Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 378 – As Your Temper Dictates (5)


Cale let out a quiet sigh.

Mercenary King Bud was watching Cale from a distance.

Cale Henituse would soon remember everything inside that book just as he had done with the Mercenaries Guild’s Directory.
Bud could see that Cale had undone his top button.

‘Looks like he was already using his power.’

Bud Illis’s eyes clouded over before returning to normal.
There were many reasons for that, however, the biggest reason was Choi Han.

‘Something is weird.’

Choi Han looked the same as always but different at the same time. The Choi Han that Bud had seen until now was always calm. He looked even calmer and collected than Cale at times.

‘But such a person has cold sweats?’

The temperature in this underground village was the perfect temperature for people to walk around.
Bud could see that Choi Han was the only one who was sweating right now.

Of course, Choi Han quickly wiped it off so nobody could notice, however, Bud was able to notice something like this.

‘…Something is suspicious.’

Choi Han.
His name sounded foreign. Bud had not paid attention to Choi Han’s appearance because the continent had a lot of different races, however, it was suspicious that there was no information about Choi Han’s past.

Of course, he did not dare to bring up these questions about Choi Han.

How could he when the leader of this pack, Cale Henituse, trusted Choi Han completely? Cale didn’t show this trust outward, however, Bud could tell as a fellow leader of an organization.

Someone whom you could trust with your front or back.
That was not something you could do without completely trusting the person.

That was why Bud kept his questions about Choi Han to himself. At least Choi Han was on their side.

‘It’s quite entertaining.’

Bud was tagging along with Cale because of his goal of getting rid of the White Star and because of his curiosity about Cale Henituse’s actions.
However, he had not forgotten about the fact that he was the leader of the Mercenaries Guild.

That was why Bud Illis was carefully observing these individuals who would change the scope of the Eastern and Western continents. He took out another bottle and started to drink.
There was nothing better than alcohol to hide the fact that you were observing people.

There was someone who was busy hiding his emotions such that he did not even feel Bud observing him.

It was Choi Han.


Choi Han felt as if he could not breathe once the saw the sentences written in Korean.
It made him unable to tell if everything was real.

However, it also made him understand that everything was indeed real.

‘…Choi Jung Gun.’

Choi Han was able to recall a memory from a long long time ago after reading that name.

Choi Han’s father had mentioned that his youngest brother had suddenly disappeared one day.
That man would have been Choi Han’s youngest uncle.

His father mentioned that his youngest brother had disappeared after going to the creek with his friends when he was in his early twenties.
His uncle was only 15 years old at that time.

His uncle’s friends had claimed that he was definitely with them until he suddenly vanished. They could not find him no matter how hard they searched.
The whole family and everyone in the village all helped to look for Choi Han’s uncle, however, they could not find any traces of him.

His father’s youngest brother, his uncle. This uncle’s name was Choi Jung Gun.

The only reason Choi Han remembered the name of this uncle he had never met was because of his father.
He had overheard his father drinking and chatting with his aunt while going to the restroom one night when they were visiting their grandmother. He had only heard the story once, however, he had not forgotten because it was quite a shocking story for a sixth-grader.
He had then seen his last uncle’s face in an album in his grandmother’s closet. His uncle in the picture was awkwardly smiling while rubbing his buzz-cut hair.

‘…Is it really my uncle?’

Choi Han clenched his fists.
He had to hide the fact that his fingers were shaking.

All sorts of thoughts slammed down in his mind.

‘I wasn’t the only one.’

Choi Han felt a complicated emotion after realizing that he was not the only one who was suddenly dropped into a new world.
At the same time, a sense of urgency filled his mind.

He wanted to quickly read that book.

He would read all of the Korean sentences without missing anything in order to see if it had any information on why he ended up in this world and if there was a way for him to go back home.

Actually, he just wanted to know the story of a person who was similar to him.
The story of someone who might be his blood relative. It made him even more curious.


It was at that moment.
Choi Han lowered his head.

The silver Kitten’s front paw was tapping on Choi Han’s leg.
Hong was next to her looking up at Choi Han before he started to speak.

“I can’t tell if you are okay.”

Raon, who was next to them, was looking back and forth between Cale and Choi Han.
Raon and Choi Han made eye contact.

“Choi Han! Are you angry?”
“Your face is stiff! It looks like when Beacrox, my delicious food provider, is angry!”

Choi Han could not help but chuckle.
He raised his hand to touch his face.
The tips of his fingers were not shaking anymore.

He recalled one of the thoughts that he just had.

He had been curious as to whether there would be any information for him to go back home.

An odd smile appeared on Choi Han’s face.

Honestly speaking…
Choi Han still clearly remembered his family members’ faces.
He made himself think about it tens of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of times.

However, he did not remember the faces of friends, teachers, nor anybody else who were a part of his world in Korea.

He felt as if he would remember if he saw them again, however, he also felt that he might not as well.
It had been too long.

“Choi Han! Don’t worry about it!”

Raon flew over to Choi Han and patted him on the shoulder with his front paw.

“The weak human is smart, so he will quickly memorize it! Then we can quickly go rescue our family members! So you don’t need to worry! Just trust the great and mighty Raon Miru!”

Choi Han started to smile.
He recalled the reason he chose to listen to Cale even though he wanted to read the book.
He started to think about the others who were waiting for Choi Han and the rest of the group here to return.

‘Our family.’

Raon’s words floated in Choi Han’s mind.

“Choi Han! Why are you laughing now? Are you trying to be like the crown prince?”

Raon found the suddenly smiling Choi Han to be weird. Choi Han didn’t care as he caressed Raon’s back and looked forward.

Flip. Flip.

He could see Cale quickly flipping through and memorizing the thick record book.

‘Yes. Let’s wait.’

Choi Han chose to relax.

There was nothing to wait for nor anybody waiting for him when he was in the Forest of Darkness.
Right now was paradise compared to the past.

Choi Han just waited until Cale finished reading the book.

Flip. Flip.

Cale looked stoic as he quickly flipped through the pages.

However, his mind was being filled with two different sets of information, creating more chaos in his mind than ever before.

Every page of the book had half written in the Eastern continent’s language and the other half in Korean.

Choi Jung Gun’s memoir.
Also the record of the ancient White Star.
Both sets of information became recorded in Cale’s mind.

The records were written in the Eastern continent’s language.

< The individual who named himself the White Star had all five natural attributes as well as the sky attribute ancient power. >
< The water ancient power he used was like a wall. Most attacks were unable to pierce through that water wall. Next, the fire ancient power he used...... >

Cale recalled the water ancient power that the current White Star used.
That was also in the form of a wall.
It was identical to the power that the ancient White Star had used.

Cale could hear the Super Rock’s voice in his mind.

– The current one really is imitating the ancient White Star.

Cale did not respond to the Super Rock as he started to turn the pages faster.

Flip. Flip.

The pages quickly flipped.
All of the information became recorded in Cale’s mind.

Flip, flip.

He then stopped moving.
A certain page caught Cale’s attention.

< The White Star believed that he could become a god. He believed he would become a god once he fused the five natural attributes and the sky attribute together. >
< He proclaimed that he would become a ruler that humans, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, and all of the other races in the world, as well as nature itself, would serve. >

Cale recalled something the current White Star said.
It was during the battle at the Alchemists’ Bell Tower in the Mogoru Empire. Cale had asked the White Star’s goal when they first met.

‘What is it that you want?’
‘What I want?’

He had responded with a fatigued expression. However, that voice had been full of desire, no, lunacy.

‘It is to no longer be a treacher and to be the ruler instead.’

Dragon Slayers were known as the treachers of nature.
The current White Star was the last Dragon Slayer.

Cale realized that what he wanted was to be the ruler that the ancient White Star was trying to be.

Cale’s enemy wanted to rule with every living being and even nature itself under his foot.

Flip, flip.

Cale resumed flipping the pages.
A sneer was on his face.

Flip, flip.

He continued to record the information without stopping.

< ...There were many battles throughout numerous years around the continent to destroy the White Star and the Forest of Darkness. >
< The number of battles were as numerous as the people who lost their lives. That time period truly felt like hell. >


He was turning the pages very quickly.

< ...Many strong individuals gathered from around the Eastern and Western continents to kill the White Star. It was the final battle. The one to lead everyone was the Guardian of Boulder...... >

Cale then reached the second to last page.

< ...The only one to survive the final battle was the person who had the weakest power. >

An odd smile appeared on Cale’s face.

The first Dragon Slayer had possessed the weakest power.
However, he was now considered to be the strongest individual in history.

The Super Rock chimed in at that moment.

– I protected that child because he was the weakest.

The Super Rock had hidden the weakest person behind him during the final battle.

– Was it called the Sword of Disasters? That child did not have that power when I died.

The strong power called the Sword of Disasters used by the Dragon Slayers was something that Choi Jung Gun, the first Dragon Slayer, left behind as he died.

The smile on Cale’s face became even brighter.
The Super Rock continued to speak.

– All he had was a power that was good for bluffing.

A power that was good for bluffing.

– All he had was a power that made him look strong in front of people and allowed him to trick them.

A perfect power to scam people.
Cale had that power as well.

The Dominating Aura.
A power that could only bluff and did not have any ways to attack nor defend.
It was one of the Dragon Slayer’s powers.

In that case, how did the Dragon Slayer become the strongest individual among humans?

Cale did not have to think about it.
The answer was already in Choi Jung Gun’s memoir that could only be read if you knew Korean.

Cale who had already read the answer was smiling.


His finger slowly turned to the last page.
The last page finally appeared.

He could see the words written in the Eastern continent’s language.

< The person who wished to become a god died. >
< All of the heroes died as well. >

The smile disappeared from Cale’s face.
His gaze started to read through the other language on the last page.

Choi Jung Gun’s last record written in Korean.

< However, heroes will once again appear during times of trouble. >
< Heroes will always be born. >

Cale started to laugh.

Everybody looked toward him after hearing the laughter. Cale was laughing brightly with a slightly flushed face.
They then heard his voice.

“Heroes my ass.”

Bud who was approaching Cale flinched.
Cale was smiling, but it was obvious that he was angry. The Mercenary King observed Cale as he asked.

“Did you memorize everything?”
“…Did you find it?”

Bud didn’t need to specify.

They had come here to find the White Star’s weakness.


The book was closed.
Cale then placed it back on the altar.
The thick barrier started to surround the book once again.

Cale turned away from the altar as he answered Bud’s question.


One corner of Bud’s lips started to go up.


It was not an answer that gave off a sense of certainty, however, it meant that Cale at least found some clues.

Cale gave an order to the group.

“Let’s go to the exit.”

Cale organized the information in his head and then activated the Sound of the Wind.


Wind surrounded Cale’s body. Cale then continued to speak to the group who finished their preparations to leave.

They would head for the exit.

“Then we will smack the White Star from behind.”

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