Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 334 – Who are you?! (4)

Cale was certain that he made eye contact with the White Star.
He could not help but feel an odd sense of kinship at that moment.

‘He’s from the real Dragon Slayer family?’

Cale recalled what the ancient Dragon Eruhaben had said during their first meeting.

‘The Dragon Slayers existed long ago. They were a crazy bunch. They wouldn’t cower to Dragon Fear and even had a power that was on par with it. Their powers were said to be passed on to the heir every generation.’
‘However, the last heir is said to have disappeared, ending the succession of power at that point.’

But those powers had appeared in front of Eruhaben once again.

Dragon Slayer, otherwise known as Dragon Catcher.
One of the powers associated with them was Cale’s Dominating Aura.

There was also the sword of disasters that the Dragon Slayer Syrem, who was still barely alive in the Roan Kingdom’s underground prison, possessed.
Finally, there was the white crown in Cale’s possession.

Cale had two of the three powers, while the final power was pretty much in Cale’s grasp as well.

‘Is that why?’

This person was from the Dragon Slayer household who had possessed all of these powers in the past. Was that why Cale was feeling this sense of kinship with the White Star?


Cale could see Choi Han urgently pull him by the shoulder. Choi Han’s expression while evacuating the people who were no longer under Tower Master Bernard’s control was-


It immediately brought Cale back to his senses.

“Is he the White Star?”

Cale slowly took a step to the side after seeing the vicious gaze that Choi Han had on his face that reminded him of when Choi Han had beaten Adin up before answering back.

“According to Eruhaben-nim, he is the White Star.”
“I see.”

Choi Han clenched his hand that was holding onto his sword. Cale’s expression turned odd watching this.

It was possible that Choi Han’s final enemy in, ‘The Birth of a Hero,’ had appeared.

– Just who are you?

Of course, the problem was that the final boss continued to speak in Cale’s mind. There was something that was an even bigger issue.

‘How does he expect me to respond to him?’

Cale started to frown.

‘Am I Eruhaben-nim or Raon? Do you think I can speak in people’s minds?
It’s not like I can just randomly shout, ‘I am XYZ!’ in the middle of the battlefield!’

Cale looked back at the white mask that was looking at him from the distance and started to speak.

“Choi Han, head over there.”
“…Will things be okay here?”

Choi Han could see Cale pull up the sleeves of his brown robe. There was a small silver light coming from Cale’s hand as he continued to look at the White Star.

“Yes, it’ll be fine.”

Choi Han understood this as Cale saying that he would personally step in if necessary and started to move.

– Don’t worry, Choi Han! Go help Goldie gramps! The great and mighty Raon Miru is here!

Choi Han quickly started to rush toward the palace instead of responding to the six-years-old Dragon. Cale could see the White Star tilt his head to the side at that moment.

His voice loudly echoed in Cale’s mind after a short moment.

– Time is warped for that swordsman.


– He is not from this world.

Cale’s expression slowly turned grim.

‘He noticed it.’

The White Star noticed that Choi Han was different from the others in this world after seeing him just once.
The fact that he realized that was not a big issue. Both Choi Han and Cale were part of this world now.

However, something else was making Cale nervous.

‘That was something that even the two Dragons had not figured out yet.’

He didn’t know whether Eruhaben really didn’t know, but he was certain that Raon did not know about Choi Han’s identity. But that White Star bastard had figured it out.

He then heard Raon’s voice.

– Human! What are we going to do about that White Star- never mind! It’s our gramps!


A lot of white gold light that was enough to cover up the night sky started to appear.


Cale could not help but gasp.


Tens of white gold arrows started to fly toward the White Star. Eruhaben only needed one flick of the wrist to launch this attack.
Cale could see Eruhaben’s cold expression as he stood in the sky facing the White Star who was standing on the roof of the palace.


He could not help but gasp once again.

The White Star created a wall of water toward the sky.
It was similar to his Indestructible Shield.

“… Ancient power.”

That was definitely an ancient power.
Cale’s instincts were telling him something.

‘It’s him.’

He recalled what he heard when he had first met the World Tree.
The World Tree had told him three things.

Find Raon’s parents.
Find the Water of Judgment.
And finally…

‘The person who is collecting ancient powers has collected a total of three ancient powers.’

Cale’s expression turned odd.

That bastard had the Dragon Slayer bloodline and supposedly had at least three ancient powers.
Cale also had the Dragon Slayer’s powers and had multiple ancient powers.

“…Aren’t we a bit too similar?”

The corners of Cale’s lips twisted up.

“It would be weird if I didn’t feel a sense of kinship in this situation.”

It would indeed be weird to not feel close to someone who had similar powers as oneself.

– Who are you?

That was why the White Star was continuously asking Cale the question.

Who are you? Who are you and why do you feel so familiar?

It was similar to how the World Tree had asked Cale who he was.
Cale casually commented as if he was responding to that question.

“Crazy bastard.”

The White Star’s water wall easily blocked the white gold mana arrows.

A human had easily used a shield to defend against a Dragon’s quick but strong attack.

An extreme aerial battle was taking place above the palace even though no noises could be heard. It was so scary because all of those arrows had disappeared without making a single noise.

– Human, that White Star is no joke.


It was as Cale agreed with Raon’s assessment.

“Hahahaha! My liege has arrived! My liege is here!”

Tower Master Lich Bernard was cheering from the center of the black storm. The thousands of black threads throughout his body were still binding him.


Cale turned his head.
That groan had come from Mary.


Lich Bernard started to create an even stronger whirlwind. Mary’s black threads bound the skeleton tighter as if they were responding to the whirlwind.

A black mage and a necromancer.
Black magic against the power to control bones.
The two of them were fighting evenly right now.

“Mary, are you okay?”

Cale asked Mary whose hands were shaking but were still tightly holding onto the threads.

“…I will win.”

Cale blinked once at that moment.

– Cale Henituse, take care of things over there first. I will handle this.

A lot of different scenarios flowed through Cale’s mind as he heard Eruhaben’s voice.

The White Star who could easily block the ancient Dragon’s attack.
The Lich who seemed to have an endless source of energy.
The numerous people watching the battle.

He lifted his head up.

“Damn it!”

Sword master Hannah was unable to reach Lich Bernard because of the wild black whirlwind.
The White Bone Dragon she was standing on was unable to maintain its balance.

It could not be helped.
All of Mary’s focus was on Bernard right now.

A Lich who has lived for over a thousand years was battling Mary, who was not even thirty years old.
Mary was already doing enough by lasting this long as a necromancer who is supposed to be weak against black magic.

Then there was just one thing left to do.


Cale’s voice echoed in the plaza.
Cale started to speak once he made eye contact with Dark Elf Tasha.

“Create a path!”

Cale then kicked off the ground.


A whirlwind that was small in comparison to the black whirlwind wrapped around Cale’s feet as it lifted Cale into the air.

– Human, are we joining them too?

‘Of course.
I can’t sit back right now because I don’t want my identity revealed to the citizens of the Empire.’

Cale just nodded his head instead of answering Raon’s question.

“…Young master Cale!”

Dark Elf Tasha also shot up into the air. Her Wind Elemental was by her side. Cale immediately gave the order.

“We will create a path with the wind.”

Tasha could see the two whirlwinds gathering on Cale’s hands. They were gathering together like arrows. They looked ready to pierce through anything.
Her gaze soon moved to where Cale was looking.

The black whirlwind. The strong storm that was created by the Lich.

Hannah who continued to be pushed back without being able to get to the Lich.
Mary who was barely managing to bind Bernard.

Tasha stood next to Cale and started to speak to her friend, her Wind Elemental.

“Help me.”

Help me make a path with the wind.
Wind started to gather in Tasha’s hands as well. She could not hide her astonishment as she did that.

“…As I expected.”

She could see the whirlwind that Cale was creating. She was pretty certain that this was his ancient power. It was similar to the whirlwind being created by her Elemental, but different as well.


Two large wind arrows created by Cale and Tasha appeared in the air. Tasha then flinched.


A third arrow appeared.
This was naturally created by Raon.

– I’m helping too!

Cale asked a question as Tasha smiled after hearing Raon’s voice.


Tasha nodded her head and Cale gave a short comment back.

“Let’s get started.”

Three large wind arrows left their hands and shot forward. Cale shouted at the same time.


Just calling her name was enough.
Hannah quickly changed the direction of the White Bone Dragon. The White Bone Dragon’s body quickly moved and headed toward the back of the wind arrows.

“What a weak attack!”

Bernard turned away from the black threads binding him and glared at the wind arrows heading toward him. The red glow in his eye sockets looked ready to explode as the black storm became even wilder.


Tasha’s wind arrow was the first to arrive at the black storm.


A loud explosion could be heard as wind clashed against wind. Tasha’s wind arrow soon disappeared.

“This is perfect!”

However, Hannah was smiling.
The black storm had shaken.

Another wind arrow reached the same spot that Tasha’s attack had tried to pierce through. It was Cale’s arrow this time.

Boom, boooooom! Baaaaang!

The head of Cale’s arrow crashed into the storm and let out some loud noises. Hannah clenched onto the white sword and spoke to the White Bone Dragon after seeing what came next.

“Let’s go!”

Raon’s wind arrow seeped into Cale’s wind arrow.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

Cale and Raon’s wind arrows that had now fused into one continued to slam on the black storm even stronger. Hannah could see it through the attack.

A gap.

There was a small gap in the black storm.

‘Over there.
I need to go through there.’


The white sword started to cry.

Hannah charged toward the gap. She could slash the enemy if she passed through the path that the wind and her friends had created.


Cale and Raon’s arrows disappeared with a final bang. All that was left was the black storm with the gap.

Hannah lowered her body and curled up.
The White Bone Dragon jumped into the gap.
Hannah could see forward as she lifted her head up just a bit. She could see her prey that was covered in black threads.

She was now at the center of the storm.
She could see the Lich standing at the calm eye of the storm.

The smile on Hannah’s face disappeared. The gaze of the swordsman who had received a precious chance was cold.

“Damn it!”

Bernard was flailing around without being able to get rid of the black threads. He tried to move the black storm, but Hannah and the White Bone Dragon had already pierced through it and approached Bernard.

Hannah lifted her sword toward the Lich.


It was an existence that looked like a black skeleton and had their soul in an orb that was shaped like a heart.
The method of killing a Lich was finding that heart orb and destroying it.

However, nobody could tell where that orb would be located.
That was how it was supposed to be.

However, Hannah could feel it.

The white sword in her hand was telling her where it was.

Aim over there.

She looked at the black skeleton Bernard who was wearing a knight’s armor.
His chest was covered by the armor.
The sword was telling her to aim to the right side.
It was saying that the Lich’s soul was located there.

“I cannot show my liege such an ugly sight!”

Bernard moved his hand to resist against the black threads even more. His bone right arm pointed toward Hannah.
Black mana that was gathered around this hand shot out toward Hannah.

“You’re only a half-complete Holy Maiden!”

Hannah couldn’t help but laugh after seeing the black orb approaching her.
It was a funny story.

That black mana orb reached Hannah at that moment.


A loud explosion shook the black storm.
The Lich whose red, ‘eyes,’ had been looking at this with nervousness suddenly heard laughter.



The Lich who could not even lift his head properly because of the black threads could see Hannah.
Hannah was shooting down toward the Lich from above.

Hannah had kicked off of the White Bone Dragon’s head right before the black mana orb hit her. The White Bone Dragon had thrown its body toward the black mana orb in Hannah’s place.
This opening was created by the White Bone Dragon’s sacrifice.

Bernard could see the white sword that was aiming toward his right chest. The knight with spiderweb scars on her face and the white sword in her hand laughed as she made a comment.

“I was never a Holy Maiden, you stupid bastard.”

How could she be a half-complete Holy Maiden when she was never a Holy Maiden from the start?

“…D, damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

Bernard tried to move his hand again, however, he was blocked.
The Lich could see the necromancer looking up at him from the ground. Thin black threads grabbed the Lich’s ankles.


Lich Bernard lowered his head.
The white sword had pierced through his armor.

It was just a simple white sword without aura nor anything else around it.
However, it was able to easily pierce through both his armor and his ribs.


It finally reached the heart-shaped black orb within him.
Hannah had a wide grin on her face as she looked at the Lich.

This was the end.

This was the end of this Lich’s life.

Hannah gathered all of her strength and pushed the white sword forward.
She wanted to white sword to go as deep as possible in order to destroy the Lich’s heart orb.

Hannah’s hand reached forward.

“This is the e-”

It was at that moment.


Hannah suddenly got the chills.
She then saw it.

“Ah, my liege has-”

She could see the smiling Lich.
Hannah tried to turn around after feeling the chills.
However, someone’s voice brought her back to her senses.

“Keep going!”

Cale Henituse.
It was Cale’s voice. An explosion that was much louder than before reached Hannah’s ear at that moment.


Hannah did not look back as she pushed her hand forward all the way.


The sword had pierced the orb.
The heart orb started to crack along with the screeching noise. It slowly started to break apart.

Hannah turned her head back as soon as she noticed it breaking.

“•••Cale Henituse.”

She could see Cale. She could see Cale, who was standing in front of the black storm, well, in front of her to be more specific. Furthermore, she could see a physical silver shield in his hand as well as his silver shield ancient power.

And beyond those shields…
Raon was continuously creating silver shields around Cale’s silver shield as he glared at the person beyond the shield.

It was a man with a large fire sword in his hand.
The red-haired man started to speak to Cale from the other side of the shield.

“Cale Henituse, who are you?”

He sounded extremely tired.

It was the White Star.

Cale could see Eruhaben floating back up from the debris of the palace roof behind the White Star’s shoulder. The ancient Dragon had been pushed back in the battle against the White Star.
An alarm seemed to go off in Cale’s mind. The weak voice of the ancient Dragon reached Cale’s mind at that moment.

– I get it now.

There was a seriousness that Cale had never heard before in the ancient Dragon’s voice. No, it seemed more like shock.

– I get it now after facing off against him once. Yes, I get it now.

Eruhaben’s shaking voice filled Cale’s mind.

– …That man’s body is twenty years old, but the soul inside is over one thousand years old.

A twenty year old body but a thousand year old soul.

Cale’s eyes started to shake after realizing what that meant.

He thought about everybody that had appeared in this world so far.
Choi Han who had crossed through worlds.

Himself who had possessed Cale Henituse’s body.

And now, this man in the white mask.
He had red hair but eyes that were a bit brighter brown than Cale’s reddish-brown eyes.

Eruhaben had told him the White Star’s true identity.

– He is a reincarnator.

Someone whose life continues on after death by being born in a new body with his memories intact.

The White Star who had his ancient power flame sword in his hand asked once again.

“Who are you and why are you so similar to me?”

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