Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 411 – Holding Back the Tears (2)

Cale felt the need to organize the information about the situation after seeing the desperate look on Jack’s face.


They heard another terrible scream.
Cale flinched at the scream but still started to speak.

“Dead mana and sacrificing people. What do you mean by that?”

They had already located all four of the dead mana storage facilities through the map Cale memorized at the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.
Mary and the Dark Elves were already heading toward them.

Most importantly, the dead mana storage facility for the Northern Alchemists’ Tower was not located inside the tower but at a remote location.
But now Jack was saying that the dead mana storage facility was at the center of the Northern Alchemists’ Tower?

It did not make any sense.
He was also saying that they were using people as power sources.

Cale started to frown.

Black despair was what fueled the golems to move.
The black despair was even more terrible than dead mana.


Cale squeezed Jack’s arm.
Jack finally calmed down a bit and answered Cale’s question.

“You’ll understand if you take a look at the Northern Alchemists’ Tower.”

Cale immediately started to speak.

– I got it!

Cale could feel Saint Jack, Beacrox, and Clopeh floating up with him.
The knights and mages who had been around Saint Jack looked up as if they were trying to protect them.


However, Cale had no chance to look down once he was in the air.
He looked forward.

“The tower opened?”

In front of him. Beyond the forest.
He could see the appearance of the Northern Alchemists’ Tower.
Normally, it was supposed to be a regular tower similar to the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.

But it looked different than normal.

“As you can see, the Alchemists’ Tower looks different now.”

The Northern Alchemists’ Tower had split into four parts, creating paths to the North, South, East, and West.
The central area was empty.

Jack continued to speak.

“The ground suddenly started to shake after the black mages and mages teleported over.”

They heard the sound of a large mechanical device moving as the ground shook.
After that, the Northern Tower split into four parts as if it was a pie and paths in the shape of a cross appeared, leaving a large circle in the middle.

“You need to go a bit closer to see it better.”

Jack bit down on his lips.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Golems were coming out of the newly created paths.
The golems that had already entered the forest were in a formation heading south.
They were heading toward the residential areas and the capital.

“That pit in the middle was filled with dead mana. Dead mana shot out and filled that pit.”

Cale listened to Jack’s description before asking him a question.

“Then what about the people?”

Beacrox started to speak.

“People from our side?”

Jack shook his head.

“No. They are the enemy’s allies.”

Beacrox let out a gasp.

“You’re saying that the enemies are sacrificing their own people to create the dead mana?”
“…That is correct.”

Pain was visible on Jack’s face.

“The enemies started to throw their soldiers into the pit one by one once those paths were created. We wanted to stop them, but there were too many of them.”

Jack chose to retreat first.
It was because he didn’t want their soldiers to get captured and thrown into the pit as well.
He didn’t think it was the wrong decision. However, he was someone who served the Sun God, a Saint, and someone who might end up in an even higher position.

That was why he could not help but be angry as he watched the enemy soldiers being thrown into that black lake of dead mana.

Dying that way was different than dying in battle.


They heard another scream.
Jack started to frown.
It was at that moment.


He stumbled forward.
Cale had pushed Jack to the back.

“Let’s go right away.”

Cale and Beacrox made eye contact. Beacrox looked toward Jack and pointed at his back.

“Please get on.”
“Excuse me?”
“I will carry you there.”
“Ah, yes sir!”

Jack immediately got on Beacrox’s back.
Cale started to use the Sound of the Wind.

Swoooosh- Swoooosh-

Small gusts of wind appeared at the tips of his feet.

“Is it best to approach from the air or is it better to approach through the forest?”

Jack debated for a moment after seeing Cale’s serious gaze before answering the question.

“We probably need to fly over to get to the center as quickly as possible, however, I wish to approach on land.”
“Your reason for that?”

The Saint looked at the forest.

“We moved away from the tower, but we still have people in the forest using guerrilla warfare to hold back the golems and the enemies as much as possible.”

Guerrilla warfare was possible because they were in a forest.
The soldiers, alchemists, knights, and mages were all scattered throughout the forest trying to stop the golems from heading south.

Screeech- boom!

Cale could hear people cutting down trees to create walls to stop the golems.

“I wish to provide them with support as we head toward the tower.”

Light started to appear in Saint Jack’s hands.
It was his healing powers.

He wanted to do something for the tired and afraid allied troops.
That was his job.

Jack looked toward Cale hoping he could do both.


Cale started to speak.

“You go with Clopeh in the air. Make sure to stay invisible.”
“Alright, human!”

He then looked toward Beacrox.

“You will go on land with me.”
“Yes, sir.”

Cale nonchalantly commented after hearing Beacrox’s short response.


Cale and Beacrox’s bodies immediately fell to the ground.

– Human! I’ll be hiding around the tower with this crazy Clopeh! See you a bit later! Oh, and, and!

Cale could hear Raon shouting in his mind.

– I made it clear to you last time! Do not overdo it! I will destroy everything if you faint again! It will be the end of the world!


Cale started to laugh.


Cale and Beacrox who was carrying Jack landed on the ground at that moment. The people who had been protecting Saint Jack approached them.
Cale had an odd expression on his face as he looked at their numbers.

There were significantly fewer people than originally planned.
Only the minimum number of people had remained to protect Jack.

‘It looks like he sent the rest of his protective detail into the battlefield.’

Saint Jack would probably have sent himself and not his protective detail if he could do so.
However, Jack could not die nor even get seriously injured.

Jack had to remain healthy for a different reason than Sir Rex.
If Sir Rex was the symbol of the new Mogoru, then Jack was someone who symbolized the past Mogoru and could give people a place to rest their minds.

Jack knew that more than anybody else.

“What should we do? Please give us some orders.”

Cale looked toward Jack after hearing the knight’s question. Jack nodded his head and Cale immediately started to speak.

“We will take over protecting the Saint-nim from here. You do not need to worry about his safety.”

The knight in charge of protecting Jack was someone who was one of the leaders under Sir Rex. He was the most skilled as well.
That was why he knew about Cale’s identity and felt relieved after hearing that Cale would be protecting Jack.

“So, tell all of the soldiers inside the forest to gather here.”

However, the knight became confused after hearing that.

‘Call the soldiers here?’

The knight responded even though he had a confused expression.

“I will do as you ordered.”

Once he gave the response…


He could feel the wind.
The knight could then see Cale and Beacrox shooting forward toward the Northern Alchemists’ Tower.

Swoooooooooooosh- Swoooooooosh-

Cale jumped into the forest that was still dark.
He picked up his golden top’s whip.

‘Kahahahaha! We followed you here! There’s destruction! Despair! Hmm? There’s something terrible here! We must destroy that! We must destroy that at all costs! Destroy! Annihilate!’
‘Ow, you’re so loud!’
‘What do you need us to do?’

Cale asked the Wind Elementals to do something for him.

“Please gather information. Pay special attention to the strong individuals.”

The Wind Elementals started to move.

“Jack-nim, please continue your explanation.”

Cale then asked Jack for more information.
Jack who was on Beacrox’s back tightened his grip to steady himself as they were moving quickly before starting to speak.

“A golem shot out from the pit the moment an enemy soldier fell into the dead mana lake. Then a black mage went into the golem and started to control it.”

Dead mana and a person’s life.

‘Could it be that fulfilling those two conditions allowed golems to move even without black despair? Was it like this in ancient times as well?’

– Not at all.

He heard the Scary Giant Cobblestone’s voice.

– The golems only moved with black despair during ancient times. It looks like black magic has developed more than in the past.

The development of black magic.
Cale’s expression stiffened up after hearing that they had improved.

“Ugh, aaaaaaaaaaah!”

They heard another loud and terrible scream.

“Jack-nim, we are going to increase our speed.”
“Please hold on tight.”

A whirlwind that was strong enough to be seen surrounded the three people as soon as they made those comments.

Tap. Tap!

Cale and Beacrox shot forward.
Jack shouted through the whirlwind at that moment.

“I will get started as well!”

Jack held onto Beacrox with one hand while raising his other hand.
Things like this were the only things he could do as his physical strength was abysmals. Furthermore, this was something that only he could do.
Light started to shoot out from his entire body.

The forest in the darkness.
The person with the will of the Sun started to shoot out his light of healing from within the darkness.


All of the allied soldiers who had been fighting against the golems while hiding, running away, or leading them to traps, raised their heads.
They could feel their minor injuries and fatigue disappearing thanks to this light of healing that filled the forest.

At the center of that light…

“It’s the Saint-nim!”

They could see two people and Saint Jack on one of those two people’s backs charging forward while being surrounded by light and wind.

They then heard the voices of their leaders as well.

“Move back! We are retreating to the back!”
“Move back! Stop your attacks! Come to the back!”

The troops could see the whirlwind of light charging forward without looking back as they retreated.

Slaaaash- slaaash, crack!

Cale shot his whirlwind forward to get rid of any obstacle in their way. They were in a hurry.
They didn’t have time to dodge each tree and branch in their way.

‘Saint Jack has gotten stronger too.’

Cale was amazed by the healing power that filled the entire forest.
Of course, this healing power healed the enemy soldiers as well, but he understood where Jack was coming from.
It could not be helped.

“Block them!”
“Get them!”

He could hear the black mages shouting from the golems.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The golems quickly moved to hinder Cale’s group.

It was because light and darkness were opposites and the Church of the Sun God was where the power of light was strongest.
Even this light of healing became an obstacle for the golems and black mages as it was a power of the sun.

Imagine an existence that needs to live in darkness being placed in the middle of the light.
Who would welcome that?

Boom. Boom!

Cale could feel the golems approaching them.

“Please use as much of your healing powers as possible!”

Jack looked toward Cale’s back while still on Beacrox’s back. He could hear Cale’s voice through the whirlwind.

“Let’s properly show them that we are here!”
“…That sounds, very, very wonderful!”

Jack poured out even more of his healing power.

‘This is crazy.’

Beacrox was the person being influenced by the healing power the most.
The increasing healing power made it so that his body did not get tired at all. He was being supported by Cale’s wind, but it took a lot of stamina to run through the forest. However, his stamina had no chances of decreasing.
That was the amazing effect of Saint Jack’s healing power.

“They’re here!”

Cale lifted his head.

The golems here were different than the one Imperial Prince Adin had used.
Some were 10 meters tall, but the majority of them were between 2 – 4 meters tall with some being taller than the trees and some not being as tall. They were smaller than the golems from last time.

Thanks to that, he could see the black mages controlling the golems up close.
These golems seemed to have focused on mobility and sharp movements.

“A Saint who only has healing powers showed up to die!”

A black mage started to move the golem.
The golem lifted a large sword.


Cale said that before kicking off the ground.
Beacrox moved in the same way.


Jack suddenly felt as if the world was spinning.
Cale and Beacrox instantly jumped over the golem. They then dodged the next golem by dashing underneath it.


The golem’s axe slammed down where Jack and Beacrox had just passed by.
Jack could feel his heart beating wildly.
They were moving so quickly that his world was spinning.

“Please hold on tight.”

Jack used his divine powers to hold on tightly after hearing Beacrox’s warning.
It was chaotic.
But a moment later…


Jack looked forward after feeling an aura piercing his skin.
They had made it out of the forest.
He could see the changed Northern Tower.

“N, no!”

Jack started to frown while looking at the top of the Northern Alchemists’ Tower.


A person on top of the tower pushed someone else’s back with his foot.


The pushed person soon fell into the dead mana lake.

Screeeech. Screeeech.

Another golem shot up from the lake.
The person who fell in was someone in a soldier uniform who did not even have a weapon in his hand. He did not want to die.

Watching this made Saint Jack feel suffocated.
It was at that moment.

“So, it is the Lion King.” ( (PR: ™) )

He could hear Cale’s voice.

‘The Lion King?’

Jack looked toward Cale in shock. Cale was looking at him.

“Is that man at the top the Lion you mentioned to Bud?”

Cale pointed to a man on top of the Northern Alchemists’ Tower.
That man was sitting on a fancy chair next to the person pushing the soldiers into the lake.

“No. The Lion we saw before retreating to the forest was someone else.”

Jack answered that it was a different person before asking with a nervous expression.

“Is that man the Lion King?”

Cale could hear the voices of the Wind Elementals.

‘Cale! He’s apparently the Lion King! I saw someone bowing their head saying, ‘my king,’ earlier!
‘Terrible bastard! Annihilation! Destruction! Despair! We must! Gift it! To him!’

Cale started to mumble.

“…He’s a big shot.”

Another problem showed up now that they took care of Becrock.
Cale looked toward the Lion King.

The Lion King looked toward Cale as well.


The middle-aged man who had been lazily sitting on the chair stood up and started to speak. He seemed to have used magic as his voice was loud enough for Cale to hear at the bottom of the tower.

“Are you that troublemaker?”

It was at that moment.
Cale, who had been referred to as, ‘troublemaker,’ started to smile.

– Human!

He commented while listening to Raon’s messages in his head.

“This is going to be a shit show.”


Jack looked confused after hearing Cale’s mumbling.


However, he soon had to raise his head.
He could feel it.
He could tell because it was him.

It was coming down.

‘She’s here. Finally!’



A person landed on the ground.

– Delivery completed as requested by the talkative Bud! Hehe, Hannah the destroyer is here!

Cale listened to Raon’s words before looking at the person who appeared as the dust cloud settled.

“You’re here?”

He greeted Hannah who pointed to the top of the tower with her sword.
She was pointing at the Lion King.

“You need me to kill that bastard?”

Cale responded with a smile.


He then added on.

“I need to create a sea of fire while you do that.”

Cale heard a timid voice in his mind.

– Are you going to give me some magic stones?

The cheapskate owner of the Fire of Destruction cautiously asked him a question.

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