Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 362- No, Then Whatever (4)

“Hey, crown prince! Why’d you stop smiling? Raon Miru the great and mighty will learn that smile as well! Then I will show it to the White Star!”

Raon twitched the corners of his lips while trying to mimic Cale and crown prince Alberu’s smiles. However, neither wickedness nor a majestic aura came from his twitching his lips underneath those chubby cheeks of his.

He just looked cute.

– Ahem.

The corners of the crown prince’s lips went completely down.
It was because he saw the ancient Dragon looking at him with an odd expression from behind Raon.
There was a voice that broke the odd silence at that moment.

“By the way…”

It was Bud Illis.
He had taken out and chugged another bottle before starting to smile.

“We used magic.”

Bud pointed toward the video communication device.

“I’m pretty sure the Mercenaries Guild’s central headquarters is a chaotic mess right now.”

He seemed to be leisurely talking about it as if it was someone else’s business.

“The Mercenary King isn’t there! The highest-grade mage isn’t there either! They also know that Arm’s members are currently hiding and watching the central headquarters! In the middle of all that…!”


A gulp of alcohol disappeared into Bud’s body.

“In the middle of all that! They get informed that magic was detected in here! And it’s not even in the middle of the tunnel headed toward this location! No! Instead!”

He pointed both arms to point to the library.

“Magic was detected right at the center of the library! An infiltration like this has never happened in the history of the Mercenaries Guild! It is a very urgent situation!”


The bottle was placed on the ground.
Bud turned his gaze toward Cale.

“Friend, what would you do if you were the Mercenaries Guild members?”

Cale calmly responded back.

“They would go crazy and charge in here. They’ll bring everyone they can. They will grab any and every weapon they could find.”

Alberu chimed in at that moment.

– …Was that somewhere you couldn’t use magic?

Alberu could see the drunk looking Bud smiling and nodding his head.

“Yes! Your highness! That is the case! They will all soon charge in here soon! Kahahahahah!”
– Y, y, you c-

‘You crazy bastard!’

Alberu could not say that out loud as he had to maintain his demeanor as a crown prince and just thought that in his mind.

If it was the full force from the Mercenaries Guild’s central headquarters, you could consider them to be the best of what the Mercenaries Guild had to offer.
And all of them were going to be shocked and come here?

The smile slowly disappeared from the nervous Alberu’s face. But he casually commented about the situation.

– Then I guess it can start now.

His gaze headed toward one side.

– The three-way battle you mentioned.

Ron smiled and made eye contact with the crown prince.

“You are right, your highness. It is a great moment to announce the return of the Molan household. I’m certain Arm’s members would notice the Mercenaries Guild’s central forces moving and follow behind them.”

Bud looked toward Ron and started to laugh even louder.

“Kehehehe! Everybody is so calm even after I said that they will charge in after fifteen minutes! I can’t tell whether I’m the only normal one or if all of you are abnormal!”

Although both of those options meant that everyone other than him was abnormal, nobody was paying attention to what Bud was saying.

Everybody was being too calm. Cale was the one who was the calmest.

He had confirmed that his body was cooling down and was rebuttoning his shirt. Beacrox let go of Cale and started to speak.

“But didn’t you say that only the Mercenary King knows how to get here?”

Beacrox could see the Mercenary King looking at him and laughing.

‘…Did he go crazy?’

That was what he was thinking while looking at the laughing Bud. The Mercenary King didn’t care and said what he needed to say.

“Don’t you know where we crawled under?”

Beacrox realized that there was no need to ask anymore.
The first Mercenaries Guild branch, the three-storied wooden building, was above this large library.
Bud had also said something else while introducing this place.

‘And that area will explode if someone tries to infiltrate it using any type of power.’

Beacrox’s gaze headed toward his father Ron and Cale. Cale stood up and started to speak.

“Then will they come in about ten, no, five minutes now?”
“Hehe, to be specific, they won’t be able to charge into this area. They will be guarding the shack with the tunnel entrance or be stationed above this location. That is what I told the chiefs to do in the past.”

To be more specific, most of the Mercenaries Guild members will be heading toward the first guild branch building.
They would purposely lead the Arm members there.

As for the remaining members… The strongest individuals at the central headquarters other than the Mercenary King and the highest-grade mage will avoid the Arm members and stealthily head to the shack with the tunnel entrance.


Ron put on a satisfied smile. He walked over to Bud, who was laying on the ground next to his bottle of alcohol, and offered his hand.

“Don’t worry about it and just leave it to me.”

Bud grabbed Ron’s arm and stood up. He heard a voice as warm as the wind during the sunset on a spring day at that moment.

“I will destroy it properly.”


A groan came out of Bud’s mouth. He started to mumble at the same time.

“How will we move all of these records?”

Although he seemed to be talking to himself, his eyes were focused on one location. Cale chuckled after seeing where Bud’s eyes were looking.

‘He’s quirky but smart.’

Cale’s gaze followed Bud’s to the same spot.
The ancient Dragon with white gold hair at the end of their gazes slowly started to speak.

“You want me to move it to my spatial dimension?”

Tens of thousands of books.
The ancient Dragon could easily move them to his spatial dimension or anywhere he wanted in a short span of time.

“I will do half of it! The great and mighty Raon Miru’s spatial dimension is wide! There’s plenty of room in there even with all of my apple pies!”

Raon fluttered his wings and made his presence known.
It was at that moment.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing-

The ceiling.
Everybody looked up.

The sound was not coming from the library. The alarm was coming from above the thick ceiling.
That alarm slowly spread into the library.

“They’re here.”

Everybody focused their gazes on Bud.

“It looks like the guild members are here.”

There was no way that the alarm would go off when the Mercenaries Guild members had arrived.

“An alarm goes off and it notifies this location if there are people entering the area around the wooden building without permission.”

Entering without permission.
There was only one answer.

“Looks like the guild members properly brought the Arm members here.”


It meant that Arm came with the guild members.

Bud started to smile.
His smile became the signal.

Ooooooong- Oooooong-

Black mana started to fluctuate around Raon.
White gold particles were quietly shining next to Eruhaben.

Cale looked at the two of them before picking up the video communication device in front of him and looking around.
Choi Han, On, and Hong stood behind and next to Cale.

– Will you blow it up right away?

Cale looked down at Alberu in the screen and answered back.

“Of course.”

He gave the simple answer before asking a question.

“By the way, your highness.”
– What is it?
“I don’t know whether I should be asking this question when we are this busy…”

Cale’s calm voice continued.

“Why did you contact me?”
– …Haaaa.

Alberu let out a deep sigh. He could not believe that this punk had finally asked about what he needed. The rest of the Roan Kingdom’s nobles answered his calls with either fear or with anticipation.
However, this punk in front of him seemed to consider Alberu as an annoying next-door neighbor.

However, Alberu still said what he needed to say.
His voice was calm.

– A revolt might appear in the Mogoru Empire.

Cale started to speak after a few seconds of silence.

“…Excuse me?”

‘What did he say?
What might happen where?’

– The Empire has quite a bit of territory. Some of the remaining members of the royal family are supposedly strengthening their forces along with nobles who follow them. Looks like three or four factions might be created.

The current Mogoru Empire’s Emperor and Imperial Prince were in prison, leaving the crown open for the taking.

Sir Rex, Saint Jack, and the sword master Hannah. The three of them were in the Empire’s capital at the palace and were trying to slowly increase their influence, however, there was no way the remaining royalty would just sit back and allow them to do as they pleased.

Crown prince Alberu looked toward Cale with an odd smile.

– Why are you pretending to be shocked? Didn’t you expect all of this to happen?

Alberu could see Cale starting to smile.
He answered back without any hesitation.

“It took too long.”

He didn’t know they would take so long to build up their factions.

“It looks like I will need to visit the Empire.”
– Correct. It looks like you need to go there and help Sir Rex.

Cale and Alberu. The two of them looked at each other and started to smile more.
Sir Rex, the Sun God twins, Cale, and Alberu had been waiting for this moment. Otherwise, why would they have only focused on settling the issues at the Empire?

“I will contact you after destroying everything here, your highness.”
– Alright, have fun destroying things.

Cale and Alberu did not care about Mercenary King Bud Illis who was looking at them with a bewildered expression on his face.

“I will do half! I am great and mighty and can do all of it, but I will let you do the other half, gramps!”


The air around Raon continued to fluctuate until the black mana left Raon’s side and shot out toward the books.

“You say some funny things, little kid.”


The ancient Dragon snapped his fingers and the white gold lights disappeared.
And as a result…


Bud could only see the empty bookshelves now.
He looked at the others who were not shocked at all with even more shock.
Cale didn’t care as he asked Raon to do something.

“Please turn us invisible.”
“I got it, human!”

Raon’s magic headed toward Cale, On, Hong and Choi Han.
Cale saw himself turning invisible starting from his feet and started to speak.

“I will call you back, your highness.”
– Whatever.
“By the way, your highness.”

The crown prince who was about to end the call looked toward Cale.

“Why are you dressed like that today? There aren’t any official events today, are there?”
– Ah.

The crown prince looked at his clothes before answering the question.

– The central nobles have slowly been trying to crawl up lately. I guess life has become bearable again.

Cale could see Alberu smiling the smile that Raon called wicked.

– I need to do some cleaning.

Cale did not ask what that cleaning entailed. He had a feeling that he shouldn’t ask.
His instincts were correct on this one.

“Yes sir, please work hard.”
– Well, I don’t plan to harm or kill them.


The call ended.
As usual, Alberu was the one to end it.

‘Damn it.’

Cale tried to push Alberu’s last words to a corner of his mind.
There were people who walked past him as he did that.

They were Ron and Beacrox.


Ron turned toward his son after hearing his voice.

His son Beacrox who had come to the Western continent at a young age had not learned any assassin skills from him.

Ron had not taught them to Beacrox on purpose.
This had been the case in the Eastern continent before the massacre of the Molan household.

He should have taught his son assassin skills right away if he planned on passing the Molan household over to him, however, Ron had told his son that training his body came first and taught him greatsword arts.

‘I must have known.’

Ron thought that he had finally figured out why he had acted that way.

He didn’t want to do it.
He didn’t want to pass on the assassin household to his son.

Now, his son used his greatsword arts more than his assassin skills or torture skills, but he cooked more than anything else.
Ron was thinking that was a relief.

That was why Ron looked at his son who was a healthy young man unlike his old self with concern and started to speak.

“These days, it would be good to have a bad guy who only beats up bad guys.”

Beacrox started to smile.

“I think it is fitting. It is fitting for the Molan household.”

Both of their tones and smiles seemed similar.
That was why they were family.


Ron called out to Raon and pointed to the ceiling.
That was the beginning.

* * *

“This is driving me nuts.”
“Be quiet.”

One of the members of the Mercenaries Guild’s most talented individuals team shut up after hearing his leader’s comment. The leader looked at him and started to speak.

“…You brought the tail properly, right?”
“Yes sir, they followed quite well.”

The leader calmed down a bit after hearing that the Arm members had followed them properly.
However, his heart was beating wildly.

They weren’t here.
The Mercenary King and the highest-grade mage were not here. The two people who could be called the heads of the Mercenaries Guild were not here.

Someone was invading the Mercenaries Guild’s Directory at such a time.

The old three-storied wooden building.
The first branch location of the Mercenaries Guild.
The Mercenaries Guild members surrounding that building were extremely nervous.

“Leader, do you think it was Arm?”
“…Don’t make any rash assumptions.”

The leader made the member not spread any rumors.

‘Is it Arm? But Arm was busy keeping an eye on us. Who could it be?’

Although he had shut the member up, the leader’s mind was a mess.

He had already been thinking that Arm and the Mercenaries Guild would start fighting soon enough.
But the Directory was infiltrated at such a time?
It was a terrible situation.


He turned around after hearing his subordinate calling him.


The core members had rushed over as soon as they heard the alarm.
They could now see other members running over.
All of the mercenaries in Resting City seemed to have appeared, as many people were running over along with their weapons.

“It will be much better once they get here!”

The leader had an anxious expression on his face as he gave an order.

“Everybody remain alert and strengthen the perimet-”

However, he could not finish his sentence.


He lowered his head.
He looked at the ground.

It was shaking.
The ground was shaking.

And the cause of that shaking was…?!

“Damn it!”

The leader could see the three-story wooden building.
He started to shout.

“Everybody move back!”

Underneath the wooden building.
The Directory was stored tens of meters underground.

He was certain that the shaking was starting from there.
However, that shaking was coming through that large distance and causing the ground to shake?

“Move away right now!”

The leader shouted at the top of his lungs and pulled back two subordinates right next to him.
He was not the only one to do this.

“Dodge it!”

There were people in black outfits running out of the wooden building.
These were the Arm members who had followed the Mercenaries Guild’s core members and stealthily hid inside the building.

The Mercenaries Guild and Arm.
It happened as both groups of people started to run for their lives.


A large explosion shook the area.

Then they saw it.
They saw two people shooting up from the ground and nimbly landing on the crumbling wooden building’s roof.

It was a man with white hair and a man with a large greatsword in his hand.

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