Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 403 – Alright, this is the beginning (5)

Who in the world would give a gift like this?

– Cale, are you okay?

Eruhaben and Raon looked toward Cale with concerned expressions. Cale could not feel their gazes properly as he continued to look at the black book.

Cale was getting fired up on the inside.

‘You damn god doing whatever the fuck you want.’

It was even worse than when Cale did whatever he wanted to do.

‘Why are you dragging in an innocent person?’

Cale could not understand this part.
Eruhaben looked toward Cale with pity. There were many times he forgot that this kid was only twenty years old because of his thoughts and actions.
However, he could feel Cale’s age while looking at him get angry and frustrated at himself after seeing an injured friend.

– Cale.

The ancient Dragon started to speak gently.

– I’m sure you are worried and angry. I understand how you feel. I’m sure you are feeling angry at yourself for this happening.
“No, Eruhaben-nim. I’m not angry at myself. It isn’t my fault either.”
– Hmm?

Cale was angry.

Choi Han would naturally be seeing Kim Rok Soo’s life if he is going through Choi Jung Soo’s memories. He might even be able to connect Cale and Kim Rok Soo together.

Choi Jung Soo would have memories of Kim Rok Soo using his ability.
Furthermore, his tone, speech, and actions were similar to when he was Kim Rok Soo.

‘I’m going to get found out.’

It was possible that the fact that Cale Henituse was Kim Rok Soo would be revealed.

‘But why that?’

The fact that it might be revealed was not very important to Cale.
Who cares if Choi Han looks through Choi Jung Soo’s memories?

Of course, it might cause a rift in their relationships or Choi Han might get the wrong idea.
But so what?

Rifts and misunderstandings can be mended.

Choi Han could be disappointed and angry that Cale did not say anything and pretended not to know about Korea.
It could take a long time to untangle that disappointment and anger.
But he could do it.

He thought about this a lot already.
Cale thought that untangling it might be easy or extremely difficult. Of course, there were concerns and dilemmas about that process as well.
But he could do it.

Because Choi Han is alive.

You can’t untangle any misunderstandings or disappointments with the dead.
You can’t chat with them or see them ever again.

Cale who had thoroughly realized that fact for his thirty-plus years of life would try his best to mend the relationship with Choi Han as long as he had the chance to do so.

It was also not something he needed to worry about right now.
They can think about it together after Choi Han wakes up and they have a serious conversation with each other.

It was something else that was making Cale angry.

“But why make someone be in pain?”

The situation of giving Choi Han Choi Jung Soo’s memories.

‘Sure, let’s say I understand to a degree as to why the God of Death would do that.
But why did he need to make it a painful process?’

“I can’t understand him at all.”

Cale could not understand the God of Death.

In addition.
There was one more thing.

Cale started to frown.

‘Choi Jung Soo, Jung Soo, he-’

The last memory of his would be his death.
He had been very injured and bled out a lot.
He had died a painful death, but had died smiling.

Wouldn’t Choi Han see and experience that as well?

Choi Jung Soo had been the last to die alongside team leader Lee Soo Hyuk.
He had watched his teammates die one by one.


Cale brushed the front of his face with his hand.
His hand was slightly shaking.

Choi Jung Soo’s memories would show Kim Rok Soo’s expression, gaze, and everything that happened as he died.
Kim Rok Soo had no records of his expression at that time. He could not see his own face.
But he clearly remembered his emotions from that time. How those emotions would have been revealed on his face, how it would have seemed to Choi Jung Soo…
He could imagine it even without seeing it.

Choi Han would see the despair and sorrow on his friend’s face that Choi Jung Soo had seen.

He would see those painful memories.
Why make him go through all of that?

Cale knew Choi Han pretty well.
That was why he could anticipate how difficult Choi Jung Soo’s death would be to Choi Han.

Cale could not understand what this motherfucking God of Death must be thinking.


However, Cale moved his hand away from his eyes after feeling a chubby front paw on his knee.
The others could see his usual stoic expression.

“Choi Han will be okay soon.”
– …Oh, okay.
“And please ask Miss Cage to check on Choi Han’s condition.
– Cage? The priestess of the God of Death?

Eruhaben’s eyes clouded over for a minute before clearing back up.
He felt as if he could understand that unknown source of power he couldn’t determine after hearing Cale suddenly talk about the priestess.
However, Eruhaben did not ask Cale anything else.

– Alright then. I will ask Cage to check on Choi Han’s condition as you mentioned. I won’t ask more since you said Choi Han will be better soon.

– Rosalyn will move according to the original plan.
– That’s right. I’ll be leaving soon, young master Cale.

Cale could see a faint smile on Rosalyn’s face.

– I need to go since neither Eruhaben-nim nor Choi Han can leave right now.
“…Thank you for your help, Miss Rosalyn.”
– No need to thank me. We are doing it together.

Cale’s mind became complicated with current issues after seeing the smile on Rosalyn’s face.

The original plan was to overwhelm the enemy with magic by having Eruhaben, Raon, and Rosalyn working with a large number of magic stones.
He had also thought Choi Han becoming stronger with Syrem’s ancient powers would help out as well.

‘I guess I need to take out Eruhaben-nim and Choi Han.’

However, he needed to make a new plan without these two people.
Cale could only be relieved having Cage and the ancient Dragon with Choi Han since they didn’t know when he would wake up.

‘…This is complicated now.’

Overwhelming magic.
Rosalyn and Raon were strong but there was a large gap in Eruhaben’s absence.

– Will the plan be okay?

However, Cale refreshingly responded to Eruhaben’s question.

“Yes Eruhaben-nim, it should be fine.”

Eruhaben looked apologetic.
It was because he would not be taking part in a magic-related plan.
But Cale really was fine.

“I’ll just buy or steal more magic stones.”
– Huh?
“Please don’t worry about it. If all else fails, we’ll smack them on the head with magic stones I guess.”

Eruhaben opened and closed his mouth a few times as if he had something to say before just saying that he understood and that he would call if anything happened before hanging up.

“What is it? Hurry up and fill the bags with rocks.”

Cale calmly resumed what he was doing.

Tap, tap.

But he had to look at Raon who kept tapping on his knee.

‘What the?’

He could see Raon’s cold expression.

‘What’s up with him?’

Cale could then hear Raon starting to speak with a solemn expression and a low voice.

“Human, did you get shocked and concerned after seeing Choi Han in pain like that?”
“Of course, I was shocked and concerned.”
“We’ve had to watch you be in pain like that over and over!”

Cale became extremely shocked at that moment.
Raon had placed his paws on his hips and put on a scary expression.

“Human! Learn from today’s incident! You should not be in pain! It makes me sad, it makes gramps sad, it makes everybody sad!”

The tiny and chubby Dragon did not look scary no matter how hard he tried to be scary, however, Cale actually felt a bit scared by Raon this time.
That was why he just casually commented.

“…I can be an idiot at times.”

He was feeling that what you think about something in your head and experiencing something in person was different.

“N, no! Human, you are not an idiot! The White Star is an idiot! Human, you are just sliiiiiiiighty! Just slightly less great and mighty than I am!”
“Yes, yes.”

Cale caressed Raon’s back as he responded.
The feeling of Raon’s soft back felt nice.

“I’ll work hard so that I won’t worry you in the future.”

Raon started to smile.

“I knew you were smart, human!”

Raon then fluttered his wings and resumed moving the rocks into the Alchemists’ Towers’ spatial pocket bag.
The two of them were in perfect coordination and soon finished the task.

– …A pile of money.

Cale could hear the Fire of Destruction but just ignored him. It was funny that the cheapskate who could not use magic stones and had a fire attribute that wasn’t even magic was responding to this kind of money.

– That’s not the case.


Cale flinched.

Click. Click. Click.

Raon locked the boxes with the spatial pocket bags back up and returned them under the magic lock as before.
Nobody would be able to tell that anybody had been here.
At least until they saw the rocks in the bags that is…

Cale was calmly watching this, but his mind was getting complicated at the cheapskate’s comment.

The cheapskate can use magic stones as well?’

– Money and jewels work when fortifying my strength, so why wouldn’t magic stones work?

‘Oh, I guess that makes sense.’

Cale nodded his head at the cheapskate’s response.
It made sense.

‘But this isn’t for you this time.’

It was for their side’s magic faction with Raon and Rosalyn in the vanguard.

‘Ay, I don’t need it right now. You’ll be fine just using it for magic.’

Cale brushed aside the cheapskate’s comment.
He heard a clear voice at that moment.

– I need to get stronger too.

It was the Sky Eating Water.
Cale’s expression turned odd.

Most ancient powers left tattoos on Cale’s body as they became absorbed.
However, the Sky Eating Water and the Scary Giant Cobblestone did not leave any tattoos.

“Human! Are we not leaving?”

Cale heard Raon’s voice and decided to think about fortifying his ancient powers later as he grabbed the top’s whip again.
His body became invisible once more.

– Human!

Raon started to speak into his mind again.

– Are we going to go steal a map and the coordinates now?

Cale started to smile.


He could hear the voices of the Wind Elementals through the top’s whip.

‘I saw them having a meeting on the ninth floor!’
‘There was a map open there!’
‘I’ve confirmed where their troops are hiding. I also confirmed the coordinates for the North, East, and West Alchemists’ Towers. Destroy, obliterate.’
‘Hey you, stop saying weird things like that!’
‘No. Chaos, destruction, obliteration! Kahahahahahahaha!’

Cale looked toward the closed door.
There should be guards, knights, or alchemists outside on the corridor.

– Human, how are we leaving?

Cale slowly reached his hand out at Raon’s question.


A lock was unlatched.


And the window was opened.

– Oh! Right! We can fly out of the window!

Cale looked out the window that was wide enough for him to fit through.
The Southern Alchemists’ Tower was ten stories tall.
He could see the beautiful scenery outside.

Cale stepped on the ledge and walked off into the air.


Small gusts of wind gathered at the tip of Cale’s feet.
Magic surrounded Cale at the same time.

– It’s flight magic!
‘It is destruction if you fall! Obliteration! So, you must live.’

Cale could hear both Raon and the Wind Elemental in his mind.
Cale carefully closed the window.


A Wind Elemental responded to that from inside the closed window.

‘I will lock the window! I can do it with a tiny breeze!’


The closed window was locked by a Wind Elemental who remained alone on the inside.

‘I’ll come find you once the door opens later!’

Cale nodded his head at the Wind Elemental before looking up.
The ninth floor and the tenth floor.
There were floors that Cale had not seen yet.

The tenth floor was said to be where the Southern Alchemists’ Tower’s Tower Master resided.

Cale first slowly floated up to the ninth floor.
The invisible Cale could look inside the window. He could see Alchemists busily moving around.

‘The third window to the right. The map and coordinates are inside the room through that window! But the window is locked!’

Cale moved to the right as the Wind Elemental mentioned.
He passed by the first and second windows.

He could now see the third window.
Once he looked inside the glass…

‘Son of a!’
– Human!

Cale moved away from the window in shock.


The window opened.
Cale quickly moved as close to the wall as possible.
He then put his hand over his mouth.

“The breeze feels nice.”

He could hear someone’s voice.
That person was slightly leaning out the window and enjoying the breeze.

It was that bastard.

‘The mage who was with the White Star!’

The one who had a poisoned dagger stabbed into his ankle and had his one wrist cut off.
Cale was so shocked that his heart almost jumped out after suddenly seeing that guy’s face.

‘That mage wasn’t there just now!’

He couldn’t even hear the Wind Elemental’s voice properly.
Cale turned his head to the side while remaining absolutely silent.

He could see the slightly pale mage.

‘He’s not fully healed yet.’

He confirmed that the mage had not completely resolved Ron’s attack and the poison.
Cale started to smile.

‘His body condition is not normal. That is why he hasn’t figured out I’m here.’

This was great information to have.
Cale knew that he had found out some important information.

Someone wearing an alchemist’s robe walked up next to the mage and started to speak.

“Tower Master-nim, the breeze is pure and wonderful here because we are next to many mountains and the Jungle.”

‘Tower Master?
The White Star’s lackey mage is the Tower Master?’

Cale found this to be odd.

“Tower Master?”

The mage frowned after hearing the Alchemist call him the Tower Master and shook his head. However, the mage was smiling. The Alchemist gently added on as if he understood what was on the mage’s mind.

“You are the person who will lead the greatest Magic Tower on both the Eastern and Western continents in the future. So, of course, you are the Tower Master-nim.”
“I am not there yet.”


The corners of Cale’s lips twisted up.

– No! Rosalyn is the Tower Master! You stupid mage!

Raon was shouting in his mind but Cale focused on the two people’s conversation.
He could hear the Alchemist’s voice again.
Cale’s eyes opened wide at that moment.

“Did the liege head to the North?”

The liege.
The White Star.
They were talking about the White Star.

The mage responded to the Alchemist.

“Based on what I heard, the liege debated long and hard about whether to head to the land of the Whale tribe, the southern region of the Caro Kingdom or the Roan Kingdom’s Northwest region to gain power.”

This was unexpectedly huge information.
The Roan Kingdom. The place Cale expected the other earth attribute ancient power to be located.

‘But the Roan Kingdom’s Northwest region? Marquis Taylor’s territory?
The White Star debated between those three places to go find the earth attribute ancient power?
The Caro Kingdom’s southern region? Mary’s neighborhood is on his list as well?
Wow. This is a big one.’

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