Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 345 – The Two Trash (3)

How would it feel if someone who had an evil smile on his face suddenly started to frown?

That was exactly Cale’s situation right now.

Cale was frowning at Raon who was saying that he should smile like that toward the White Star, however, all that the Mercenary King and his mage friend could see was the evil smile turning into a frown.

‘Cale Henituse.’

The Mercenary King Bud Illis thought that he had heard that name before.


He turned his head after feeling a poke and saw the mage’s hood.

– Let’s talk later.


– Cale Henituse. I’ve heard that name before. I think I saw it in the Western continent report.

The Eastern continent had information on the Western continent, similar to how crown prince Alberu had information on the Eastern continent.

Bud Illis nodded at his friend before turning back toward Cale Henituse. He then flinched.

“…Are you drunk?”

Cale’s face was red.

‘I thought he only drank a couple glasses of wine?’

Cale’s face was redder than most ripe apples.

– Human! The Mercenary King looks disappointed!

‘…This crazy alcoholic.’

Cale explained the situation to the Mercenary King who suddenly slumped his shoulders.

“My face always ends up like this.”
“Ah! Really? So, I wasn’t wrong about the scent of an alcoholic coming from you.”


Cale scoffed internally at Bud Illis’s response before being baffled at how the Mercenary King’s face returned to normal right away.

‘He really is crazy. This guy is at the crazy Clopeh’s level.’

However, Bud Illis who had no way of knowing what Cale was thinking about continued to speak.

“I don’t believe it.”

He didn’t need to ask which part Bud did not believe. Cale started to speak.

“You can’t believe me or my offers.”

Bud Illis could not easily hand over his life and the future of the Mercenaries Guild even if there were two Dragons, a sword master, and the one to make the offer had multiple ancient powers.
It was an obvious reaction.

That was why Cale gave a simple response back.

“I’ll make it so you believe me.”

He just needed to convince Bud.


Bud could hear Cale’s calm voice responding to his question.

“I will have someone deliver something to you by the end of the day. Take a look.”

Cale pointed his hand toward the rest of his group.

“Then you will know.”

Cale sounded confident.

The reincarnator, the White Star. That existence was unbelievably strong, but his group who each only had one life was also strong.

“You will know just how great and mighty we are.”

Cale was certain that his group was strong.
The White Star was not the only one to grow stronger.

“I must smack him in the back.”

The vicious Kim Rok Soo.
He was part of the rear support team and the first mental support team member to become a team leader who unified the Vanguard first team and the rear support first team.

Cale Henituse, who was actually Kim Rok Soo, slowly started to draw out the future one piece at a time.

The White Star did not have a balance with his ancient powers yet.
They definitely had enough chances at victory.

* * *


Cale, who had returned to his room after dinner with the Mercenary King, let out a sigh.

“We are great and mighty!”
“We are great and mighty!”
“Great and mighty!”

Raon, On, and Hong. The children averaging nine-years-old shouted one after another. They all seemed to be very excited. Cale started to frown.

‘Then you will know. You will know just how great and mighty we are.’

The children averaging nine-years-old really seemed to like what he had said to the Mercenary King. The three of them were playing with each other while repeating that over and over.


However, that was not the only reason Cale was sighing.
He didn’t care much about the children since they always did things like this.

“Young master-nim.”

He heard a benign and gentle voice. Cale handed the item in his hand to Ron with a stoic expression on his face.

‘I didn’t think I would personally hand this over to someone else.’

Cale was looking at the item in Ron’s hand with an odd expression on his face.
It was the item that was to be delivered to Bud Illis, the Mercenary King.


Raon approached him and started to shout.

“Don’t worry! Rosalyn took a very clear recording! He’ll be able to clearly tell who is who!”

This orb had part of the footages that Rosalyn and Clopeh had recorded during their battles until now.
That was the identity of the item in Ron’s hand.

“…That is not what I am worried- never mind.”

Cale just decided not to say what he was going to say. He got up and followed behind Ron, who was heading toward the Mercenary King. Ron looked toward Cale with a confused expression.

“Will you be coming with me, young master-nim?”

Cale shook his head in reflex after hearing Ron who sounded even more benign than usual.

“No. I’m going somewhere else.”
“Is that so?”

Cale headed out of the room with Ron. Ron headed toward the Mercenary King’s room while Cale started to walk elsewhere.

– Human, I’m coming with you!

The children averaging nine-years-old followed behind Cale.
Cale continued to walk as he recalled the conversation he had with Ron a moment ago.

‘Where is it?’
‘It should be near the back door of the kitchen.’

Cale was walking toward the back door of the inn’s kitchen. He could see someone washing dishes at the creek by the rear door once he got there.

Clack. Clack.

Maybe Cale’s footsteps were muffled out by the sound of the dishes clanging against each other. The person washing dishes did not look up and instead continued to focus on washing the dishes as Cale approached.

Cale’s expression slowly turned cold.
He walked close enough before starting to speak.

“It’s been a while.”


The person washing dishes stopped moving.

It was the Dragon half-blood.
He raised his head. Cale could see the Dragon half-blood’s pale face.
His hair that was dyed with Eruhaben’s magic was now red.
The Dragon half-blood slowly started to speak.

“Long time, ugh.”

A short groan suddenly came out of his mouth.
Cale could see the Dragon half-blood clenching his chest above his heart.

Cale had seen it as he approached.
The Dragon half-blood’s hands that were washing dishes were slightly shaking.
He had sweat on his face even though he was in the shade.

The Dragon half-blood’s heart was causing him significant pain every few seconds.
He was slowly dying a painful death.


The Dragon half-blood let out a deep breath before looking back up at Cale and resumed speaking.

“Long time no see.”

He then looked back down and went back to washing dishes.
Cale heard Raon’s voice in his mind at that moment.

– Human! It’s w, weird, but I feel sorry for the Dragon half-blood!

‘I don’t know about that.’

Cale crouched down and looked at the clean dishes instead of responding to Raon.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Cale’s calm voice echoed by the creek.

Someone might think that Cale was trying to start a fight after hearing those words, however, Cale was too calm as he said that.

Clack, clack.

The Dragon half-blood continued to look down at the plates as he responded back.

“It’s bearable.”

Cale let out a chuckle.
He had seen something else in addition to the Dragon half-blood being in pain as he approached.

He had seen how the Dragon half-blood had a tiny smile on his face as he moved a dish to the clean pile.

Cale chuckled once more before saying something else to the Dragon half-blood.

“We fought against the White Star.”
“…I heard.”

The conversation slowly moved back and forth.

“He was very strong.”
“…He is very strong.”

Cale looked toward the Dragon half-blood who was created by the White Star.

“You remember, right?”

The Dragon half-blood turned toward Cale after hearing the question.
Cale was asking if the Dragon half-blood remembered the conversation they had in the past.

It was the beginning of this year.
The Dragon half-blood recalled the conversation they shared. Cale had asked about the location of Arm’s base. He had also given an order to him as well.

‘Rest a bit and we will go attack Arm when I call you again.’

Attack Arm.

The Dragon half-blood remembered what Cale had said after that.

‘Do whatever it is you want to do. Of course, it will be under supervision. You will not have complete freedom.’
‘Ah, and there is no such thing as free.’
‘I know you are in pain, but you can still work here.’
‘Nothing is free.’
‘You’re an adult as well, you need to pay for your meals.’

The Dragon half-blood slowly started to speak. His lips were shaking as he was not used to the pain that was getting worse as the days went by.
However, his voice was calm as he responded back.

“Yes, I remember.”

He then hesitated for a moment before adding on.

“…I think it is a good place to fight one last time with everything on the line.”

A final battlefield with everything on the line. Cale paused for a moment before responding back.

“Are you talking about yourself?”

Clack, clack.

The Dragon half-blood lowered his head and went back to washing dishes.
Cale did not ask anything else either. He turned around and started to head off.

– Human! Can I watch the Dragon half-blood for a bit?

Cale slowly nodded his head.
He looked toward the back door of the kitchen that connected to this rear garden area. He could hear the children averaging nine-years-old talking to the Dragon half-blood, but he did not turn around to look.

On the other hand, there were people were only looking at one thing and could not take their eyes away.


It was Mercenary King Bud Illis. Bud could not hide his shock while looking at the footage recorded inside the orb.
He could feel chills on his back.

He watched the footage a couple of times.

He watched Cale’s group fighting against black magic.
He also saw them fighting against the White Star.

“I never expected the White Star to be this strong.”

The mage from the Poeff household brushed his face with both hands.

The true strength of the White Star that he had only speculated in the past was causing him fear. However, the people who were winning against such strong opponent were also beyond their imaginations, making the Mercenary King unable to take his eyes away from the footage.


Bud Illis turned his head.
He could see Ron Molan who was sitting on a couch and looking down at him with cold eyes. Ron started to speak.

“None of the footage is fabricated.”

Ron Molan.
There was still information about him in the Mercenaries Guild’s directory.
He was a highly respected assassin.

“Think hard.”

Ron gave that advice as he turned away from the Mercenary King and the mage. He heard Bud’s voice as he headed for the door.


Bud Illis cautiously started to ask.

“Are you planning on spreading your household name on the Eastern continent again?”

Bud could see Ron turning around after hearing his question.
He could not help but flinch after seeing Ron’s face again.

The corners of Ron’s lips had curled up.
It was a cold smile that was far from his usual gentle smile.

“Just focus on your own life. No need to ask me about mine.”

It was an answer suitable for the Molan patriarch who was described as cold in the directory.
Bud Illis recalled what Cale had said after he could no longer see Ron who walked out the door.

He couldn’t tell whether that blunt yet confident tone was Cale Henituse’s natural tone. However, it was the first time he had heard confidence and a sense of pride in Cale’s tone.

‘Then you will know. You will know just how great and mighty we are.’

Mercenary King Bud Illis closed his eyes.
It was time to think about his life and the future of the Mercenaries Guild as Ron advised.

* * *

Early next morning.
Cale had to face Mercenary King Bud Illis with the rest of his group.

“I accept your offer.”

Cale lightly clenched his fist and then quickly unclenched them after hearing Bud’s response.

“Then let’s get started right away.”

Cale wanted to get started right away. He didn’t look at the pale Eruhaben next to him as he continued to speak.

“I wish to start with the second one first.”

The Mercenary King remembered that Cale’s second offer was to, ‘save the Dragon,’ and nodded his head.

“I understand.”

He had seen it in the footage. The Dragon in front of him was injured while fighting against the White Star.
There was no need to explain any further.

However, there was something he needed to discuss. The Mercenary King’s cold gaze headed toward Cale.

“You are pretty famous in the Eastern continent my friend. They say you are quite talented.”

He had contemplated a lot of things last night.
Mercenary King Bud Illis had naturally looked up information on Cale Henituse. He couldn’t just trust the footage in the orb.
His investigation told him that Cale Henituse was a talented person.

“I’m guessing you heard about my having a healing power from somewhere?”

Cale thought about the conversation with Adin as he nodded his head.


Bud started to smile. He took a small bottle of alcohol out of his chest pocket and started to chug.

‘…Where the fuck did that bastard take a bottle out from? Does he carry alcohol in his spatial pocket bag?’

Bud finished the bottle and started to speak as Cale watched him in disbelief.

“But it doesn’t look like you have accurate information.”


“I do not have a healing power.”

Cale recalled what Adin had said.

‘I can receive the power when the White Star-nim takes over the Mercenaries Guild. Then I will have a complete body.’

Now that he thought about it, Imperial Prince Adin never said that the healing power was an ancient power. He never said what kind of power it was at all.

“I just know the path to where that power should be.”

Cale started to smile.

“Then we just need to go get it.”
“Correct. My friend is smart. Yes, we just need to do that. However…”

Bud Illis’s eyes behind his glasses looked around Cale.
He pointed to each of Cale’s group members one by one.

Ron, Choi Han, Beacrox, Eruhaben, On, Hong, and even where the invisible Raon should be.
He pointed to all of them before starting to speak again.

“This sir, that sir, these Cat children, and even the invisible Dragon-nim.”

Bud Illis sounded serious.

“None of them can go. They won’t be able to get that power even if they know the way. They will definitely not be able to get it.”

Choi Han flinched.
This power was something that even he could not get?

Choi Han looked at where the Mercenary King was now pointing.
He was pointing at Cale.

“But you can get it.”

He then lowered his hand and continued to speak.

“And I can get it.”

Cale started to think about what he and the Mercenary King had in common.

“Do you need a wind attribute ancient power?”

It was a refreshing but stern response.
The healing power that the Mercenary King knew about. You needed to have a wind attribute ancient power to get it.

The quiet ancient Dragon started to speak.

“What kind of power is that healing power?”

What was it that only those with wind attribute ancient powers could get it?
Bud responded back.

“An ancient artifact.”

‘Ancient artifact?’

“It is said to be an ancient artifact that came over from the Western continent.”


Cale’s heart suddenly started to beat wildly.


Cale grasped his chest and took a deep breath.

– Weak human!

He could hear the others calling for him. However, Cale quickly recovered and waved his hand to say that he was okay.
He heard a voice in his mind.

– I found it.

‘…Found it? Found what?’

It was the Sound of the Wind. He heard the voice of the thief who once owned the Sound of the Wind.
It was a husky voice that was extremely excited.

– I finally found it.

‘…Did that ancient artifact belong to the thief?’

Cale quickly started to speak after feeling the thief starting to get more excited.

“Where is the ancient artifact located?”

Bud Illis responded back.



“A lone island on one side of the Eastern continent’s ocean.”

Bud Illis’s expression turned grim.

“This Wind Island has tens of thousands of sharp gusts of wind that rip apart anything that enters.”

It was a place that no living being could enter.
The wind became the blades of death and killed any living being who approached.

“The ancient artifact is located deep within that island.”

Mercenary King Bud Illis had used that ancient artifact just once.

He tried to bring it out with him, but had no choice but to leave it behind after being attacked by the deadly wind.

“Only that ancient artifact will work to save someone like Dragon-nim.”

Cale heard the low but excited voice of the thief as Bud’s heavy voice explained the situation.

– The top’s whip.

‘The top’s whip?
The thing used to spin the top?’

– My whip is on that island.

Cale recalled the item he saw when he earned the Sound of the Wind.
It had been a top.
A top had been stuck underneath the large boulder.

The owner of the Sound of the Wind, the thief who was said to have stolen a divine item by the people of the Ubarr territory’s coastal village.
She had not stolen a divine item. She had just stolen an item from a temple.

Cale thought about the top that was spinning endlessly while creating all those whirlpools.
The top’s whip and the top.

He heard Bud Illis’s voice again.

“The Wind Island. People also call it the Grave of the Wind Blades. It is a deathtrap.”

It was the place where the wind blades killed everything and turned it into their graves.
The ancient artifact, the thief’s power, was on that island.

“And that island only allows one person with the wind attribute ancient power to enter at a time.”

Choi Han, Eruhaben, Raon, and the others all turned toward Cale once Bud Illis finished speaking with a heavy expression on his face.

“Then I can go get it.”

They could see a smiling Cale.

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