Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 364 – When Night Comes (2)

“You’re going to throw magic bombs?”

Ron looked toward the person who asked that question. It was someone he did not know. However, Ron still warmly responded back.

“The first branch building and the Directory storage facility will disappear from the world today.”

Ron then took a step back.


The sound of the roof breaking down could be heard.

“You’ve gotten better.”

Crock started to frown after seeing Ron leisurely dodge his sudden attack with a single step and then give him a compliment. However, his greatsword headed for Ron once again.

“Archers, aim for Ron Molan and Beacrox Molan’s arms! There should be a mage on their side nearby! Find them now!”

Crock shouted the orders as loudly as he could.

“Yes sir!”
“Yes, leader!”

The archers immediately pulled their bowstrings back, living up to the reputation of being part of the core members. However, they did not make any rash movements.

“Just prevent them from moving!”

It was because they could not afford to accidentally hit the magic bombs or make the Molans feel a sense of danger.
The Mercenaries Guild mages started to search the nearby area at the same time.
A mage needed to be nearby for a magic bomb to go off.

“…We will retreat.”
“Squad Leader-nim?”
“We will retreat. Do not make me have to repeat myself again.”

Atures chose to retreat.
He coldly responded to the confused expressions on his squad members’ faces.

“Do not forget our main mission.”

Their main mission.
Find the whereabouts of the Mercenary King.
They needed to find the traces of the Mercenary King who disappeared from Leeb-An City.

The squad members tried to retreat as their leader ordered.

“Who said you could go?”

They could see a person looking down at them and smiling with a greatsword on his back at that moment. Beacrox was smirking with one corner of his lips up with his arms full of magic bombs.

Beacrox’s gaze as he looked down at the Arm members was cold.
It could not be helped.

Fifteen years ago.

Back when he could still be called a young boy. He still remembered how his house had burnt down, his family members had died, and how his mother had stood in front of him while swinging her sword.

Just like his father, Beacrox had a lot of anger about that situation as well.
In fact, he had even more anger about it than his father.

That was the reason the young boy who had been told he looked like his mother had lost his smile and had to become an adult with a cold expression like his father.

He recalled a moment from the past.
Choi Han had come to find him in the rear garden to say something when they were at the Super Rock Villa.

‘You seem to be more talented in stealth techniques and throwing knives arts than greatsword arts.’

Choi Han then threw a throwing knife to Beacrox.

Beacrox ignored how Choi Han had disrespectfully called him, ‘you,’ as he caught the throwing knife and threw it toward a tree. The throwing knife accurately landed at the center of the target.
Beacrox looked back at Choi Han and responded.

‘None of your business.’

That was the only response he could give.
He still remembered it.
He had seen how his house had been covered in fire.
He remembered how the fire seemed to grow taller with every scream from his family members.

‘Beacrox, wait here. Your father will come soon.’

Beacrox had still been short and weak at that time.
Beacrox could not forget about the greatsword in his mother’s hands as she stood in front of him. His father wanted Beacrox to use a greatsword as well.

But most importantly, Beacrox himself chose to use a greatsword.

He too knew about his talents. He was talented in torture arts and stealth arts.
Just seeing his father from the side made him think that he could easily do it if he practiced a bit.

The others in Cale’s group were getting stronger at extreme speeds. Even before the sword master, a high-grade mage, and a necromancer had appeared, Beacrox’s growth had been stunted in comparison. It would probably be difficult for him to reach the sword master level with his greatsword arts.

It was not because he was focused on cooking.
He had reached his limits with the greatsword, however, he could not give up the greatsword.

“Beacrox Molan.”

Beacrox could see Atures Poeff staring at him. He could also feel many other gazes focused on him.
He took one step forward.
He heard his father’s voice by his ear at that moment.

“Let’s get started.”

That was enough.


Crock charged toward Ron at max speed after hearing the comment.
However, Ron had already shot up into the air.

Beacrox then took out his greatsword.


The large sword shined from the sunlight.
However, nobody could look at Beacrox’s sword.

“S, shit!”

He was holding the greatsword with both hands.
The things that had been in Beacrox’s hands prior to this were thrown into the air.

All of the magic bombs were thrown high into the air.

“C, catch them!”
“Dodge! Avoid the bombs!”

It was right before the situation turned to hell.
In that desperate situation…

Beacrox also kicked off the roof and jumped into the air as his greatsword started to create a large arc.
Beacrox could see Crock and Atures at that moment.

Crock looked anxious while Atures looked shocked.
Beacrox smiled as he swung his greatsword.

“N, no!”

Someone started to shout.


And the face of the greatsword hit the side of the magic bomb.


It was not just one.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The greatsword created a few more large arcs and slammed into the magic bombs.
The magic bombs that were hit started to shake as they were all slammed in the same direction.

“H, how could this be!”

One mercenary started to pull on his hair.

Boom! Boom!

The magic bombs slammed down while making some loud noises.
They all slammed down into the pit where the original Mercenaries Guild building used to stand.

“I should move mine as well.”

Plop. Plop.

The magic bombs in Ron’s hands gently fell into the pit as well.
Ron then landed on another roof and opened his arms.

“Now then.”


Ron clapped his hands and said a word in a low voice.


That was all.


The people started to cover their ears and flattened themselves against the ground.

Baaaaang! Baaaaang!

The explosions seemed to never end.
The people on the ground could feel their bodies shaking from the ground shaking.
They finally looked up after the explosions stopped only to see a tall pillar of fire.


It seemed to be shooting up into the air.
The underground area where the Eastern continent’s greatest and oldest records had been located. A large pillar of fire shot up from the debris of that pit.

It was a red fire that seemed to want to burn everything up.
Some of them turned their heads.
It was because they heard Ron’s voice.

“Now the records, the history, has disappeared.”

The mercenaries, members of Arm, and even the nearby residents who were hiding and watching everything…

All of them could not hide their shock at his words.

That meant that the Directory was burning inside of this pillar of fire.

Beacrox who was next to Ron had taken out a teleportation magic scroll at some point.

“Get them! We must get them!”

Crock jumped up and started to run toward the Molan father-son duo. The mercenaries who came back to their senses also started to charge.
Crock gave another order as he did that.

“Mages, put out that fire right away!”

He then picked up his greatsword to throw toward Ron.
However, he hesitated for a moment and the greatsword ended up being thrown, not at Ron, but right in front of Ron.

“You’re still the same.”

Crock could see Ron giving him a cold smile before completely ripping apart the magic scroll.


The Molan duo’s body slowly started to turn transparent.


Crock’s greatsword then landed one step in front of Ron.

“Damn it!”

Crock stopped running and plopped down on the ground. He slammed down on the ground with his fist.

They were gone.

Ron and Beacrox. The two of them had instantly teleported away.
Crock started to frown.

Fifteen years.
Their reunion after fifteen years had been such a terrible situation!
However, he could not hide his shaking pupils after hearing the mage’s report.

“Leader-nim! We cannot use water magic!”
“What are you talking about?! We must put the fire out! Otherwise, everything will be lost!”

Crock raised his voice and was about to chastise the mage before shutting up after seeing what was going on behind the mage.

“W, what the…?”

He finally had time to look around.

A large explosion had occurred.
These magic bombs had rumbled with enough shock to destroy the outskirts of this free city.
The noise it made showed that it was that strong as well.

However, things were fine.
Nothing was breaking down from the shaking and no homes were burning.
The explosion did not destroy anything either.

Everything remained the same.

“Leader-nim. It’s a barrier, a shield.”

He could see a large white shield.
The shield was not protecting the people.

“We can’t put the fire out because of that shield. We can only wait for it to go out on its own.”

The shield was surrounding the large pillar of fire.
That was why the pillar of fire could not come out beyond the area, however, it also meant that nobody could put the fire out either.

One of the mercenaries looked around and started to speak.

“…A thousand years’ worth of records is gone. T, they all burned up.”

He then started to frown and mumbled to himself.


That forgotten name had returned to the world once again.
That appearance was more destructive and explosive than any other organization.

Arm and the Mercenaries Guild.

The messengers for both groups quickly and stealthily started to move. They would return to their respective headquarters and inform them of the situation.
This was the same for the others who were watching as well.

“Ho, my goodness. Things are getting really weird. Arm, the Mercenaries Guild, and the Molan household.”

There were a lot of thoughts in the minds of the people who were mumbling as they left.
It was possible that an unexpected faction was about to appear.

“Hey, should we inform the crown about this?”
“Of course! This is the first time one of the households destroyed by Arm has returned! Especially like this! Do you know what this means?!”

The informant for the crown leaned in to hear his friend’s urgent but quiet voice.
His friend quickly continued to speak.

“This is the beginning! I’m sure there are people from the Five Assassin Households who are still alive. Either that or people who were harmed by Arm! They might come out! Especially now that the Molan household has shown their strength and revealed themselves once again!”

The person talking started to frown as he said that.

“Hey, the Molan household was originally one that only appeared during the night. Yet they showed themselves in the middle of the day out in the open. Can’t you figure out what the meaning behind that is?”

He was someone who knew about Ron Molan.

“It means that Ron Molan has prepared enough to touch the Mercenaries Guild and fight in the open.”

The Mercenaries Guild.
Although they were currently fighting against Arm for power, it was still one of the top factions on the Eastern continent.

“Do you think he would be stepping forward like this if there were only one or two of them? I’m certain that the Molan household has at least a couple hundred, no, a couple thousand people with them.”

Of course, they didn’t know that all Ron had with him were a few bandits who were working at Cale’s inn.

A small but sharp dagger. These people who had not figured out the identity of that small dagger were thinking that this was a large faction that they had not known about.

“…This is a serious issue.”

All of the informants with serious expressions split up to go to their respective places.
That was how the power players and strong individuals on the Eastern continent heard about the revival of the Molan household.

Furthermore, the people of the Eastern continent heard that the Mercenaries Guild’s Directory had disappeared.

* * *


Cale arrived somewhere with a flash of light.

“Looks like we arrived at the right spot.”

He looked around after hearing the ancient Dragon’s voice.

“Human! It’s all white here!”
“It looks like a desert! But all of the sand is white!”
“That tree is white! Everything is white! It’s also cold!”

Plop, plop.

Cale raised his head.
White snow was falling and landing on his cheeks.

The ground around them was covered in white pebbles that looked like the sand of the desert. White snow was also falling in such a place.
There were also many white trees growing as well.

This placed didn’t seem to be real.
It seemed as if the laws of nature had disappeared from this place.


Cale looked toward Eruhaben.
Cale’s group had teleported along with Ron and Beacrox. They had teleported from the first Mercenaries Guild branch building to somewhere completely different.

The ancient Dragon pointed behind him and started to speak.

“This is where the Castle of Light is located.”

A place where everything was white.

“It is the coldest place on the Eastern continent.”

The Castle of Light, one of the Three Restricted Areas.

In addition.

– This place.

Cale heard a voice in his mind.
It was the Scary Giant Cobblestone.

– That child.

The child that the Super Rock was talking about was the child he protected, the first Dragon Slayer.

– I’m certain that child would have built his village here.

The first Dragon Slayer.
The village that he built.
It was at that moment.


Cale’s body bent forward.

“What’s wrong?”

He raised his hand toward the others to show them he was okay before moving his other hand.
And finally…


A white crown appeared in his hand.
It was the crown that once belonged to the Dragon Slayer.
It was the crown that likes Dragon blood.

That white crown was screeching.


A strand of white light cut through the air.
The light had come out from the crown.

That light became a line and pointed in a direction.

Cale looked at the strand of light for a moment before turning his gaze. He started to speak as soon as he made eye contact with the ancient Dragon.

“Let’s go.”

Dragon Slayer.
The village that he built.

He felt as if following this light would lead him to that village.

That was why Cale, as well as the others who were focused on that light, could not hear the quiet mumbling.

“…Something is weird. Something is weird.”

Raon was looking around and tilting his head in confusion.
The quietly mumbling Raon scrunched up his nose and patted his heart with his chubby front paw.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Raon’s heart was beating wildly for some reason.

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