Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 41 – Don’t know, I don’t know (2)

But Lock just nodded his head at Cale’s response, and started to speak.

“If you do not know, may I explain it to you?”

He asked it in the form of a question, but it looked like he wanted to say what was on his mind. Cale shook his head to say, ‘no.’

“No need.”

Cale stared at Lock.

‘You want me to take the ten Blue Wolf Tribe children and you to create a Knights Brigade?’

Lock was someone who was afraid of the Whale Tribe but was willing to attack the Chief of the Whale Tribe for his friends.

‘You want me to take someone who is crazier than some religious fanatics and make him my subordinate?’

“No need to continue speaking about nonsense.”

Cale’s cold voice made Lock’s shoulders sink. Cale did not care about Lock’s reaction at all and started to speak.

“You want young children to become knights? You asked me to protect the children, but your suggestion seems to go against your request.”

If Cale trained them into knights from such a young age, they would become a group of warriors who would be even crazier than religious fanatics. That was a terrible thought.
But most importantly.

“What about their opinions? Why are you deciding for them?”

Cale asked the question to Lock, who had made the decision for all of his siblings. Lock had a blank expression for a moment, before lowering his head and apologizing.

“I’m sorry.”
“No need to be sorry.”

Cale just casually responded to Lock who slightly raised his head.
“But since I know what it is you want from me, I will think about what I want in return.”

Of course, he had already thought about what he wanted. He didn’t need it now, but in about 3 months, an ancient power that could be used to make Cale money would appear in a dangerous mountain. It would exist for only 6 months, and someone like Lock in his berserk mode transformation would be best to climb that mountain.

‘If I sell that ancient power to the Queen of the Jungle, even if our territory goes broke, I will have enough money to indulge for the rest of my life.’

He would naturally raise the price before selling it, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong with raising the price for someone who should have a lot of money.

“Will there be something you need from me?”

Cale let out a sigh at the worried tone in Lock’s voice. Cale asked once more, as Lock seemed even more concerned.

“Don’t ask such obvious question. Of course, I will need your help.”

Ah. Lock let out a gasp, and then nodded his head.

“Yes. I will do whatever it is you ask of me. Please let me know once you come to a decision.”

Cale said that before taking a small money pouch out of his pocket and throwing it to Lock. Lock caught the pouch as Cale explained the reason for the money.

“You’re seeing your siblings for the first time in a while, so go take them on a tour of the capital.”
“…A tour?”
“Yes. Isn’t this your first time in a city like the capital? Go treat them to some delicious food too.”

‘I can only have a relaxed discussion with Billos if none of you are there.’

“On and Hong will go with you, so you will not get lost.”


On and Hong, who were quietly sitting in the carriage, announced their presence after hearing Cale’s statement and approached Lock. They then patted Lock’s leg with their front paws.

“Stop it, On, Hong. It tickles.”

Lock caressed their heads like it was cute, but, in Cale’s eyes, the kittens were seriously trying to attack Lock. Cale watched this and started to think.

‘I should leave the wolf children to Hans later. Otherwise, I will need to find a babysitter for them.’

Cale thought it would be great if it was someone who could cook well and kept things clean. Cale was thinking about people who could babysit the wolf children other than Hans when he thought about Beacrox, Ron’s son and the second chef. Thinking about Beacrox made Cale’s expression stiffen.

Beacrox was definitely someone who was good at cooking, kept things clean, and had a positive reputation within the Henituse family as someone who was respectful and normal. However, none of that mattered to Cale, since he knew that Beacrox was a lunatic who loved torture. He could not let such a person taint the pure wolf children’s minds. ( Beacrox is the S to our PR’s M. )

‘I also need to send him off with Choi Han.’

He wasn’t necessary, but, in the novel, Beacrox went with Choi Han and Rosalyn to Breck Kingdom to torture the Grand Admiral. Cale was debating about who would be good to take care of the wolf children, when the carriage arrived at the inn Billos and the wolf children were located.

Cale got off the carriage before speaking to Lock.

“Follow me.”

Cale patted the nervous Lock’s shoulder, and Lock walked into the inn with On and Hong in his arms.

“Welcome to the Scent of Grapes! How may I help you?”

Cale responded to the young attendant’s greeting, and immediately headed for the back door. The people Choi Han brought with him were all residing in the villa at the back area of the inn.

The attendant tried to follow him, but Cale stopped him and walked to the villa door before motioning to Lock.

“You open the door since it is your younger siblings.”
“Huh? Yes!”

Lock put the kittens down and grabbed the handle. This was his first time seeing his younger siblings since he had his berserk transformation. Cale slowly moved back, because he had a bad feeling that he probably should not see what was beyond the door.


Lock turned the doorknob and opened the door. They could see the inside of the villa as soon as the door was opened. It was a comfortable looking space.


However, Cale took two more steps backward immediately. It was an instinctive movement.

“Lock oppa!”

10 children rushed toward Lock, and Lock ran toward them as well. An emotional reunion was happening in front of Cale’s eyes, but Cale was overwhelmed at the sight of ten wolf children in front of him.

At the same time, there was someone that Cale was happy to see.

“…Young master.”
“Long time no see, Billos.”

Cale had told Billos to go to this villa. Cale could see that Billos was nervous underneath his smile and looked to the person approaching them from behind Billos.

“Nice to meet you, young master Cale.”
“Are you the merchant who came with Choi Han?”

A man in his sixties with a gentle expression and good physique. This person was the one who asked Choi Han to help with the Blue Wolf tribe issue.

“Yes. I heard a lot of things about you from Mr. Choi Han. It is an honor to meet you, young master.”
“An honor? It is nothing much to see the face of a trash like me.”

Cale reached his hand out to the man, and the man shook Cale’s hand as he introduced himself.

“My name is Odeus Flynn.”

Cale started to smile.

Odeus Flynn. He was someone who was a strong contender for the Flynn Merchant Guild’s leader position but gave up on it to start his own small guild.

He was Billos’s uncle.

He was the person who connected Billos and Choi Han to each other, as well as the person who brought out Billos’s hidden greed.

‘He is even more devious than Ron.’

He acted like he owned a small merchant guild, but, in reality, he was wearing a mask to rule the underworld. He was nice to some, but cruel and vicious to others. That was the type of person Odeus Flynn was.

Right now, the only person to know about both sides of Odeus’s character was Cale.

Cale pretended not to know anything as he greeted Odeus.

“Flynn? You must be related to Billos. Nice to meet you.”

“I was shocked as well. I didn’t know Billos was the person young master Cale knew. I have not seen Billos since he was a little boy, so I was very happy to see him again. I feel like I’ve had a lot of good encounters lately.”

Billos could not hide his complicated feelings while looking at Odeus. Odeus was someone who threw aside the Flynn Merchant Guild and went to live a simpler life. Furthermore, Odeus was Billos’s uncle, and the only person Billos had good memories about from his childhood.

‘Well, he is a good person to Billos.’

Cale let go of Odeus’s hand and started to speak to Billos.

“Let’s go upstairs and drink.”

The villa was two stories, with a small bar upstairs. Of course, Cale addressed Odeus as well.

“Choi Han and Rosalyn will soon arrive, so the three of you can catch up.”
“I understand. I hope that I have an opportunity to drink with you in the future as well, young master Cale.”

Cale smiled and responded back.

“Let’s drink together sometime soon.”

Cale patted Billos’s shoulder as Billos stood there with a complicated expression and tried to head upstairs. However, there were 10 children blocking his way.

“Thank you very much, young master Cale.”
“Thank you very much.”

Cale looked toward the 10 children thanking him and started to think.

‘What a headache.’

There were 10 children who all gave off an aura that made Cale believe they would be very strong in the future. Although they watched their parents, cousins, and other family members all be killed right in front of their eyes, their strong and firm pupils let Cale know that they still had their purity and a sense of gratitude.
There were also none that were very young. All of them seemed to be between 10 – 13 years old.

‘I guess they can have a training instructor rather than a babysitter.’

However, Cale decided he would not be the person providing them with a training instructor and waved at Lock to head out. He then turned back around and headed upstairs. Although he did not respond and ignored them, Cale could still hear the wolf children thanking him from behind. That made Cale have the chills once again.

Billos came up to the second floor and immediately asked Cale a question.

“Young master Cale, just what have you been doing?”

Cale responded to that question without any hesitation.

“Doing what I can for a peaceful future?”

Billos had an expression of disbelief on his face, as he brought out some alcohol and glasses from the cabinet. He then sat across from Cale and filled his own cup.

“…Do you not see me in front of you?”
“…I’m sorry young master. I have a lot on my mind.”

Billos drank about half the bottle, before looking toward Cale. No, he was observing Cale. This person, who said that he could not live as trash any longer. However, Billos had never expected in his wildest dreams that he would meet his uncle while coming to meet Cale.

Cale stopped Billos as he tried to pour another drink and took the bottle from Billos before filling Billos’s cup.

“I don’t know what’s bugging you, but you can’t just keep drinking by yourself like that.”

“…Young master Cale.”

Cale filled Billos’s cup, before responding.


“Odeus-nim is my uncle by blood.”

Odeus-nim. For Billos, who was not allowed to use the Flynn last name, he could not even call his uncle his uncle. However, Odeus was the only adult who was warm to Billos during his childhood.

In the novel, this was what Odeus had said to Billos.

‘I consider you as my nephew and my family. You have the qualifications for that.’

That sentence became a starting point and a turning point for Billos. After being introduced to Choi Han in the novel through Odeus, Billos was in awe of Choi Han’s strength, and decided to follow Choi Han. He also decided to put himself in contention for the Flynn Merchant Guild’s leader position.

“Young master Cale, aren’t you curious as to why Odeus-nim runs a small merchant guild, even though he has the Flynn last name?”

‘Not curious? I already know about it.’

Odeus was someone who was in full control of the Northwest and Central underworlds. Cale filled his glass, and casually responded.

“Am I supposed to be curious about the Flynn name?”

He then drank the alcohol in his cup and saw that Billos was smiling.

“I see. I guess the Flynn name is not that grand of a name.”
“Indeed. Whether it is you or Odeus, it is the same. You are a Flynn as well.”
“… I am just a bastard son.” ( It is probably similar to GoT, where bastards cannot take the family name and are given names like Snow. )

Cale snorted and responded to Billos.

“The fact that you are a bastard does not mean that you are not a Flynn. Everybody else just considers you a Flynn.”

Although the family may not have given Billos the Flynn family name, everybody else considered Billos to be a Flynn. That was why there was nobody who ignored Billos, even though he was a bastard. The Flynn name, as one of the 3 greatest merchant guilds in this world, was a pretty big name. That was the truth.

Billos observed Cale, before taking the bottle back from Cale and filling Cale’s cup.

“Young master.”
“I feel like you are very good at saying the right things.”
“I am a bit talented in that.”
“That is why.”
“Just what did you steal with the things you borrowed from me?”

Billos could see the smile on Cale’s face as he said that. Cale picked up the full glass and leisurely answered.

“I already stole one and will steal the rest soon.”

He had already rescued the dragon, and the others would happen tomorrow.

The corner of Billos’s lips started to twitch. There were probably no nobles who would say that they were going to steal something, but such a person was in front of his eyes right now.

“Can’t I help as well?”

Cale shook his head at Billos’s question.



Cale put the glass down on the table and continued.

“All the spots are full already.”

The list of humans and beast people to use was already in Cale’s head.

“Ha, haha.”

Billos laughed for a bit, before picking up the full glass, drinking the contents in one breath and putting the glass back down on the table.

“I guess I should steal something else then.”

Billos had already decided what he was going to steal. The position of the successor of the Flynn Merchant Guild. He was going to make that position his. It only made sense, since his greed was larger and deeper than anybody else. Cale started to speak as Billos was thinking.

“Do whatever you want.”

Billos laughed once more after hearing Cale’s statement.

Cale did not care whether Billos laughed or not. The fact that Billos met Odeus today meant that his goal for today has been accomplished, letting Cale drink in peace.

Of course, Cale only enjoyed himself for a bit and returned to the residence on his own to prepare for tomorrow. He needed to start moving in the middle of the night, making him want to go to sleep early in the evening. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so.


Ron bowed to Cale and greeted him.

“Young master, this Ron would like to make a request if possible.”
“A request?”

Ron lifted his head up and started to speak.

“Please take care of my son.”
“Son? You mean Beacrox?”

Cale could see the benign smile disappear from Ron’s face. This was the first time Cale had ever seen Ron wear a rude expression on his face. Ron started to speak with the assassin’s expression on his face.

“I need to go hunt some foxes.”

Although he was old, Ron was still an assassin. Ron fixed his expression once more and started to speak. His expression was stoic, with only the corners of his lips being slightly elevated.

“Our young master knows that I am someone who kills people, right?”

Cale could feel the buzz from the alcohol instantly disappearing. He was getting the chills once again.

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