Trash of the Count’s Family – Chapter 308 – From the Bottom (4)

‘Why is he smiling?’

Cale held back a sigh at Alberu who just smiled without responding as he started to speak.

“Miss Lina.”
“Ah, yes?”

Queen Litana flinched before responding. She was looking at Cale and this Dark Elf who were calling each other little brother and hyung with curiosity.

It was not just her.
Saint Jack, Hilsman, and even Rosalyn were feeling the same way. Rosalyn seemed to have the most questions out of everyone.

First of all, this Dark Elf had a skin tone that seemed to be between the brown color of the southern Jungle people and the regular Dark Elves. She was curious as to who this person was.
This was especially the case as the fact that he was with Tasha and Cale meant that he was someone they could rely on for this operation.

However, they all realized that they didn’t have the time to be curious about this right now after hearing Cale’s statement.

“You can explain the rest of the operation to Miss Tasha here. She is the representative of the Dark Elves.”
“Sure, I will do that.”
“Have you determined when we will commence the operation?”

When would they be heading into Section 7?
Litana smiled at that question.

“Tonight. We plan on starting right away after crown prince Alberu makes his declaration.”

Cale peeked toward Alberu before nodding his head.

“Sounds like a good time to do so.”

It was the perfect time to do it.
Many kingdoms, including the Breck Kingdom, were going to stand together with the Roan Kingdom at the center in order to reveal the reappearance of black magic and their goal to destroy it.
That will naturally cause chaos within the Empire, affecting the Empire’s forces in Section 7 as well.

“Then please chat with Miss Tasha for now. I will head out first as I have somewhere to go.”
“Ah, sure.”

Litana nodded her head without hesitation as she immediately understood where Cale needed to go. Cale started to speak as he headed out of the tent.

“Choi Han.”
“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Cale then hesitated before adding on.

“Hyung, you come too.”
“Sure thing, little bro.”

‘Ha, so annoying.’

Cale headed out with just the two of them.

-Human, human! It’s hard to recognize the crown prince like this! Of course, I recognized him because I am great and mighty!

Raon was naturally with him as well.
Cale turned his head toward Choi Han who followed him out.

Choi Han was looking at Alberu with an odd expression on his face. He then mumbled to himself with a confused expression.

“This person feels familiar.”

The extremely low voice responded back.

“What is it? Do you want to be my little brother too?”

The slightly lighter Dark Elf leisurely smiled and asked, making Choi Han frown immediately. He then shook his head from side to side.

“You’ve disguised yourself, your highness.”

He was being respectful now.

‘He’s quite smart.’

Alberu could not hide his interest about Choi Han who was always following behind Cale. Although he was being overshadowed by Cale, Alberu was thinking that Choi Han was stronger than Cale and quite smart.

‘Although he thinks that this appearance is just a disguise.’

How could Choi Han know that Alberu’s usual appearance was a disguise when even an amazing mage like Rosalyn had no idea?
In fact, the fact that Choi Han realized that it was him and thinking this was a disguise was already quite impressive.

‘At the same time, that makes that bastard even more amazing.’

Alberu started to smile again while looking at Cale who realized the truth from the first time they met.
Of course, Cale was looking at Alberu with an expression that seemed to be saying, ‘do you want your secret to be revealed running around like an idiot like this?’
Alberu just shrugged his shoulders at Cale’s gaze. He casually walked over to Choi Han and put a hand on his shoulder as he asked.

“Aren’t I handsome like this as well?”

What a mess.’

Cale just looked away and started to speak.

“Lead the way.”
“Yes Cale-nim.”


Choi Han moved away from Alberu and started to walk. Cale looked back with a blank expression as Alberu was looking at the two of them with shock.

“Hyung, aren’t you coming?”

He sounded quite annoyed and frustrated.
Alberu laughed at Cale whom he couldn’t tell was being serious or just acting and followed behind them.

“But why are you here?”

Alberu responded back to Cale’s question.

“I thought I should experience it myself too.”
“Experience what?”

Alberu’s gaze headed toward the sky. He could see something standing in the distance above the trees.
It was the golems.
He could not know everything by just watching the video.

The aura of the people on the battlefield, the strength and wickedness of the enemy… He couldn’t tell any of that through just a video. He needed to see it in person in order to tell.
He could feel it through the air.
He could feel the choking nervousness as well as the urgency on the hearts of the warriors and soldiers.

Alberu smiled before responding back.

“Do not worry. I’ll return before night time.”

He would not have time to come even if he wanted to starting tonight.


Cale stepped into a tent.
The outside of the tent was covered with Rosalyn’s magic so that nobody could enter or leave without permission.

It was a space that was made to imprison a single person.

Cale walked toward that person.
Only the lamp lit up the tent once the tent flap closed so that not even a single strand of light could come in.

“I didn’t expect to see you like this, Vice Tower Master.”

Cale sat across from the tied up person.

“Mmph, mmph!”

The Vice Tower Master twisted her tied up limbs and tried to shout through her taped up mouth, but nothing came out.
Cale just quietly observed Vice Tower Master Metelona.
He was looking just at her eyes.
Metelona stopped resisting after seeing Cale’s gaze that was only looking at her eyes.

Tap. Tap.

Cale started to tap on the armrest of the chair.
Metelona frowned while looking at Choi Han who was standing behind Cale.


She remembered how Adin had screamed and blood had shot out from his chest before this man ran over to her while covered in Adin’s blood and started to choke up.
Choi Han was the man who had done that.

She avoided Choi Han’s emotionless gaze and turned to the side. She could see a Dark Elf standing there.
Metelona bit down on her lips.

‘I will never say anything.’

She had made up her mind like that. It was at that moment.

“Are you done looking at everyone?”

She heard a laughing voice. Metelona flinched and turned her head back only to see Cale smiling while looking at her.

Cale thought that it was the right decision for Choi Han and Rosalyn to move to the Jungle with Metelona.
If she had been left at the Whipper Kingdom, then the leaders of the respective kingdoms who were gathering there would want to see her, making it difficult for Cale to have the time to deal with her.
That was because Cale didn’t have the time to play politics about who should get to talk to her first.

“Metelona, what should I ask you? Hmm?”

Metelona was ready to not say anything, even if that meant that she would die.

Tap. Tap.

Cale stopped tapping on the armrest and started to speak.

“Metelona, you’re going to die.”

The Vice Tower Master flinched while her body started to shake, but she did not say anything.
She was prepared for death.
However, she was feeling that something was odd.

He was too relaxed.
The other side didn’t seem to want to interrogate her.
Cale Henituse’s demeanor was too calm.
He continued in a calm voice.

“It’s because you are useless.”


Vice Tower Master. Cale was saying that the second in command for the Alchemists’ Bell Tower, one of the top five power players in the Empire, was useless.
Cale heard Raon’s voice in his mind the moment Metelona’s mind became chaotic.

– He’s coming.

Cale had been waiting.

– Our gramps is coming!

A white gold light appeared in the empty air inside the dark tent. The light soon disappeared and someone appeared.

The current eldest Dragon on both the Eastern and Western continents.
That Dragon’s white gold eyes were frowning as he looked toward Cale. He then walked past Choi Han and Alberu and headed toward the Alchemists’ Bell Tower’s Vice Tower Master.

“Mmph! Mmph, mmph!”

Metelona’s body was shaking.
Her eyes were so full of shock that she didn’t know what to do.
‘The ancient Dragon Eruhaben! That Dragon and Cale Henituse……!’

It was a combination that she could have never expected.
She felt fear at the same time. White gold dust was floating around Eruhaben. A stronger aura came flowing out of the Dragon as those dust particles became brighter and brighter.

It was not Dragon Fear.
He was just angry.


However, there was someone who broke through that anger within the silence.
Cale looked at the ancient Dragon and casually asked as he always did.

“Who is it?”

Who is it.
Eruhaben had heard about the Tower Master from Raon.
Cale was asking the wise ancient Dragon who had lived for close to 1,000 years.

Who is the Tower Master?
What kind of being do you believe it is?

Eruhaben slowly closed his eyes before opening them back.

Black magic.
Honte that the Tower Master was controlling.
Furthermore, someone who seemed to know about the fall of the necromancers.
Finally, someone with black magic skills at the level of Raon’s magic.

He opened his mouth to speak.

“A black mage.”

He was not finished.

“And probably someone who has avoided death.”

Someone who has avoided death or had gone against the laws of death and chosen a different path.


A being who threw away their human body and placed their soul into an orb called the Life Vessel and lived on as a skeleton.
They could live forever unless their Life Vessel was broken.

“Am I right?”

Eruhaben looked toward Metelona and asked. However, his expression seemed certain as if he did not need a response. Why?
He didn’t know how strong the White Star was, however, it made sense if he had a Lich as a subordinate.
The White Star needed to have someone as strong as a Lich as a subordinate.

“That’s the only way he could have killed Dragons.”

Not one, but many Dragons.
Eruhaben started to frown. The Vice Tower Master could not make eye contact with him. Eruhaben started to speak to Cale next.

“I will take part in this operation as well.”

He could see Cale flinching, but he had no plan on changing his mind.

Beings that went against the laws of nature were continuing to appear.
A fake Dragon Slayer, a Dragon half-blood chimera, golems.
The problems were that the majority of these existences were the result of pain and suffering. How could he just let this be?

‘I don’t have much time left to live anyway, I might as well finish all of these things as my last act.’

Eruhaben started to think about the invisible Raon, Cale, the other young ones, as well as his dead friend Olienne and made up his mind.

‘Even if I am to die…
Shouldn’t I die after making this a better world?
I am their gramps after all.’

He needed to do at least that much as this rude little kid’s grandpa. He continued to speak to prevent Cale from saying something.

“Of course, I do not wish to be visible. You all have done everything until now, so this is something that needs to go down in human history for all of you. Got it?”

Cale didn’t know how to deal with Eruhaben’s serious expression. It could not be helped.

‘How awesome.’

He was planning on asking for Eruhaben’s help anyway, so it was awesome that Eruhaben had brought it up first.
Eruhaben then spoke into Cale’s mind so nobody else could hear.

– But I am unable to purify those black magic items. Keep that in mind.

‘Yes sir, of course.
All you have to do is use your magic to slice the Bell Tower in half or use that mighty attribute of yours to turn it all into dust or sand.’

Cale had to struggle to not say that out loud as he just nodded his head.

Eruhaben felt bitter after seeing the pale bastard nod his head and smile after hearing that he could not purify black magic.

Dragons were strong, but they were not omnipotent.
That was a part of the laws of nature.
Nothing in the world was omnipotent.

Eruhaben could see Cale clap once as he thought about the laws of nature again and created his goal for his remaining life.

“Alright then, this is the end.”

Eruhaben looked toward the Vice Tower Master with a confused expression.

“You’re not going to interrogate her?”
“Why would I? I don’t need to.”
“…You don’t need to?”

Cale nodded his head.

“Not at all. We pretty much have figured out the identity of the Tower Master. We just need to destroy the Alchemists’ Bell Tower and the Imperial family as planned. Why would I waste my time with this Vice Tower Master? She’s already made up her mind to die without saying anything.”

‘Something is weird.’

The Cale that Eruhaben knew would not let it go so easily.


Cale looked toward Metelona with a contemplative gaze. Metelona was the most anxious one here right now.

‘Am I just going to die like this? Is this it?’

She found this situation to be odd even though she had prepared to die. She suddenly felt chills on her back.

What is this?’
An invisible force was starting to suppress her. It was something that gave her the chills.

It was different than a Dragon.
It was different than the force she felt when the Dragon was angry.
This was a deeper and more persistent force. There was also an aura of dominance as well.
It felt similar to Dragon Fear.

She heard someone’s voice as her body froze up from that aura.

“What kind of painful death should I give you?”


It was Cale’s voice.
She could see Cale’s cold yet calm eyes.
The corners of his lips were curling up. He looked like an emotionless person.
He looked like Imperial Prince Adin.

Metelona suddenly couldn’t breathe once the corners of Cale’s lips curled up.

‘There’s no hand.
There’s no hand choking me.’

However, she could not breathe, as if something was choking her. That pressure that was choking her was coming from Cale Henituse.

“Oo, oo-”

The Vice Tower Master’s body started to shake and she started to groan.
She had to curl up and moan in order to breathe and to survive.

This pressure and aura.
Dragon Fear. It was similar to Dragon Fear, but different.

‘Just what is this power?
Is he really human?’

This was someone with multiple ancient powers. He also had an aura that was at the level of Dragon Fear.
Metelona’s pupils started to shake as she looked at Cale.

The Dominating Aura.
Cale had activated it to its highest level as he looked only toward the Vice Tower Master. Metelona felt as if she was standing in front of a giant tsunami by herself.

She then heard Cale speak again.

“No, no. Metelona, they said that black mages hate pain?”

That was the truth.
They had to face pain from dead mana in order to become a black mage. That had been terrible.

“Should I find a way to make you feel a pain similar to the pain you felt from dead mana so that you die a painful death?”

The Vice Tower Master’s pupils continued to shake.

They were shaking even more frantically now. Her eyes that had become bloodshot from the suffocating pressure were aimlessly roaming the empty air.

Unlike mages, black mages could reach the middle-grade level of black magic once they absorbed dead mana.
They then don’t feel any pain even as they die.

That was why she was prepared to die.
She knew that it would not be painful.
Of course, there was a price to pay for that, but at least death would not be painful.

‘…But he wants me to experience that terrible dead mana pain again?’

She had thought that Cale Henituse was a good and brave person. However, the statements coming out of his mouth were not good. He was speaking like Adin.
He was speaking in a relaxed manner while smiling. He used rationality in order to lead his enemies into a corner.

She then recalled how Cale had been the one to grab Adin by the neck.
Cale was also the one who had charged toward Honte.

“Or should I have the Saint of the Sun God use his divine powers? Hmm? You’ll probably feel pain for the first time in a long time. Don’t you agree?”

She realized something at that moment.
No, the Vice Tower Master who could not think properly because of the overwhelming pressure had made a mistake. It made her believe everything he was saying.

“Vice Tower Master.”

‘I see.
This person…
Cale Henituse, he…’

“I want to kill you, but I don’t know how I should do it.”

‘He doesn’t need me because he was planning on killing me anyway.’

The Vice Tower Master’s face and body were full of sweat. Her entire body was shaking. She imagined herself suffering in pain until she died.
She could see Cale speaking with a stoic expression in front of her.

“Alright, speak if you want to die peacefully.”

Cale crouched in front of Metelona and made eye contact with her.
He did not need Metelona.
There was no way that was the case. He desperately needed her.
She had information he could use.

That was why Cale was pretending to be Adin and used the Dominating Aura.

How could he shake the Vice Tower Master who was a core player in killing a ton of people to create the black despair and the golems?

There was something he wanted to ask.

He was just curious about one thing.
He could not put the pieces of the puzzle together no matter how much he thought about it.

Black magic.
Why did that existence that should stay in hiding-

“Why did you disguise it as alchemy and hide within the Empire?”

Why did they place themselves at the center of the Western continent?
What were they aiming for?

What was the reason?
Were they trying to swallow the Empire?
If so, why were they keeping Adin alive?

“Vice Tower Master.”

The Vice Tower Master subconsciously opened her mouth.
The cloth covering her mouth fell down at that moment.


The Vice Tower Master said something once that cloth left Cale’s hand and landed on the ground.

“D, div-”

The Vice Tower Master urgently continued to speak as Cale stared at her.

“A divine item-”

Cale immediately understood.

A divine item.
An item of a god.

The Vice Tower Master was being suppressed by the Dominating Aura and felt fear as she continued to speak. She did not want a painful death. She hated dead mana even more.
She had been through that pain once already.

‘Oo, kuaaaaaaaah!’

She had also seen many experimental slaves die from being poisoned by dead mana.
She didn’t want to die like those experimental slaves. There was no reason for her to die like that.
That was why she urgently continued to speak.

“W, we needed to find the divine item of the Sun God. T, that is why we went to the Empire-”


Cale let out a gasp.
He thought about the spatial pocket bag inside his inner pocket.

‘If it is the Sun God’s divine item…
Then I already have it.’

Cale forgot that he was in the middle of threatening someone and started to smile at this new clue.
However, that smile looked like the smile of a devil to the Vice Tower Master.

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