Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 36 – Being Still (3)

Choi Han looked at the Black Dragon before looking back toward Cale and asking.

“Are we going to destroy everything?”
“No. Absolutely not.”

‘Why are his thoughts always so extreme?’

Cale laid down on the bed and waved Choi Han away.

“Hurry up and come back soon. Oh, and wear a hat.”
“I understand.”

Choi Han left only the night stand’s light on and turned the rest of the lights off before heading out of the room and saying something to Hans. Cale kept his eyes closed and pretended to be asleep.

The door soon closed and Hans did not enter. The Black Dragon, who had been invisible while the door was open, removed its invisibility and landed on the bed. One side of the bed started to sink while the dragon started to speak in a worried voice.

“You cannot really fall asleep.”

Cale started to think after hearing the dragon’s words.

‘Do I look like a four-year-old to this dragon?’

Cale let out a sigh and got up from the bed. A few moments later, Choi Han reentered the room through the window while wearing a robe.

“You’re here. I guess a robe is definitely better than a hat.”

Choi Han nodded and started to speak toward the dragon as Cale packed a hat.

“Will you be following us like that?”
“I will be invisible.”
“… I heard that dragons could polymorph. Can’t you turn into a human? I think that would be easier.”

A dragon’s magic was an expression of their will. That was why Choi Han thought that the dragon could easily polymorph if it had the will to do so.
The Black Dragon snorted at Choi Han’s words.

“I hate humans. I do not want to be like the humans. He said that dragons were cool and awesome.”
“Who said that?”

The Black Dragon peeked toward Cale at Choi Han’s question, before quickly looking away. It then turned invisible and flew up into the sky. The sunken part of the bed returned back to normal.

Cale leisurely started to speak to Choi Han, who was looking at him with an odd expression.

“Dragons indeed are cool.”
“They really are.”

Choi Han nodded his head and followed behind Cale, who was heading toward the terrace. He then looked out the third-floor terrace window and stopped suddenly.

“Um, Cale-nim.”
“…Do I have to carry you again?”

Cale snorted at Choi Han’s hesitant question, and pointed to the ceiling with his index finger. At that moment, Cale’s body slowly lifted off the floor and started to turn invisible.

Cale watched his entire body turn invisible before looking up to the ceiling and starting to speak.

“Dragons are great and mighty.”
“You are right. I am great and mighty.”

The invisible Black Dragon responded to Cale. Choi Han could see Cale’s evil smirk quickly appear before disappearing. Choi Han realized how Cale was controlling the dragon and he started to speak as well.

“Wow, dragons are great and mighty.”

Once Choi Han said that, he turned invisible as well, and they could leave the residence without any worries. Of course, there were magic detection tools around the residence fence, but they were for preventing intruders. They did not have any reaction to people leaving from the residence.

Choi Han stood at a small alley a bit away from the residence, and started to speak.

“It is fine from here.”

As soon as he said that, the invisibility magic on Cale and Choi Han was removed. Cale, whose levitation magic was removed as well, landed gently from the 10 centimeters he was floating in the air. Cale was shocked at this chain of events.

‘The Black Dragon’s magic skills are much stronger than I thought. I wonder if it is related to its special characteristics.’

This level of magic was already a bit higher than the level of the highest tier mages. It was no wonder that they said that an adult dragon could easily destroy an entire kingdom if it was willing to do so.

‘But I won’t need his help like this once I get the Sound of the Wind. I can then move around without the Black Dragon or Choi Han coming with me.’

The Sound of the Wind was the third ancient power Cale was planning on taking. However, he needed to head to the Roan Kingdom’s Northeastern shores to find that power.

‘I’ll need to go to young lady Amiru’s territory.’

Cale was planning on heading there to get the Sound of the Wind on his way back from the capital. His excuse to others would be that he wanted to go sightseeing, since he was already out. The fact that it was an ancient power by the sea made him a bit concerned, but Cale decided to not think much about it because it was a power that he could quietly take.

‘By then, Choi Han’s crew won’t be with me anyways.’

Cale was certain that the Whale Tribe and the mermaids appeared at the Northeastern shores around the end of volume 4. The war in the ocean between the Eastern and Western continents. All he had to do was avoid the shores at that time. More than the whales, he needed to avoid those crazy mermaids.

Cale covered his red hair with his hat, before taking a map out of his pocket. He then took the lead.

“Follow me.”

The still invisible Black Dragon and Choi Han walked on either side of Cale, following Cale out of the southern district of the nobles and into the center of Huiss.

The night became as bright as the day as they got closer to the center of Huiss. There were many bright lights on the streets with shops selling stuff, and bars were the most lively at this time.

“The nightlife at the capital is really different from other places.”
“It sure is.”

Cale nodded his head at Choi Han’s words before heading toward the Plaza of Glory at the center of Huiss. They could see a round plaza in front of them with fountains in all four directions. Each fountain had groups of citizens gathered around it.

The three of them could see the citizens relaxing with their families or friends after a long day of work. Since it was 9 pm right now, they would continue to enjoy themselves at the plaza until the guards came to patrol at 11 pm.

Cale looked to the left. Choi Han was blankly watching some families laughing together at the fountain to the east.

Cale, who had been leisurely watching Choi Han and the scene in front of them, started to speak.

“Make it so nobody can hear us.”

Once he said that, an invisible dome appeared around them. It was something that only Cale, Choi Han, and the Black Dragon, who were inside the dome, could see.

Choi Han finally turned to look at Cale.

“There is this thing called a magic bomb.”
“A bomb?”
“Yes. A bomb. Magic bombs can come in many shapes and sizes. With this Western continent having a long history of war that was led by magic, it has developed quite a bit.”

Choi Han quietly listened to Cale’s story.

“However, there are a lot of restrictions. The location of the magic bomb, controlling the mana flowing through it, and many other factors cause these bombs to be really complicated to use.”

That was why they preferred to have a mage use their magic during war rather than using magic bombs. But the magic bombs this time are different from those used previously.”

“Of those bombs, newly developed magic bombs will go off here, as well as multiple places around here, in six days.”

Cale did not think that the five bombs Choi Han and Rosalyn had found in the novel would still be the same. The story had already changed. That meant that this situation could easily change as well. That was why Cale came up with a new plan.
However, he was still certain that the magic bomb terror incident would still proceed as described.

‘Since I was able to confirm that the crazy mage was in this kingdom.’

The crazy mage was the one who created this new magic bomb. The secret organization would eventually distribute this bomb to different territories in the Roan Kingdom after the incident at the capital. Of course, they will be hiding their identity as the secret organization.

“Are you saying a bomb will go off here?”

Choi Han looked around at the fountains and the people in the plaza. A cold voice filled his ear at that time.

“It could be buried somewhere or even installed on a person. Of course, that person will not know it is a bomb and think it is something else, like a bracelet or a purse and have it on them.”

On a person. That phrase made Choi Han turn his head to look at Cale. Cale responded coldly to Choi Han.

“That is why we need to prevent it.”

Of course, Cale would not do it. Choi Han, Rosalyn, and the Black Dragon will be the ones to take care of it. Cale planned to be still. Cale planned to be very still at the capital.

“How can we prevent it?”

Cale crossed his arms as he leaned on a tree in the plaza and continued to speak.

“Magic bombs, are in essence, chunks of mana. That is why all you need to do is have someone with high mana sensitivity inspect the area and search any locations that seem to have an abundance of mana.”

Choi Han flinched at Cale’s calm demeanor before cautiously asking.

“Is it so much higher that it will be that easily detected?”
“No. It is just slightly higher, making it difficult for any average mage to notice it. But that small chunk of mana can instantly pull in the mana in the surrounding area to create a large explosion.”

Choi Han looked concerned. As a sword user and an aura user, he was slightly sensitive to mana as well. However, he was not as sensitive to it as mages, and could not be of help.

“Cale-nim, I do not think it will be easy.”
“It is very easy.”

Cale answered that way as he asked.


At that moment, an answer came from above.

“It is doable. Just annoying.”

Next to Cale was the Black Dragon, an existence that was said to be the most sensitive to mana. Choi Han quickly understood and nodded his head. He had forgotten that this dragon was a great and mighty existence.

Cale handed the map in his hand to Choi Han.

“I don’t know about the people, but the bombs installed in locations will be installed at least two days before the incident.”

The day of the incident would be when the king arrives. That meant that the security would be multiple times the normal level starting from the day before. That’s why they needed to install the bombs at least two days before.

“I don’t know about the other locations, but I am certain that at least one bomb will be near this plaza. This is the place with the most people.”
“Right. I agree.”
“That is why, with this plaza as the center point.”

Cale pointed toward Choi Han and then up to the sky.

“Choi Han, you and the dragon will roam around the capital every night to look for the magic bombs.”

“The two of us?”

Cale patted Choi Han’s shoulder and answered as Choi Han asked. The way to handle the Black Dragon and Choi Han was pretty similar.

“Yes. Choi Han, if it is you, I know that you can stealthily move around without being noticed. You are very talented.”

Choi Han quietly nodded his head with a serious expression. He then asked.

“What should we do once we find it?”
“Leave it there for now.”
“…Not get rid of it?”
“We will get rid of it on the day of the incident.”
“May I ask why?”

Cale started to smirk.

“Don’t you want to find that mage?”

It was not the answer to Choi Han’s question, but Choi Han first nodded his head. Cale looked around the plaza. Everybody looked happy, but members of the secret organization may be mixed in with them. Cale did not know where that blood-drinking mage was located. The mage may be hiding somewhere or roaming around under a disguise.

“A mage needs to be present in order to make a magic bomb go off. The mage who made the bomb needs to remove the restriction to set it off.”

Choi Han started to speak as a thought came to him before stopping himself and looking back toward Cale. Cale continued on in an uninterested voice.

“First, find the bombs. If you happen to get lucky and find the people installing the bombs, follow them without getting noticed.”

Since the Black Dragon will be with him, Choi Han would stop right before he would be detected by magic. But Cale thought it would be difficult for them to find those people in the process.

It will take a lot of work to look for the locations with a slightly elevated mana fluctuation to find the bombs. It will be very difficult and tiring. That was why Cale left this task to the two of them. He would not be able to help, but, more importantly, he didn’t want to do it.

“Then do we just have to roam around until two days before the event?”
“No. The two of you will need to come the day before as well.”
“The day before?”

‘Wouldn’t it be difficult because there will be a lot more guards?’

Choi Han did not ask his question. It would be difficult, but still manageable for him. He would just need to spend a little more effort and be a little more cautious.

At that moment, Choi Han could see Cale with his villainous smirk once again.

Cale took a black orb out of his pocket and showed it to Choi Han.


Choi Han let out a gasp. He was familiar with this black orb. It was the Mana Disturbance Tool. It had been used by Cale once before. It was strong enough to have a range of an entire mountain.

Cale leisurely smiled as he started to speak. He knew when the bomb would go off.

“A lot of mages will be there that day, so it probably won’t even last 10 minutes, but it will help. It will make everything related to magic not work for that duration.”

10 minutes was enough.

They just needed to save the people with bombs on them in those 10 minutes. They will be very visible. And, by that point, there will be a lot of humans and beast people to put to work, in addition to Choi Han and the dragon as well.

Choi Han looked back and forth between the black orb and Cale, before taking a gulp and starting to speak.

“…Cale-nim, you were planning to do all of this on your own-”
“That is why.”

Cale knew what Choi Han was going to say. That was why he cut him off and started to speak to Choi Han and the dragon.

“Go and work.”

Choi Han blankly stared at Cale. Cale pointed to the beer bar that was famous for its beer and continued on.

“I will be waiting for you here. Just look around until about 11 before coming back for today.”

Choi Han thought for a moment, before letting out a sigh-like laughter and nodding his head.

“Got it. Today, the dragon and I will just look around the interior of the plaza before returning.”

Choi Han had originally thought about asking why Cale was not going with them. However, he quickly realized it. Cale would only be baggage to Choi Han and the Black Dragon as they worked.

Cale was weak. There was not even a trace of mana coming from Cale’s body, nor did he look like he practiced any type of martial arts. He was plain, yet not plain at the same time.

“I will work hard, so please buy me a beer when I come back.”
“Sure. Dragon, thanks for your help too.”

The Black Dragon got rid of the soundproof dome, as if to respond to Cale’s words. Choi Han just slightly bowed his head before moving away from Cale.

Two hours later, Cale returned to the residence with Choi Han and the Black Dragon, who did not manage to find anything.

They did not manage to find anything the next night either.

Cale, who could not sleep at night, finally woke up in the middle of the day. He was not tired though, because the Vitality of the Heart made it difficult for Cale to feel tired.

“Young master, are you up?”
“… Ron.”

Cale’s honey-like slumber disappeared like a dream, as he came back to reality.

“I have returned.”

Ron was back. He then handed a letter to Cale. Cale gave an order to Ron for the first time in a while after seeing the letter.

“Ron, go wrap up a bottle of the best wine.”

It was a letter with the crest of the Flynn Merchant Guild. Cale opened the letter to find a single sentence.

[Young master Cale, will you be treating me to alcohol soon?]

The bastard son of the Flynn Merchant Guild’s leader, Billos, would soon arrive at the capital.

The letter helped Cale realize that it would not be long before he met the crown prince inside the palace. Since there were a lot of villains in there, it was time for him to be very, very still.

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