Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 387 – Decision (4)

“Crown prince, don’t go nuts!”

Raon appeared in front of Cale and shouted happily.
Crown prince Alberu Crossman could not even finish frowning before he had to put on a gentle smile.

– Raon-nim, I will not really go nuts.

Alberu could see the corners of Cale Henituse’s lips twitching behind Raon.
He wanted to say something about that annoying face but could only sigh after seeing Cale’s current appearance.

– Huuuuuu.

Cale’s expression turned odd after hearing that sigh.
Alberu didn’t care before putting his arms on the table and clasping them together to put his chin on them as he started to speak.

– Alright. What trouble did you cause this time?

He was speaking gently, as if he was dealing with a child.
This made Mercenary King Bud Illis who was watching Cale and Alberu’s conversation confused.

‘…Why does he seem extremely annoyed although he is speaking so gently?’

Alberu’s face that was shining brightly even though he had just woken up matched the Mercenaries Guild’s information he had read about the Western continent’s crown prince Alberu Crossman of the Roan Kingdom.

The Mercenaries Guild had a lot of information about the Roan Kingdom that progressed significantly due to the results of the multiple wars across the Western continent as well as Alberu Crossman, the man who was leading the kingdom.

‘The future king of the Roan Kingdom.’

However, the different information networks and people in power were currently confused about Alberu Crossman’s current actions.
This was the same for Bud as well.

‘Why is he not officially taking the throne?’

The Roan Kingdom was currently getting more attention than ever before and expanding significantly as a result of the wars on the Western continent.
Crown prince Alberu Crossman, the man responsible for leading them through all of these wars, was not taking the throne yet.
According to the special reports he received, the current king Zed Crossman wishes to hand the throne over to Alberu, who has declined it for now.

‘The reason he is giving is that the kingdom is currently unstable.’

Crown prince Alberu was saying that the aftermath of the war that impacted the Roan Kingdom and the Western continent was not gone yet, explaining that he wanted to only focus on the Roan Kingdom and nothing else until all of these instabilities disappeared and peace returned to the kingdom.

‘But is that the only reason?’

Bud believed that Alberu Crossman was not such a person who was willing to sacrifice personal gains like this.
He was more likely to be someone who would even use his wedding as a political tool.

‘I can tell that is the case based on how he removed the second and third princes from politics.’

Even while everything was chaotic due to the war, Alberu managed to remove the second and third princes from competing for the throne and completely shunned them from politics.
He managed to become the scary crown prince to the nobles but a benevolent star for the citizens at the same time.

‘Alberu Crossman naturally knows about the White Star.’

The crown prince knew about the existence of the White Star who was pretty much the starting point for the war on the Western continent, so he might be putting everything else aside until they defeat him and peace is restored.
That could be the reason he is pushing back everything including taking the throne and getting married.

‘…But my intuition is telling me that is not the case.’

Bud’s intuition was telling him that was not the only reason for Alberu’s current decisions.

‘Mm, well, I guess he has his reasons.’

Bud stopped thinking about Alberu.
It wasn’t important to someone on the Eastern continent whether that crown prince got married or whatever.

As Bud expected, Alberu was not pushing everything back just for the sake of the Western continent’s peace.

‘How annoying.’

Alberu waited for Cale’s response before starting to frown as he saw some documents out of the corner of his eyes and pushed them off to the side.

Some of his vassals tried to cautiously ask if he would consider taking the throne in those documents.
Some of them were talking about his marriage as well. It was because, while the third prince is still young, the second prince recently found someone he loves and got married.
According to the stories, the second prince accepted the woman’s proposal, and they quickly got married as none of the royal family opposed the marriage.

‘…I do need to take the throne.’

Alberu wanted to be king.
That fact has not changed at all.

Once they receive the free city from the Mogoru Empire and all of Alberu’s preparations are finished…
That was when he was planning on taking the throne.

However, his mind was getting complicated as that time came near.
There was a simple reason for it.

He had told people to gather the other kingdom’s perceptions of him recently.
Many results came back.
Of them, some caught his attention.

< A typical prince. Shows the potential to be a strong leader. >
< The crown prince who looks like he has received the blessings of the sun god is seen as someone who will shine the sun's bright light back on the Roan Kingdom's citizens. >

The blonde hair that passed down through the Crossman royal family.
There were also the blue eyes.

Crown prince Alberu Crossman had many concerns right now unlike his usual self.

‘The old me would not have cared about this.’

First prince Alberu had no plans on revealing his true appearance up until just a few years ago.
His only goal was to make the Roan Kingdom a better place for its citizens while he was king.

He planned on keeping this fake appearance up for the rest of his life.

He did not plan on getting married either.
He did not want to only show his fake appearance to someone who would share the rest of her life with him.
That meant that he would need to show her his true appearance, but Alberu gave up on love and marriage because that meant that his true appearance might get leaked out.

Of course, the fact he would not get married would make his vassals urge him to get married while also shaking Alberu’s grasp of the throne.
However, Alberu was not confident that he could make his child live a similar life to his own.

That was why the Alberu of the past planned on taking control of the throne and ruling the kingdom without getting married until naming one of his nephews as the crown prince and slowly stepping away from the throne when the time was right.

All because he was a quarter Dark Elf.

‘But the past is different than the present.’

At least for now, Dark Elves had a good image in the Roan Kingdom.
In fact, many people were cheering for the Dark Elves.

That was what was giving Alberu a headache.

His aunt Tasha. There were also the other Dark Elves who had helped Alberu out so much. Alberu was overjoyed when they were accepted by people and could live under the sun instead of living underground.

‘…That is why I have so much to consider.’

Alberu questioned whether he needed to hide his true appearance that did not have blonde hair nor blue eyes.
The reason was simple.

This was the case for everyone.

‘Everybody wants to be accepted for who they are.’

Alberu had thought that only the Dark Elves would accept him for who he was. However, that was not the case.
People who did not care about his true appearance slowly started to appear around Alberu.

They just accepted it without questioning it.
Those gazes continued to fill Alberu’s mind. He also started to think about the groups that started to obtain new reputations within the Roan Kingdom.
The Dwarves, Tiger tribe, Wolf tribe, Cat tribe, and the Dark Elves.

Their enemies became clear as well.
The White Star was their number one enemy right now.

Alberu started to think now that the throne was right in front of him.

‘What kind of Roan Kingdom am I dreaming of?
Just a kingdom that has become stronger and has more land?
Would I be satisfied with that?’

Alberu found it funny that he had such concerns with the throne in front of him. It made him think about how people were never satisfied.
But it was not a funny concern at all.

“Your highness?”

Alberu quickly snapped out of his thoughts.
He had forgotten that he was currently chatting with Cale.

“Are you falling asleep, your highness? Should I call you later?”

Alberu found Cale to be annoying as he started to speak.
The thoughts in his mind just popped out.

– …You thoughtless fool.
“Excuse me?”

Cale looked shocked.

‘What did his highness just say?
Wasn’t he the one who just asked, ‘what trouble did you cause this time?’ That was why I was trying to respond to him, but he blanked out and didn’t listen.’

Alberu made eye contact with Choi Han who was standing behind the shocked Cale.
He had met with Cale and Choi Han in his Dark Elf form. He recalled Choi Han’s reaction at that time.

– You too.
“…I don’t understand what you are talking about, your highness.”
– You are a thoughtless fool as well.

Choi Han’s expression was calm, but his eyes were looking at the crown prince in a way that seemed to be asking what nonsense he was talking about.
The crown prince made eye contact with Cale once again.

“Did you have a dream, your highness?”

Alberu responded honestly to Cale’s grumbling.

– Yes. I am still dreaming.

Alberu Crossman, the crown prince who is a quarter Dark Elf.

‘I guess this concern will last a while.’

Alberu could feel the start of a long concern, but decided to brush it aside for now.
There was plenty to worry about already with just freeing the Western continent from the White Star and developing the Roan Kingdom.
A bright smile soon appeared on his face.


Cale scoffed at Alberu who seemed to be all over the place after just waking up.

‘Is he doing this on purpose because I woke him up?’

Cale just shook his head at Alberu’s bright smile.

– Little brother.

Cale flinched after hearing Alberu suddenly change the way he was addressing him.

‘Why is he acting like this again?’

– Aren’t I always handsome?

He waited for Cale’s response. He knew that Cale would understand the hidden meaning behind this question.

Cale responded back.
He spoke with a refreshed expression without a moment of hesitation.

“You are the shining star that will brighten our Roan Kingdom as well as the Eastern and Western continents. You will be both the sun and the moon. Sometimes, you shine so brightly that I get so filled with admiration about how bright the Roan Kingdom’s future will be-”
– You damn bastard.

Alberu started to frown as Cale continued to suck up to him. Of course, Cale looked extremely refreshed as he did that.

“…What the … The crown prince … Asking such a question……”

Mercenary King Bud Illis mumbled to himself before shaking his head.

“…Those two … The Western continent’s heroes … The Western continent’s hope……”

However, nobody paid any attention to his mumblings.
They were all just focused on Alberu and Cale.

– Alright. So, what trouble did you cause?

Alberu asked and Cale responded.

“Your highness, everything is in the Roan Kingdom.”
– What are you talking about?

Cale started to smile.

“The power to defeat the White Star.”

Alberu motioned to Cale with his finger.

– Return immediately.

Cale responded to the order.

“I will see you at the palace in a few days, your highness.”

‘Why a few days?’

Cale responded to Alberu’s gaze that seemed to be asking that question.

“I have to move a castle first.”

Alberu said one last thing before he ended the call.

– You’re going around doing all sorts of odd things.

The screen turned black.
Cale started to speak to the others with a refreshed expression.

“Shall we go to collect some money?”

Their destination was determined.

They were heading to the Singten Merchant Guild, one of the top five merchant guilds in the Mogoru Empire.
Cale had sold the Determination of Fire to Plavin Singten, the guild leader of the Singten Merchant Guild.

The price for it was 30 billion counds.

“Human! You’re laughing like that! That’s your, ‘time to loot,’ laugh!”

The corners of Cale’s lips slowly started to rise.


Bud asked and Raon responded with excitement.

“It means we’re about to make some money!”
“…So… The 10 billion … Isn’t his own wealth … But he’s going to s, stea-”

Bud’s face turned pale.
Cale didn’t care as he thought about what the crown prince had said.

‘A revolt might appear in the Mogoru Empire.’
‘The Empire has quite a bit of territory. Some of the remaining members of the royal family are supposedly strengthening their forces with nobles who follow them. Looks like three or four factions might be created.’

He started to think about the Sun God twins, Sir Rex, necromancer Mary, and Rosalyn who were all in the Mogoru Empire.

Cale looked toward the group and started to speak.

“Bud, Choi Han, and Raon will move with me. And Eruhaben-nim.”
“Please create the magic circle while I go get the magic stones.”
“Once that is all over…”

Cale looked toward Lord Sheritt and Raon.

“Please go bring that bastard who is at the inn.”

The Dragon half-blood.
Cale thought about him before shaking his head.

“Actually, never mind Eruhaben-nim. I will meet with him before coming back.”

The red egg, Sheritt’s other child. The one who might be Raon’s sibling.
He would be able to get the truth about that being from the Dragon half-blood.

“Let’s get started.”


It was late at night.

The Mogoru Empire’s palace.
The Imperial Prince’s palace where the dethroned Imperial Prince Adin used to stay.
A couple of people appeared in that location.

“I am so sad.”

The black-robed woman was speaking stiffly.

“You look like a rag that has not been washed for 1,000 years. You must wash right away. I am so sad.”

Cale waved at the people in front of him.

“Long time no see everyone.”

Rosalyn sighed before starting to speak.

“Young master Cale, you’re always covered in blood. Everything Miss Mary said is correct.”

Cale awkwardly started to laugh.

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