Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 391 – The crazy one, the innocent one, and the laughing one (1)

Unlike the shocked Raon, Singten Merchant Guild’s Plavin Singten was thinking that the time was here.
The man in the white mask had mentioned his sincerity.

‘Then I guess it is time to test your sincerity.’

The meaning of this statement was obvious.
For Plavin Singten, who had shown his sincerity or received someone’s sincerity for over ten years, preferred statements like this rather than vague statements.

It made it easier than playing mind games.

Plavin tried to suck up to the man in the white mask first.

“Sir, why don’t you please sit dow-”

The merchant guild leader could not finish his sentence. He could not tell the man in the white mask to sit down.

He looked toward the table where he was having dinner.
He could see the chair that still had the corpse because the subordinates were shocked by the alarm.

Plavin put on an awkward smile.

“Sir, I guess this isn’t the best environment to chat.”

It was at that moment.

“Why does that matter?”

The man in the white mask walked past Plavin.
The assassin trusted subordinates behind Plavin flinched, but the man in the white mask did not care about that at all.
Plavin turned around following the man in the white mask’s movement.

“Nice chair. It must be expensive.”

Plavin could see the man in the white mask looking at him from the chair he had just been sitting in.
The way the man in the white mask tapped on the armrest and smiled looked exactly like the other damn people in power whom Plavin had to suck up to in the past.

“Yes sir, it is very expensive. Is it to your liking?”

Plavin immediately approached the man in the white mask.
He then motioned to his subordinate with his hand and the subordinate quickly removed the corpse and brought the chair over to Plavin.

Plavin sat down across from the man in the white mask.
The chair still had a bit of the warmth from the dead man, but Plavin could not feel it at all because of his greed that was heating him up instead.
That greed was completely visible in his eyes.

“This is the contract, and this is the bill for the remaining amount.”

The man in the white mask took out the contract and documents related to the Determination of Fire from his spatial pocket bag.

“I have the contract and you should remember my voice, so I don’t need to prove who I am or if this contract is real, right?”

Plavin immediately nodded his head.

“Yes sir, there is no need for you to do that. I met you myself in the Caro Kingdom, so that is enough.”

He was speaking respectfully as he licked his lips.
Just one thing. There was just one thing he needed to confirm from this man.

How did he find and infiltrate this secret residence?
No, it wasn’t a question like that.

Boom. Boom.

Plavin could feel his heart beating wildly as he started to speak.

“Is it possible…”

Plavin made eye contact with the man in the white mask.

“…Sir, is it possible to know how far your reach is?”

Plavin needed to confirm how much influence this man had in the Church of the Sun God. Only then could he decide how far he was willing to go.
Plavin could see the man in the white mask start to smile.

“You want to know how far my influence is.”

Cale could not help but smile at Plavin who brought the chair closer to him.

‘His trusted subordinate just died but he is sitting in that same chair trying to gain new power.’

– Human! This bastard is very weird!

Yes, this bastard was cruel and weird as Raon mentioned.
People should at least be good towards their own people.

However, it didn’t matter to Cale whether the Singten Merchant Guild leader cherished his trusted subordinates or not.
The only thing on his mind was taking all of Plavin’s money.

30 billion counds?
Why stop there?
What about the human trafficking this bastard did in the Roan Kingdom’s Gyerre territory?
There was no need to go easy on someone who had committed a lot of sins.

Cale decided to answer the question of the bastard who was looking at him like a lifeline.

“My reach is-”

Plavin’s mouth became dry.

“-to the point where I know the location of the former Pope’s hidden treasures?”

‘I knew it!’

Plavin was satisfied with that response.

It could not be helped.
The Singten Merchant Guild leader knew that the former Pope who was killed in the magic bombs terror incident was extremely greedy.

So, would someone like that place bribes he received somewhere others could see?
He would hide it somewhere extremely stealthy that only a select few people would know about.

‘This man in the white mask has enough influence that he can reach the former Pope’s secret hiding spot and take things from there without others knowing.’

That was why Plavin was speaking respectfully to this man and showing complete respect.

‘But it is as I expected.’

On the other hand, Plavin was slightly disappointed as well.
It was true that the man in the white mask had a high position, however, something was missing to fill the greed of someone who was aiming for connections with both the Southern Alchemists’ Tower and the Church of the Sun God.
Would the man in the white mask in front of him have noticed that as well?

“You look disappointed.”
“Excuse me? No, not at all.”
“No need to lie.”

The man in the white mask started to smile, making Plavin wonder if he had offended him.

“But here’s the thing. I’m not done talking yet.”

However, the man in the white mask was many steps ahead of Plavin.

“My reach is to the point I can set up a meeting between you and the representative of the Sun God I suppose?”


Plavin wondered if he had heard correctly. He was shocked, but he tried to suppress it as much as possible.

The representative of the Sun God.
There was only one person who could be called by that title right now.
He could not help but ask once more.

“…You are talking about that person?”

The man in the white mask responded to give him certainty.

“Mm, I guess the Mogoru Empire’s new light is a better title for him?”

The Mogoru Kingdom’s new light and the representative of the Sun God. This could only be one person.

Saint Jack.
The person who was pretty much guaranteed to be the new Pope of the Church of the Sun God.
In other words, he was the future leader of the Church of the Sun God.

‘I will be able to meet Saint Jack? Really? This man can make that happen?’

Plavin wanted to laugh out loud.

The lifeline he was holding onto was made of gold.

“Sir, is it enough to show you my unyielding heart?”

He was also able to see that the new Church of the Sun God was similar to the old Church of the Sun God under the former Pope.
In the end, a once corrupt organization could not easily be changed.

“Yes, Singten Merchant Guild leader. You just need to show sincerity.”

Cale was planning on throwing many carrots to the merchant who was looking at him with sparkling eyes.

‘It’s not like I lied to him.’

Cale was planning on taking the merchant guild leader to meet Saint Jack.
He needed to be punished.

The moment Plavin stands in front of Saint Jack would most likely be when everything would come crumbling down for him.

“How would you like me to show my sincerity?”

The contract and bill that Cale had brought out did not matter to Plavin anymore. He would show his true sincerity from here on.

“I need…”

‘I knew it!’

Plavin could quickly tell that there was something the man in the white mask wanted as a bribe.
It was easy for Plavin to handle a corrupt person like this.

‘He’s looking out for himself even before the new Church of the Sun God is set up and the Pope’s papal coronation has not happened.’

Plavin mocked the man in the white mask internally as he respectfully waited for him to finish speaking. The man in the white mask stated what he wanted.

“I need 15 billion counds worth of magic stones right now.”

Plavin flinched.

15 billion counds worth of magic stones.
That was shocking but something was even more shocking.

“Sir, you need them right now?”

He could not procure that many magic stones in the middle of the night. He needed at least a day to bring the magic stones from around the Empire over even if he used teleportation magic.

“Why? Is it impossible? Do you need more time?”

Plavin quickly responded to Cale.

“If you could do that, I-”
“Then 20 billion counds worth of magic stones by tomorrow.”

However, Plavin had to close his mouth after hearing the new condition.
The price of extending a day was 5 billion counds.
He made eye contact with Cale’s eyes beneath the white mask. He suddenly felt himself being weighed down by fear.

The Dominating Aura enveloped Plavin.
He could see how the man in the white mask still looked relaxed.

“If tomorrow is difficult as well, then 30 billion counds worth of magic stones by the day after.”

An extra day from there would be another 10 billion counds.

“What do you think?”

Plavin felt suffocated at the man in the white mask’s conditions. He quickly realized something.

‘…He is not an easy prey who just wants bribes!’

His greed for this golden lifeline became even greater once he realized this fact.
Cale gently continued to speak to Plavin at that moment.

“But I like you quite a bit. You’re someone who knows how to properly grab onto lifelines.”

‘Lifelines my ass.
You’re going to be completely looted before you are thrown into a road of thorns.’

Cale was being nice to this man he was going to loot.

“Prepare 15 billion counds worth of magic stones by tomorrow.”
“T, thank you very much, sir.”

Plavin could not help but thank the man. That was how much pressure was coming from this man that he could not easily say no to anything. It also made him trust this man that much more.

“Alright then, you can hand it to my subordinate who will be here tomorrow.”


A red-haired man with a black mask appeared from outside the terrace window once Cale snapped his fingers.
It was Choi Han who was disguised with magic.

– Human! I told Choi Han to just stand still and not try to act! I am smart, so I know Choi Han should not act!

Dragons really were smart.
Cale could see Plavin gulp while looking at Choi Han.

Plavin got chills on his back after seeing the man in the black mask on the terrace. It was because while it was natural for him to not notice the man, his trusted assassin subordinates had not noticed that man in the black mask at all either.

Plavin felt both fear and greed fill his heart like wildfire after seeing that the man in the white mask had strong backing as well. Cale offered the greatest carrot to him at that moment.

“And two weeks later, I will make it so you can meet with the Mogoru Empire’s new light.”

Fire could be seen in Plavin’s eyes.

“S, sir, do you really mean that?”

‘I can meet Saint Jack in two weeks!’

Plavin thought that he would be able to become the merchant guild leader of the greatest merchant guild now.

“But, as a merchant, you should know what I’m about to say, right?”

He knew the answer to the man in the white mask’s question.
Nothing in the world was free.

“I will prepare to show you my sincerity.”
“Good. I look forward to it.”

Cale then started to walk toward the terrace window. Plavin was about to escort him out before stopping because Cale gestured for him to stop.


The terrace window closed behind Cale.
Cale and Choi Han in the black mask immediately stepped on the ledge and jumped down.

Plavin blankly stared for a long time.

“Guild leader-nim.”

He slowly started to speak after hearing the assassin calling him.

“Check outside the terrace.”

The assassins immediately checked outside and confirmed that nobody was there. Plavin then placed his hand over his heart.

Boom. Boom.

His heart was beating wildly.
Plavin started to smile.
He finally raised his voice and gave an order to his trusted subordinates.

“Gather up every magic stone you can find! We must gather 15 billion counds worth of magic stones by tomorrow no matter what! Actually, gather all the magic stones you can from other nations as well for the next two weeks!”

He debated for a moment before continuing to speak.

“And maintain the current relationship we have with the Southern Alchemists’ Tower, but don’t get any closer.”

He didn’t need them now that he had this new rising power in the Church of the Sun God.

Plavin Singten started to laugh loudly.
He could no longer see the food on the table nor the trusted subordinate’s corpse.

* * *

“Wow, you’re so amazing.”

Cale who had returned to the Imperial Prince’s palace shrugged his shoulders at Mercenary King Bud’s comment.
Bud who had gone with Cale to see the Singten Merchant guild leader continued to share his awe as he drank.

“Plavin Singten will happily gather as much money as possible and follow you with excitement without knowing that he is headed to his death in two weeks. You are really, really amazing.”

Raon fluttered his wings next to Bud and looked extremely proud.

“Hey, Mercenary King! Did you only just realize that we are amazing? I am the great and mighty Raon Miru!”
“Yes, you truly are amazing, Raon Miru-nim! Kahahahahah!”

Cale didn’t care about the alcoholic and the young Dragon’s conversation as he started to speak toward Choi Han who was touching his still red hair with an odd expression on his face.

“Go with Bud around this time tomorrow to get the magic stones.”
“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale nodded his head at Choi Han’s response before motioning to Raon.


The bedroom door opened, and Mary and Rosalyn entered at that moment. There were many documents in Rosalyn’s hands.
Raon channeled his mana toward the video communication device on the table.

“Human! I’m connecting the call now!”


The video communication device started to shine, and someone appeared on the screen.


Bud was looking at this with anticipation.
A white-haired man appeared on the screen.

‘Clopeh Sekka. I finally get to see the Northern Guardian Knight.’

Bud had met many famous people after coming to the Western continent with Cale and was about to meet another one.

Clopeh Sekka.

Unlike the people from the Roan Kingdom who rose to prominence this past year, the Northern Guardian Knight had been famous for a long time.
Bud was wondering what would happen after seeing him in a wheelchair after losing against Cale in battle.

And once Clopeh Sekka made eye contact with Cale…

– Oh, Cale-nim.

Bud’s jaws slowly dropped.

Clopeh Sekka, the white-haired man had his hands clasped together as he looked toward Cale with a bright smile.

– Cale-nim, I had heard the glorious legends of your deeds in the Eastern continent.

‘What the hell?’

Bud’s mind became chaotic.

Clopeh Sekka.
This definitely seemed to be him, but something seemed weird.
Bud could see Cale opening his mouth at that moment.


Cale let out a sigh.

“I knew it! He’s still crazy!”

Raon shouted with certainty.
Bud’s mind was still chaotic.
On the other hand, Clopeh Sekka was just smiling with a happy expression on his face.

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