Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 332 – Who are you?! (2)

Saint Jack took the Condemnation of the Sun out of his pocket and opened up his palm. He could see the small old compact mirror.


There were two small mirrors visible once he opened it up.
Jack’s face was visible on the mirrors. He saw a word appear on the mirrors as well.

< Condemnation >

Jack received the will of the Sun God the moment he read that word.

‘Punish that darkness.
Destroy it.’

Jack’s gaze headed forward.
He could see the people whose eyes had turned black. They were holding weapons or casting magic while trying to protect Tower Master Bernard.

‘Destroy them?
I’m supposed to punish them?’

The Condemnation of the Sun.
This divine item was said to make the night white.

The book left behind by the Queen of Death had said to pull a sword out of the mirror.

“Ugh! Get them! Tie them up!”

Jack turned his head around. The Dark Elves who were not participating in the battle were doing their best to prevent more black eyed individuals from heading to Bernard.
There were people who were doing administrative tasks in the Alchemists’ Bell Tower as well as some people who were captured and brought as slaves.


Cale called out toward the stiff Saint. Jack then turned toward Cale.

Cale finally realized it. The Saint was actually calm and collected right now. Jack started to speak.

“I need some time.”

He needed time to activate the divine item.
He needed to make it so that the innocent would not get hurt. He didn’t know how, but he needed to at least try. He needed to try to purify them.

“You need time to purify things?”

Saint Jack nodded his head to Cale who understood his meaning properly.


Jack could see Cale’s mouth slowly start to open at that moment.
It was a confident but quiet voice. However, the message would soon be delivered to everyone.

“Raon, deliver the message.”
– I understand, human!

Choi Han and Tasha who were running toward Bernard, as well as the sword master Hannah who was charging toward Bernard in the air.
Mary, Sir Rex, and the assassin Freesia as well.

Cale’s order was delivered to all of their minds.

– Change of plans.

The people moving all flinched.

– The attack squad will buy as much time as possible. Only focus on attacking Bernard.
– The evacuation team will focus all efforts on getting people out.

Saint Jack could see Cale’s eyes.
The man who was as calm as usual gave the order.

“Saint Jack’s purification will now start. Help him.”


He heard a roar at that moment.
Saint Jack lifted his head up.

The White Bone Dragon was flapping its large wings as it let out a roar. A black gold aura that looked like a thunderbolt cut through the sky as well.


The Saint could see his little sister who was charging toward Bernard without any semblance of a smile on her face.
The citizens who were evacuating shouted after seeing that scene.

“…A Dragon Knight!”

Unlike the Roan Kingdom’s Dragon Knight, they could only see white when they looked toward the white-robed Hannah and the White Bone Dragon from afar.

“Hahaha! Are you trying to kill everyone?”

Bernard started to laugh as he moved his hands. However, his gaze was focused on the necromancer Mary.

Mary started to move her hands as well.
The White Bone Dragon and the wyverns charged toward the ground following her movements.

They looked like meteors falling in the night sky.

Bernard started to speak while looking at this sight that would look beautiful from a distance.

“Black mages are in a different class than necromancers who can only control the dirty remains of the dead.”

There were significant differences between black mages and necromancers who could only handle bones. Even though the word, ‘black,’ was with it, they could still imitate nature and use magic.

Bernard’s left hand started to move.
A black barrier appeared in the sky.
It was similar to Raon and even Cale’s shield.

Baaaaang! Bang! Baaaaang!

The White Bone Dragon and the wyverns crashed into the black barrier. They were unable to get past this thick and sturdy barrier.

Bernard looked at them struggle before looking forward again. He then started to speak.

“Isn’t is similar to the Henituse battle?”

The battle between the Northern Alliance and the Henituse territory.

Cale’s shield had gone up against the Wyvern Knights Brigade. A similar sight was taking place in the Empire right now.

Bernard who was entertained at that fact then looked toward Choi Han.
Saint Jack, Choi Han and Mary. Everything became clear once they appeared.

Cale Henituse and the Roan Kingdom.

“Of course, the difference is that I am playing the role of Cale Henituse this time. Will I become the hero?”

Bernard could see Choi Han in a white robe swinging his sword toward him.
Choi Han gave a short response back as he swung his sword.


Bernard laughed as he moved his right hand this time.

“Go fight.”


Choi Han’s aura was blocked.
Three knights with black eyes blocked Choi Han and protected Bernard.


Choi Han could see a group of people with black eyes all shout as they charged forward.
The Dark Elf Tasha started to frown.

“We can only suppress them!”
“Damn it! We can’t kill innocent people!”

Multiple Dark Elves shouted out with concern.

They would prefer to fight against the knights and mages.

The Dark Elves all started to frown as they had to face the people from the palace who were charging toward them without any weapons. It was an awkward situation.

Bernard didn’t care as he activated his black mana and gave an order to the controlled individuals.

“Stop the enemies. Use your legs if they cut off your arms and use your body if they cut off your legs.”

‘This crazy bastard.’

Dark Elf Tasha’s eyes started to burn up in anger.
Bernard smiled gently as he controlled the people.

“Protect me, your master. Kill the enemies.”

The Dark Elves all glared at him in anger, however, there was nothing they could do.


It could not be helped.

“This is driving me crazy!”
“Get away from me if you don’t want to die!”

Tens of people gathered around them.
The Dark Elves could see many hands grabbing at their hands and feet. They could see hands without any weapons. It was difficult to attack people like this.


Choi Han could see the human wall that was blocking his path.
All of the knights were surrounding him in order to prevent him from getting to Bernard.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang, bang!

Hannah and the White Bone Dragon were still trying to break through the black barrier in the air, however, there wasn’t even a scratch on the barrier.

“Damn it! Fuck! Hurry up and break!”

Hannah’s veins were popping out as she shouted, however, the black barrier was preventing her from getting to Bernard.
Bernard could not help but laugh at that sight.

“Oh necromancer, can you see it?”

She was currently the only one without any obstacles.
Bernard was speaking to Mary in a relaxed manner.

“Black magic has the power to use magic and to control people to do your bidding.”

Bernard slowly started to walk.
He walked past the Dark Elves and Choi Han who were being hindered by hundreds of people.

“Ugggh- Bernard, you bastard!”
“Tower Master-!”

He ignored the Dark Elves who were cursing him and slowly walked on as he only spoke to Mary.

Black magic.
A power to control people to do your bidding.

“Whether we kill people in order to make black despair or control people and play with their lives.”


Bernard stopped walking.


Black mana was roaring like whirlwinds in both of his hands.

“It is the greatness of black magic that allows you to control many things at once. It is worlds apart from a necromancer who only plays with bones.”

He could see Mary’s fingers.
Her ugly hands were moving nonstop.

Baaaaang! Bang! Bang!

She was moving her hands and controlling the White Bone Dragon and the wyverns so that they could break through the black barrier.
However, her limits as a necromancer were preventing her from winning against black magic.

“Alright then, I guess it is time to call my true enemy over.”

Bernard moved his gaze away from Mary.
It moved past Saint Jack and the brown-robed individual next to him and stopped somewhere.

He was looking at an empty spot in the air.

“Come out, little Dragon.”

He could feel the faint presence of the young Dragon since a while ago.

It was the same Dragon that had been with Cale Henituse at the Whipper Kingdom’s battle.

It was the existence that he had seen and felt while he was in Honte’s body.

“Hurry up and come out.”

Bernard started to have a crazed look in his eyes.
It was at that moment.

He heard a voice coming from the empty spot.
It was still a young voice.

“You are not mine to kill.”
“…Not yours?”

Bernard turned his head.

He could see someone kneeling on one knee.
It was Saint Jack.

“Ugggh- ugh!”

Drip. Drip.

Both sweat and blood were dripping down from his face.
Jack clasped his hands together. The compact mirror was between his hands.

Destroy it.
Purify it.

A greater desire than ever before, the word of his lord and his instincts overwhelmed him.
There was a simple reason for it.


It was because Jack was trying to heal instead.
Instead of destroying, he was trying to save.

Jack raised his head. He could see the Dark Elves being held back by hundreds of people, as well as his sister and the knights who were trying to break through the black barrier.

Finally, he could see Choi Han’s stoic expression. He was being pushed down by a wall of people that only his face was visible.

However, he was still making sure that nobody got hurt.

Choi Han mouthed some words toward him.

‘Is this enough?’

He was asking if he had bought enough time for Jack.
Jack started to smile.

The Dark Elves and Hannah were also looking at him.
They were waiting for him.
They could fight, but they were waiting because he had asked for some time.

Jack closed his eyes.

‘Destroy it.
Purify it.’

The voice in the darkness was shouting like that again.
What kind of light would tell people to destroy things?


He moved his hands away from each other.
He had clasped his hands in the past when he did not want to destroy his younger sister Hannah who had to be healed by Mary using dead mana.

He had his hands clasped the whole time he was in Section 7 of the Jungle.

He had his hands clasped tightly together so that he wouldn’t hurt anybody with his hands.

The hands that had been clasped together all those times moved away from each other.

They then pressed down on the ground.
He started to imagine something in the darkness with his eyes closed.

‘Just need to paint a picture.’

Section 7 of the Jungle.

‘I just need to paint the light one by one, just like how those dark trees turned white one by one.’

Flap, flap.
Jack’s sleeves were fluttering.


Bernard urgently reached his hand toward Jack.

However, someone grabbed his arm.
He lowered his head. He could see the necromancer who was looking up and smiling at him.
Her eyes were telling him something.

‘I will destroy you.’

Bernard started to frown.

“Damn it!”

It was as black mana started to rise up from his body and was almost exploding out.


The ground started to shake.
It started from the Alchemists’ Bell Tower plaza.

“… Just what-”

One of the evacuating citizens turned around to look. He then looked down at his feet.


He then picked up one of his feet.
There was a white line.
He could see a white line extending past the bottom of his foot.

He turned his head toward the origin of this white line.
He could see the Alchemists’ Bell Tower in the distance.

Saint Jack.

The white line was extending out from his hands. It was heading throughout the capital in every direction. The white line covered the ground similar to how Mary had purified the trees.

‘Destroy it.
Purify it.’

Jack opened his eyes.
He responded to the voice in his head.

“Heal it.”

Make it better.
Give peace to the hurt.

Jack could see people other than his friends.
He could see their black eyes.

Saint Jack could finally see those eyes clearly.
They were crying.

He could see the sight of the people inside who were crying.


A breeze blew by them.
Then the areas became full of screaming.


White light shot up from the ground.

The white line that swept the ground like a spiderweb started to shoot light up toward the sky.

“…It’s light.”

The citizens running away and the citizens already outside the walls all stopped moving as they looked at the ground and the sky.
White light was rising up from the ground of the capital.

It was beautiful.


Dark Elf Tasha could see people moving away from her.
The people whose eyes had turned black were crying.

Their tears were black.
Their eyes seemed to be returning to normal as they continued to cry those black tears.

“Huff, huff.”

Saint Jack turned his head and looked toward the people inside the Alchemists’ Bell Tower who were being held back by the Dark Elves.

He made eye contact with one of those people.

A person who had finished crying those black tears laid his back on the white line that was on the ground and smiled at Saint Jack while crying normal tears.

Saint Jack lowered his head at that moment.
He slowly removed his hands from the ground.
The cracked compact mirror. He could see the shabby divine item.

“Ke, hehe-”

Jack started to laugh.


That word had disappeared from the mirror.
There were two phrases on the mirror instead.

He read the first phrase.

< Your power is something you make for yourself to live your life. >

Jack’s smiling lips were shaking. His eyes that were blinking nonstop were also shaking.

‘A power I make for myself.’

Jack could finally understand what that meant.

This healing power was not something that the Sun God gave to him but something he made to make his life shine brightly.

This was the same for the Dark Elves and Mary.
They all had powers they had made for themselves.

His younger sister Hannah. The reason that child became a sword master was for her own life as well.

Jack realized something once he saw this phrase.

There were no Sun God Twins nor even the half-holy twins.

Hannah and Jack.

All of their powers and time existed for their lives.


Jack turned his head after hearing an explosion.
A silver shield that had suddenly appeared was visible in front of him.

Tower Master Bernard who was at the center of a black mana tornado was charging toward him.

“Mirror! You found the mirror!”

Bernard was urgently shouting.
His gaze was firmly stuck on the mirror.

Divine item.
The Condemnation of the Sun.

It was the divine item he had been looking for since a long time ago.

“It was a divine item!”

Saint Jack could see that Bernard was not charging toward him, but toward the mirror. He then lifted his head. Cale who had created the shield in front of him stoically asked him a question.

“Now that the purification is over you know what to do, right?”

Saint Jack stood back up.
He looked down at the compact mirror.
He could see the two phrases through the cracked glass once again.

< Your power is something you make for yourself to live your life. >

And the second phrase.

< You are the light. >

‘…I am the light.’

Saint Jack looked at the shining white spiderweb as he thought about what he needed to do.

He responded to Cale.

“Yes, young master-nim. It is now time to do what I need to do.”

Jack then infused his healing powers into the compact mirror.


The mirror’s glass was destroyed into pieces.

“…You destroyed a divine item?”

It was as the charging Bernard flinched and asked.

The now mirrorless compact mirror started to shoot out a white light.

Cale lifted his head up.

He could see the dark night.

However, a white sun was in the sky.

No, it was not the sun. An orb that was shining white rose up to the sky.


Jack started to shout.

“Hurry up and go!”

Cale could then see it.
A knight who was riding a White Bone Dragon was flying up toward the, ‘sun,’ that was shining through the night.

Cale could see a white sword at the center of that shining orb.

Now that the Saint was finished, it was the warrior’s turn to make her move.

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