Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 401 – Alright, this is the beginning (3)

Cale walked through the narrow forest path and slowly got closer and closer to the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.

“It’s been a while since you last visited, hasn’t it?”

The Alchemists guiding them tried to make small talk with Plavin.

“It has. I haven’t been here in two weeks. Ahem, the tower looks as magnificent as usual.”

As guild leader Plavin mentioned, Cale started to frown as they got closer to the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.
His face wasn’t visible because it was covered by a mask, but he had a big frown as he looked around the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.

– Human! The Southern Alchemists’ Tower seems to be very wealthy! It’s so dazzling! Wow! Is that gold over there?

Unlike the Alchemists’ Bell Tower in the capital, the Southern Alchemists’ Tower had a large sculpture in front of it.

‘…It really is made of gold.’

The shining sculpture was in the form of a person wearing an alchemist robe and holding a staff in one hand and alchemy tools in the other.

– Wow! Human! Isn’t the staff in that sculpture’s hand made of diamond? It’s shining so much!


Cale let out a low breath as the Alchemist started to speak.

“Haha, this is all thanks to your help, guild leader-nim. You even made over one-tenth of that sculpture over there.”
“Hohohoho, ahem, was that the case?”

The merchant guild leader stealthily peeked behind him toward Cale.

‘What are you looking at?’

Plavin quickly looked forward again after getting that message from Cale’s sharp gaze.

‘Damn it!’

Plavin could feel annoyance and anger in Cale’s eyes.

“We really have to thank you! We are well-off as we prepare for the future thanks to your help.”

‘Shut the f*ck up!’

Plavin wanted to cover the Alchemist’s mouth. He felt as if he could feel the anger of the man from the Sun God faction standing behind him.

“Our Tower Master-nim is extremely grateful that you happily agreed to send over everything we need for this operation as well.”
“Hohoho, is that so?”

‘Damn it! Shut the f*ck up!’

Plavin was laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. The Alchemist looked around before getting closer to Plavin and whispering to him.

“Once we gain control of everything in the capital, you will gain more money than you spent on us, as well as power and fame.”

‘…If you’re going to whisper, do it so that the person behind me can’t hear it!’

Plavin wanted to cry because the Alchemist was speaking quietly but it was still loud enough for the man from the Sun God faction to hear it.

“Is that so? That is great news.”

However, he made it seem as if he was happy on the outside.
He then changed the topic.

“It looks like a lot of new things have appeared since I’ve been here?”

The Southern Alchemists’ Tower was a ten-story tower.
There was a small town with this tower at the center.
It was also the place with the largest faction between the four Alchemists’ Towers.

However, merchant guild leader Plavin was not talking about that.

“Isn’t the town full of life?”

The Alchemist started to smile.
Many people wearing regular clothes were moving around the town.

“They’re all on our side, right?”

The Alchemist smirked before responding quietly.

“Our real forces are gathered somewhere else.”

‘As expected.’

Cale’s eyes clouded over.
There was no way that the Alchemists’ Towers who were planning to attack the capital in secret would gather their forces in the town around it. They were bound to be hiding somewhere.

“Can you tell me where that is?”

Plavin smartly asked but the Alchemist just smiled and pointed to the entrance to the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.

“All of the high-ranking individuals are in the tower.”

He was saying that he couldn’t tell Plavin where the troops were located, but the people Plavin would like were all stealthily hiding in the tower.

“Oh, is that so? How wonderful.”

Plavin smiled as if that was the answer he wanted, but he was frustrated on the inside. This was because as long as he was stuck with the Sun God faction, he needed to figure out the location of the troops so that he could help the Church of the Sun God win the battle.

‘F*ck! Nothing is going my way!’

Plavin felt as if he was boiling inside. He peeked to see the man from the Sun God faction gently smiling at him.
His gaze seemed to be saying, ‘do it properly if you want to live.’

A desperate Plavin kept a poker face as he started to speak.

“Then when can I meet with those esteemed individuals?”

The Alchemist waved to the guards greeting him from the entrance.


The large door soon opened, and Cale could see the inside of the Southern Alchemists’ Tower.
The Alchemist confidently answered at that moment.

“You can meet them right now if you wish.”

Plavin and Cale stealthily exchanged gazes before Plavin answered.

“Hurry up and take me to them.”
“Yes sir, I’m sure it will be a fun time for you, merchant guild leader-nim.”

Screeeeeeech, boom!

The entrance door closed once Cale and the others entered.
He was completely in enemy territory now.

“They are on the seventh floor.”

Cale followed Plavin as if he was guarding him as he exchanged glances with Ron and Beacrox.
There were things for them to do here today.

“Guild leader-nim.”

Beacrox started to speak.
Plavin became anxious after hearing that.

This was the signal to start.

“What is it?”

He asked the Alchemist for a moment as he turned toward one of his masked subordinates. Beacrox bowed and started to speak.

“I believe we need to move our items, sir.”
“Ah, that’s right.”

Beacrox had a bag in each hand.
The Alchemist smiled and responded.

“You don’t need to worry about that. You can just have someone take it for you.”
“Ah, that won’t work.”
“Excuse me, guild leader-nim?”

Plavin put on a sly smile as he whispered to the Alchemist.

“These are things to show my sincerity to those important individuals.”

The Alchemist grabbed someone and had them guide Beacrox as if he understood. He then told them the location of the room Plavin Singten would be staying in.

“Sir, I will be back soon.”

Beacrox bowed ninety degrees toward Plavin.


Plavin sharply criticized Beacrox at that moment.

“Do you know how precious those things are? Stay there and guard them. You got that?”
“Yes, guild leader-nim.”

Beacrox moved away from the others while holding two large bags and headed for Plavin’s room.
Plavin motioned to the Alchemist with his chin before whispering to him.

“I didn’t tell him to guard it because I don’t trust the people here. You know that, right?”
“Ah, of course. I am fully aware. I know what you are thinking.”
“Thanks. And this.”

Plavin quickly handed something to the Alchemist. It was a money pouch. The Alchemist flinched before smiling brightly and respectfully gesturing Plavin forward.

“Please come this way.”

Cale nodded his head to Plavin who walked toward his destination with light steps.

Cale heard Raon’s voice in his mind at that moment.

– Human! Our Beacrox who is very good at cooking will do a good move moving the magic bombs! You don’t need to worry!

Cale’s mouth underneath the mask curled up to a mischievous smile.

There were precious things in the two large bags Beacrox was holding.

They were the newest versions of Eruhaben’s homemade magic bombs.

Beacrox would stay in Plavin Singten’s room in the name of guarding precious goods.
He would be there with the magic bombs that could easily destroy this Southern Tower.


Cale subconsciously let out a short chuckle.
Of course, only Plavin and Ron heard that chuckle and Plavin ignored the goosebumps on his back as he continued to walk.

“It’s over here.”

They finally arrived on the seventh floor. Once they arrived at this place with many important people…


The large fancy door started to open.

– Human! This is so shocking!

Cale was just as shocked as Raon.

‘These rotten bastards! How could they!’

The seventh floor of the Southern Tower.
This entire floor was a large banquet hall.
The insides were decorated with gold, jewels, and fancy linen.
There were many tables with royalty, nobles, and high-ranking Alchemists drinking, eating, and chatting while enjoying the music.

In simple terms, they were slacking off.

‘These crazy bastards!’

A large battle that could be called a civil war was about to start.
But the upper echelon was here fooling around?

– Human! I feel upset for some reason! I’m suddenly feeling so angry! I want to destroy everything here!

Cale wanted to destroy everything as well.
However, Cale’s eyes calmly looked around the banquet hall.

‘I don’t see the core individuals.’

Cale recalled the descriptions of the core individuals he received from Sir Rex.

The Tower Master of the Southern Tower was not in the banquet hall.
There were some high-ranking Alchemists present, but the ones who were actually moving the forces were not here.

‘That means that at least the preparations are being done properly.’

Cale could finally feel the atmosphere in the banquet hall properly.
There were half who were truly fooling around while the other half were concerned and nervous about what was to come.
But they were mixed together and playing around as if nothing was wrong.

‘How entertaining.’

They seemed to be having so much fun.

“Ohhhhh! Merchant Guild leader Singten, you’re here!”
“Hello there, Marquis-nim.”

Plavin walked to the center of the banquet hall and respectfully greeted a drunk noble.

“Hehe, you should drink some too. You’ve traveled a long way. The alcohol here tastes great!”
“Is that so, Marquis-nim?”
“Yes, the alcohol is so good! Come rest here for a bit! You can do that here! Kekeke.”

Plavin respectfully responded while peeking toward Cale. He then whispered to the Marquis who approached him.

“I have a great item.”
“Ahem, is that so?”

The Marquis’ eyes filled with greed.
Plavin looked at Cale and sharply gave an order at that moment.

“You heard the location earlier, right? Go get it.”
“I understand, sir.”

Plavin warmly started to speak to the Alchemist who guided him up after hearing Cale’s respectful response.

“You don’t need to guide me anywhere. Thanks for your help.”
“It was nothing. It looks like you asked your subordinate to go get an item from your room, should I guide him there?”

The Alchemist asked respectfully as he had received something earlier, but Plavin shook his head.

“There’s no need. People like us don’t need to do things like that. You, hurry up and go get it.”

The Alchemist was happy that Plavin included him in the group by using, ‘we,’ and the Marquis was waiting for this great item that would soon be brought to him.
Cale then left Plavin to Ron and quietly left the banquet hall.

The people of the Alchemists’ Towers did peek at the masked Cale wearing a black outfit, but they just let him go after seeing him come out of the seventh-floor banquet hall.

– Human, are we getting started?

He heard Raon’s question in his mind. Cale then descended to the sixth floor and headed to a dark corner where people could not see him well.

He did not feel any gazes around him.

– Nobody is looking at you!

Cale nodded his head after Raon confirmed it.

His body was hiding in the shadow.
Then it slowly turned invisible.

‘Shall we get started?’

Cale took the golden top’s whip out of his pocket.

‘It’s the eighth floor! The eighth floor!’

One of the three Wind Elementals who had teleported with him from the Empire shouted with excitement.

“Kekekekeke! This should be fun! Go to the eighth floor! I’ll show you the way!’

Cale cast a light breeze as he walked out of the shadow.


A person walking by tilted his head in confusion after feeling the breeze but continued to walk after not seeing anything.
Cale walked past that person and floated toward the eighth floor.
He was heading quickly but silently to the eighth floor thanks to the Sound of the Wind.

‘It’s completely different.’

Unlike the seventh floor, there were guards starting from the entrance of the eighth floor.

‘It’s fine! We will erase your traces and any noises!’

Cale was easily able to move past them thanks to the help of the three Wind Elementals.
This would be hard if there were multiple people, but the Wind Elementals could easily cover his traces because Cale was alone.

‘The end! It’s the room at the end!’
‘It’s not a room. It’s more like a storage room.’
‘Hehehehe, destruction! Chaos! Ruin! Kahahahaha!’

He only paid attention to the important parts of the Wind Elementals’ comments.

– Human! There are three people in the second room, one person in the fifth room and two people in the last room!

Raon let Cale know the number of people in each room. Cale cautiously headed toward the last room.
He then stood in front of the door.

He could hear people inside.
He heard some loud noises coming from inside.

‘They’re coming out soon!’

Cale could hear the doorknob turning as soon as one of the Elementals shouted.


The door opened. Two Alchemists walked out.

“You accurately counted all of them, right?”
“Of course. Wow, how plentiful.”
“Even still, well, it should go well.”

The two Alchemists were talking.
The one in the rear was about to close the door.


He suddenly felt his cheek being itchy and let go of the doorknob to scratch his cheek.

“What the?”

He scratched for a moment before closing the open door.

“Hurry up.”
“Yes sir!”

He quickly slammed the door shut after hearing his sunbae’s comment.


“Hey! Be careful!
“I, I’m sorry!”

“Damn it, why did my cheek suddenly have to get itchy.”
The grumbled as he quickly followed behind his sunbae Alchemist.

‘Hehehehe, I was the one who tickled your cheek! You stupid idiot!’
‘Hehe, good job. That was funny.’

The Wind Elementals mischievously laughed while watching the Alchemist chase after his sunbae.
While the two of them had tickled the Alchemist’s cheeks…

‘That was easy.’

Cale had turned toward the door and looked around.
He used the short moment the Alchemist moved his hand away from the doorknob to quickly enter.

“Human, human! There is nothing nearby! I temporarily halted the magic devices as well! Nobody will know once I reactivate them as we leave!”

Raon removed his invisibility and puffed up his fat belly as he shouted with confidence.
Cale nodded his head and started to speak.

“Then let’s get started.”
“Sounds great!”

Raon had a wide grin on his face.


Cale started to laugh as well.
He looked around the room.
He could see some large boxes.

‘Merchant guild leader Plavin.’

Cale had asked the merchant guild leader a question before coming here.

‘The Alchemists’ Tower probably asked others for magic stones as well, right?’
‘I believe that is the case, sir.’
‘Those magic stones probably belong to the new mage faction they’re working with?’
‘I believe that is probably the case?’

The eighth floor.
This was the place with the tightest security compared to the other floors.

“Open them.”

Raon gathered his black mana after Cale gave the order.

“Open sesame!”

Raon shouted and the black mana surrounded the boxes locked with magic.


The boxes started to unlock one by one.
Cale walked up to the boxes.

there were spatial pocket bags inside them.


Cale could not stop himself from laughing.

“So, these are all magic stones?”

He thought about the people fooling around on the seventh floor. He then started to think about the leaders of the Alchemists’ Towers who created such shameful displays to distract people even as they prepared for war.

“Raon, you filled your spatial dimension with rocks, right?”
“That’s right! I brought over a ton of rocks!”

Raon and Cale made eye contact.
The three Wind Elementals shouted at the same time.

‘Despair! Kahahahaha!’

Cale took a spatial pocket bag out of his pocket.
There were tens of other spatial pocket bags located inside it.
The one human and one Dragon spoke in serious tones.

“Let’s get started.”

Cale took a spatial pocket bag out of a box. He then poured the contents directly into his spatial pocket bag.
The empty spatial pocket bag was handed over to Raon.


Raon laughed as he filled it with rocks from his spatial dimension.
The black Dragon turned his head as he did that.

He could see his human who was crouching down in a mask and a black outfit as he continued to steal magic stones.

“Get smacked from behind properly you morons.”

Cale looked happy as he moved magic stones over while mumbling to himself.
Raon started to smile.

“Human! Are we going to steal all of these and use them ourselves?”
“Of course. We are going to loot them of everything.”

Raon recalled what Cale had said to Bud.

‘Bud, this is a battle of two things. Money and magic.’

Raon started to ask.

“Human! Are these all going to be used for magic?”
“Of course.”

Cale started to think.

Something that shocked people even more than overwhelming strength…
That was someone showing off their overwhelming wealth.
There was nothing that could defeat someone showing off their overwhelming wealth.

Magic stones were expensive items.
They would use that overwhelming wealth toward the enemies in this war.

‘The Alchemists’ Tower won’t even have a penny! Despair! Destruction! Chaos! Tears!’
‘Don’t do that. It’ll make me feel bad for the Alchemists’ Tower.’
‘It’s fine. These bastards deserve to be destroyed.’

Cale ignored the shouts of the Elementals and he focused on stealing magic stones.
It didn’t matter to Cale whether the enemies would cry after seeing the rocks later.

– …A human who seems like a scary devil but oddly like an angel as well……

The cheapskate of the Fire of Destruction was mumbling something for the first time in a long while, but Cale could not hear it.
The one human and one Dragon just focused on looting magic stones and replacing them with rocks.


They heard a small beeping noise.
Raon took out a video communication device.

“Human! It’s the smart Rosalyn!”

Rosalyn who should be at the Roan Kingdom’s capital was calling.

“Connect it.”

The video communication device was stealthily connected, and Rosalyn was quiet for a moment before she started to speak.

– Young master Cale, what are you doing?
“Stealing magic stones. Is something wrong?”

Rosalyn was at a loss for words seeing Young Master Silver Shield who was called a hero and a black Dragon who was great and mighty crouching down and stealing magic stones.

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    – Young master Cale, what are you doing?
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