Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 398 – The crazy one, the innocent one, and the laughing one (8)


The entire black castle was shaking.

“Young master-nim.”
“Ron, you come here and stick to the wall too.”

Ron smiled at Cale but did not crouch down against the wall.

“Beacrox, you too-”
“I’m fine, young master-nim.”

Beacrox was not going to crouch down like Cale either.
Cale didn’t care as he caressed On and Hong who were on either side of him and looked forward.


The air was starting to roar.
But it was not because of a natural wind.

The white gold mana and white mana mixed with the black mana at the center to create a large fluctuation of mana that created the wind around the castle.

“Young master-nim.”
“You know about how this process works, right?”
“Yeah, Eruhaben-nim told me last time.”

Cale responded to Ron with an odd smile on his face.

“It looks like you are smiling because you are happy that we are getting a house!”
“He’s laughing because it is free!”

He ignored On and Hong’s comments.

“Hmm, Choi Han.”

Choi Han had moved to stand next to Cale at some point.

“The combination of three Dragons’ powers and 10 billion counds worth of magic stones is no joke. Don’t you agree?”
“I think it will help us defeat the White Star.”

Cale’s smile became even wider.

“Right? You really know my thoughts well. In that case.”

The rest of the group other than the three Dragons could see Cale reaching his hand toward the mana storm. Cale’s voice was slightly muffled by the rumbling of the black castle, but everybody still heard it.

“What would happen if we added Miss Rosalyn and another 10 billion counds worth of magic stones to this?”

Ron, Beacrox, and Choi Han. The three of them each had very different expressions on their faces.

“Dragons have always been strong, but the reason they are able to bring forth this much power is because of the 10 billion counds worth of magic stones. There is something I realized as I watched this.”

Cale had a thought when he had decided to ignore the words of the God of Death and destroy the White Star.

“Why? Why did we try to fight against the White Star with only our strength?”

Cale recalled the mistaken thought that had been on his mind.

He probably thought he had become a hero even though he didn’t want to because the world considered him a hero.

No matter how many people cried tears of admiration for someone’s sacrifice…
There was no such thing as a beautiful war.

He casually commented as if he was confirming the information for himself.

“Time to show off my wealth.”

If he was going to show off his wealth, then he was going to do it right.
That was Cale’s style.

What did it mean to do something with overwhelming strength?
Strength did not only mean physical strength.

No, not at all.

Strength, money, and the atmosphere of the world.
It was using all of those things to your advantage to fight.


On and Hong flinched after hearing Cale’s laugh. The two of them thought about what Raon would usually say in such a situation.

‘Human! You’re laughing weirdly again!’

Cale’s laugh sounded very weird to On and Hong who recalled Raon’s usual comment.
Cale didn’t care and started to mumble to himself.

“…The world, make the world-”

Make the world be on his side.

The White Star had Arm, the Lion tribe, the Cat tribe, and the Bear tribe. There might even be enemies that Cale does not know about.

But so what?

It was fine as long as the world was on his side.

The White Star alone was difficult enough, so Cale and his group had no reason to fight against Arm, the Lion tribe, the Cat tribe, the Bear tribe, and anybody else as well.

‘No. Those damn Fog Cat Tribe bastards, I need to personally fuck them up.’

He needed to keep the promise he made with the children.
But why did they need to take on the burden of dealing with everyone else?

Everybody else lives in the world with them as well.

They needed to do it together.
Cale was about to start laughing again.


But someone else was laughing first.
Cale looked toward the center of the black castle and the magic circle.

“We’re all going to live together now! Heh!”

The six-years-old Dragon’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.
Black mana was roaring like a storm around Raon.

Crack. Crack.

Many magic stones were being gobbled up by Raon’s black mana.

“…Uh, isn’t he too excited?”

Cale started to get worried about Raon’s condition.
It was fine to be excited, but he seemed too excited.

But Raon had no choice but to be more excited than ever before.
His two small front paws headed toward the magic circle.


Mana led the wind and moved toward the magic circle that was glowing black.
The magic circle started to rumble and suck in the black mana.
The rumbling was so fast that the large amount of black mana quickly got sucked inside the magic circle.


The ancient Dragon with white gold hair cut through the mana storm and approached Cale.

“Let’s go.”

White gold mana surrounded Cale’s body as he stood up and headed next to Eruhaben.

“The Lord will guide the little kid with the rest.”

Cale nodded his head while looking at a magic circle surround him and Eruhaben.

“Yes Eruhaben-nim, let’s go.”

Eruhaben and Cale.

There was something the two of them needed to do while the others focused on the magic circle inside the black castle.
Cale’s gaze headed to Raon for a moment, but he could see Lord Sheritt completely focused on Raon.


The white gold mana and white mana that Eruhaben and Lord Sheritt cast out was already mixed in with the black mana.

“The magic circle was properly drawn and the little kid became the owner of the castle, so the only thing left is the mana that is the fuel to move the castle.”
“I am aware of it.”

Eruhaben waved his hand at Cale’s answer and responded.

“Then let’s go first.”


White gold mana covered Cale’s sight.
Cale felt his body being sucked in and opened his eyes after a moment.

“It’s been a while.”

Cale looked down under his feet.
He could see the vibrant summer green trees of the Forest of Darkness under him as they floated in the air.

“This seemed like a great place for it to move.”

Eruhaben looked toward the northern part of of the Forest of Darkness with a satisfied expression.
The Forest of Darkness was divided into the interior and the exterior. The monsters got stronger as you went farther into the interior. The northern border of the interior was where the cave heading to the Super Rock Villa was located.

Cale recalled his call to the Henituse territory. Count Deruth, who had warmly greeted him even though he had not called home in a while, happily approved of Cale’s request.

‘Cale, do whatever you want. It’s perfectly fine.’

That was why Cale decided to really do whatever he wanted to do.

“Let’s take care of it, Eruhaben-nim.”

Cale said that and pulled something out of his pocket.
It was the golden top’s whip.
Cale and Eruhaben descended at that moment.

However, they were not just heading down.


White gold dust started to appear around Eruhaben. Cale felt his skin tingle.
What Eruhaben cast right now was not mana.

Dragon Fear.

It was a power that only Dragons could use and a power that made other living beings fear Dragons.


Cale could see flying monsters running away from them as they descended. They were not the only ones.


He could hear the cries of monsters coming from around them.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The ground started to shake. Monsters both large and small that used to live around the northern part of the Forest of Darkness started to run away toward the other directions.

Eruhaben’s Dragon Fear was not the only reason for it.
Eruhaben peeked toward Cale.

He then touched the back of his hand.
It was covered in goosebumps.

‘This punk has definitely gotten stronger.’

Eruhaben could feel the aura coming out from Cale.
Cale was using the Dominating Aura at max power.

The ancient Dragon started to smile at Cale’s strength that was slowly getting stronger after finding a balance in his body and fortifying the ancient powers.

‘It is an aura that will not lose to Dragon Fear.’

Cale started to speak as Eruhaben was thinking about this punk getting stronger.

“I’ll get started first.”
“I’ll follow behind you.”

Cale immediately called forth the wind after hearing the ancient Dragon’s response.


Two small gusts of wind appeared around his ankles and Cale’s body quickly started to move through the Forest of Darkness.
And once the golden top’s whip in his hand started to glow…

“I leave it to you.”

The Wind Elementals focused on Cale’s comments.

“Guide the monsters nearby to other areas. Evacuate the animals as well. Oh, also see if there is anybody watching us.”

‘Ohhhhh! It’s a human who can hear us! How amazing!’
‘I got it!’
‘So easy! Hehe! I’ll take a look and let you know!’

Swooosh- Swoooosh- Swooosh-

Numerous small gusts of wind appeared around Cale.
They then shot out toward the North, South, East, and West like arrows.

“Beeeeeee- beep!”

He could hear the sounds of monsters and animals running away. The Wind Elementals were pushing away the nearby living beings. He then heard Eruhaben’s voice behind him.


That one word was enough.

Cale looked behind him.
The white gold mana coming out of Eruhaben formed a large circle with a set distance.


The large trees and boulders that touched the mana disappeared into dust.
A large open area with nothing was created.

It was done.
The preparations were complete.

Cale raised his head.


The sky seemed to distort.
No, something started to appear in the air.
Cale could see Eruhaben approaching him.

“They’re here.”

Before Cale could even respond to Eruhaben’s comment…
A large rumbling shook the ground under him.


Once a single loud boom reverberated through the Forest of Darkness…
Cale started to smile.

He looked toward the open area they had just created.
He could see something black on top of that location.

“…How wonderful.”

A large and sharp black castle started to appear.
The black castle was more beautiful than any castles he had seen in this world.


He could see the flying monsters flapping their wings even faster to escape after seeing the castle.
The completely black castle and its surroundings fit quite well.

“It looks like a villain’s base.”

Cale responded to Eruhaben’s comment.

“That is why I like it.”

The black castle in the Forest of Darkness.
A castle where the monsters that were said to be the most vicious on the Western continent stayed away from.

Cale lifted his head up.
He could see a black Dragon above the highest spire on the black castle.
Once that Dragon moved his two front paws like a conductor who had finished a song…


The black castle finished teleporting to the Forest of Darkness.


Raon, who had seemed like a black dot in the sky, quickly flew over to Cale as he shouted for him.
His cheeks were flushed and he seemed a bit tired, but he was excited.


Cale could see the castle gates start to open.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been home!”
“We have two homes now!”

On and Hong were wagging their tails as they leisurely stepped into the Forest of Darkness.
Choi Han, Ron, and Beacrox followed behind them.
He could also see Lord Sheritt behind them, looking at the Forest of Darkness with a complicated gaze but a bright smile.

“Human, human!”
“It’s our house!”

Cale patted Raon’s head.

“This castle is on the surface and the Super Rock Villa is underground! Human, our house is so great! It is great and mighty!”
“Yes. Yes.”
“Human, what are we going to do now?”

Everybody quietly looked toward Cale after hearing Raon’s question.
It was at that moment.


Raon took out the video communication device from his spatial dimension.

“Human! It’s Mary! Good girl Mary is calling.”
“Connect it.”

Mary was calling from the Empire.
The call soon connected.

– Hey!

But Mary was not the only one who appeared on the screen. Bud looked at Cale and spoke with urgency.

– We got a call from merchant guild leader Plavin!

Bud was left to be the connection to the Singten Merchant Guild while Cale and Choi Han were gone.
Of course, Singten Merchant Guild’s Plavin did not know about Bud’s identity. He just left any urgent messages in a secret location Cale had told him about and Bud went there once a day to check for any messages.

Bud sounded shocked and nervous.

– He thinks the four Alchemists’ Towers are going to strike the capital all at once!

Choi Han, Eruhaben and the others stiffened up.
The four Alchemists’ Towers that had been wary of each other were going to strike the capital together?
Even though they knew how many soldiers were at the capital?

This sudden change did not make any sense.
Bud continued to speak.

– A sudden mage’s forces appeared at an Alchemists’ Tower and said that they would help them. They are supposedly people who want to create a Magic Tower on the Eastern continent.

Cale’s eyebrows twitched for a moment.
Bud seemed to be responding to that small response as he continued to speak.

– But you know that’s weird. The Eastern continent does not have a Magic Tower nor a faction like that! Plus, who would help the Alchemists’ Towers right now? They are people who use black magic! It’s that bastard, that bastard! The mage bastard who was with the White Star at the Castle of Light. I’m sure it is his faction!

The mage who had shown skills at the level of a Dragon at the Castle of Light.
He was certainly the one who had brought his forces to the Alchemists’ Towers.

In that case, the Alchemists’ Towers, aka the black magic forces and the power players of the Empire, would find it worthwhile to try. They might have decided that rather than being at a stalemate like this, they could use this moment to push Sir Rex’s forces out.

However, this was Bud’s opinion and they had no way of knowing if this was the truth.
There was only one thing they were certain about.

– The White Star has not let go of his ambitions to take control of the Empire!

The White Star still wanted the Empire.

Cale could imagine the reason why.
The current White Star needed dead mana like the ancient White Star and the black magic faction were the ones who would be best at providing it for him.

– Cale, it looks like you need to quickly come to the Empire, if you don’t-
“How wonderful.”
– …Huh?

Bud was at a loss for words after hearing Cale’s short response. However, he soon snapped out of it.


Bud finally took a look at the area behind Cale after hearing the sudden roars of monsters.

There were flying monsters running away and a black castle.
Then there was the red-haired Cale standing in front of it while wearing a black uniform.

Cale truly looked like a villain to Bud right now.
Cale started to speak.

“How wonderful. It was going to be annoying destroying them one by one. We can now destroy them all at once.”
– …Huh?
“Black magic and magic.”

The Mogoru Empire’s four Alchemists’ Towers.
Dead mana that the White Star needed.
Black magic and magic.
All of those keywords filled Cale’s mind and Cale quickly sorted it out.


“We are overwhelming in that aspect.”

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