Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 371 – Night Has Arrived (4)

Baaang, baang!

The white thunderbolts that looked ready to strike down at any moment and the rose gold thunderbolt right underneath it were causing sparks as if they were trying to gobble each other up.

Crackle, crackle.

The two sides continued their attacks as if they wanted to kill each other.

Choi Han’s shining black aura shot out from his sword down on the ground.

“Choi Han.”

Choi Han did not turn his head even after Ron called him. He just pointed his sword toward the sky.
Ron continued to speak to him.

“I will handle the Cat tribe.”

Ron instantly disappeared into the shadow of the castle wall. He looked as if he had completely disappeared.

Choi Han did not say anything.
He just looked at the White Star in front of him and started to run forward.
However, the White Star was not even looking at Choi Han.
But Choi Han did not care.


That command was enough.


A gray fog started to surround him.
It must be the Cats’ fog.

His sword shined from within the fog.

Choi Han started to smile once his body was completely covered in the fog.

“This is nice.”

One of his hands moved away from his sword.


Choi Han’s hand grabbed the neck of one of the Cats. The shining black aura shot out from Choi Han’s hand and started to choke the Cat.
Choi Han saw the Cat’s eyes roll over and continued to speak.

“I don’t need to show the children this terrible sight.”

That was why he liked that he was covered by the fog.


He could hear the sound of the Bears going berserk even though he could not see them because of the fog. Those sounds were slowly getting closer.
However, the approaching enemies were not Choi Han’s prey.

“I will take care of them.”

It was Beacrox.
Beacrox ran past Choi Han before his large greatsword swung toward one of the directions of the sounds without any hesitation.


The large greatsword screeched against a Bear’s sharp claws.
Beacrox swung his greatsword again. He could then feel Choi Han moving past him.

Choi Han lightly swung his sword.
The sword slowly created a horizontal line.

“How is this possible?!”

One of the Cats shouted in shock.

The shining black aura cut through the fog.
He did not hear anybody scream.
It was just the fog that was cut.

The fog that was hiding the Cats and the others was cut apart and disappeared as if it was made of paper.

It was only for a short duration.
The fog had only been cut for less than ten seconds.

However, the enemies saw something in that short instant.
They saw the cold gaze of the black sword master who was figuring out their locations through the gap in the fog.

Once the fog repaired itself, they could hear Choi Han’s calm voice.

“You can run, or you can just wait for me.”

The Cat flinched and started to move.
He was certain that he made eye contact with Choi Han in that short duration of time. The fear of being killed by that black aura overwhelmed him.

Sword masters were strong individuals.

However, for this Cat who had seen extremely strong individuals such as the White Star and the chiefs of the Cat tribe, Bear tribe, and the Lion tribe, a sword master was just a sword master.
However, he still felt fear after looking into the eyes of a human who was only a sword master.

‘It can’t continue like this!’

He retreated backward.
The Cats’ style was to hide and stealthily attack the weakest enemies first.

“…Those trash!”

The offspring of that loser. He needed to aim for them.
Especially the younger one that was the weakest.
The Cat started to move without making any noises.


He took a step.
It was at that moment.


Someone covered his mouth.
A sharp dagger also pierced through from the back of his neck.

The Cat moved his eyes.
He could see a white-haired man smiling at him.

Ron put some strength into the hand that was covering the Cat’s mouth.


The Cat’s head turned in an odd direction.
The Cat’s eyes were full of chaos as he died without being able to make a sound. He heard Ron’s voice by his ear.
The old man whispered to him in a quiet voice.

“…It’s the Cat tribe’s method.”

The Cat could see the cold gaze of the assassin right before he died.

“You were the weakest one.”

Ron then disappeared into the fog once again.
Although there were only three of them, this fog was a good hiding spot for them as well. Especially for Ron.

Furthermore, they were free. It was because they didn’t have to worry about the White Star’s attacks. He looked toward the rose gold thunderbolt that was aiming for the white thunderbolts.

At the same time, they looked at Eruhaben who had been running toward Cale, the Mercenary King, as well as the children and then finally, the Lord.


The three people who were now split up could feel the approaching enemies with their senses as they clenched their swords and charged forward.
There were also people urgently running somewhere.


Eruhaben urgently ran toward Cale and called out his name before closing his mouth. It was because he saw Raon. He looked at the children before starting to use his magic.
Cale could hear the urgency in the voice in his mind.

– What are you trying to do?

Cale pretended not to hear.

– Defending is one thing, but attacking?! You know we should be running away right now!

He could hear the frustration in Eruhaben’s voice.
At the same time, he heard someone else’s shocked and frustrated voice as well.

“Hey, you’re going to fight?”

It was Mercenary King Bud Illis. He already had his sword out but had not activated his aura yet.
He grabbed Cale’s shoulder.

He had once planned on fighting against the White Star with or without Cale.
However, Bud had heard about the fight against the White Star in the Empire’s capital.
They were strong enough to defeat the Tower Master of the Alchemists’ Bell Tower, however, they needed a stronger force to handle the White Star who was alone.

‘But he wants to fight when our side is weaker than that battle while the White Star has reinforcements?
Cale Henituse made such a decision?’

Bud’s confused and concerned gaze was looking at Cale.
Cale just peeked at Bud before starting to speak.

“We need to smack that crazy bastard’s head at least once before we run, right?”
“Didn’t you hear what that bastard did and what those Cat bastards said?”
“That, y, yes I did?”
“But you’re still going to not do anything?”

Cale’s extremely calm demeanor made Bud just respond with whatever came to his mind.

“Of course not?”
“Yes, exactly. We can’t just sit back and do nothing.”

Cale needed to do something.
Otherwise, he felt as if he would get sick from anger.

He could not understand the White Star at all.

Honestly speaking, Cale didn’t care if someone chose to curse themselves.
That is the person’s choice with their own life.

However, they should not cause harm to innocent people.
The White Star’s family and relatives, Lord Sheritt’s sacrifice, Raon and his sibling, what did they do to deserve all this?

“Damn bastard that deserves to be beaten to death.”

Bud flinched after hearing Cale’s voice.
He could see the vicious gaze in Cale’s eyes. He had never seen this gaze before.
Cale then continued to speak.

“Bastard that is worse than trash.”

Bang, bang, bang.

The white thunderbolts and the rose gold thunderbolt were still battling it out in the black sky.
Of course, the white thunderbolts were stronger.

However, Cale’s rose gold thunderbolt continued to aim toward them.
Was it to fight against them?

“Why would I?”
“Huh? Cale, did you say something?”

Eruhaben and the Mercenary King looked toward him in confusion, but Cale was looking elsewhere.
He let go of Sheritt’s shield that he was holding.

“Let’s pick the route where we all get to live.”

Eruhaben’s eyes clouded over.
Cale continued to speak.

“Raon’s mother-nim.”

Everybody around them flinched.
None of them could hide their shock even in this urgent situation.

“Uhh, uhh? Me?”

Lord Sheritt was the most shocked.
The black mana around Raon fluctuated vigorously in shock as well.
Cale didn’t care as he continued to say whatever he wanted to say.

“Yes, Raon’s mother-nim.”
“Uhh, uhh, me. I, yes, yes I am!”

Sheritt nodded her head over and over with a blank expression on her face.
It was at that moment.

“Please open up a path.”

The look in her eyes changed.

“A path?”

Eruhaben asked Cale a question while Bud looked confused.

– Is there a path?

Cale nodded his head and looked toward Lord Sheritt as he continued to speak.


Sheritt could see two black shields shoot forward past her.
Although the color was different, the shields looked exactly like her own.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

“Oh my.”

The White Star blocked the black shield with the water wall before letting out a sigh.

“Is it the child’s turn this time?”

He pointed to the sky.

“That fiery thunderbolt can’t stop me at all.”


The sounds of Bears and Cats dying could be heard within the fog. However, the White Star didn’t care about the fog at all.
He didn’t even care about his subordinates’ deaths as he looked toward Raon.


Raon created another shield and sent it flying.


That shield crashed into the water wall and disappeared.
The White Star sighed as he continued to speak.

“You throw an imitation made of magic that isn’t even a Dragon’s attribute at me. You are still so young.”

Since Raon didn’t have the protection attribute, his shields were just imitations made from magic.


However, numerous black shields started to appear around Raon.


Then those shields started to be surrounded by red fog.
It was On and Hong’s fog and poison.

Lord Sheritt could see the black shields that resembled her own. She slowly turned her head and looked at Cale’s eyes. Cale started to smile.

“He’s a bit smart.”

Raon quickly chimed in at that moment.

“No! I am not just a bit smart! I am great and mighty! I can do anything as long as I learn it!”

Raon glared at the White Star through the gaps between his black shields.

It was odd, but Raon could not use his own attribute.

The present.
He wanted to use that attribute, but he did not know how to use it. However, it did not matter. He was great and mighty and could do anything he learned.

Raon felt Cale’s hand on his back at that moment.
Cale’s finger started to draw something on Raon’s back.

Raon’s eyes clouded over.
Cale started to speak to the Lord at the same time.

“We can’t let our house be destroyed.”

Sheritt’s shoulders twitched a bit.

“It is nice to have many houses.”

It was best to have as many houses as possible.

“That’s right! Human, you’re right! Having many houses is best!”

Raon suddenly stopped after that. He then glared at the White Star before continuing to shout.

“Our house cannot be destroyed!”

Sheritt couldn’t help but let go of the hand that was holding onto the shield.
White mana started to surround her as she did that.


Cale raised his head.
The rumbling in the sky had reached its peak.

“Shouldn’t we end this now?”

He could hear the White Star’s voice.
Cale nodded his head as if he agreed.

“Yes. We need to end it.”

The White Star looked at Cale as if Cale was odd.

“It’s really odd.”

He could not understand Cale at all.

“You just need to leave this castle and that illusion behind and teleport away. Why are you trying to protect something that you don’t need as well as someone who doesn’t exist?”

The Dragon Lord.
This half-transparent being was just an illusion left behind by the Dragon Lord. It was something that could never be real.
Weren’t the living more important than hanging onto an illusion?

Yet Cale was choosing the path where he could get hurt.
Wasn’t he supposed to be someone who cherished his people above all else?

Cale happily answered the White Star’s question.

“This is the path to living a peaceful life as a slacker.”

You needed to live properly to stay alive like a decent human being.
It was the only way to be at peace. You needed to live in a way where you could feel joy when you play and taste the flavor of delicious food.

Cale both hated his memories and cherished them the most.

The numerous records inside his mind.
The majority of them were useless for making money.

Just like Lord Sheritt’s illusion, they were only things that existed in Cale’s mind.

However, even if they weren’t needed to make money, they were needed to live.

“What? To become a slacker? What kind of response is that?”

Cale raised his voice after seeing the White Star become flustered at his response.

“Raon, Eruhaben-nim!”


White gold mana turned into a large arrow and shot toward the White Star.
The numerous black shields covered in the fog created by Raon, On, and Hong shot toward the White Star at the same time.

Ooooooo- Oooooo-

Cale stretched his arms out as well.

His red hair and clothes started to flutter.

The White Star could feel the power of nature surrounding Cale.

Fire, water, wind, earth, wood.
All of those powers seemed to be roaring from Cale.
There were also Cale’s eyes that were glaring at the White Star as if to eat him up.

The White Star started to laugh.
Eruhaben’s large white gold arrow and numerous black shields charged toward him.


Multiple layers of water walls appeared to block against the Dragons’ attacks. It was enough to defend against these attacks.
He reached his hand toward the sky at the same time.


He could see three people quickly retreating at that moment.

– Choi Han! Gramps! Beacrox!

Raon had called them back as Eruhaben launched his arrow.

– The human says to come back!

They immediately started to run back toward the white castle as soon as the two Dragons started their attacks.
The White Star let out a sigh. He had not been interested in these fools anyway.

He looked toward Cale past the two Dragons’ attacks.
He was more interested in Cale than the two Dragons’ attacks.
The White Star’s eyes started to light up.

The moment that the large amount of natural power started to flow out of Cale’s body…
The White Star’s hand moved down.


The White Star started to speak.
Cale also started to speak.

As all three Dragons looked at Cale after feeling the immense natural power coming out of Cale…
Cale had said the following.

“Help me.”

The Wind Elementals responded back.

‘Sure! Of course!’
‘Just trust us!’

The golden top’s whip was in Cale’s left hand.
Cale did not stop talking.

– Got it.

The white trees’ branches and roots started to grow as soon as the glutton priestess responded.
They then quickly headed toward the white castle.
Ron, Choi Han, and Beacrox entered the castle at that moment.

– Are you not overdoing it?

The Super Rock chimed in at that moment.
However, Cale just scoffed.

‘Am I overdoing it?
Of course I am overdoing it.
But I do not plan on dying.’

He was different than Lord Sheritt or Eruhaben.

‘I’m going to live.
We’re going to live no matter what.
All of us.’

Cale continued to speak without stopping.

“Shoot it. Break it.”
– Alright!
– Sure!

The fiery thunderbolt cheapskate and the Sky Eating Water responded one after the other.
And finally.

“Block it.”
– Alright.

The Super Rock responded.

The ground started to shake.


The ground split open and large boulders shot up from underground.

Boom! Boom!

The large boulders started to surround the white castle and quickly turned into a large dome.

The large white tree branches and roots climbed on top of the dome to create another layer of shield.
The wind gathered around it as well.
They were creating violent whirlwinds similar to the whirlwinds that used to be on Wind Island.

Earth. Wood.
Then a large water wall shot out as well.
It followed the boulders that were creating the dome Then the wind protected the water.

The rose gold thunderbolt had disappeared.
Instead, a pillar of fire appeared outside the whirlwinds.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Cale’s heart was going wild. He had never used all five attributes at once like this before.
He could feel his Vitality of the Heart working without stopping.

However, Cale was smiling.

“Fuck fighting.”

The five attributes.
All five powers followed Cale’s will to create a large dome barrier.

– We will protect you.

As the Super Rock answered back for all of the ancient powers…


The final boulder was placed on top to finish the large dome.
That dome only covered the white castle.
Raon and Eruhaben changed their spells at that time as well.


Sheritt shouted as well.

“Protect it!”

Black mana, white gold mana, and white mana shot out from the three Dragons.
Cale started to smile.

Although they may lack fighting strength compared to last time, their protecting strength was stronger than ever before.

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