spells!
However, these two were doing their best to quickly cast the spell.

“It’s slow!”

Rosalyn bit down on her lips. She frowned as she looked down at her hands. Her red mana, the mana she needed to gather to cast the teleportation spell, was moving slowly. That was making it take longer to cast a spell. It was as if she was trying to cast a spell in a world that was 1/4th slower than normal. She heard Dorph’s voice at that moment.

“I thought I already told you. You become weaker if you don’t have the darkness attribute. You can’t look down on my powers like that.”

Rosalyn let out a gasp.

Mana is a living being. It could be considered as something that was on the opposite end of the darkness attribute.

She seemed to understand why the mana around her and in her body was moving slowly. They were underneath the black wall. The mana seemed to be trying its best to respond to Rosalyn’s calling, but it was having trouble because there were many obstacles, as if it was stuck in a swamp.

‘What do I do?’

Rosalyn’s pupils were shaking.


She heard a voice snap her out of it at that moment.


Rosalyn started to turn toward the side where she heard the ancient Dragon’s voice.

“Don’t look at me. Focus!’


Rosalyn’s head stopped moving. She stopped biting on her lips and moved her hands forward.
He was right.

‘I need to focus as Eruhaben-nim mentioned.’

She needed to channel her slow mana and get it out of this swamp right now. Rosalyn heard the Bear King’s voice as she tried to focus.

“Wow, this is very slow even for a Dragon. Am I wrong? It is too slow for an ancient Dragon. Are you not feeling well?”

‘What? He’s not feeling well?’

Rosalyn flinched.
She tried to turn toward Eruhaben once again. However, she could not do so.


A long black spear headed toward Rosalyn.

“I can’t let you do as you please.”

Dorph had thrown the long black spear. Rosalyn could see the black spear that continued to get bigger until it became a large black arrow flying toward her.


However, Sir Rex moved in front of her to block it.

“We must go to the capital.”
“Hurry up.”

Hannah took her sword out as she moved next to Sir Rex.

‘Yes, this is the priority right now.’

Rosalyn closed her eyes after looking at Sir Rex and Hannah’s backs. The teleportation was most important right now. They had no way of knowing what was going on at the capital.
It was okay to trust her comrades.

“Mary, Tasha!”

Rosalyn stopped paying attention to everything after hearing Cale calling for those two people as she focused on casting the teleportation spell.

Someone brushed past her at that moment. It was Mary. There was a black spear in her hand as well. It was made with the dead mana that she had absorbed.

Boom! Boom!

Dark Elves descended from the sky. Tasha was leading the group. She charged toward Dorph’s black arrow.


The wind made her as fast as an arrow.


Mary threw the black spear in her hand. Tasha grabbed onto it. This was a weapon she could only touch because she was a Dark Elf. She became the wind as she took Mary’s spear and slammed down on Dorph’s black arrow.


There was a large black explosion. Sir Rex started to speak.

“Did she block it – ah!”

He could see Tasha being pushed away.


He could also see Dorph’s large black arrow that was still flying toward them.


Rex could see a red whirlwind flying toward the black arrow after someone swore. It was Cale.
He was charging toward Dorph’s power that was aiming for Rosalyn.

‘Mary and the Dark Elves should be getting stronger too under this darkness!’

He started to frown as he thought about Mary’s spear that exploded as Tasha got pushed away.

‘The golems are getting stronger, so why? Is it that Lion King Dorph is stronger than Mary and Tasha combined?’

– No.


He heard the Super Rock’s voice.

– I clearly said beings born from darkness.

He recalled what the Super Rock had said earlier.

‘Beings born from darkness become stronger underneath that darkness. On the other hand, any lifeform without the darkness attribute becomes weaker.’

The Super Rock had not said that people with the darkness attribute became stronger.

– Beings born from darkness. That means they cannot have any life force.

Cale thought about the only things that became stronger under this black wall.

Golems. Only the golems had gone berserk.

– Necromancers, Dark Elves, and black mages. These three existences did not get stronger nor weaker under this black wall.

Cale reached Dorph’s black arrow. It was too large to be an arrow and looked more like a sharp wall that was flying toward him.

– But there is a difference. Both necromancers and Dark Elves are people who use things that are already there.

Necromancers used bones while Dark Elves used powers that exist in the world to meet their needs.

– But black mages are different. They use black magic to create something from death.

Cale recalled the golems that were made with black magic.


Boom, boom.

He thought about these large monsters that were charging toward the tower and Cale’s group following Dorph’s orders.

– This is the reason the black mages follow Dorph and the White Star. These people could create a battlefield where they could be at their strongest.

In the end, it meant that only golems got stronger under this black wall.

“Sir Rex, I leave it to you!”

Sword master Hannah started to run toward a golem. She was not the only one. Some of the Dark Elf warriors and Beacrox were running toward the golems as well. Dorph’s order, the golems’ attacks, and the movement of the allies…

All of these things had happened in mere seconds.

Cale reached his hand toward the black arrow. He needed to block this. The most important thing right now was to make it so Rosalyn and Eruhaben could cast their spells.

Cale channeled his ancient powers. They too were slowed down under this darkness.

– … This is hard for me.

The glutton priestess commented, but Cale continued to channel the powers inside him. It was at that moment.


His heart was beating wildly.

The Vitality of the Heart that resided within the Indestructible Shield started to move. The shield and the heart. The Vitality of the Heart had merged with the shield; however, he could still feel them as different identities. If the Indestructible Shield was the person, the Vitality of the Heart had become its heart and continued to show that it was still alive.

The power that was always silent revealed its powers. At that moment.

– I.

The Fire of Destruction started to speak.

– I died while fighting against the golems and black mages.

The warrior who fought against the golems. The Fire of Destruction.

– It was dark at that time as well. The sky had been dark.

People without the darkness attribute had been weaker like right now.

– I had to burn up at that time.

The Fire of Destruction had channeled more power than ever before. An endless horde of these large black monsters and the black mages controlling them had charged forward to him from the distance like a tidal wave.

The Fire of Destruction had stood in front of everyone else at that time.

– I was the only source of light.

Fire was a source of light as well.


Cale felt his heart beating wildly once more and reached his hand forward. A rose gold colored thunderbolt appeared in his hand.

It was at that moment.

– As for me.

He could hear the voice of the Sound of the Wind.

– I am free in both darkness and light.

Her husky voice sounded a bit jovial. That statement stuck in Cale’s mind.

– It is because I am the wind.

The ground, the sky, the darkness, and even the light. Nothing can stop the wind. It was the only presence that could go wherever it wanted.

Wind was added onto the rose gold thunderbolt. A large amount of power was gathering in Cale’s hand.

– Grab it.
– It is okay to grab it.

Cale clenched his hand after hearing the voices of both the wind and the fire.
The head of the black arrow. Once Cale grabbed it…


There was a loud explosion.


Was there a need to know all this?

“The important thing right now is that I can stay like this until the end.”

A fist covered in a thunderbolt struck down toward the black arrow again. Cale had to lower his head at that moment.

– Human! Duck!

Cale could see a spear of light shooting down as he responded to Raon’s voice.


Raon’s black shield blocked the spear. Raon’s casting was slower similar to Eruhaben and Rosalyn, however, he was able to use his spell at the right time.

“I’m here as well.”

The Bear King smiled mischievously as he waved at Cale.

– Human! I will take on that Bear King! It’s fine when you or the crown prince make fun of the enemy like this, but it is annoying to see that bastard doing it!!


Cale shook his head.

– Human, you take care of that damn Dorph who keeps pretending to be weak!


He could not let Raon take on the Bear King while he handled Dorph.

“It’s ready!”

Cale heard Rosalyn’s voice at that moment. He quickly turned his head to see a large amount of red mana surrounding Rosalyn.

“Oh my, That won’t do.”

Dorph threw another spear from inside the black wall. Cale dodged it by moving back.


The black spear exploded where Cale had been standing and the debris rose like a whirlwind.

“Young master-nim.”

Cale heard a stealthy voice as he moved back. He turned his head to see Ron standing there. The old man started to speak as soon as they made eye contact.

“Who is going?”

He was asking who was going to the capital.

– We can go right away.

He could also hear Eruhaben’s voice in his mind. The white gold mana was fluctuating around Eruhaben as well. Cale quickly looked around.
Rosalyn and Eruhaben. Everybody with magic abilities other than Raon had to go. It was because they expected that airships were attacking the capital. They needed magic to cast flight magic and long-distance attacks.

‘Sir Rex, Hannah, and Jack!’

Rex and the Sun God twins had to go as well. People in the capital will only relax if they were there.


Mary and the Dark Elves needed to go as well. They were needed in case there were black mages on the airships. They could also have some golems as well.

“Young master-nim.”

Cale observed Ron who was looking at him.

Ron needed to go in his place. Eruhaben-nim would be there as well, but Ron would be able to quickly figure out what to do for many different situations.

He also needed Ron to take care of Clopeh. Beacrox needed to go as well to handle the enemy knights.

“… Young master-nim!”

Cale turned his head after hearing Ron’s urgent shout. Ron pulled Cale toward him. Cale turned his head to see multiple spears of lights.

“Based on my observations… Cale Henituse, if I attack you or injure you in any way, the people here can’t leave.”

The gently smiling Bear King’s hand reached toward Cale.



The spears of light immediately started to fly toward Cale.

– Human!

Raon urgently tried to cast a shield.

“Guess I should join in.”

Dorph sent numerous small black spears toward Rosalyn and the others at the same time.

“Raon, block those!”

Cale shouted before sending Ron behind him and bringing out the Indestructible Shield again.

– …So hard.


He heard the glutton priestess’s tired voice before a silver shield that was much weaker than usual appeared.

This power of wood was the one struggling the most underneath the darkness.


Cale still cast the shield for now.

Baaaaaang! Baaaang!

Explosions could soon be heard in many places. Raon’s shield blocked the black arrows Dorph sent toward the others. The Bear King’s spears of light did not manage to reach Cale either.

‘Huh? Choi Han?’

Cale could see Choi Han standing in front of his shield. He pointed his sword toward the numerous spears of light.

That sword started to move.

“… How-”

Cale’s pupils started to shake.

A shining black aura shot out from Choi Han. It then created an image.

It was a Dragon. No, it wasn’t a Dragon like Raon but an East Asian Dragon (Yong) he often saw on Earth. ( Long in Chinese, Yong in Korean, naturally, we are going with the Korean )

Choi Han was slashing from top to bottom.


The black Yong that was sparkling as it traveled up the sword, this Yong that didn’t have wings like Dragons, charged toward the spears of light.


It then caused a large explosion. Cale blankly stared at what happened. He looked to be out of it as he started to speak.

“…Jung Soo-”

Grade 1 Ability User Choi Jung Soo.

Although the color was black, this Yong was definitely Choi Jung Soo’s most famous ‘White Miru’ ability.

“…Choi Jung Soo?”

Cale could see the records of the past charging in his mind like a tsunami. The records were charging toward his eyes. They looked ready to cover his sight.

It was at that moment. The person standing in front of the shield turned around.


Choi Han and Cale made eye contact.

“It’s me.”

Cale could then feel the charging records disappear.

‘How can he use Choi Jung Soo’s ability-’

He wanted to ask how Choi Han could use Choi Jung Soo’s ability. However, Cale snapped out of it after hearing what Choi Han said next.

“Let’s send everybody other than you, Raon, and me.”

Cale slowly closed his eyes before opening them back. He could see Rosalyn and Eruhaben.

He started to speak.

“We’ll do that.”

Once Ron bowed his head…


The forest started to shake.

– We will head over first.

Cale smiled at Eruhaben’s comment.

His eyes could see the red mana and white gold mana that cut through the entire forest.

“…Did you?”

The Bear King’s expression stiffened. A teleportation magic circle appeared underneath everyone except Choi Han, Raon, and Cale.

“Even the soldiers in the rear……!”

The Bear King started to frown. The manas that cut through the forest created teleportation magic circles underneath the allied knights and soldiers who were outside the forest.

Cale lightly laughed as he started to speak.

“Did you really think a Dragon and the future Magic Tower Master would take this long to cast a spell for a few people?”


The teleportation spell started to activate.

“Stop them!”

The Bear King ordered the black mages in the golem cockpits while charging toward Rosalyn and Eruhaben who were casting the spells.

‘It will be difficult to destroy the capital if this many people go!’

They needed to slowly reveal the existence of the White Star to the world now. The first target to do that was the Mogoru. They could not let their plan be ruined.

“Who said you could stop them?”

Choi Han stepped in front of him to stop him. Cale started to smile.

Choi Han would handle the Bear King.

– Human! I will take care of Dorph! Something is odd. It was hard at first, but I feel like I can use my magic like normal now! Did I get used to it or something? I truly am great and mighty!

Raon would take care of Dorph. Cale slowly let the wind carry his body. His body started to float up.

“This is perfect.”

He needed to destroy the golems. Three. It was perfectly balanced.

– Quickly come to the capital while remaining conscious.


The white gold light and red light seemed to explode as the teleportation commenced. Cale charged toward the golems who were trying to attack the teleporting people.

– Cale, it is hard to strike down with fiery thunderbolts from the sky because of the black wall.
Cale stood in front of the teleporting people while listening to the Fire of Destruction.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The golem in the front charged at him with its axe.

– That was why I beat them all down in the past with my fists.

The Fire of Destruction would not have been a warrior if all he did was send down fiery thunderbolts. The reason he was a warrior was because he fought them head-on.

– Your body is unbelievably weak and has terrible stamina. You’ll find it hard to breathe, get tired quickly that you want to rest and want to run away.

Cale started to move toward the first golem as well. The golem swung its axe toward him. The warrior of the Fire of Destruction asked him a question.

– Can you do it?

Cale moved his fist forward. Kim Rok Soo was someone who would charge forward with a metal plate even when he didn’t know how to properly fall.

‘I will go until the end.’

Cale was someone who knew the weight of those words and someone who kept his word.

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    Ancient powers were only related the the person plate

  3. asaltedgrilledfish

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    what I dun understand is, why is she/he still reading until this many chapters when what she/he done is criticize and hate our beloved cale????
    if you dun like him (or anyone here or the plot and so on), just drop it and stop reading and that is it????

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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    But I digress I actually just wanted to know if koreans say “fighting” or the korean translation?

    1. Kada

      Criticism is fine, but complete hatred of a character for no reason other than them not being the character type you expected? Those are completely different. What people are responding to here is Ombre’s hissy fit at Cale not being a munchkin like you see in many isekai novels. Sure there’s not liking parts of a story, and I agree with you that there are some areas that could be improved, but this person is just trying to spread their own annoyance to make other people miserable for enjoying a story where conflict actually exists on a more than superficial level. If someone is 3 out of 400 chapters in and isn’t liking the story that much, they should drop it, and not set out to read something they dislike just to fuel their hatred of everyone else.

    2. BeyondtheBorder

      To answer your “Fighting” question, yes, Koreans do say “fighting.”
      But when they say it, it’s connotation is more like, “you can do it!” or similar to the Japanese “Gambatte!”
      And they say it in English, but it’s more like, “Hwaiting” or “Pa-iting” since there’s no “f” sound in Korean.
      Just an FYI for anyone else who was curious too

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    btw, i just want to say that i’m actually thankfull to the God of death because he made Choi Han much stronger, he can use Choi Jung Soo abilities now and he also made Cale and Choi Han even closer(no more secret between you two plsss.)

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    The comment section is on 🔥!!
    Its not like Ombre dude can receive notifs about the replies but it’s our nature to rant if something doesnt feel nice~
    We know Cale dont wanna train coz he’s already surrounded by people who regularly train so why bother? He’d rather enjoy the mini breaks he had and take a good rest. He’s human too, and his hobby is slacking (i relate to that pretty well it’s my favorite hobby too) so he’s rather slack off on precious day offs, or he’s going to break due to overwork sooner or later… 😔
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    He is constantly busy, yes the others in his team got super strong by training but it was due to Cale’s efforts during the little rest periods that Lock, Choi Han and Rosalyn could get the equipment (wolf king’s diary, swords, armours, magic stones and money) and guidance.

    And it is not like that Cale doesn’t ever tries to get stronger. We has strengthened his ancient powers every chance he got, and those powerups have even terrified his allies (who have done nothing but strength training) and he can’t eat his ancient powers like WS as then he would be truly clueless about the Ancient times which is basically ace in this battle field.

  10. Chocolatecheesecake

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    But, criticising Cale based on the lack of your understanding is pissing me off!!!! Like… Have you and I read the same story…. Cale doesn’t have time!!!! Like… He barely manage to eat!!! How is he supposed to train to become stronger!!! THAT need alot of TIME!!! so far the only break Cale had was the 9 or so months at the beginning of the story before the first war!! How is he supposed to know that there is gonna be a fucking White star with a fucking overwelming power that he only could fight!!!! He has a very strong team, there is no reason for him to work hard to reach level 2 while everybody else is at level 100!!!

    1. stressed gargoyle

      That’s the hateful part. That person is expecting training to be like 10 jump and jacks… Choi Han had years to train that he’s even older than Ron… Cale doesn’t have that physique nor the time to prepare his body before actually doing the training. On and Hong don’t even fight in the frontlines because it’s obvious that they’re weak even with the training Ron made for them. Even the young wolves trained by Choi Han wasn’t shown to be fighting against strong enemies.

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    If I want to read about a hero who needs to train, there are chinese wuxia/xian xia martial arts cultivation novels where they can train for tens,hundreds and thousands of years LOL . Too bad Cale can’t even rest his body for a month at one place while conscious.
    Reminds me of Ravages of Time manhua, having to counter enemies’ counterplan while fighting. Also Cale is too good at saving people from one place to another. If he has enough time, just like his family/friends, I’d advse him to rest instead of training as well. I really love strategist heroes. Cale really reminds me of Sima Yi, Batman, and IronMan. Ironman only had Jarvis and Friday but Cale has 5 voices with him everywhere he goes + wind elementals. So Cool! I love Cale 3000 but I hope he doesn’t die.

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    As for the vibes above, criticism is one thing, but misunderstanding the MC is another. Cale-nim’s never been a good communicator and even his intentions arent well communicated to us readers. But here:

    1. Cale Henituse’s body is already weak. Remember how his glass plate was smaller than a fly’s? Plus Count Deruth himself said that Cale couldnt handle a sword. Cale-nim’s physical foundation is weak
    2. Cale-nim values “this” body in a particular way: Kim rok soo was covered in scars and had to train all the time. Yea, its becoming a liability, but cale-nim said that “there’s no point if i end up having to suffer like that again” early on, thus the gathering of ancient powers
    3. There had yet to be a time where cale-nim had to *directly* fight until now. He is the rear support, the strategist. Theres still time for him to change his mind about training his weak body, but there hadnt been a reason to until this chapter

    We should all know by now that cale-nim only moves if he finds a good reason to _(:3 」∠)_

  13. Sammy~

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    Cuhun, so, Why does Choi Han now has Choi Jung Soo powers? It wouldn’t make sense if he did only because he now have Choi Jung Soo’s memories. So I think it has to do with Death’s God (OHHHHH DONT SAY IT)

    Like, maybe it isn’t just Choi Han at CH’s body….. HMMMM I DONT KNOW
    That’s just a theory.

  14. Minmean

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  17. JustaReader

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    ‘I will go until the end.’

    Cale was someone who knew the weight of those words and someone who kept his word.

    Not with the feeeellssss
    And when Clae thought Choi Han was Choi Jung Soo and the records came crashing… Boi if the next thing on your to do list is not dealing, at least a little bit, with your trauma imma have to ask Raon to imprison you in his castle smh

  18. JustaReader

    Also Cjoi Han has a new technique thing yaaay so cool! I think it may be something he developed after seeing his nephew use it in his memories, or its something that runs in the family maybe? Maybe Choi Han just has the talent to make that ability a reality. That’s our guyy!!!

  19. Emma

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    Don’t speak shit about my husband

  20. INeedSomeSleep

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    — It’s probably because of Raon’s attribute which is called “The Present” maybe his attribute can change according to the present situation


    & to the commentator above @Ombre37
    Reading comprehension, that’s what you need.
    Cale doesn’t need training because his main fighting force is his ancient power, it does’t need training to grow powerful. His dream is to become a slacker, he doesn’t like troublesome things and would rather avoid it if he can.
    l’m not sure, but I think Cale’s problem is his plate not his body, he might not be as fit and strong as Ron or Choi Han but his body is definitely above average thanks to the Vitality of the Heart. ( do correct me if I’m wrong). And training won’t be able to help his plate to become sturdy.

  21. TCF_oh and you can make this username thing pretty long

    This feels broken, in pieces, its been destroyed but pieced together again, anyways

    Fun Fact #419: The reason many stadiums in England have stands called ‘The Kop’ is because they resemble the Battle or Spion Kop from the Sedond Boer War.

  22. Coffee Lemon

    Wow, the furious readers in this comments replying to that guy.
    I hope he had moved on since then which is best for him and everyone else, I guess it’s hard to enjoy the novel if you can’t agree w/ understand the MC. I don’t pay attention to the names but from the other comments it seems to be the same guy, I guess he becomes more frustrated as time go on and ends up leaving increasingly angry (thus making it sounds annoying) comments. Just drop the novel if it annoys you so much, which is something I’ve slowly trained myself to do reading hundreds of novels, even if there are things I like (I read too much novels, manga, Kdramas… and recently been bored keep reading similar plots and lines over and over again. Which is why I love TCF so much, being able to read something different for a change)
    While the other readers at first ignore/explain/debate calmly, also get incresingly annoyed by said momments.
    But I advise you guys to keep it calm and civilized as your adorable god Raon Miru and his wonderful pet human would have been (might have been a bit late for this lol).

  23. Coffee Lemon

    Many other comments had explained very well about Cale’s choice but I want to add my own:
    – i feel like it has been a while since Cale had a proper rest. My boy keep moving from battles to battes.
    – Even if he said it’s thanks to the Vitality H but he often only sleeps 2-3 hrs, or passed out for days.
    – Many times he couldn’t get proper meals for long period. Apple pies are nice but I cant consider them satisfying (not to mention bread).
    – They mentioned he has been losing weight, I dont think it’s just because they over worry, he actually don’t have time to care for himself properly, eventho other charas are caring for him best they could.
    – At the start his goal was to get money, get power enough to protect himself just in case and go hide in a corner during the war (no need to train for this). Now he’s in the center of said wars and more, fight with his health & body on the line while protecting his team & not leaving anyone behind (tbh I don’t even care for the emty houses in Mogoru capital and he risk hmsf protecting them). His current goal is to live peafully AFTER dealing with this world ending issue.
    – He doesn’t have enough time to train his body so that the result would be signigficant enough to change the flow of battles. Instead he pick the more effective way by strengthening his other powers that actually helps. (What? You think a trained soldier can dodge a magic attack faster than dragon magic or Cale’s shield?)
    – He’s the highest commander but he also have to charge into battles (he needs rest OMG).
    – As KRS he had strong body, I guess it’s achived through battes that lasted over 10 years (he was 36 so maybe half his life). His ability doesn’t assist in combat ability yet he’s the type to still charge in (while being a tsundere about it). So he already has enough fighting skills and can’t get further, can’t ever reach Ron’s or CH’s level because he neither have the talent nor time.
    – He’s a great strategist, but I keep seeing him on the front line and it hella worries me because I love him (eventho it feels good crushing the enemies)

    In conclusion I love Cale and his imperfections that keeps the story fun to read without much predictable occurances.

    PS: Why am I spending more time to write these comments than actual reading the novel omg. ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)

  24. Nasumi

    @Ombre37 Fuck. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. If it’s not to your liking then don’t read it. If you can’t accept the way the Author-nim make this novel with how the MC is. Then Don’t Fucking Read It.
    Why do you bother reading it if the thing you always do is complaining about the MC and the story of this Novel?? Do you that bored to death that even you need to give every complaint you have to the MC of a fucking Novel/story??? The Fuck??? Even thought I am a silent reader that even now only make like 3-4 comments but. The. Fuck?? I can’t just stay silent when there is someone who complaining so much about the novel that I like. Every people have different taste of liking. And the point is. If you don’t like this Novel and the ONLY thing you did is ONLY complaining then FUCK OFF. BITCH.
    I know it’s late for me to say this but still I just feel the need to say this. Fuck.
    But, ooohhhhh, judging with how you ALWAYS complaining but STILL reading this novel even to this point. There is a higher chance that you’re a black powder fan. But even then, I just want to cuss right now so I don’t care if you a black powder fan or not. You make me angry to the point I want to cuss so much. Fuck.

    If you a black power fan then congratulations. You have made the comment section more lively now than usually ohohoho, you fuckass shithead biatch.

  25. DarkSea

    Lol wtf that Ombre person, you already read till 400+ chapter and you still wishes Cale to change his character? Who the fuck are you lol, also the fact that theres a flaw in his character is make him more realistic. Im not going to read your comment at all since I already another similar comment like you in the previous chapter. Dude, just drop it if ya dont like the MC’s personality😂 Its so childish to spread your hatred here while everyone enjoying the fun. If ya cant even understand his character then its not worth for you to read this novel, why bother to read till 400+ chapter lol u just torture yourself😂😂 damn i really hate person who keep ruining the good vibe.


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